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Illura Tabletop Drabbles

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After the first few days, it had not fully registered to Hayden that they were not leaving anytime soon, not under any circumstances.

They knew that it would be the last time they would see their parents, their friend Jenny, and the rest of the magi. Knew that the last few texts they sent, complete with a photo of themselves, their childhood friend, and the friend they had met recently, would be the last time they could communicate with the world they were born in.

And yet, they didn’t feel lonely. Reminiscent of the past, but not lonely. Maybe that was what held them back from thinking about the situation.

But it wouldn’t be much longer until they did. That they and their childhood friend, Lucia, would become painfully aware.

They had been fighting off yet another youma; after a few days of fighting, the two of them had become well versed magi. As Hayden would deliver blow after blow to the fearsome beast, Lucia would raise shields, follow up with a swift punch of her own, or whisk a low stamina Hayden to safety.

The two were not alone on this manner. In fact, the main brunt of power came from the friend that Hayden and Lucia had met recently; the ever changing, but kindhearted Anyo, who would fire a beam from the tip of their slender fingers.

As the battle came to its conclusion, the mysterious being would turn their head, addressing their comrades. “It seems we still do not possess the ability to completely eradicate the body.” They would gesture towards the fallen body, where a fine pink mist would disperse from the creature’s decaying host. “But we have taken out another vessel. There should not be many left.”

These ‘vessels’ were once the image of every youma that the three had encountered. Plant like and imposing, it came to Hayden’s surprise to learn that these youma had these bodies made by another magus. A out of control, overgrown magus who had youma hitch a ride into their bodies once they strayed too far away.

The true form of the youma was misty and lacked a corporal form. And until recently, no one knew how to rid of them permanently. But with time and patience, a fully fledged magus could rid of them. There was plenty of youma to practice with. One of them would learn soon enough!

At least, that is what they had planned.

When no response comes from either one of them after the battle, Anyo turns to face them, a curious expression on their face. “Do not worry, the next one we fight could be a it’s termed, ‘the one,’ and-”

the expression twists, somewhat literally. The being had still yet to learn proper emoting, but the pained look was fitting, even if impossible on a human’s standard.

Sitting a few feet away was a knocked over Hayden, and a Lucia who barely mustered the strength to sit up. They had been fine moments before, so why now? What was wrong?

Briefly, the being regrets giving their ability to analyze to a human they cannot reach out for assistance. Instead, they inquire the two for more information.

“I…think Hayden’s getting dehydrated again…” Lucia mumbles, “A-And hungry. We’re both really, really hungry…”

Anyo recalls the word; not long after the two had settled here, it was the first question Lucia had asked about. Unlike themselves, humans required some form of physical energy. Eventually, the two would burn out without it.

They never expected it to deplete that quickly. It only had been a few days, right?

“n…no, it’s ok,” Hayden’s voice would weakly murmur out, “I just…..need a break…”

“We don’t need a break!” Lucia worriedly replies, “We need food, we…if we don’t…” She leans forward, letting herself lay on top of her exhausted friend. “Anyo, I’m so sorry, it was foolish of us to do this…”

“What about your efforts is foolish?” They ask, tilting their head. The two had done well in battle. They just required food, right? There wasn’t anything wrong with that.

But it is. Lucia makes it very clear.

“Anyo,” she speaks, her voice cracked and hesitant, “We promised to keep you company, but there’s no way we can survive here for much longer. We…promised something that we are failing to fulfill…a-and...”

The rest of her words are drowned in sobs.

Perhaps Anyo too would have cried in this moment, but their warped face made it difficult to comprehend. One thing did stick out however, and it was how long it took for Anyo to muster up the ability to speak.

“There are no guarantees..” they would voice, their whispers scaling to a firm tone, “But I may have a solution.”

Lucia meekly lifts her head. Hayden watches with half lidded eyes.

“If you were to obtain more of my power, you may reach a point where you no longer require to absorb earthly nutrients for energy.” They lift a hand out, offering it to the two. “However, I do not know the extents of the effect. Your bodies may alter in other ways. Your humanity may be…no, certainly will be, lost forever.”

Lucia gets to her feet, tying to at least assist Hayden in sitting up.

“How…is that a bad thing?” Hayden would speak up, their voice coarse. “We are stuck here together, it’d be sad if we kicked the bucket after a week, or about that length, when we promised to stay…”

As the less human of the two, it’s not surprising to have Hayden be on board with the idea this quickly. Lucia’s rabbit ears, and possibly the compartment on her back, were not quite as startling as their see through body, or their wriggling feelers; they had already lost most of what could be considered human.

It’s not to say that Lucia isn’t quick to concur, either. Her words are soft, slow, but filled with conviction.

“To think of others before your own bodies….”

The being places a hand on Lucia, and the other on Hayden.

“…humans are such surprising, unpredictable creatures.”

With a flash, the bodies in which the two resided in had twisted and turned, tearing, destroying, building, creating….

And before Anyo, two figures would sit before them, appearing woozy and listless. One was completely covered in a fine fur, adorned with a small button of a nose and a fine set of whiskers, which twitched as she crinkled her nose; the other had a mess of feelers in their hair, a vacant expression, and from the base of their chest, the flower that had once sat there had bloomed into several kinds, one even reaching high enough to pierce the side of their head and bloom outside of their clear body.

“The..pains..” the fluffy figure would speak, “Anyo, they are truly gone…”

“i feel re-energized myself.” The other figure would state. “But i see…it appears our bodies have become strikingly different in such a short time. It seems correlated to our previous changes? You appear fluffier and…unmistakably rabbit faced, Lucia. I probably look odd, too. I wonder if we require air still…”

They would go silent, cutting their long spiel short.

Lucia continues speaking. “Oh my, I..have become…furrier, haven’t I?” She gently strokes her arm. This wasn’t a dream, not at all.

Anyo had been silent the whole time, though, as the two had looked over their new bodies. Unlike the spacy Hayden, Lucia is quick to perceive this, glancing up at the being.

“We’re alright Anyo.” She confirms, taking the hand that had just briefly been used to give her these powers; “Thank you for saving us.”

A smile spreads on Anyo’s face. It was far from anything perfect, but in that moment, as Lucia would smile back…

It had become alarmingly surreal that Anyo, the ever-changing, inhuman creature, was the most human looking of all.