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Illura Tabletop Drabbles

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The sound of the girl slumping to her knees still rang in their ears. They would run to her, barely dodging an attack, and hoping that she was alright, oh please, please be alright…

And yet, as they would pull her to their trembling hands, they already knew that the life of her had left, leaving behind a wide eyed, panicked looking corpse – if that was even a possible thing for corpses to do.

"This wasn’t supposed to happen.." they would weakly state, bringing her limp body closer, burying their face in her long, amber hair. "You were…I was supposed to-..."

They would hear their companion yell about something – gosh, sometimes it was hard to decipher them when their words were laced with puns – and would turn their head to see the monstrous culprit marching towards them.

Seeing the murderer dead on had sparked something in them, as they put the corpse to the ground, standing between the body and the beast. "You…you did this!" They’d yell, eyes glaring at the mushroom based monster, who simply left loose a few more spores into the air.

The monster didn’t care. In fact, it looked content, in a twisted way.

That moment of triumph – no, maybe it was still happy – had left when a ball of energy struck it, turning the monster into a mass of mist. They would look to see that their friends had secure the final blow, and were now rushing over to check on them.

But no, this…

This shouldn’t happen, either!

They had won, but the body was still here, they had to move the body–

As they turned back to the corpse though, it had already been too late. The mist that once hung in the air to signify the monster’s defeat had stormed towards the body, stuffing itself inside through the still bleeding wounds.

They knew what would come next. The body would stir, but the life inside there? It wasn’t her. It wasn’t Lucia’s. As the corpse would lift itself to its feet, cold eyes staring into their own like daggers–

–suddenly, they would find themselves on the floor, their long, ribbon like feelers tangled about themselves.

It would take a moment of long, deep breaths to realize that it was just a dream. And, after laying there, staring at the ceiling, silently absorbing what had happened, they would bring themselves to their feet, untangling themselves from their appendages.

It was just a bad dream, but..

Carefully, they would move to the bedside, taking their phone from the table nearby. Hesitantly, they would send a simple text, then collapse on the bed, staring once more at the dark ceiling.

"You’re important to me."

And they would do anything to keep her alive. Anything to keep her from making their nightmares a reality.