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Illura Tabletop Drabbles

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Hayden could remember the days vividly, almost as if it had just ended, despite it being many years ago. Of quiet strolls in the sand, making tracks as each foot met with the warm soil. Adventures where, more often than not, led to climbing rocks, searching for any crabs that might of been wedged in between, hoping not to be found; wading in the seawater, occasionally tasting the tangy liquid as it would spray upward after a roaring wave; finding seashells, and trying to bring them ashore before the tide pulled them out.

They weren't alone on that matter, either.

While Hayden would make yet another 'amazing' fact about sealife, they had the ears of their friend, Lucia, listening. Much like themselves, she was quiet, but loved to learn. Looking back, maybe she wasn't as fond of the sea as they were, but her desire to explore, and to understand the world, burned just as brightly as their own.

The dull vibration of their cell is felt under Hayden's fingers, and immediately, their thoughts are tugged to the back of their mind, lifting the phone to eye level. Upon checking the clock, they find that it's still a little early, but the somewhat sleepy Hayden was still a fair bit restless from the events that occurred yesterday to mind.

Up until very recently, they really only had one person who would text them, anyway -- and, as expected, she would be doing so today. A little less sleep wouldn't hurt.

It's really heartwarming too that she, Lucia, had kept in contact all this time. It was her that suggested the idea of owning cell phones in the first place -- something that Hayden never would of considered getting -- and exchanging numbers.

Carefully, they would make a reply to Lucia. It was nothing fancy; just a simple 'good morning' to go with Lucia's much more cheery greeting.

The reply comes back quicker than Hayden expects, eyes directed on the phone just moments after they drift off.

"How are you doing? I didn't think you'd be up, but I guess I got lucky?"

Lucky is right, but Hayden's not surprised. The girl was so lucky that the unusual wealth of fortune drew their curiosity towards them. Not in the hopes of having the fortune rub off on them, though -- simply to research if there was any correlation or behaviors that influenced it.

Stopping mid reply, Hayden would let out a sigh. Even as a kid, they had always been so eager to learn more about people from afar, hadn't they? No wonder some people would associate them with being a stalker -- fortunately (or not) for Hayden, they never really picked up on that social cue in full.

"You sure did get lucky." Hayden would respond, after what felt like years of waiting, "I'm doing ok, I wasn't really sleeping much. You?"

Another quick reply. "Same here, I haven't slept much! Do you want to talk about it, though? I'm fine, myself, btw! Just restless thinking about exams today, trying to get some more studying in too."

As they try to create a proper response --explaining what had happened yesterday was near impossible-- another message is sent midtyping.

"By the way, you think you can look out your window?"

That was an odd question. deleting what they had before, they'd instead reply with a quick, "sure, I can."

Getting out of their bed, Hayden would lazily make their way to the bedroom's only window, peering out if it. Still night, they concluded, but getting brighter by the moment.

Curiously, Hayden would question why, and, go to voice their confusion with a text, to see yet another had come forth from Lucia.

"Don't you remember when we woke this early, and watched the sun rise?"

And, as if one cue, Hayden could catch the glimmer of the sun as it peaked over the horizon, bringing a red hue to the sky. While none of these sunrises would compare to those by the sea..

"yeah, I do remember."

They were some of Hayden's most treasured memories.