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By Rao's Light

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Several months later


Early in the morning a baby was crying in her crib.

“Shh Syra,” Alex murmured quietly trying not to wake the other occupants of the house. “Mommy’s here.”

Alex picked her little girl up smiling at the small thatch of brown hair that was a bit mussed up. She picked up the bottle she had brought with her and brought it to her girls mouth who eagerly started drinking.

“Someone’s eager,” Sam remarked from the door as she looked lovingly at Alex sitting in a chair with their beautiful daughter.

“She gets that from you,” Alex said grinning at Sam who still looked adorable and sleepy.

“I think you’re still dreaming,” Sam said raising an eyebrow at her girlfriend. “Have you seen yourself eat?”

“Watch it you or that date of ours tonight isn’t going to go the way you want it to go,” Alex replied still grinning.

“And what way do I want it to go?” Sam asked lowering her voice and walking towards Alex and their daughter.

Alex put the empty bottle on the table next to her and shifted Syra in her arms. Then she stood up and leaned in kissing Sam softly and briefly on the lips.

“I’m guessing something like this but without our daughter in the middle.”

“Sounds about right,” Sam agreed leaning in again and kissing Alex longer only stopping when their daughter started fussing.

“Who does she get that from?” Sam asked smiling at their pouting daughter.

“Kara,” they both answered the question smiling at each other.

“When do Kara and Lena arrive?” Sam asked taking Syra from Alex.

“They land in three hours,” Alex replied coming to stand behind Sam and kissing her neck.

“Alex,” Sam groaned. “That’s not fair. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Who says I’m not going to finish?” Alex asked as she kept kissing Sam’s neck. “Sometime this evening,” Alex continued as she pulled back making Sam groan.

“You’re an evil woman and I hate you,” Sam grumbled as she laid Syra back into her crib.

“You love me and you know it,” Alex said grinning at her girlfriend.

“Says who?” Sam huffed as she followed Alex out of the room and into the kitchen.

“You. Several times a day in fact.”

“Aren’t you lucky.”

“Very,” Alex agreed suddenly serious.

“I’m lucky too you big softie,” Sam said hugging Alex to her. “Now I’m going to start breakfast or I’m going to have another fussy daughter on my hands.”

Alex laughed.

“Maybe the fussiness comes from you then,” Alex said.

“So no breakfast for you?”

“I’ll be good,” Alex reassured her quickly.

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Sam said grinning as she started breakfast.

“I’ll go and get ready and then I’ll get Ruby up.”

Sam nodded and focused on making breakfast.

“Hi everyone,” Kara greeted as she and Lena entered the beach house. “Aw we missed breakfast?” She asked as she looked at Alex and Ruby clearing the table.

“Hi Kara,” Sam replied amused. “There are leftovers,” she continued making Kara cheer.

“Kara,” Lena admonished with an indulgent smile.

“Don’t worry Lena. I’m used to her having no manners when it comes to food,” Alex reassured as she watched Kara go to the fridge. “Thanks for letting us use the plane and the beach house.”

“You’re welcome but I owed Sam one,” Lena replied. “Thank you for letting us crash your vacation.”

“Don’t kid yourself Lena,” Kara interrupted returning from the kitchen with a croissant. “We’re only here as babysitters.”

“Like you don’t want to spend time with Syra and Ruby,” Lena said to Kara grinning as she took Syra from Alex.

“Of course I do,” Kara said grinning. “They’re much better company than those two,” she continued pointing at Sam and Alex. “They’re way too mushy.”

“It’s not like you and Lena are any better,” Ruby muttered rolling her eyes at the adults in the room. It was nice that they were in love and all but did they have to be so obvious about it? It was getting embarrassing.

“Thanks Ruby,” Kara muttered.

“You’re welcome,” the girl said cheerfully.

“I guess someone doesn’t want anymore surfing lessons,” Alex spoke up barely holding back a grin as Ruby’s head shot towards her.

“What?” Ruby asked alarmed.

“As the mushy woman I am I guess I’m going to have to be mushy with your mom some more instead of teaching you,” Alex replied shrugging.

“I was kidding. Alex…” Ruby groaned rolling her eyes as the adults in the room laughed at her.

“Relax Rubes,” Sam said hugging her daughter to her side. “Alex loves being in the water with you as much as you do.”

“Yeah?” Ruby asked with a little smile. She loved doing things with Alex and learning how to surf was quickly becoming one of her favorite things to do even though she had just started learning with Alex this week at the start of their vacation.

“Of course,” Alex replied winking. “In fact how about you get ready and we go out there. If she feels like it Kara could even join us.”

“Really?” Ruby asked her eyes lighting up.

“You bet,” Kara said smiling at the girl.

“Try not to work while we’re out,” Alex said to a smiling Sam knowing her girlfriend and sister’s girlfriend well.

“You know us. We wouldn’t,” Sam replied.

“Yes you would,” Kara mumbled kissing Lena on the lips before speeding off to go and get ready for surfing.

“We would,” Lena admitted and at Alex’s warning look she added: “But we’ll refrain.”

“You’re girlfriend can be intimidating,” Lena said grinning at Sam once Alex had gone to get ready as well.

“Nah she’s a softie,” Sam said taking Syra from Lena to put her down for a nap.

“So how was your first week of vacation?” Lena asked.

“Wonderful,” Sam replied smiling brightly. “It’s been incredible to get to spend so much time together and not have to worry about a DEO or L Corp crisis. Plus it’s been really nice to have everyone and everything in one place.”

Lena nodded not understanding why her friends hadn’t moved in together yet. They hadn’t been dating for that long be they had known each other for a while now and they had a baby together. It just made sense.

“I think I’m going to ask Alex to get a place together,” Sam said interrupting Lena’s thoughts.

“Really?” Lena asked smiling surprised.

“Yeah. I just want to be able to spend all my free time with all of my girls and now we just keep switching apartments and end up sleeping separately sometimes just because of practical reasons. It’s driving me crazy.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” Lena said.

“Do you think Alex will agree?” Sam asked.

“Definitely,” Kara replied smiling brightly as she came down the stairs. “Sorry superhearing,” she said sheepishly as Lena and Sam stared at her. “Can’t turn it off,” she shrugged.

“You should ask her on your date tonight,” Lena suggested and Sam nodded.

“That’s the plan,” Sam said. “I talked it over with Ruby and she agrees as well.”

“Alright,” Alex said as she came down the stairs with Ruby. “Let’s go.”


“So where are you going?” Kara asked as Sam and Alex came down the stairs ready for their date.

“I made reservations at that fish restaurant by the ocean,” Alex replied giving Ruby a kiss and rubbing Syra’s cheek softly as to not wake the baby.

“Romantic,” Lena said smiling.

“Very,” Sam agreed happy with Alex’s choice. “See you tomorrow Rubes,” she continued kissing her daughter’s head. “Try not to beat Kara too badly at those games,” she added eyeing the games Ruby had taken out.

“Hey!” Kara objected but Sam ignored her as she went to her youngest daughter.

“Bye Syra. Be good for your aunties,” she whispered.

“Have I mentioned lately how much I love her name?” Kara said smiling happily.

“Only every day,” Alex replied rolling her eyes at her sister.

“But it’s so fitting. I mean she’s half Kryptonian and the first female to become a member of the Kryptonian High Council was named Syra. Plus the name means fate and the way she came to us was obviously fate,” Kara rambled.

“Kara sweetheart,” Lena interrupted having heard the story many times as had Alex, Ruby and Sam. “We know,” Lena said softly kissing Kara’s cheek making her blush.

“Right. I’ve mentioned this.”

“A few times,” Alex replied smiling at her sister. Her sister’s stories had been how they had come up with the name but Kara had mentioned it a lot since Syra’s birth.

“Time to get going,” Sam said wrapping her arm around Alex’s shoulder.  “See you guys later.”

“Have fun,” Lena said.

“Good luck,” Kara added thinking of Sam wanting to ask Alex to move in together.

“With what?” Alex asked confused.

“Er… With the restaurant. You never know when you’re trying out something new,” Kara rambled getting a look from Lena and Sam.

“Right,” Alex said looking at Kara oddly. “Bye.”

“That was close,” Kara said exhaling.

“You are a disaster at keeping secrets,” Lena said rolling her eyes at her girlfriend.


“I love this,” Sam said smiling at Alex.

“Me too,” Alex agreed. “I mean I’ve loved this entire week of being together and spending time with our girls but it’s nice to be able to go out with just us two.”

“I know,” Sam replied. “It’s definitely nice to be able to be here with you without having to worry about the pregnancy or some kind of danger you’ve gotten yourself in,” Sam said grinning at Alex.

“Are you implying  I’m a danger magnet miss Arias?” Alex said raising her eyebrow at Sam.

“Maybe,” Sam said teasingly.

“May I remind you that half of the dangerous situations I’ve been in for the past months had something to do with you? To quote my mother: you’re the one that knocked me up,” Alex said grinning broadly making Sam splutter.

“In my defense I did save you.”

“You did,” Alex agreed smiling softly at her girlfriend. “And I’m very grateful even though you’re not too sure about using your powers.”

“Do you think I’m being too hesitant? About my powers I mean?” Sam asked suddenly.

“No,” Alex reassured. “I can understand that it’s a scary thing for you since using them meant not being in control not too long ago so I get that you’re not too eager to use your powers daily like Kara does. I think the agreement you’ve made with Kara and J’onn works out just fine.”

“And you don’t mind that I’ve chosen to only work with the DEO when it’s an emergency?”

“Of course not Sam. With the job you do at L Corp you’re already busy enough and you don’t have to become a Supergirl 2 to be my hero,” Alex replied winking making Sam blush.

“I did want to talk to you about something though,” Alex said suddenly a little nervous.

“What do you want to talk about?” Sam asked worriedly. “Is something wrong? Am I spending too much time at work?”

“Stop,” Alex interrupted taking Sam’s hand in hers. “You’re not spending too much time at work,” she reassured. “I mean I’m never going to complain if you find a way to spend more time at home but you’ve put in a lot of effort to be at home more often and it’s enough Sam. You’re there enough for me, for the baby and for Ruby. That’s not what I wanted to talk about okay?” Alex asked.

Sam nodded feeling touched by Alex’s reassurances.

“I’ve just been thinking that this past week has really been great and that maybe we could learn something from it. I mean I’ve been thinking about this longer than the last week but this week has really made it clear for me.”

Sam frowned unable to follow where Alex was going.

Alex sighed and said: “I obviously still suck at this. I want us to move in together Sam. I want you, me, Ruby and Syra to be a family. I mean we’re already a family and I love you and our girls. I just want us all to live together.”

Sam smiled brightly and leaned across the table to kiss Alex soundly on the lips.

“Is that a yes?” Alex asked a little flustered.

“That’s definitely a yes,” Sam said enthusiastically and then she started laughing.

“What? What’s so funny?” Alex asked confused.

“It’s just humorous that you asked me since I was planning on asking you as well.”

“Really?” Alex asked smiling. “Well it serves you right for stealing my thunder by telling me you loved me when I was planning to as well,” Alex continued.

“I guess great minds think alike,” Sam said smiling at her girlfriend.

“That they do,” Alex agreed. “So I guess we’re going apartment hunting when we get home?”

“That should be fun,” Sam said winking at her Alex who rolled her eyes.

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“Definitely,” Sam agreed.


“She’s like an angel,” Lena said smiling at the baby who was sleeping in her crib.

“Of course she is. She’s a Danvers,” Kara said grinning cheekily.

“A Danvers-Arias,” Lena corrected.

“True but most of her angelic side is obviously from the Danvers side,” Kara joked. “She takes after her aunt like that. I mean obviously our daughter or son is going to be just as much of an angel,” Kara continued.

“Our son or daughter?” Lena asked. “You want to have children with me?” Lena asked surprised.

“Err… Yes?” Kara squeaked out. “I mean I don’t really have any idea how to go about it but I guess when we’re both ready for it we could ask doctor Rush about it. Plus we should probably move in together first,” Kara started rambling nervously.

“You want to move in together?” Lena repeated.

“Yes, I do,” Kara said suddenly serious. “I mean I’m at your place most of the time and I love spending time with you and…” Kara hesitated. “And I want it all with you Lena. I want us to live together, have kids together and to just have a life together.”

“Kara,” Lena breathed out shocked and overwhelmed.

“I’m sorry,” Kara suddenly apologized. “I didn’t mean to unload all this on you but I do mean it and it’s okay if you’re not ready or if it’s not something you want.”

Lena surged forward unable to hear any more of Kara doubting herself. She interrupted Kara by kissing her passionately.

“I’m the one that’s sorry,” Lena said as they broke their kiss. “I would love that Kara. I would love to have everything with you and I’m so honored that you want it all with me.”

“So we’re moving in together?” Kara asked hesitantly.

“We’re moving in together,” Lena confirmed kissing Kara again. “And somewhere in the not so far away future we’re going to give that angel a little boy or girl to play with,” Lena continued whispering in Kara’s ear.

“I would love that,” Kara said. “And I love you.”

“I love you too,” Lena replied smiling and hugging Kara to her.


The following morning everyone was having breakfast together.

Alex was refilling her cup of coffee and was watching everybody at the table from the kitchen.

Kara and Ruby were playfully arguing over who was getting the last of the French toasts and Sam and Lena were talking about something they had read in the newspaper while Sam was gently rocking Syra from left to right.

 Alex smiled and thought to herself that she really did get her heart’s desires. She had a beautiful woman who she loved with al her heart, she had a beautiful family consisting of reliable and great people and she had two beautiful daughters who she could help raise into beautiful women.


The end.