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By Rao's Light

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A/N: I don’t own anything but the storyline. The rest is borrowed.

Chapter 1

Alex Danvers was standing at the main entrance of the National City park waiting for Ruby Arias to come out. It was a beautiful spring day and Alex was just wearing her black tactical suit and her black leather jacket. Since she came straight from the DEO the alien gun Alex often used on missions was hidden away under her jacket.

Sam had asked Alex to pick up Ruby who had been to a picnic at the park with a few of her friends and even though her friendship with Sam still hadn’t fully recovered from the events of the past few months Alex couldn’t say no to spending any kind of time with Ruby. After all Ruby had nothing to do with worldkillers. In fact Ruby had been the one to finally stop Sam from losing herself in her alter ego Reign. During Kara and Reign’s last fight Ruby had been the one to stop Sam from killing Kara by shouting at her to remember who she was. Sam had been able to regain control of herself and had stopped the fighting.

Now, a few months later, Sam had given up on using her powers and had been working on her control with success. They had all been through a lot together and though Alex still hadn’t fully forgiven Sam for trying to kill Kara they were slowly working together on restoring their friendship. Kara being Kara had off course forgiven Sam right away and had been trying to help Sam with her control. Kara still hoped that Sam might find a way to use her powers without losing control of herself. Alex sighed. She didn’t have as much faith as Kara and was afraid to lose Sam to her alter ego. She didn’t want to imagine having to explain to Ruby that her mother had reverted to becoming Reign again.

Alex shook herself out of her depressing thoughts just in time to see Ruby walking towards her with a smile. Alex smiled back but the smile left her face when she noticed a man running behind Ruby. The running didn’t concern Alex but the fact that the man only had eyes for Ruby did. Alex eyes widened and she shouted for Ruby to run while running towards the pair and whipping her alien gun out. Ruby ran towards Alex and once Ruby was behind her Alex shot at the man still running towards them. The man went down but got up again. Alex’s eyes narrowed. This was an alien with powers. There was no way a human or an alien without powers would be getting up so fast after being shot. Alex inwardly cursed. She knew Kara was probably still halfway around the world helping out with an earthquake. She also knew that there was no way she was going to let this guy get to Ruby.

“Ruby run,” she ordered when she saw the man coming towards them again albeit a lot more slowly than before.

“But,” Ruby spluttered.

“Ruby run!” Alex repeated more forcefully. Ruby still hesitated but began running away and out of the park. Alex exhaled in relief and took another shot at the guy but he rolled out of the way and was still coming towards her.

Alex took a shot again and ran to the side of the park in the hopes of getting the guy to follow her. The guy managed to evade her shot once again and was gaining on her. As he was getting closer Alex saw that he was most definitely an alien. From afar he looked like a scruffy guy but up close he looked like a cross between a man and a wolf. He had dark hair and a dark brown beard. There seemed to be hair all over his face.

Alex shot at him again and managed to hit him but he only growled and slammed into her making her fly into a tree. Alex smacked her head against a branch and saw stars. The man took her by her jacket and shook her a few times before slamming her into the tree again and growling:

“Where is the girl?”

Alex gasped for breath and tried to find leverage but couldn’t manage it with her feet dangling above the ground.

“Not here,” she ground out.

The man growled again and slammed her into the tree again. Alex hit her head a second time and lost consciousness.
The man growled again and looked at his surroundings. He couldn’t see the girl anywhere. He grabbed Alex none to gently and hauled her over his shoulder before running away pushing a man who tried to help Alex on the ground and leaving him with serious claw marks along his arms.

Pain was the first thing Alex became aware of when she regained consciousness. Her head hurt like hell and her arms were killing her. She tried to move them but noticed she couldn’t. She was chained to a ceiling. When she opened her eyes she realized she was in some sort of basement. It was dark and eerily quiet. Alex tried yanking the chains but given that she could barely touch the ground with her feet it was ridiculously hard. Alex sighed. She couldn’t see a way out of this situation for now. She wondered if her subdermal tracking chip worked in this place. She feared not because otherwise Kara would already be next to her. She would have to wait until her captor came or until her sister came. Alex could only be grateful that Ruby wasn’t there with her.


“What happened?” Kara asked urgently as soon as she arrived at the DEO headquarters. She had been in South America helping rescue workers with retrieving survivors after a serious earthquake when Winn had hailed her telling her about an attempt to kidnap Ruby and Alex being missing. Kara was pretty sure she had never flown across continents quite so fast. This couldn’t be happening. Alex could not be abducted again. Kara should have been there instead of halfway across the world.

“As far as we know Alex went to pick up Ruby at the park and noticed a man trying to take her. Alex shot at him while Ruby ran to her but the man apparently didn’t stay down. Alex asked Ruby to run but Ruby didn’t want to. Alex insisted and Ruby ran and hid herself near the entrance of the park. She saw the whole thing. Alex shot the man again but he didn’t even go down and he attacked her which caused her to fly against a tree. The man asked her something and didn’t like Alex’ reply because he slammed her against the tree again. Ruby saw the man running off with Alex on his shoulder,” Winn answered gesturing with his head in the direction where Sam sat comforting Ruby.

Kara went to them and Ruby was the first to notice.

“Kara,” she cried out. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to run away but Alex made me and now he took her!”

“It’s alright Ruby,” Kara said softly squeezing the girl’s knee. “It wasn’t your fault. I’m so happy you’re okay.”

“But Alex isn’t! Are you going to save her?”

“Knowing Alex she might already be busy saving herself,” Kara said trying to sound optimistic and hoping like hell that that was the case. Kara shared a worried glance with Sam who looked like she never wanted to let Ruby go.

“But knowing exactly what happened might help. Would you mind telling me what you saw?”

“I was walking towards Alex who was waiting for me at the park when she suddenly yelled at me to run. I did and I saw her take her special gun and she shot a guy who was behind me. The man fell but he got up again. That’s when Alex told me to run. I didn’t want to but Alex insisted so I ran towards the building near the entrance and hid there. Alex shot at the guy again but he dodged her shots. She then shot him again but he still slammed into her and she flew into a tree. I couldn’t hear what they said but he hurt her again and then he picked Alex up and left. There was a guy there who wanted to help Alex but the man just hurt that guy as well. Then he ran off,” Ruby told Kara tearfully. Sam hugged her daughter to her chest.

“Shh baby it’s okay. There wasn’t anything you could do. It was good of you to listen to Alex,” Sam whispered.

“Yeah Ruby. If you didn’t we might be looking for the both of you and we wouldn’t know anything about the man. You did more than you think,” Kara tried reassuring the girl.

“I’m not finished. The man that took Alex looked like a dog. He had hair all over his face!”

“Okay sweetheart. Thank you for telling me. I’m going to go talk to Winn and J’onn about getting Alex back okay?”

Ruby nodded and said to her mother: “You should go and help.”

Sam looked torn. She didn’t want to let go of her daughter but she was worried about Alex. Alex was her friend and maybe something more. If she could get Alex to trust her again and if she ever found the courage to confess her crush on the brunette. Now Alex was abducted because she was protecting Ruby and Samantha really wanted to help but she couldn’t imagine letting Ruby out of her sight. Plus she had some serious doubts that she could be of any help. She couldn’t use her powers and she didn’t know anything about aliens because it did sound like Alex was taken by an alien.

“It’s okay Sam,” Kara reassured the brunette. “You should stay and keep Ruby safe.”

“Okay but if you need me for anything just let me know okay? We’ll be having a sleepover in one of the bunks here,” Sam replied. She didn’t want to be too far away. She was too worried about Alex and felt that Ruby would be safer at the DEO.

Kara nodded and squeezed Sam’s shoulder before walking towards Winn and J’onn. She sighed and wished that Lena were there as well. If only to reassure Kara. But Lena was in the air on her way back from Europe. Kara checked her watch. Lena would be in the air for another six hours and Kara didn’t want to inform her of what happened while she was stuck on a plane and couldn’t really do anything to help. Knowing Lena that would drive her crazy.

‘Please be okay Alex,’ Kara thought to herself. She didn’t want to know a world without her sister in it. She just had to be okay.


“You idiot! You can’t even take a human girl and bring her here?” Perrilus hissed at Deimax.

Deimax growled and replied: “The woman protected her and sent her away. Her weapon could hurt me.”

“How are we going to carry out our plan now and why did you bring her here with you! You should have just killed her!”

“She was with the child! She could be important!”

“Yes, yes, let’s find out shall we.”

Perrilus shoved Deimax out of the way and went to the basement of the factory where they where staying.

“Well well I see our guest is awake,” Perrilus said to Alex with a grin.

Alex looked up and narrowed her eyes at the snakelike woman that just walked in. She didn’t have a clue what kind of species the woman belonged to. She looked like a cross between a snake and a woman.

“The accommodation leaves a lot to be desired,” Alex spat back.

Deimax growled and backhanded Alex making Alex pull herself up and kick him in the chest with both feet. Deimax flew backwards and into Perrilus who shoved him off of her.
“Idiot,” she hissed again.

“Think long and hard about how you want to play this human,” Perrilus whispered threateningly to Alex. “You can answer my questions nicely or you can suffer the consequences,” Perrilus continued while looking at her fingers which suddenly transformed into tentacles.

“I don’t play nice with kidnapping aliens,” Alex spat.

“Who are you to the girl,” Deimax growled.

“Her bodyguard Lassie.”

Deimax growled again and backhanded Alex again but harder. Alex spat out some blood and grinned.

“Touchy puppy,” she whispered.

Deimax growled again and stepped forward again but Perrilus stopped him.

“Enough. I’m not going to let a weak human play with us!” Perrilus hissed and her fingers twitched again transforming into tentacles. She flew to Alex and touched her face with the tentacles. Alex gasped and her face went white.

“If you live through this human. You will be so weak that you will tell me everything you know and if you don’t well… Your loss,” Perrilus giggled and pulled Deimax with her out of the basement.

Alex gasped. Her thoughts ran wild. She had no idea what just happened but she knew she had just been poisoned. She felt her heart racing and her vision started to go black. Her last thoughts were of her friends and family. She thought of her father and her mother, of J’onn and Winn, of Lena and Maggie, of Samantha and Ruby and of course of Kara. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to leave her family and friends but she could feel the blackness taking over. She tried to fight it until finally she couldn’t anymore and simply blacked out.