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The Universe and Love

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The first time the universe tried to put them together it was in the middle of a case. Todd had been chasing after Dirk, who had decided that the cat was the most important thing to the case (it was of course, leading them to a man with just the right amount of information, but that’s a story for another day). He had stopped for a moment and an ad flickered across the billboard across the street.

“Lonely? Tired?” The spokeswoman chirped. Her voice was as phony and plastic as the hair product she was advertising and Todd was almost glad when it abruptly switched to a car commercial, then something about beef jerky.

“Go date-”

“-that man!”

Todd stared. Was the universe trying to tell him something? Or was it-


“Coming!” He screamed back, forgetting all about the incident.


The next time was after major break (so big we’re not going to talk about it specific terms!) but it spoke to Dirk this time. Todd was off with Farah doing...something and he was left alone with the clues.

“No, he couldn’t have done it, the waitress said he was at a concert during the theft but what if -“

The coffee spilled over the documents, several hours of work ruined. Dirk groaned. Farah and Todd were going to kill him-


There, in the coffee.

While most of the words were blacked out, a chosen few weren’t. Dirk read them with excitement.

“Do you have an assistant?” Read a personal ad about the a job-hiring service.

“Don’t you ever feel like-”

“Dating that person!”

Dirk paused. “Wait, is this relevant to the case.”

Somehow, despite it not even having a mouth, Dirk felt the universe give a pause. “No,” the next part of legible printing said. “Go to the cemetery to find clue.”

The universe was stuck. All attempts to get the detective and the assistant together had ended in failure. It wasn’t that they didn’t have feelings for each other, it was that they just wouldn’t admit it .

And it was getting sick of these run arounds, these games. So the next plan put into motion was softer, cleverer.

The case had ended, and so had the winter season. It was night, Dirk walking faster towards home as Todd followed dutifully behind.

The universe was omnipresent, it could see the way Todd blushed, not from the cold, the way Dirk moved ever so faster as he thought of the man who would follow him through hell.

The light turned red and they stopped at a crosswalk. Slowly, the universe reflected soft light from passing cars through Dirk’s hair, something only Todd would see. The human term for what it was doing was “setting the mood”, but it could only pull of half out that.

The rest had to be left to human hands.

“So uhh Dirk,” Todd’s breath puffed and vanished in the cold air. Whyishesocuterighrnowwhywhywhy? “Do have any plans for the week?

Dirk turned to look at his friend and the universe took action, wind blowing the hat perfectly off center, drawing attention to his face. His beautiful, almost cute face.

“Not really.” He looked away and shot a glance at the lights, who hadn’t changed in a while. “I mean, not until we get another case or the universe needs us again.

“Did you want to do something?”


Here it comes.

“Yeah actually,” Todd fished two crumpled tickets out of his jacket, eyes glowing like lanterns. “I had uhh gotten us tickets for the movies an uhh” now this was the part they had all been waiting for. “I-if you wanted to go and see it?”

Everything quieted, the rushing cars barely coming above a whisper.

A smile. “An-soul- lutely !” Dirk said. “You know I would go anywhere for you-” Todd cut him off, enveloping him in a hug so quickly Dirk was almost pushed over.

It was only a small smile, only a yes, but to Todd (and the universe) it was everything.