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A Chichens and kittens christmas

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Right now you, Lorilei, Charles, Albert, Cookoo, Cuquito, Harry, Chicho, Peep, and Mori was all alone wondering what to do since your owner was gone. The next moment when you guys tried to think of a game to play somehow all of you heard the doorbell ring, you and the others was confused but you had courage. So, you and Mori had went outside and saw a box that was moving in the snow while both you and Mori was concerned about what's inside of the box.

Blossom the chichen (You): "Bawk Bawk! What's inside of that box Mori?" You said asking Mori.

Mori the spider-chichen hybrid: "*in squeaky voice* I don't know, I hope it's not deadly or dangerous. *gulps*" Mori replied to you.

Blossom the chichen (You): "Bawk! Hopefully this box is filled up with plushies or something else that's not dangerous or deadly." You said while sounding like you had courage.

You had ran back to the house to grab a sharp knife and went back outside where Mori was at. Then, You had put the sharp knife inside of the box so Mori can use her spiderweb silk to lasso around the bottom part of the knife and open up the box and once the box was open both of you had ran towards the box, and tried to see what's inside of the box. But to you and Mori's surprise both of you had saw some kittens in the box meowing and purring.

You and Mori: "*gasps* Kittens!" Both of you said while being surprised at looking at the box full of kittens.

You and Mori had took all of the kittens out of the box and lead all of them inside the house. Also, once you and Mori had brought the kittens in the house, the other chichens had been shocked to see some weird looking but cute kittens.

Harry the dog-chichen hybrid: "Woof-Bawk! Kittens?" Harry said in confusion.

Lorilei the plant-chichen hybrid: "bawk, bawk. Kittens?" Lorilei said in confusion too.

Charles the chopped tree-chichen hybrid: "Bwak. Oh no, not kittens!" Charles said in concern.

Blossom the chichen (You): "Yes, kittens. These kittens are going to stay here and there is nothing you can do about it." You said while talking back to everyone.

Charles the chopped tree-chichen hybrid: "B-But those kittens are strays and they don't have collars. So, they don't belong here. Hmph!" Charles said while crossing his wings.

Blossom the chichen (You): "*groans and rolls eyes* Anyways, hi kitties, welcome to your new home! I'm Blossom the chichen aka the female chichen that released you guys out of that box, over there behind me is Charles the chopped tree-chichen hybrid aka the one crossing his wings while looking away, Harry the dog-chichen hybrid aka the one chasing his tail, Lorilei the plant-chicken hybrid aka the one pouring water on herself while drinking water at the same time, Albert the unicorn-chichen hybrid aka the one eating a carrot while he's sitting down on the couch, Cuquito the moose-chichen hyrbid aka the one male guy having a fight with Peep although there is not a single one of those female moose-chichen hybrids for them to fight in front of, Cookoo the poop-chichen hybrid aka the one spraying nice perfume all over himself because *whispers saying 'he's made of poop'*, Peep the moose-chichen hybrid aka the one male guy who's also having a fight with Cuquito although there is not a single one of those female moose-chichen hybrids for him and Cuquito to fight in front of, Chicho the alien-like chichen hyrbrid aka the one bouncing on a trampoline since she's bored, and finally there's Mori the spider-chichen hybrid aka the one eating a salad since she's a vegan. Well, that's all of our names so, I guess you guys are not confused or scared at/of us anymore, right?" You said while looking at all of the kittens in front of you.

All of the kittens had looked at each other then, they agreed while shaking their heads up in down while they was looking at you.

Blossom the chichen (You): "Bawk! Good, well it's best to relax over at the fireplace then to freeze over here so let's go kitties!" You said leading the kittens to the fireplace where the warm fire was crackling in flames.

You sighed dreamily while sitting in front of the fireplace thinking that it was a good thing to bring the kittens out of the cold and into the warm. And actually that leaves you confused of what you're going to name the little fellas but that's story is for next time. (To be continued)