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Good Kissers

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“You said I’m a good kisser.”

She spoke softly, still not fully awake, as she shuffled into the kitchen.  She made herself a cup of coffee, and bumped the blonde’s shoulder sitting at the counter, sipping from her own mug, and reading the paper. 

Evelyn chuckled, as she met her girlfriend’s warm, brown eyes.  “Oh, from that video on YouTube?  Oui, I said you were a good kisser.”

Tatiana smiled over her mug.  “Good.  That’s good, because I said you were a good kisser too.”

As if to prove her point, she dipped forward, meeting her girlfriend’s already parted lips.  The kiss began slowly, sweetly, but easily grew more intense.  They slid closer, practically on each other’s laps, lips tasting and teasing, tongues caressing as sighs and subtle moans filled the room.

They pushed away from the counter at the same time.  The morning’s coffee and news would have to wait a little while longer.