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Goodbye to Happytown

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Another landslide. Our Morey is a he, civil and a little vain; but hey, humans damn near have a shower fetish, and he never understood it until he got one with integral hairdryers, a shed-shredder and those new, lightly scented and extra large bottles of shampoo and conditioner! (bout time humans realized the need for bigger bottles; using a human sized one every time he took a shower was digging into his funds, not too mention how annoyingly strong their scents were to most Moreaus!)

Next question, again familiar, with the same rules as the last one; two answers for each character. Choose wisely!

What did our character take with him when the Essex Arms caught fire and blew up?

Option One, his tail; Forget the stuff, he rather have his life!

Option Two, his wallet; ID, money, condoms, everything a guy could need!

Option Three, his phone; Call the fire department and take an epic selfie infront of his burning home!

Option Four, set'a sweats; ...wait... Why did he take a set of unnecessary clothes again?