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Goodbye to Happytown

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So, two to one in favor of being civil. Now, he is a he, and a mostly normal mammal looking he (so far), but here's the next question. This one will start determining who he is! It'll also have two answers for each character (Nick and OC) so choose wisely. And, okay, it will look extremely familiar to some of you guys.

What was the reason our main character chose The Essex Arms apartments in the beginning of the game?

Option One, Plus Sized; He was a larger sized Moreau, and it was one of the few buildings that could accommodate his larger frame.

Option Two, Shower; It was one of the few places he saw with a shower designed for someone covered in hair, with a built-in shed shredder to keep the drain clog free.

Option Three, Little Sized; It was a smaller apartment, so it was reasonably cheap due to a good percentage of the Moreau population being too big for it.

Option Four, Morey Management; It was owned by humans, but ran by Moreaus, so he didn't have to deal with some furless monkey everyday just because.