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Goodbye to Happytown

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A male, huh? Well alright then, a male our Morey will be! But, we still have some more questions before we decide who it'll be; Nick or the OC. For now, this one won't narrow the choice to either of them, but it'll affect their bodies. The next question is simple, but complicated. You see, the Moreau isn't quite as defined as us and the mammals of Zootopia, so here's the question; Plantigrade, five-toed feet with four fingers and a fully functional thumb having hands, or digitigrade four-toed feet with four fingers with weaker, dewclaw derived thumb having hands? Basically: Civil or Feral style? It isn't all comestic, either!

Option One: Civil body design; blends in more with the mammals of Zootopia barring a thorough examination, moderately stronger than he appears, has more endurance and stamina, semi-sharp and always extended claws and a much firmer handshake than an animal whose body was forcibly made into a anthropomorphic state should have.

Option Two: Feral body design; unnerving and unnatural stance to the citizens of Zootopia, draws attention to himself, higher sprinting speed, more agile, faster reaction times, more savage reactions to threats/surprises, weaker grip, sharper and extendable-(if applicable) claws.