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the last banquet

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It’s an ill-fated banquet
for the guests
and the hosts as well
who fail to find their one gold
and are forced
to make do with the mass
of copper.

They can hide a single body easily
but a crowd – a crowd is hard to explain,
and impossible to erase
from memory
and the empty streets
are ghosted by their shadows
scrambling to hold their half-chewed bodies
in one piece.

Their carcasses rot
in the banquet hall.
The mix of drinks
churn their stomachs.
It wasn’t a neat banquet spread
for their new princess
wreathed in gold
but a slaughterhouse
for the masses
brought in trucks, in droves…

The rest of the world will see
the truth, now
staining the banquet hall
and the hundred guests
that never make it home.