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As The Stars Fade In To Darkness

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This will hurt but pain is just part of living it's the natural order of things no matter where you come from in this vast galaxy. Bardiel felt himself smash down as the stone smashed the ground as the flames went out as the stone crust dug its way into the earth coming to a stop.

He tensed his body hearing the stone crack as he pulled himself out crawling slowly across the floor ignoring the burning grass from where he had crashed down. He could see some miles away the huge free standing false god being kept locked in place as its final armour was being fitted to the chest. He moved his single eye looking up at the night sky.

The stars and galaxies they never changed with every cycle they always looked the same or close to it was the bore of constant reparation. He turned knowing he couldn't linger his body was glowing blue which meant that he stood out in the night but as always he knew that his first host would come.

He turned seeing it slithering around down bellow night hunting as its long python like tongue came out, though in this cycle it wasn't small it was a large snake three times bigger than they were ever meant to be the little earth creature was now almost python size. How odd but then not odd as these reptile vermin loved global warming it made them bigger though this one was clearly aquatic as he could tell by the frill on its tail and it was here because it was going to the lake opposite.

Still he needed this vermin to take him to the entry plug, which was being stored under ground as if it was anything like the last cycle he could hide in its emergency water tank until it was safe and the unit had been activated. He slithered closer seeing the sea snakes head turn but not fast enough to stop him as his tendrils shot out wrapping around its face like lightening as his whole mass shifted colliding with it as it violently wrapped trying to get him off.

He ignored the hissing as the snake tried to strike him. They had played this game countess time before, the stupid apex predator always lost as it wrapping its coils around his tendrils only to cause itself more pain as he squeezed hearing the popping off its bones from the pressure of his squeeze which was much harder.

He didn't need it alive he needed it dead so he could gut it then use its whole insides and take over it like a parasite, his tendril shot out forcing their way down in its open mouth moving downwards only to fly out again taking the whole of its guts out in one huge chunk as he threw them down the mountain side opposite. He hated these creatures insides they were disgusting and pointless and he never got why they were there he watched as the snakes body shuddered violently as it died.

He slowly eased his vein like body inside taking control of the bones and muscles and brain as he watched from a puddle near by as the snake's dead eyes turned glowing red as he took full control. He flicked its tongue out as he forced the body into a slither, knowing that everyone would ignore him he was just part of the wild life and all they would care about was coming to see the meteor rock though this time he didn't care to find out if they had seen it or were coming to look at it as he wanted plenty of time to perfect his plan.


I wonder what it's like to sit with a group of people and be loved even admired and to know that you're part of that group. In my youth I took group dinners for granted now at twenty three I wish I could be part of that again but I know I never will be and I deserve no less for being a vile abusive asshole to everyone around me in the past.

It's why I'm alone and why I feel invisible no one at Nerv ever talks to me the general staff stay clear the only real friends I have are Maya, Kyo my trainer and Kaji though I keep my friendship with him private. It has to be that way even though it's platonic because I know Misato would just fly off the handle with jealousy since she doesn't like me anyway and her and Kaji are good friends.

Asuka felt her eyes creep up as she looked at the level above where Shinji was eating dinner along with Kaworu and Rei at their favourite Japanese restaurant in the Nerv Arcade zone.

Sometimes she liked to close her eyes and envision herself sitting there with them next to Rei talking to her and imagine that Rei liking her company but when she opened her eyes she'd realize that it was a pure fantasy and out of her reach.

Because Rei didn't like her that way and would never be her friend and she didn't deserve her friendship either. Asuka breathed in deeply as she looked in the other direction at the glass seeing the beautiful Delphi gardens below before turning back to her half finished grilled chicken which she normally loved to eat but today she wasn't really enjoying it.

Food didn't taste as nice as it used to anymore and it's just the desire to eat and move on because then she wouldn't be sitting alone at a dinner table seeing people happy around her talking and laughing. She breathed in painfully leaning on her elbow as she caught sight of Misato who is coming towards her. Somehow she hoped it would be Maya going over the specs and dangers of the Alpha unit with her but Maya was just too busy today and she respected that her job could be hard and difficult.

"Ah there you are!"

Asuka watched as the older woman came closer a wide smile forming which is clearly there just to fool her because it's fake as scheisse since they didn't like each other or get on and she never visited her apartment anymore. "I'm having my lunch what do you want?" She put her hand on her elbow again as the woman sat next to her shifting through her documents. "You know the answer to that Asuka I'm here to go over the dangers of tomorrows launch." Asuka eyed her speaking coldly. "Fascinating you can leave them there so I can read them."

Misato eyed her sensing dislike instantly but this wasn't new his woman never learnt hence why she had been a disgrace to Nerv in the past. "No we are going to go through them and once we do I promise that I'll get you one of those real huge cans of German coffee." Asuka eyed her there it was right on queue the fake gift which she had zero interest in since her Grandma sent those ultra large cans full of coffee beans to her whenever she could from Nerv in Germany and they meant more to her. She forced a fake smile. "Fine anything's better than the scheisse from your machines it tastes like tar."

Misato eyed her Asuka that was surprisingly easy but maybe that was for the better she put the documents down as she started going through them. Asuka breathed in as she half switched off pretending to be interested as her eyes shifted up to the Japanese restaurant again watching the others eat though most of her focus was on Rei who was laughing about something.

Maybe if she was successful maybe she might get some praise any praise. They might put it on her talent area wall up in the visitor centre and she might have a real accomplishment other than being a worthless walking killing machine that no one liked.

Her thoughts were suddenly shattered as Misato's fist hit the table as her angered voice hit the air. "Would you stop day dreaming? This is not a joke Asuka if you don't pay attention to what I tell you, you could die because you're won't know the emergency protocols!"

Asuka breathed in painfully knowing that the Nerv staff probably heard that so what was one more dagger in the back? Inwardly she wanted to laugh who would miss her anyway if she died? Would anyone miss her probably not she was tolerated for one reason and one reason only which was that she could pilot 02 and kill people and that was all she was good for.

It was all she would ever be good for and it was mind numbing and boring now but she knew it would be her life till the day she died. It was just fate and her curse and every day she just went through the motions feeling nothing as a part of her no longer cared as she felt so numb half the time and the rest of the time she cried alone in her bedroom at home.

She breathed in deeply turning back to Misato keeping her face as unreadable as possible as she spoke evenly. "Can you go over the first part again? You see I wouldn't want to miss every single riveting word that comes out of your mouth…" She watched as a dark angry look spread over Misato's face as she turned the page back it was a small victory but small victories was all she had now because the bigger ones were always ripped from her fingers.


Funny in the last cycle this layout was above ground now it's under it not that it will make any difference fate is fate. Bardiel swung his coil out not thinking as he launched himself with all of his might using the sea snake's body as he landed on the sky train coming past ignoring the pain as the landing tore off the tail frill as it battered up against the speeding contraption.

He raised the tail seeing the black clotted black blood run down he ignored the sting as he pulled his inner blue veins further back inside the rotting body it was of no consequence, because he was so close now to where he needed to be he could sense the entry plug it felt like an old friend. He watched as the sky train halted coming down to the final level giving him a chance to slowly get off as he slithered towards the air duck he was so close now and by the first light of the morning he would find the room where the entry plug was waiting.


Asuka breathed in deeply looking at the see through wall of the Nerv visitor centre where all of the pilot's talent areas were including her own. Her eyes slowly fell up on the case which had a machine gun painted red with the white letters Angry Gun on it which made up her talent area.

The tourists couldn't see her, to them the wall looked normal but she could see them she didn't care to read the information about herself and she didn't care about her banner that hung above which all of the pilots had and she felt it was just better to just ignore it.

It just made it easier truth was she really had no idea why she was even here, nothing ever changed. Why was she even here anyway she hated this place? She eased up her hand putting it against the walls see through glass as she leaned her head against it as she stared aimlessly into the glass.

Maya had messaged her telling that she told her Grandmother that she had been picked for the Alpha test unit and her Grandmother had said that she was really proud off her. What was there to be proud off?

She was nothing but a walking gun that killed people she was nothing but Nerv's stick to beat their enemies with just like her talent case said maybe that was why she was here because if you succeed they might finally remove that stupid verfickte gun and she wouldn't have to see it anymore. Maybe then she'd have at least one a compliment that she was worthy off, she turned walking away from the glass only to watch as Toji appeared.

In all honesty she hadn't spoken to him that much, he was Mari's friend not that she held that against him as he was also Shinji and Kaworu's friend even though Mari wasn't and she hardly paid any attention to Rei or what she said which pissed her off as she hated it when people didn't acknowledge Rei's existence as she used to do that herself and it was a mean form of bullying.

He was clearly here to for his talent case and he looked so happy she breathed inwardly what she wouldn't give to have this Chinese mans joy he stopped catching sight of her as a big smile formed. "Hey Asuka I just wanted to wish you luck you know for tomorrow." Asuka looked down slightly feeling the pain in her heart as she looked at him for a long moment as the words came out harsher than intended. "Yeah sure whatever…" She walked past him knowing that made her sound like such an ungrateful bitch.

Toji blinked in surprise watching as his idol vanished from sight okay maybe this was the wrong time to pester Asuka she was clearly psyching herself up for tomorrow and wanted to be left alone but he had so wanted to have a conversation with her. As he was yet to have one as she was either busy or alone and Rei and Shinji had both told him that when she wanted to be left alone it was better to just leave her be he looked down maybe when the launch was over they'd finally get to talk to her properly.

End of part 2