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The Shoot

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            In the nicely air-conditioned reception area of the Tokyo office belonging to Japanese adult film studio Reiki Films, a man stepped out of the late summer’s heat of the busy downtown street and entered the reception through its glass double door.  Blessed with a god-like physique and ethereal, masculine beauty, he was not merely a man, though, but a youkai.  He was daiyoukai, at that, one of the greatest of his kind.  Standing nearly seven feet tall, he weighed more than 250 pounds, nearly all of him highly-refined, toned muscle covered by perfect, pale skin.  His hair was a long, silvery mane he wore gathered into a low tail behind his back.  His eyes were as pools of molten gold and elegant magenta stripes adorned his cheeks, a violet crescent moon occupying the center of his forehead between his long, well-groomed bangs.  His name: Takahashi Kenshiro, known to the adult film world by his ‘performing’ name: Sesshomaru.

            Sesshomaru dressed casually yet neatly, wearing a black polo, a white undershirt, and white slacks with polished brown wingtips as his shoes.  In an act of some personal vanity, he wore his clothes with a trim fit to accentuate his tall and broad, muscular build.  As he walked through the studio’s reception area, he carried a blue three-ring binder tucked under an arm. 

            The binder contained a print-out of a film script that Reiki had sent to Sesshomaru, a lewd ‘period piece’ set in Japan’s old Sengoku Jidai.  It called for a demonic assassin, preferably played by a male of actual demonic lineage, to infiltrate the shrine of a legendary Shinto miko, played by actress Higurashi Kagome, and kill her.  Of course, being an adult film, the script also called for the miko to subdue her would-be assassin with her purifying magic.  With the help of her sexy female taijiya bodyguard, played by actress Aozaki Sango, she would turn him into their personal, sexual boy toy.  According to the script, intense and unprotected sex between the assassin and each woman ensued.

            Reiki had sent Sesshomaru the script in a ‘last-minute’ sort of situation.  The role of the assassin had originally been given to his brother, Kappei, an adult film actor himself who went by the performing name InuYasha.  Unfortunately, in just the past few days, Reiki’s head director and Kagome’s elder sister, Higurashi Kikyo, fired InuYasha and contacted Sesshomaru by e-mail to replace him.  Sesshomaru wasn’t certain of what happened, exactly, as InuYasha wasn’t willing to talk about it and Kikyo hadn’t included any details in her e-mails.  Still, Sesshomaru was happy to work whenever work presented itself, and he accepted Kikyo’s offer.

            Given Sesshomaru’s extraordinary good looks, ‘work’ in his profession presented itself often.  Directors loved getting him on camera, capturing him in ‘action’ with some of the most beautiful women in Japanese erotica.  A passionate and dedicated lover, he strove to bring his female partners to real orgasms, ostensibly for the sake of giving his director the most realistic scene possible, though he had no objections to the sensation of his co-star’s inner muscles rippling and gripping around him, drawing him into orgasms of his own.

            Aside from his natural male beauty and commitment to the act of sex while being filmed, Sesshomaru’s demonic virility was his most valuable asset.  He was massively well-endowed; his cock could reach a length of nearly eleven inches when fully erect, letting his female partners feel him pushing right up against their wombs when he really went deep.  With his meaty cock came a set of big, heavy, highly-productive balls.  Sesshomaru was generally renowned for his stamina on-camera, but it was the properties of his balls that really made him a star.  In pornographic parlance, those hefty male orbs pulsing between his muscled thighs allowed him to give a woman perhaps the messiest facial of her life, or fill her pussy to overflowing in a matter of heartbeats.  Assuming the right contraceptives were in place, the sopping, dripping aftermath of his orgasms, unleashed directly inside of a woman’s body, were some of the greatest ‘creampies’ ever put to film.

            Reiki Films’ reception area was very clean and well-kept, more like the reception to a reputable doctor’s office than that of an adult film studio.  It was empty except for the receptionist sitting behind a tall, semi-circular wooden desk, working at her computer.  She was an attractive young woman with alluring brown eyes and long, jet black hair.  She had styled her hair curiously, a single tuft of it sticking out from one side of her head in a small braid. 

            Looking around her computer’s monitor, the receptionist saw Sesshomaru approaching and stood up to greet him, giving him a beautiful, almost blushing smile.  “Good afternoon, Mr. Takahashi,” she bid with a polite bow.

            Sesshomaru stopped just in front of the receptionist’s desk and returned her bow, smiling back at her in relatively more stoic fashion.  He recognized that she already knew his name and his face; she was clearly expecting him, likely having been told of his impending arrival by Kikyo.  She wore a nametag on her orange blouse and he committed the name on it to memory: Rin.  “Good afternoon, Ms. Rin,” he spoke, his voice a rich, lilting Japanese baritone.  “I’ve come to see Higurashi Kikyo.  She will begin shooting a new film today and she has hired me to appear in it.”

            “Yes, Mr. Takahashi,” Rin confirmed.  “In her e-mails, Ms. Higurashi instructed you to bring a certificate from your doctor.  Do you have it?”

            Sesshomaru drew the blue binder with the film script in it from under his arm and opened it, removing a sheet of paper from one of the cover sleeves.  It was a signed document from his doctor certifying that he was free of sexually-transmitted disease, and thus cleared for work on a new film.  He gave it to Rin and she filed it away in her desk.  In turn, she handed him a pen and a clipboard that bore a series of dense legal forms.  “Thank you.  Please read through these and sign wherever prompted,” she said.  “If you have any questions, I’ll be right here.”

            Sesshomaru nodded and took the clipboard over to one of the reception’s plush lounge chairs, settling down into it and beginning to work on the papers Rin had given him.  Altogether, for the purposes of formally defining Sesshomaru’s business relationship with the studio and complying with Japanese law, they laid out the terms of his employment and his compensation for adhering to them.  As he read through them, in his peripheral vision, he could tell that Rin was stealing glances at him from behind her desk.  He began to think: she knew his name and his face.  He wondered: as a receptionist working at an adult film studio, and an adult in her own right with access to pornography, was it not possible that she had seen some of his films?  If she had, then she was undoubtedly imagining him as the sexual creature he became when on camera and becoming seriously hot and bothered because of it.

            A ‘normal’ youkai’s senses were considerably sharper than those of a human.  As a daiyoukai, Sesshomaru’s senses were even more so.  His superhuman hearing allowed him to detect the faintest sounds in the reception, such as the way his pen’s steel ink ball shifted in its tapered metal housing as he wrote, the flow of air through the ceiling’s air conditioning ducts, and the beat of Rin’s heart.  Keeping his eyes cast firmly down on the papers he applied his signature to, he diverted the lion’s share of his attention to Rin, even if he wasn’t looking directly at her.

            Sesshomaru listened closely to Rin’s heartbeat and the cadence of her breathing.  He knew full well what a woman sounded like when she was sexually excited, and the lovely receptionist was putting out all the right signals.  The daiyoukai began to lose focus on his writing as his own heart sped up in his chest.  His sex drive was very powerful, and to give it an outlet was one of the reasons he had chosen a career in adult films.  When his senses told him a woman in his immediate vicinity was getting even remotely ready for him, his body’s reaction was only natural.  Not only could he hear Rin’s excitement building, he could smell it, and his cock began to stir underneath his white slacks.

            Hurriedly signing the remaining forms before his erection became too obvious, Sesshomaru stood from his chair and returned to the front of Rin’s desk, handing her the clipboard with the forms on it.  Her hands trembling very slightly, but noticeably to Sesshomaru’s eyes, she accepted the clipboard from him and set it down upon her desk to reach for her telephone.  Lifting the handset to her ear, she pressed a single button on the base to call Kikyo’s office.

            Rin heard only two rings before Kikyo picked up on the other end.  “Yes, Rin?” the director asked to the receptionist, her voice bearing a little bit of electronic modulation.

            “Ms. Higurashi, Mr. Takahashi has arrived,” Rin said.  “He’s brought his doctor’s certificate and he has completed all the necessary forms.”

            “Very good.  Please show him to my office.”

            Quickly, Rin set her phone’s handset back down on its base, then left her desk and moved to the reception’s glass double doors.  She latched them shut and reversed the ‘open/closed’ sign hanging in the window.  She returned to Sesshomaru’s side and stepped past him to open a door behind her desk.  “Right this way, Mr. Takahashi,” she gestured through the open door.

            Sesshomaru followed Rin as she instructed and she led him out of the studio’s reception area, entering its front offices.  As he walked in the airflow behind her, he could feel himself practically bathing in her lovely female scent, a scent that carried increasing arousal.  That arousal fed into his own.  They soon arrived at the office of Higurashi Kikyo, head director of Reiki Films and older sister to Kagome.  Only in her mid-30s, Kikyo had established herself as one the pre-eminent directors in the adult film industry, turning out some of the most popular erotic films of her time.  She took a special, decidedly kinky and/or taboo pleasure in directing her own sister in them. 

            Kikyo was quite lovely, blessed with classic Japanese beauty that consisted of smoky grey eyes, pale, almost porcelain-like skin, and hair of long, ebony tresses that flowed over her shoulders as glossy black rivers.  She dressed in tasteful business attire, wearing a white collared shirt, a burgundy blazer, and a matching burgundy skirt, all of which were carefully fitted to her breathtaking female figure.  To accentuate her natural beauty, she added a provocative flair to her mode of dress by wearing her shirt buttoned quite low, her ample breasts pressed together for others, especially men, to see.  She wore glossy silk stockings over her legs to bring out their toned shape.  Finally, she wore a pair of under-rimmed, rectangular-lensed glasses, the glasses interacting with a mysterious glow in her eyes to project an aura of knowledge and power.

            Sitting at her work computer, Kikyo reviewed a series of e-mails regarding the upcoming film shoot that day.  Turning from it, she saw Sesshomaru and Rin approaching through her office’s open door and stood up from her desk to greet them.  Nodding at Rin and taking full notice of her flushed face, she spoke to Sesshomaru directly, bowing in polite Japanese fashion.  Her voice was as a natural, sultry purr.  “Mr. Takahashi.  Thank you for coming here on such short notice.”

            Rin entered the office first, moving to stand beside Kikyo behind her desk.  Sesshomaru entered after her and stopped on the other side of the director’s desk to return her bow.  Standing to her full height again, Kikyo offered a handshake to the daiyoukai.  He accepted it and the moment his hand met hers, he felt the great spiritual power resonating within her body – reiki.  The sensation was not painful to his youki-charged flesh, only surprising.  “You’re a miko,” he hushed, his golden eyes narrowing and one of his elegant male brows arching in contemplation.

            “Why, yes,” Kikyo confirmed with a knowing smile as she adjusted her glasses upon the bridge of her nose.  “The name of this studio is Reiki Films, isn’t it?”

            Sesshomaru released Kikyo’s hand, ending their handshake politely and taking care not to appear as if he was in a hurry to separate himself from her.  “Yes, but I thought the name was…a metaphor for your films’ subject matter.”  Growing thoughtful, he continued: “I am daiyoukai.  You aren’t going to try and purify me, are you?”

            Kikyo laughed softly, her laugh accentuating the musical quality to her voice.  “Only if you deserve it,” she warned playfully.  More seriously, she added: “I didn’t try to purify your brother, if that’s what you’re thinking.  I only terminated his employment.”

            Sesshomaru watched as Kikyo slid back down into her plush office chair.  She gestured to a chair on the opposite side of her desk and he sat, as well.  “What did he do to deserve being fired?” he asked.

            “Sexual harassment,” Kikyo replied flatly.

            Sesshomaru’s lips curled into a stoic, considering smile.  “Sexual harassment…on the set of an adult film.  Hn.”

            “That’s right,” Kikyo confirmed, agreeing with the tone of disbelief in Sesshomaru’s rich male voice.  “He found a way to make it happen.  He was a good performer, but it seems he couldn’t content himself with getting physical only during filming.  He made some unwanted advances on Kagome, Sango, and even Rin here.  I warned him not to do it again, but when he wouldn’t stop, I had to let him go.”

            Sesshomaru took no pleasure when he learned of negative consequences befalling InuYasha.  He loved his brother as a brother should, and the daiyoukai sincerely hoped that InuYasha’s conduct with Reiki wouldn’t ruin his otherwise promising career.  For the sake of preserving the future of that career and making himself feel a little better, he asked of Kikyo: “Who else knows about this?”

            “No one, yet.  Just myself, Kagome, Sango, and Rin here,” Kikyo said.  “Why do you ask?”

            “As a favor to me, would you keep InuYasha’s behavior amongst yourselves?” Sesshomaru asked further, looking between Kikyo and Rin as the lovely receptionist stood to his side.  “I hope he hasn’t left behind any ill will.”

            Kikyo looked at Rin, seeing agreement upon her face.  Though Kagome and Sango were not present, the miko director felt confident she could speak for both.  “All right, it’s a deal,” she agreed, to Sesshomaru’s visible pleasure.  “How could I say ‘no?’  I truly appreciate you coming to…fill in…for InuYasha.”  Suppressing a giggle as she savored her own indecent double entendre, she pointed to the film script Sesshomaru held under his arm.  “Have you read the script?”

            “Yes, I have, though I haven’t memorized my lines, yet,” Sesshomaru confirmed, pulling the script from under his arm and laying it over a thigh to glance at it.  “It’s quite exciting, and I anticipate working on it with you.”  On the topics of ‘excitement’ and ‘anticipation,’ Sesshomaru’s dog demon sense of hearing allowed him to hear both Kikyo’s heart and Rin’s beginning to speed up in their chests, their breathing speeding up to match.  He knew Rin was already in a mild state of arousal from his first meeting with her in the reception area, but now, she was really heating up.  In the confined space of Kikyo’s office, he could smell the delicious scent of female sexual arousal beginning to flow from each woman in earnest, getting his own heart speeding up, as well.

            “Excellent,” Kikyo nodded, her voice coming as a hushed whisper.  She knew that Sesshomaru could smell herself and Rin; as a miko, she could feel the spike in his subtle demonic aura.  Clearing her throat, she repeated: “Excellent, very good.  Kagome and Sango can help you with your lines.”

            Kikyo gestured for Rin to close the door to her office and remain inside.  With the door closed and the airflow between Kikyo’s office and the outside halls discontinued, the scent of her arousal and Rin’s really began to saturate the room for Sesshomaru’s nose.  Sesshomaru shifted uncomfortably in his seat, feeling the pressure of his cock thickening beneath his slacks.  He wore his black polo tucked into his slacks and with his generous endowment, he knew that it would soon be difficult to hide his erection.  Strategically, he shifted his film script to the side, centering it between his muscular thighs, directly over the growing bulge there.

            Kikyo smiled for Sesshomaru’s modesty.  She leaned forward upon her desk, squeezing her breasts together for him to see.  “Let me be frank, Sesshomaru.” Here, Kikyo paused for a moment, not wishing to disrespect Sesshomaru – Takahashi Kenshiro – by addressing him informally without his consent.  “Sesshomaru.  May I call you that?”

            Sesshomaru nodded, swallowing thickly as he glanced at Kikyo’s generous cleavage.  Encouraged, the lovely director continued: “As a director, I don’t like my male performers to wear condoms in my films.  I greatly prefer the heightened intimacy of physically unprotected sex, as do Kagome and Sango.  In the film we’re going to shoot today, I want you to reach real orgasms in both of them, buried very deep inside.  Do you understand?”

            “Yes,” Sesshomaru said, his voice coming as a throaty growl.  As a full-blooded dog demon, his powerful sex drive lent itself to a career in adult films.  The thought of unleashing his seed directly inside of Kagome and Sango had him thoroughly aroused in short order.  His heartbeat was an audible ba-bump, ba-bump in his ears now.  The hearts of Kikyo and Rin made similar sounds to him, a little quieter and more distant than his own.

            “You’re a daiyoukai,” Kikyo said, rubbing her thighs together under her desk to stimulate herself.  For her own part, Rin could feel creamy female lubrication building up in her underwear, beneath her black skirt.  “Not to insult InuYasha, but you’re much more powerful than he is.  As a miko, I can feel it.  Your seed, the sperm your body makes, are probably more powerful, too.  We don’t use physical contraceptives here, like condoms; instead, Kagome and Sango are both wearing etonogestrel implants.  They’re safe and reliable, but they work by affecting the level of estrogen in their bodies, preventing them from ovulating like normal.  I worry that the ‘aura’ a demon like you puts out may overwhelm their implants and cause them to ovulate anyway.  In short, I need to be certain that you can come inside them without getting them pregnant.”

            Kikyo opened one of her desk drawers and pulled out an ordinary, 3x5 mailing envelope.  Trembling visibly, she opened it and extracted one example of its contents.  It was a Japanese ideogram, an Shinto seal printed onto adhesive paper.  “I call this a ‘contraceptive sutra,’” she said to Sesshomaru.  “In addition to their implants, Kagome and Sango will each wear one of these on their lower bellies as you…perform with them.  They’ll project a mild purifying field down into their bodies, one that completely encompasses their wombs and ovaries.  When you come inside them, that field should purify your seed and prevent conception.  However…I need to test it, first.”

            Rin stepped closer to Sesshomaru, standing just beside and behind him.  Gingerly, she placed a slender female hand on his shoulder, stroking it to feel the warmth of his body and the solid mass of his muscles.  Watching Rin express her attraction to the daiyoukai with approval, Kikyo spoke again.  “You’ll test my sutras...with me.  I’m not wearing a birth-control implant like Kagome and Sango are, so I’m depending entirely on the sutras to keep you from getting me pregnant.  If it works, then I’ll let you have Rin, too, because she clearly wants you and I wouldn’t dream of denying such a faithful employee of mine of such an opportunity. Then, we’ll shoot our movie with Kagome and Sango afterward.  If it doesn’t work, then… I guess we’re getting an illegitimate son or daughter.  Is this acceptable?”

            Covering Rin’s hand with one of his own, Sesshomaru stood up slowly from his chair, towering over the lovely, highly-aroused receptionist by a full foot.  He was intrigued by the gamble of potentially getting Kikyo pregnant.  The taboo and consequences of conceiving a child out of wedlock and outside of even a proper romantic relationship concerned him, but Kikyo was highly appealing to his ‘beast,’ the demonic part of his psyche that subtly guided all his decisions and actions.  If the sexual act she proposed resulted in a child, he swore to himself he would bear responsibility and help her take care of it.  He removed his film script from the front of his slacks, dropping it onto Kikyo’s desk to reveal the size of his clothed erection to the director’s eyes.  Kikyo and Rin were both quite lovely and the combined scent of their bodies’ need had him completely in its grip.  “It is,” he answered curtly, his rich baritone voice as a breathless rasp.

            Kikyo grinned darkly, basking in the power of Sesshomaru’s flaring demonic sexual aura.  As a trained miko, she could perceive it in a way that Rin could not.  Grabbing her envelope of contraceptive sutras, she stood from her desk and walked to a nearby door inside her office, opening it to reveal a complete bedroom.  She entered it and right behind her, Rin took Sesshomaru by a hand to lead him inside.

            Like the rest of the Reiki Films worksite, Kikyo’s office bedroom was clean and well-kept, furnished completely in white.  Pleasantly air-conditioned, its walls, ceiling, carpet, the bed and its sheets and pillows were all as a miko’s white haori, a metaphorical contrast to the studio’s decidedly impure, sexual purpose.  As Rin shut the bedroom door, Kikyo opened the bedroom closet and pulled out a digital camera with tripod, to Sesshomaru’s amusement.  “Making a movie?” he quipped.

            “Just a little amateur test footage.  For myself and Rin, no one else,” Kikyo said.  She placed the camera next to the bed and turned it on, checking its battery level and angling it so that the entire bed was within its viewfinder.  She pressed the ‘record’ button, ensuring that the camera was indeed recording.  “It’s not every day that a woman gets to have a guy like you.”

            Moving away from the camera to the bedroom light controls next to the door, Kikyo turned the lights down to a more romantic level and began to undress, shrugging out of her burgundy blazer and letting it fall to the floor.  Happily, Rin pulled Sesshomaru close to her, maneuvering his seven-foot, 250-pound body against her much more petite, less than six-foot, 110-pound one as she began to unbutton his polo.  Once it was open, she shoved it and his white undershirt up and over his head, standing on the tips of her toes to help him work his long, silvery mane out of it.

            Free of his shirts, Sesshomaru’s bare upper body seemed to glow in the soft light and Rin smoothed her hands over his broad, hairless chest, feeling the size, warmth, and exciting firmness of his pectorals.  Facing him, she could feel his heart racing beneath her right palm and she felt profoundly empowered to know that she, a mere receptionist at an adult film studio, could have such an effect on such a man, a star.  Reciprocating her gentle, almost innocent touch, Sesshomaru grasped her upper arms, nearly lifting her off her feet as he pulled her face up to his, and kissed her.

            Kikyo’s eyes glowed with sexualized creativity as she watched Sesshomaru take Rin’s mouth with his own.  As a director, she ‘blocked’ them into an imaginary film frame with her fingers, envisioning what Sesshomaru, in particular, would look like when she exchanged the little digital camera for the good, big 35mm equipment she had elsewhere in her studio.  She unzipped her skirt and wiggled out of it, unbuttoning her white shirt to reveal the sexy black strapless bra, stocking garter, and G-string panties she wore beneath it.

            Kikyo stepped up behind Rin, brushing her silky hair to one side to nip and kiss playfully at her neck.  Sesshomaru broke his kiss with Rin with a quiet gasp, ducking his head to lap and suck at the other side of her neck.  Kikyo worked her hands between Sesshomaru’s body and Rin’s, fiddling with the buttons of the receptionist’s blouse with one and cupping one of her supple breasts through the orange cloth with the other.

            Rin tossed her head back onto Kikyo’s shoulder and moaned softly as the miko director and Sesshomaru simply ate her up.  In between kisses to Rin’s delicious alabaster flesh, Kikyo spoke: “This bedroom’s walls are soundproofed.  No one outside can hear us, so make as much noise as you want, love.”

            Taking Kikyo at her word, Rin drew a deep breath and released it in the form of: “I AM GOING TO FUCK THE SEX GOD SESSHOMARU AND MY BOSS IS GOING TO WATCH, RECORD IT, AND/OR PARTICIPATE!  KAMI!

            Sesshomaru chuckled by Rin’s high-volume outburst, surprised with the true, not-so-meek nature of the outwardly meek woman before him.  Kikyo laughed, as well, adding: “Rin is quite a fan of yours, Sesshomaru.  She has copies of all your films - all legitimately purchased, by the way, not ‘torrented.’  You can probably guess how she watches them.  Naked.  It’s only necessary that I test my sutras with you, not Rin, too, but I wouldn’t deny her a chance to have the demon of her dreams inside her at least once.”

            “I have no objections, either,” Sesshomaru agreed, tipping Rin’s face up to his and kissing her again.  “Anything for a fan.”

            Sesshomaru helped Kikyo with the buttons to Rin’s blouse, getting it open and getting rid of it at last to expose the white bra and burning hot female flesh underneath.  Behind Rin, Kikyo unzipped the receptionist’s skirt and shoved it down over the cute, panty-covered swell of her rear and her long, shapely legs, shedding her own white shirt to leave herself and Rin clad in only their underwear.  Together, the two women began to walk Sesshomaru back to the bed, exchanging breathless kisses with him and encouraging the big, male inu daiyoukai to sit down upon the bed’s foot as they began to unfasten his belt and the closure of his slacks.

            Sesshomaru kicked off his shoes to assist the two beauties undressing him, removing his socks, as well.  They worked his white slacks down his hips and thighs, stripping them from him completely and tossing them carelessly onto the floor.  Now, all he wore was his white silk boxers, an impressive, pre-cum soaked bulge straining in the front of it.  Almost ceremoniously, Kikyo placed a hand on his chest, right over his heart, and pressed him backward to lay him flat on the bed.  His hair gathered upon the bed in a glistening, silvery pool beneath his head and his chest heaved with his husky breathing, his heart racing with excitement as Kikyo hooked her fingers under his boxers’ elastic waistband and began to pull it downward…

            Kikyo and Rin both fell completely silent, their own hearts hammering in their throats as Sesshomaru’s magnificent cock became visible to them at last.  Kikyo pulled his boxers down to reveal it inch by thick, meaty, vein-covered inch, her mouth and Rin’s salivating and their pussies weeping in their underwear at the sight of it.  “God, you’re huge,” Kikyo awed, struggling for breath by the intensity with which her heart beat in her chest.  “I’ve seen your films, so I knew you were big, but…but the screen just doesn’t do you justice.”

            At that moment, Sesshomaru’s cock was ‘only’ around nine inches long and he wasn’t even fully erect yet.  At the base of that cock was perhaps the biggest, most beautiful pair of balls Kikyo had ever seen on a man, two perfect ovoid orbs pulsing with incredible reproductive energy and enclosed neatly within a smooth, hairless sac.  Sesshomaru’s daiyoukai body wasn’t just built for sex, it was built for breeding, for delivering great amounts of extremely potent demon seed right where it needed to be: deep into a willing woman’s fertile womb.  Seeing just how well Sesshomaru was endowed and feeling his great power up close for the first time, Kikyo knew that if she wanted to make her filmmaking vision of unprotected sex a reality, then it was vital that her sutras worked as intended against the baby-making beast laying on her bed.

            “Touch him, Rin,” Kikyo encouraged to her receptionist, eager to see Sesshomaru’s already formidable cock throbbing at its full size and hardness.  “Play with him, take him in your mouth.”

            Taking his air with deep, measured breaths, Sesshomaru lay completely still on the bed, putting himself completely into Rin’s hands, figuratively and literally.  Rin slipped a hand around his cock, her thumb and middle finger unable to encircle his meaty girth completely.  She gave him a slow, experimental stroke upward, then all the way back down to his neatly-trimmed, silver-haired base, feeling him twitch in her hand and begin to swell ever larger.  The passionate male groan he gave up encouraged her to do more.

            Rin worked Sesshomaru with gentle, rhythmic glides of her fist, coaxing large globs of his silky pre-cum up and out of him.  The transparent fluid provided ample lubrication for her strokes and soon, he began to thrust into her hand, his muscular hips pumping up and off the cool white sheets of the bed over and over to build his pleasure.  As Rin jacked Sesshomaru into penetrating readiness, Kikyo positioned herself on the bed so that she lay on the side of Sesshomaru opposite her camera.  That way, she didn’t block her camera’s view with her own body. 

            Sidling up close to Sesshomaru and sharing her warmth with him in the bedroom’s cool, dim atmosphere, Kikyo lowered her mouth to his, taking his pale lips in a highly-satisfying kiss.  Closing his golden eyes, the big male inu daiyoukai indulged in the pleasure the miko director offered, opening his mouth to allow her tongue inside.  They played their tongues back and forth against each other, mimicking the act of hard, pumping physical love that she had hired him to perform with Kagome and Sango, the same act she herself that she would soon perform with him as his ‘audition.’      

            Sesshomaru worked his arm underneath Kikyo’s body, between her and the bed, and slid a large male hand down her back to plant it over her nearly-bare rear, squeezing playfully.  Kikyo broke their kiss with a giggle, accepting his touch where Kagome, Sango, and Rin had rejected InuYasha.  “You’re so beautiful,” Kikyo whispered to him as she stroked the bulging muscles of his chest and abdomen.  She gave him a quick kiss to his lips, followed by another to the violet crescent moon on his forehead.

            “As are you,” Sesshomaru replied to Kikyo with utmost honesty, squeezing her ass again and opening his eyes to look down at Rin as she serviced him with both hands, now.  “Both of you are.  Thank you for this.”

            Between his thighs, Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed at full, eleven-inch erection now, jerking visibly with every beat of his heart.  The thick, swollen head of him emerged completely from its protective foreskin for Rin and Kikyo to see, flaring wide and straining to mate itself to the mouth of a woman’s womb.  Rin held him with both hands with a few hard, throbbing inches to spare and feeling bold, she closed in to lick away the heavy globs of pre-cum escaping his cockhead’s clean, male slit in rapid succession.

            Sesshomaru’s mouth fell slightly agape, his head tilting back into the pillow beneath it, and Kikyo’s eyes glowed with vicarious pleasure as Rin took the daiyoukai in her mouth at last, drinking him into her throat.  He was so long and thick that she couldn’t hope to take even half of him, but she did her best, suckling and lapping heartily at his crown and a few veiny inches of the shaft beyond.

            His balls growing tense and his prostate beginning to beat like a second heart at the root of his cock, Sesshomaru felt an unmistakable pressure building deep inside him and he spoke out to warn his lovers.  “Kikyo, Rin – I’m getting close.”

            Gently, Kikyo sat up beside Sesshomaru and cupped a hand underneath Rin’s chin as her receptionist sucked the daiyoukai off.  Lifting upward, she guided Rin to lift her mouth up and off Sesshomaru’s cock, a jiggling stream of his pre-cum and her saliva linking her lips to the head of him for a moment.  “It’s time, Rin.  Now, make room for me.”

            Reluctantly, Rin backed away from Sesshomaru, making room for Kikyo as she instructed.  Kikyo stepped off the bed and moved to stand between Sesshomaru’s muscular thighs.  Raising her hands to the clasp that held her strapless black bra closed, she unfastened it and let the restricting garment fall away, baring her full breasts to Sesshomaru completely.  Her 30-something body was mature and voluptuous, a delicious complement to Rin’s slender, 20-something youth.  With a hushed whisper, keeping her eyes on the daiyoukai’s throbbing, oozing cock, she glanced briefly at Rin and said: “Sutra.”

            Hurriedly, Rin retrieved Kikyo’s envelope of contraceptive sutras from the nightstand beside the bed and extracted one, peeling it away from its adhesive backing.  Aligning the rectangular sutra lengthwise vertically, she applied it to Kikyo’s flat belly, directly over her womb.  Kikyo shivered as she felt the sutra’s purifying magic enter her body, surrounding the heart of her womanhood and the very source of her fertility. 

            Now was the moment of truth.  Kikyo lowered her trembling hands to her tiny black G-string and began to work her way out of it, a short little striptease for Sesshomaru’s enjoyment.  A thick thread of her juicy female cream linked her hairless sex to the sexy garment’s black material as she pushed it down over her stockings.  Looking between her stocking-clad legs, Kikyo remarked: “God.  I’m already sopping.”  She then looked Sesshomaru right in his gorgeous golden eyes.  “I haven’t been this wet for a man in a while.”

            Stepping out of her pussy-soaked G-string, Kikyo chose to keep her gartered stockings, her glossy black heels, and even her glasses on in the interest of a bit of style for the camera.  She advanced on Sesshomaru as some kind of highly-evolved sexual predator, a female animal in heat daring him to defy her sutra’s power and breed her, knock her up.  Kikyo knew that between herself and Rin, it was best that she had Sesshomaru first.  If the sutra failed and the coming act resulted in the conception of a child, then the significant amount of money she had saved up from her films’ revenue put her in an excellent position to take care of it in the manner it deserved.  In that case, Rin could still have Sesshomaru if he wore a condom.

            Kikyo straddled Sesshomaru’s big male hips, mounting him in the classic ‘cowgirl’ position.  She planted her black heels on the bed to either side of him, braced her hands on her knees, and spread her thighs wide to balance herself atop him.  She positioned her dripping pussy directly over his cock.  “Rin,” she rasped, her head spinning from the thought of finally accepting Sesshomaru’s monstrous organ into her body.  “Guide him in.”

            Behind Kikyo, Rin knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and reached between the miko director’s thighs and Sesshomaru’s to take hold of the daiyoukai’s huge, pulsing cock.  By her intimate position, the shared heat of their bodies was searing upon her arm.  Lifting Sesshomaru’s cock away from his lower abdomen until it pointed straight upward, she aimed its big male head to Kikyo’s beautiful pussy.  Kikyo could feel Sesshomaru’s heat washing against the most intimate part of her now and she reached down between her thighs, forming her fingers into an inverted ‘V’ to spread herself open for the daiyoukai’s entry.

            Kikyo lowered her hips bit by bit until she could feel Sesshomaru’s massive cockhead pressing directly against her pussy’s weeping outer gate.  Rin kept her hand on his massive organ all the while, stroking him continually to spread the creamy female juices dripping out of Kikyo up and down his throbbing length.  Finally, the miko director began to apply her weight onto her daiyoukai lover in earnest, the broad head of him pushing her pussy’s creamy pink flesh open further, further, and further until the rim of it slipped inside her with a silent, lubricated pop.

            His gleaming white teeth bared in ecstasy, Sesshomaru fisted the bedsheets beneath in two tight knots as Kikyo sank onto him.  He kept his eyes open, committing the sight of the beautiful miko filling herself with his cock to permanent memory.  Even with the soundproofing, Kikyo bit her lower lip to suppress her pants and moans as she took Sesshomaru deeper and deeper.  The walls of her pussy spread wide to accept his heavy girth and she gasped aloud when she felt him reach her cervix.  She managed to fit almost all of him inside her, just an inch or so of him left unsheathed.  As she released herself completely to gravity, seeking to take that last bit of him inside, she swore she could feel him nudging her womb deeper into her belly.

            “Oh, fuck,” Kikyo hushed, panting from the intensity of the penetration and speaking as a true miko calling softly to the Kami above.  She stilled herself, her mons kissing against Sesshomaru’s lightly-haired base as she brushed a hand up and down her lower belly, trying to visualize the column of hard male flesh pulsing inside her.  She pictured the vibrant pink interior of her pussy stretched wide to contain him, her womb trembling against his crown.  “Fucking God.  You’re so big, so deep in me.  I feel your fucking heart beating in me.  Do I…do I feel good for you, too?”

            “Absolutely,” Sesshomaru praised, almost without breath as savored the gripping texture of Kikyo’s rhythmic internal contractions.  A growl of male demonic sexuality flowed from his throat.  “Grrr…so tight.  I feel your heart, as well.  It drives your womb to quiver for me…miko.  I anticipate flooding it with my seed.  If your sutra fails, I imagine our child would be beautiful.”

            “I almost don’t want my sutra to work, now,” Kikyo said.  Sesshomaru’s aura and demonic pheromones were driving her wild.  Already, she could feel herself perspiring, beads of sweat flowing down her temples, trickling down her spine.  Just being near him was stimulating enough, but now with his cock balls deep inside her, beating against her pussy’s inner walls and oozing pre-cum right up against her cervix, her body was screaming at her to let him do what Nature commanded and give her a baby.  “But if it actually doesn’t, I might let you do Kagome and Sango anyway.  They’re going to come their fucking brains out with you.”

            Kikyo raised herself up Sesshomaru’s cock by a single, experimental inch, feeling the thick veins along his length sawing past her inner muscles.  The inch of him that slid out of her glistened with a heavy coat of her body’s natural lubricant and she sank back down to take him back inside her, his cock moving within her with an audible gush of slippery suction.  She added another inch to her rise and fall, going higher and sinking farther with every successive stroke of her hips until she was taking his full length over and over.  The bedroom filled with a mixture of highly-erotic sounds: Sesshomaru’s groans, Kikyo’s mewls, and the gush, gush, gush of their bodies becoming one.

            Rin had a perfect view of the coital action, watching Kikyo’s beautiful pink pussy flesh glide up and down Sesshomaru’s hard male organ.  The clean, pink hole of the miko director’s ass twitched visibly with every deep penetration.  From the perspective of Kikyo’s camera as well as Sesshomaru’s, Kikyo’s full breasts bounced up and down, jiggling softly and rhythmically with her movements.  Leaning forward and bracing her hands on Sesshomaru’s sturdy chest, Kikyo tossed her sweaty hair over one shoulder and looked back behind her at Rin.  “Lick him, Rin,” she ordered to her receptionist with ferocious passion.  “Suck those big, beautiful nuts of his.  Worship them with your mouth.”

            Kikyo shallowed her strokes so that she descended onto Sesshomaru by only a few inches each time and for his own part, Sesshomaru spread his thighs further apart, giving Rin enough room to move her face in.  Keeping her lust-filled eyes open to absolutely fill her field of vision with hot, throbbing male and female flesh, she extended her tongue and licked the bulging underside of the daiyoukai porn star’s massive cock as it left Kikyo’s body, lathing it over the silky smooth, richly-veined texture and tasting a mixture of his pre-cum and the miko director’s pussy cream.  She braced one hand on the bed between Sesshomaru’s thighs to keep herself steady and she slid the other down her flat belly, slipping it into her underwear to play with her pussy and fuck herself with her fingers.

            Pressing a loving kiss to Sesshomaru’s cock, Rin worked her way downward to his big balls, suckling passionately at one, then the other through their smooth protective sac.  They were so big that she could hardly fit even one into her mouth completely and soon, she could barely move either one as they drew up tightly to his body.

            Kikyo felt Sesshomaru’s cock begin to swell and arch inside her, its throbbing becoming faster, more potent.  It was giving her the first jerking pulsations of male orgasm, a long, pulsating demonic climax that promised to be utterly monumental for Sesshomaru and extremely messy for the bed.  “You’re getting close,” she said, leaning further forward so that her breasts bounced right in his face.  “I can feel it.”

            “Yes,” Sesshomaru confirmed to Kikyo with a gasp, his heartbeat quickening in his ears.  “The pressure builds within me.”  He grasped Kikyo’s trim, gartered waist with a hand and his muscles flexed beautifully as he thrust up into her to meet her strokes, pressing the head of his cock deep against her womb.  He could feel her cervix spasming open and closed in rapid, repeating intervals, laying the heart of her fertility bare to him for one scorching hot, fiercely intimate moment after another.

            Kikyo slowed her pumping with knowing precision, taking Sesshomaru to the very edge of his orgasm and holding him there.  “Rin, stop,” she ordered to her receptionist as she continued to worship Sesshomaru’s cock and balls with her mouth, masturbating at the same time.  “There’s another camera in the nightstand drawer.  Get it.”

            Rin obeyed immediately and stood up from behind Kikyo, the miko director’s female juices slathered and glistening all over her chin as she moved to the nightstand beside the bed.  Opening the drawer, she pulled out a second digital camera, one without a tripod.  “Now, Rin,” Kikyo instructed, riding Sesshomaru deep and slow to keep him stimulated without throwing him into his climax.  “Turn on the camera and start recording.  I’m going to make Sesshomaru come inside me, and you’re going to film it.”

            Eagerly, Rin did as Kikyo said.  She scrambled back to her spot behind the sexy miko director, between Sesshomaru’s open thighs, and set her camera to record, making damned sure to get the lens cap off.  She focused on Sesshomaru’s cock as Kikyo pumped her pussy up and down its impressive length, the lovely miko’s hips beginning to move faster again.

            “Time to put this sutra to the test,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru, patting a hand to her sutra-covered belly.  “Let me know when you’re ready.”

            Sesshomaru swallowed heavily, as if in thirst, and nodded.  “Lean over me.  Grasp the headboard,” he requested forcefully to Kikyo.

            Kikyo leaned over Sesshomaru as he wanted, grasping the bed’s headboard firmly, the elegant female muscles in her arms and shoulders flexing as she prepared herself for the hard, pumping end.  Her breasts hung directly over Sesshomaru’s silver-haired head and he gazed up at them in molten, golden-eyed pleasure as he began to thrust up into her again.  He grasped her waist with both hands, now, bracing his large feet on the floor to either side of Rin to get better leverage.  He moved faster, harder, giving himself over to his own need.  His balls barely moved now, despite the power in his thrusts, and he buried them right up against Kikyo’s ass again and again.  Kikyo’s ass, however, moved quite nicely, the perfect milky globes of it jiggling in perfect sync as her hips met his.  Sesshomaru savored these final moments, the heart-pounding crescendo of sensation crashing over his very soul as he verged on climaxing inside a willing woman’s body. 

            And then, Sesshomaru began to move with truly demonic speed, the muscles in his hips and thighs flexing visibly as he hammered into Kikyo’s pussy from below to take himself over the edge.  The pressure that had built up within him suddenly began to move and he pressed himself as deep inside the miko as he could manage, tossing his head back against his pillow and snarling out loud: “I love my JOB!”  The crown of his cock flared against her womb and erupted with one, massive gout of sperm-loaded daiyoukai cum after another.  Each clench of his demonic prostate, driven by the beat of his heart, pumped his creamy white seed clean through her cervix and directly into her womb, totally flooding it in just a few hard jolts of surging, ejaculating liquid pressure.

            Through her camera, Rin could clearly see the raw power in Sesshomaru’s orgasm.  His big balls quivering in their sac as their contents left them, the underside of his cock bucked out and sank back in over and over by the sheer amount of thick, white reproductive matter pumping through it.  Rin swore she could hear Sesshomaru cumming, his cock beating with an obscene, repeating ba-thwock, ba-thwock that had her heart beating with the same intensity.  Heavy globs of Sesshomaru’s semen escaped Kikyo’s body by sheer excess, trailing rapidly down his cock for the receptionist to see.  With a disbelieving cry, she orgasmed by proxy, her pussy clenching and weeping in her underwear, her womb aching for the same whitewashing treatment Kikyo’s was getting at that moment.

            Kikyo’s breath left her lungs, her heart seeming to stop cold between them as she felt Sesshomaru come inside her.  Briefly, her heartbeat was replaced by the throb of his cock, the rich, pumping pulse of his seed coursing right up into her fucking ovaries, and she orgasmed silently again and again.  Her glasses misaligned over her eyes as she gazed at the bedroom ceiling, she breathed in again with a desperate gasp and released that breath as a keening, wide-eyed wail of unimaginable female pleasure.  She came three or four times before she summoned the presence of mind to focus her miko senses and feel Sesshomaru’s seed for its youki power, not its orgasm-inducing heat or thickness.

            Gathering her wits about her, Kikyo visualized the reproductive spectacle detonating in her belly.  Screwing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth, she could ‘see’ billions, even trillions of hyper-powerful daiyoukai sperm seeking out the precious female jewel of her egg.  The instant they left Sesshomaru’s body, they entered the area covered by her contraceptive sutra and the sutra began to glow upon her belly, the black ink of its ideogram turning bright, purifying blue.  The sutra sapped Sesshomaru’s sperm of their motility on an individual basis, and by the time they reached Kikyo’s egg, none had the strength to pierce its outer membrane.  By the thousands, then the millions, they stopped moving and drifted away to be absorbed by the walls of Kikyo’s womb and fallopian tubes.  The sutra worked – even against an icon of demonic reproductive power like Sesshomaru and even without an etonogestrel implant backing it up, it worked!

            Trembling from the stress, exertion, and mind-bending pleasure of her near-impregnation, Kikyo slipped her hands off the bed’s headboard and slumped forward onto Sesshomaru, her breasts melding intimately to his chest and her heart racing right next to his.  His cock continued to jerk and shoot inside her, pushing out the last few ounces of his orgasm and keeping her pleasure going.  Panting deeply, she buried her face into one of his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around her to hold her and soothe her.  Reeling from her own orgasm, Rin sat on the floor with her back to the foot of the bed, letting her head sink back onto the soft sheets behind her.  All three of them rested for a few minutes in total, comfortable silence.

            Sesshomaru woke first, stirring beneath Kikyo.  Opening his golden eyes to gaze at the bedroom’s white ceiling, he rose up beneath the miko director, his cock still quite long and thick inside her.  It kept his seed pent up deep in her pussy.  He eased her onto her back with commendable care and after giving her a sweet, appreciative kiss, he began to back himself out of her an inch at a time.  He shivered by the sensation, as pulling out was almost too much for him to handle.  The head of his cock separated from her with a smacking pop and pure, white semen came pouring out of her, flowing down between the taut globes of her rear and soaking into the bedsheets.  Kneeling at the edge of the bed between her open thighs, he sealed his mouth to her well-fucked cunt and began to suck, using her body as a vessel with which to consume his own seed.

            Soon, Kikyo woke to the pleasurable sensation of Sesshomaru cleaning her up and eating her out at the same time.  Adjusting her glasses, she looked down between her legs to see his silver-haired head bobbing and rocking, his tongue lathing over her tender pussy flesh and writhing, twisting inside her vaginal canal.  Bonding with her innermost flesh and repairing it at the cellular level, the enzymes in his demonic saliva ensured that even after he gave her such a vigorous, big-dicked spearing, she wouldn’t be sore from it.

            Sesshomaru looked up from Kikyo’s pussy, his golden eyes trailing up along her belly and between her breasts to meet her smoky grey ones.  His chin dripping with her juices and his own seed, he pushed himself up onto his arms and slid forward to cover her body with his, letting her feel his rejuvenated erection pressing against her sutra-covered belly.  Looking down between their bodies to contemplate the magic seal she wore, he asked to her: “Did it work?” 

            Still swooning, Kikyo nodded, stroking a hand over Sesshomaru’s handsome face.  “Yes.  I can feel an egg ready and waiting in me.  You can probably smell how fertile I am right now.  Your sperm reached my egg very quickly, and nothing happened.  The sutra works just fine, so you’re on for Kagome and Sango.  But first, do Rin.”

            Rin gave a soft ‘Mmm…?’ at the sound of her name and woke more fully to the sensation of Sesshomaru pulling her onto the bed completely, laying her next to Kikyo as the miko director rested.  The lovely receptionist opened her eyes to see him opening her bra and she wiggled upon the bed to help him get her out of it.  Bare-chested beneath him now, she trembled in rising excitement as he bent down to kiss her, letting her taste the mixture of his seed and Kikyo’s fluids on his lips and tongue.  He began to kiss his way down her neck and chest, pausing to suckle at her modest breasts, then moved further downward, over her flat stomach as he knelt between her thighs.

            Sesshomaru eased Rin’s underwear down her hips, peeling it away from her sopping cunt and working it down her legs.  Stripping it off her feet and tossing it away, he pushed her knees apart, spreading her thighs wide.  Without hesitation, he buried his head between them to take her pussy with his mouth, lapping and suckling at its delicious, silky pink tissues and the hooded pearl of her clit.

            Moaning happily and glancing into the ‘eye’ of Kikyo’s tripod-mounted camera with half-lidded eyes, Rin thrust a hand down between her legs to weave it into Sesshomaru’s silver hair, lifting her hips off the bed to thrust her pussy up into his mouth and fuck his face.  She climaxed with very little provocation, the elegant female orifice hidden between her clit and the opening to her vagina spitting hot jets of tangy female fluid into Sesshomaru’s mouth.  The daiyoukai lapped up everything she produced for him, slipping his long demonic tongue up inside her to lathe the tip of it right over the smooth, rubbery mouth of her womb.  He transmitted his demonic sexual energy directly to her core and she came all over again.

            Feeling strong enough to move again, Kikyo removed herself from the bed as Sesshomaru worked Rin with his mouth, leaving her camera’s field of view as she moved behind it.  She reached down to her nightstand and drew a second contraceptive sutra from the envelope laying on top of it.  Moving back into her camera’s view and crawling onto the bed on the side opposite the camera, she removed the sutra from its backing and applied it to Rin’s belly, knowing now that it would work as intended.

            “Fuck her, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo commanded, folding her legs beneath her to sit beside Rin and reaching down to brush sweaty strands of the lovely receptionist’s hair away from her eyes.  “Give it to her good and hard, like you did with me.”

            Obeying Kikyo as an actor obeying his director’s creative vision, Sesshomaru stood between Rin’s thighs, lifting one of them up and slipping her calf over one of his shoulders.  Holding her leg there, he gave her upper body a quarter turn to one side, so that she faced Kikyo’s camera directly.  Taking hold of his cock with his other hand, he fisted it back to full size and hardness, pressing its broad head to her weeping sex.  He rubbed it into her slit, relishing in how her silky pink petals glided over him.  Then, he leaned over her, applying his weight onto to his cock little by little, watching her pussy spread open wider and wider to accept him, until finally, he slipped inside her with a well-lubricated pop.  He had just claimed his second pussy of the day and he gave up a passionate groan for his appreciation of the gods’ obvious favor.

            Rin panted as Sesshomaru eased forward, filling her up a little bit at a time.  She’d never had such a large, powerful male.  She’d been with youkai, ones like a fox demon named Shippo and a wind demon named Byakuya, but Sesshomaru outclassed them in every way.  She felt the walls of her pussy spreading wider than ever before, the head of him soon coming to rest against her cervix.  The full depth of her pussy was now packed with hard, throbbing daiyoukai cock.

            Sesshomaru went slow at first, working Rin’s delicate body into familiarity with his much larger, stronger one.  “You feel so good, Rin,” he whispered with hushed Japanese baritone, pulling out carefully and grinding back into her, over and over.  His thrusts were slow but powerful, causing her breasts to bounce gently upon her chest as he took her.  The sound of his cock pumping back and forth within her sheath was a rhythmic, sopping wet gush, gush, gush.

            Orgasm came to Rin very quickly, her breath hitching and pussy convulsing for Sesshomaru to feel.  He leaned over her, pressing her thigh back against her shoulder to practically fold her in half.  The new position allowed him to go deeper, the head of his cock nudging at her womb much more insistently.  Closing his golden eyes, he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, adding the simple, consensual intimacy of a kiss to their joining.

            Rin mewled softly as she dueled her tongue with Sesshomaru’s.  She could feel his cock beginning to throb within her, getting bigger and harder with every stroke.  As he pulled away, a thin string of their shared saliva linked their tongues, breaking when the distance between their mouths became too great.  Settling his upper body upright again, he clasped her thigh to his chest as he began to move harder, faster, his heart speeding up in his tapered ears as another peak threatened him.

            Rin recognized the strain on Sesshomaru’s face, seeing the tension in his gorgeous muscles.  “Yes.  Yes, please.  Give it to me,” she begged of him.

            “Yes, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo agreed beside Rin.  She looked directly into Sesshomaru’s eyes as she massaged a breast and pumped her pussy with her fingers.  “Do it.  Fill her up!”

            With two beautiful women demanding him to give up his seed, Sesshomaru sped up his rhythm much more to take himself into climax.  Moving faster, he moved less deeply, gripping Rin’s waist tightly and giving her a series of shallow, pumping jabs to let her pussy’s molten internal contractions suck him off.  Feeling his seed begin to move, he buried the head of his cock to her cervix and held himself there as he came.  Hot, creamy cum burst out of him in strong, repeating spurts, flooding her womb in just a few messy shots.

            Rin cried out as she felt Sesshomaru erupt inside her.  She wasn’t a miko like Kikyo or Kagome, but she could definitely feel the unbridled power in his demon seed.  Her womb drank deeply of it until it simply couldn’t hold any more.  The underside of his cock beat savagely against her vagina’s posterior wall by the ejaculations searing through it.  They were seemingly endless, jet after jet, spurt after spurt until his thick, white cream was oozing out of her around him, running down her rear and soaking into the bed.  Now, the bedsheets were probably ruined and/or pregnant.

            As with Kikyo’s sutra, the sutra Rin wore glowed upon her belly and thwarted Sesshomaru from impregnating her.  Billions of daiyoukai sperm made a fruitless attempt on the receptionist’s egg, each one shot down by an impossibly-accurate death ray of merciless miko energy.  Shaking from the intensity of his orgasm, Sesshomaru pulled out of Rin with a hot, smacking pop, and a heavy flood of his cum followed him out of her to ruin the bedsheets even further.  An attentive lover, he closed in to give Rin a thankful kiss, then knelt between her thighs to claim her pussy with his mouth.  He drank his seed out of her as he had done with Kikyo, his larynx recoiling with every gulp that flowed down his throat.  After she was clean, he continued to service her until she came in his face again.

            Leaving the bed, Kikyo recovered her second camera from the place on the bedroom floor where Rin had set it earlier.  She stopped the recording to save memory space and reviewed the recorded footage.  There, in the camera’s little LCD screen, she saw a perfect closeup of herself riding Sesshomaru, his big, beautiful cock disappearing into her cunt and reappearing, over and over.  After a few more seconds of good, hard pounding, he came inside her, pumping his seed deep into her.  Though the sound was rather tinny, the camera’s high resolution allowed Rin to capture every detail of Sesshomaru’s orgasm – the visible, bucking pulse of his cock and the huge amounts of real daiyoukai cum pouring out of her around him were the standouts of this most excellent ‘money shot.’  Kikyo simply couldn’t wait to use her best equipment to capture Kagome and Sango getting drilled and filled in such a way.

            Luckily for Sesshomaru, Rin, and Kikyo, the bedroom had an attached bathroom.  All three took a hot, soapy shower, cleansing their bodies of the sweaty, sticky aftermath of hard sex.  They showered together, and under the pleasant warmth of the shower spray, their bodies lubricated with soap, this arrangement quickly led to the daiyoukai returning to monstrous erection and nailing each woman all over again.  He pumped them full of cum until the thick, white fluid ran down their inner thighs, slipping off their wet skin to be lost in the shower drain.

            Wisely, Kikyo kept some replacement underwear, of both the male and female variety, in the bedroom’s dresser.  Once she, Sesshomaru, and Rin were dressed, she directed her receptionist to go home for the day and ‘recuperate,’ while she and Sesshomaru left the office bedroom for the main studio.


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

A/N: Thank you, everyone, for the great feedback for the first chapter!  I hope you enjoy this one as much.


            From Reiki Films’ administrative building, where Kikyo’s office and ‘audition’ bedroom were located, only a short walk on the open-air pavement outside the building lay between Kikyo, Sesshomaru, and the main studio.  The studio was a sprawling building with few walls inside, a converted warehouse that offered plenty of floor space for the construction of film sets.  When combined with some inexpensive ‘green screen’ work, the studio’s backlot allowed for reasonably convincing outdoor shots.  Approaching one of the studio warehouse’s side doors with Sesshomaru walking at her side, Kikyo saw that Kagome’s car and Sango’s were in their parking spots – her two top actresses had already arrived and, as ever, she appreciated their punctuality.

            In the open air of the parking lot outside the studio warehouse, with his sensitive sense of smell, Sesshomaru picked up Kagome and Sango’s scents immediately.  He smelled nothing but good things: health, strength, cleanliness, and fertility.  To his invigoration, each woman was definitely ‘in season,’ so in lieu of normal contraceptives, Kikyo was wise to have devised a means to neutralize his demon seed.  The daiyoukai had spent about an hour fucking Kikyo and Rin, filling their wombs and pussies to overflowing twice each between a round in the director’s office bedroom and another in the shower.  Already, though, his balls and other male organs had replaced all that he had shot and his cock was stirring in his slacks at the thought of having Kagome and Sango.  Kikyo and Rin, the appetizer, were delicious, but now, it was time for the main course, and Sesshomaru was hungry.

            However, Sesshomaru’s excitement for doing Kagome and Sango was not entirely based on his interpretation of their scents, or even his rampant demonic sex drive.  As Rin had seen all of his films, he had seen all of theirs.  He knew there wasn’t much limit to what they were willing to do on camera. 

            The daiyoukai knew Sango for her wild ‘bukkake queen’ films, in which up to a dozen handsome, well-endowed men, mostly of youkai lineage, would stand in a circle around her and masturbate to deliver powerful ejaculations all over her body, totally drenching her in their thick, white semen.  They soaked her in cum to the point that she had to wring her hair out afterward.  Kagome’s films were relatively tamer, but equally exciting: she specialized in very passionate, one-on-one encounters done in almost ‘softcore’ fashion, except for highly-explicit shots of her male partners penetrating her and reaching powerful orgasms inside her.  Usually, her partners wore condoms, denying her the sensation of their seed exploding directly against her innermost flesh, but she made up for it somewhat by making a show of carefully extracting the cum-filled condoms from their softening cocks and drinking their creamy liquid contents.

            Beyond just their physical beauty and their commitment to ‘performing,’ Sesshomaru most admired Kagome and Sango for their professionalism and discipline in separating their personal lives from their working ones.  Their sexual behavior did not extend past the camera, or at least it did not extend beyond their own bedrooms.  In public, they were as polite and decorous as any.  Sesshomaru understood how InuYasha, with his lesser degree of self-control, had not been able to keep his eyes or his hands off them, and he pitied him for it, knowing that his indiscretion had cost him a great opportunity for both pleasure and career advancement.

            Stepping into the warehouse behind Kikyo, Sesshomaru awed at the splendor of the film set inside.  The film in which Kikyo was about to direct him was set in 16th century Japan, so the miko’s talented film crew had erected several rooms of intricate shoji walls, with tatami mats and polished hardwood planking laid down over the warehouse’s gritty concrete floor.  It replicated the interior of an upscale Shinto shrine from the Sengoku period.  For the exterior of the fictional shrine, Kikyo’s post-production team would use matte paintings and the green screen.

            All around the set, Kikyo’s crew continued to work, with gaffers managing the lighting and electrical cables to conceal them inside or underneath the set’s structure.  Carpenters erected and modified walls where the gaffers needed.  The lovely miko director led Sesshomaru through the noisy echo of saws and power tools to a relatively quieter section of the studio warehouse.  There, some temporary walls had been put up to create dressing rooms and a small actors’ lounge.

            Several feet before he and Kikyo reached the lounge’s door, Sesshomaru became acutely aware of a passive, yet powerful field of reiki emanating from the other side.  It was not threatening to him, as it seemed to radiate with pleasant, very positive ‘vibes.’  He assumed that field to be Kagome’s and he imagined her and Kikyo to be quite close. Evidently, they did much together, having grown up together, gone through miko training together, and gone into the same general line of work together, ending up working at the same adult film studio.

            Kikyo and Sesshomaru entered the lounge to find Kagome and Sango chatting happily with one another, reviewing their scripts over coffee.  The two actresses sat at a round, folding break table, their backs to the lounge door.  Given the noise of the film crew working just a few yards away and their own conversation, they didn’t immediately hear or notice Kikyo and Sesshomaru approaching.

            Sesshomaru felt his heart pick up speed as he laid his golden eyes on Kagome and Sango in person for the first time.  As Kikyo and Rin found him even more impressive in person than on film, the daiyoukai was taken aback by the real-world beauty of Kikyo’s two top actresses.  They both wore their hair long, but each in their own, unique style.  Kagome’s hair was an unbound, distinctively messy raven mane that reached the mid-point of her back with a cool, bluish sheen, her bangs a thick, wild fringe that belied her level-headed personality.  Conversely, the sexually wilder Sango wore her hair more neatly, the bulk of its brown-black mass gathered into a high, waist-length ponytail, her bangs clipped evenly and parted into two equal halves to complement her squared-off forelocks.

            Since they were on studio grounds, away from prying eyes, and intended to get into costume soon, Kagome and Sango dressed much more casually than Sesshomaru or Kikyo, each actress wearing sandals, a skimpy pair of grey lounge shorts, and a black t-shirt with Reiki Films’ logo printed in white on the back.  The logo was the Japanese ideogram for ‘reiki,’ 霊気.  To Sesshomaru’s pleasure, their shirts fit tightly to bring out their voluptuous figures.  In the adult film world, the amount of work an actor or actress got was very much dependent on their physical ‘assets.’  Porn, at its core, was all about sexual objectification, and the more suited the performer’s body to such objectification, the better.  Being a daiyoukai, Sesshomaru knew he was blessed with god-like beauty, endowment, and performance, and he could see that Kagome and Sango were quite blessed, as well.  Kagome’s breasts were sizable C-cups and Sango’s were even larger, easily a set of Ds.  The rest of their bodies were delightfully soft, curvy, and toned, getting Sesshomaru quite eager to feel them pressed up against him in intimate circumstances.

            Once Sesshomaru and Kikyo were close enough, Kagome noticed them in her peripheral vision and turned her head to look at them more fully.  Her eyes met Sesshomaru’s golden ones and immediately, the towering daiyoukai could see the power in her.  To him, her eyes were as glittering sapphires, taking his breath with their reiki-fueled glow.  Her lips curled into a beaming smile and she turned to Sango, nudging her fellow actress to get her attention.

            Sango looked at Sesshomaru next and her chocolate brown eyes narrowed with sultry approval, seeming to darken with desire at the sight of him.  She and Kagome scooted their chairs back and stood up from their break table, stepping toward Sesshomaru and Kikyo to stop at a respectable distance from them and greet them properly.  Each actress clasped her hands in front of her and gave a deep, highly respectful bow, which Sesshomaru and Kikyo returned.

            “Takahashi Kenshiro,” Kikyo began, pulling out of her bow after a few polite moments.  She addressed Sesshomaru formally for the sake of Kagome and Sango.  “This is Aozaki Sango.”  Kikyo gestured first to Sango, then to Kagome.  “And this is Higurashi Kagome, my sister.”

            “It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Takahashi,” Kagome said as she rose from her bow, smiling warmly and blushing at the thought of what she would soon be doing with the daiyoukai before her.  Her voice was very soft and melodic, like Kikyo’s.  Despite the sexual nature of her occupation, her voice seemed to carry purity, as if the reiki flowing in her body could manifest itself into sound.

            “Good afternoon, Mr. Takahashi,” Sango said, expressing sentiments similar to Kagome’s.  Compared to Kagome’s voice, Sango’s was richer and huskier.  Her sound was that of a woman who greatly anticipated sex when she could sense it was near.  She legitimately enjoyed it, even craved it in whatever form it took, craving her own pleasure and that of her partners.  This was a useful trait for her bukkake films.

            Sango and Sesshomaru exited their bows at the same time and the daiyoukai porn star gave both her and Kagome a stoic smile.  “It’s nice to meet you, as well.  Both of you.  Please, call me Sesshomaru.  Do either of you have a ‘performing’ name you prefer?”

            Kagome and Sango glanced at each other, smiling knowingly.  Kagome spoke on behalf of herself and Sango.  “We’ve taken to calling each other by the characters we play into today’s shoot.  I’m ‘Miko,’ and Sango here is ‘Taijiya.’”

            “Priestess and demon slayer.  Hn.  Natural foils for a demon such as myself,” Sesshomaru commented.

            “Sesshomaru has read today’s script, but he hasn’t had the time to really learn his dialogue, given the situation,” Kikyo said to Kagome and Sango.  “Therefore, he’ll need all our help today.”

            “Of course, we’ll be happy to help however we can,” Kagome replied.

            “Thank you.  But about the ‘situation,’” Sesshomaru began, taking the opportunity to explore a subject that had been on his mind ever since Kikyo first contacted him.  “I apologize for my brother’s behavior.  I understand he made some unwanted advances toward you.”

            Kagome’s pleasant expression sobered, as did Sango’s.  “Yes, he did,” the miko confirmed.  “We put up with it, at first.  After all, this is a porn studio, so quite literally, sex is in the air almost all the time.  And being a half-demon, InuYasha was much more sensitive to that smell than a regular human, so he was always frisky.  I guess it was bad enough for him that he couldn’t restrain himself.  But gradually, we got tired of his grabbing and touching and when we stopped playing along, he started going after Rin, our receptionist.  That’s when Kikyo canned him.”

            “You know that Rin isn’t unwilling to ‘play’ at work, but she simply didn’t want InuYasha,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru.  “Around here, ‘no’ still means ‘no.’”  The director looked to Kagome and Sango.  “Girls, as a favor to him, Sesshomaru has asked that we not say anything about InuYasha’s behavior to anyone outside ourselves.  For the sake of being as accommodating as possible, I agreed in your place.  I hope this is okay with you.”

            “Yes, it’s okay,” Kagome agreed.  Sango followed with: “Yeah, no problem.”

            “Good,” Kikyo smiled, nodding at Sesshomaru, to which Sesshomaru replied with a stoic, thankful nod.  “Now, shall we get to work?”

            Sango smiled darkly.  “Define ‘work.’”

            Kikyo smoky grey eyes glimmered knowingly.  Sango had no idea what she and Kagome were in for, as the miko director had learned first-hand that sex with Sesshomaru was not something a woman merely enjoyed, but survived.  She ordered to both women at once: “Go and get into costume.  I’ll show Sesshomaru to his dressing room.  Sesshomaru, please follow me.”

            Eager to begin filming, Kagome and Sango left the lounge for their dressing room while Kikyo showed Sesshomaru to his.  The dressing rooms were similar in construction to the lounge, with one standing to either side of it.  They were made up of three temporary walls placed along the studio warehouse’s permanent wall, its floor left as bare cement.  Following Kikyo, Sesshomaru entered the one assigned to him and found that it contained a mirrored vanity stocked with a wide variety beauty and grooming products; of course, being so naturally beautiful, he needed none of them.  A wheeled costume rack standing along one wall held dozens of occupation-themed outfits such as replica military uniforms, 16th/17th century Japanese noble’s clothes, an astronaut’s spacesuit, a race car driver’s jumpsuit, and the classic cultured, refined secret agent’s tuxedo.  However, what caught Sesshomaru’s attention most was the costume arranged upon a mannequin standing in one of the dressing room’s corners, opposite the vanity.

            Kikyo smiled as she saw where Sesshomaru was looking.  The daiyoukai looked over a shoulder at her, seeing the pleased expression on her face, and pointed at the costume.  “This must be mine,” he concluded.

            Placed upon the mannequin as Sesshomaru would wear it, the costume was a long hakama and billowing-sleeved haori made of very fine, white silk, intricate hexagonal patterns sewn into it with red silken thread.  Over the haori lay a steel armor cuirass with a highly-polished, baked-on black finish.  Four tapered plates hung from the main chest piece in articulated joints to protect the wearer’s rear, hips, and groin, while a single, spiked pauldron covered the left shoulder.  Clearly hammer-forged, the pauldron was solidly connected to the cuirass’ upper edge by several heavy rivets, decorated with red tassels.  The final piece of the costume was the decorative sash that encircled the cuirass’ waistline, a length of gold-and-violet silk made in a lovely swirling pattern.

            Sesshomaru approached his costume to admire it more closely.  Altogether, it seemed to radiate fighting strength and great nobility, how a 16th century Japanese daimyo would dress when marching at the vanguard of his army.  The daiyoukai reached out to touch and lift the armor cuirass, surprised at its weight.  “This isn’t a fake.  This is actual steel,” he noted to Kikyo.

            “Yes, I got a local blacksmith to make this armor,” Kikyo said.  “Getting a plastic lookalike would have been lighter and much cheaper, but real steel plate moves much more believably on film.  May I…help you dress?”

            “Please,” Sesshomaru accepted.  He had no objections to getting undressed in front of Kikyo.  She was his director and he would soon have to undress in front of her anyway while he performed with Kagome and Sango.  And furthermore, he’d already fucked her twice.  Right then, so soon after their encounters in her office bedroom and the attached shower, she still carried some of his seed deep inside her.

            Kikyo closed the dressing room door and pressed the metal button on its knob to lock it.  Sesshomaru unbuttoned his polo and stripped out of it and his white undershirt at once, baring his powerful, beautiful upper body to the miko director for the second time that day.  He knew the effect he had her, as he heard her breathing and heartbeat pick up speed.  He smelled a faint trace of her arousal already, but he could tell she was actively trying to keep herself under control.

            Kikyo untied the golden sash around Sesshomaru’s armor and lay it over a shoulder, then lifted the armor off its haori-covered mannequin to lay it on a nearby couch.  This required a little bit of effort on her part; she was lifting the armor from about her own chest height and it weighted nearly fifty pounds.  Once the armor was out of the way, she opened the haori beneath, removed it from the mannequin, and lay it on her shoulder with the sash.

            By this time, Sesshomaru had slipped out of his slacks, shoes, and socks, leaving himself clad in only his underwear.  As she began to remove the white hakama of his costume from the mannequin, Kikyo glanced at the boxers he wore.  “Lose the boxers, too,” she said to him.

            Sesshomaru did as Kikyo said and stripped himself of his last bit of clothing to stand fully nude before her.  “Will I wear anything beneath the hakama?” he asked.

            “Yes,” Kikyo answered, pulling Sesshomaru’s hakama down the mannequin’s hips.  “This.”

            Beneath the white hakama, Kikyo’s mannequin wore a tiny white fundoshi, drawing a laugh from Sesshomaru.  He knew what a fundoshi was, of course.  It was basically a little thong for men, but still, he asked: “What is that, an eyepatch?

            “Well, on you it’ll look like one,” Kikyo said with a chuckle, eyeing Sesshomaru’s cock and balls and picturing the fundoshi struggling to contain them.  Even flaccid, he was impressive, but he was becoming less flaccid by the second.

            Sesshomaru looked down at his growing erection with some bashfulness.  “I’m sorry,” he apologized.  “Being around so many lovely women today has me quite excited.  I must admit I’m very attracted to Kagome and Sango, as well as yourself.”

            Removing Sesshomaru’s hakama and then his fundoshi from the mannequin, Kikyo looked at the fundoshi, then at the daiyoukai’s swelling cock with a frown.  “You’re not going to fit in this thing if you’re hard,” she concluded.  Her lips began to stretch and curl into a sexy smile, her eyes glowing with indecent thoughts.  “Maybe I can make you go soft again?”

            Sesshomaru recognized the gleam in Kikyo’s eyes and he was helpless but to smile back at her.  Cocking his head, he asked: “What would you be willing to do?”

            “What wouldn’t I do?” Kikyo shot back.  “But let’s keep this simple.”

            Kikyo tossed the pieces of Sesshomaru’s costume onto the couch beside his armor and shrugged off her burgundy blazer, tossing it onto the couch as well.  She wiggled out of her skirt and discarded her blouse to get herself down to just her bra, panties, and stockings in very little time.  Sesshomaru took his cock in hand and began to stroke himself to the sight of Kikyo in her state of near nudity, bringing himself to full, eleven-inch erection with just a few glides of his fist.

            Boldly, Kikyo strode forward to close the distance between herself and Sesshomaru, throwing her arms around his neck and raising herself onto the tips of her toes to kiss him.  Contained within the cups of her bra, her breasts pressed intimately against the smooth, male panes of his chest.  Closing his golden eyes as the miko director drank her kiss from him, the aroused daiyoukai released his cock and slipped the hand he’d been using to pleasure himself around her waist and pull her to him.  Moving his hips against hers, he pumped his cock against her belly until pre-cum began to lubricate the friction.

            Feeling his balls getting tense, Sesshomaru opened his eyes and broke the kiss he shared with Kikyo, his breathing harsh and husky.  “I want to be in you again,” he whispered, to which Kikyo could only nod her agreement.  Pulling away from him reluctantly, she hurried back over to the couch and reached into one of her blazer’s pockets to retrieve the envelope of her contraceptive sutras.  She knew they worked now, and so she was completely willing to give Sesshomaru what he wanted.  Her hands trembled as she peeled a sutra away from its backing, applying it to her belly.  Turning around to face Sesshomaru again and wearing her sutra for him to see, she divested herself of her bra and her panties.  She retained only her stockings, heels, and glasses.

            Moving to stand directly before Sesshomaru again, Kikyo asked of him: “How are we going to do this?” She spoke with a quiver in her sultry voice, keeping her voice down so that Kagome, Sango, and the film crew wouldn’t hear, though the continued sound of power tools in the warehouse would have made sure of that already.  Still, though the dressing room had four walls, it didn’t have a ceiling; anyone with a ladder or a halfway-decent jumping ability could look over the top of the walls to see what she and Sesshomaru were doing.  Looking around the dressing room frantically, she added: “There’s no bed in here.”

            Flashing Kikyo a sexy, fanged grin, Sesshomaru gave his answer.  “This Sesshomaru needs no bed.”

            Sesshomaru grasped Kikyo’s waist with both hands, lifting her off her feet with ridiculous ease.  She weighed as nothing to his daiyoukai strength.  “Open,” he commanded.  Putting her arms around his neck again to steady herself, the miko director opened her thighs as widely as she could and slipped them around his waist, hooking her ankles behind his back. 

            With his cock fully erect and pointing straight up into the air, Sesshomaru adjusted Kikyo’s position until her pussy pulsed and wept directly over his cock’s big, broad head, allowing him to feel her most intimate heat radiating against him.  Looking right into her eyes, he lowered her hips until her pussy petals kissed and suckled directly at him.  He teased them both in this way for a few moments, grinding the miko director’s core up and down his cock’s head just enough that he verged on penetrating her, then backing off, over and over.  He did this to work himself up to his maximum size and hardness, as well as to get her creaming, sopping wet for him.

            At last, Sesshomaru lowered Kikyo onto his cock in earnest, groaning through his nose with a restrained ‘Nnngh…’ as her pussy drank him in.  He could feel her inner muscles parting to accept him, rippling and flexing at the same time to encourage him ever deeper.  The head of his cock met the mouth of her womb and he stilled, holding her in place on him to let her adjust to his size.

            “So fucking big,” Kikyo hushed, her eyes gimlet with pleasure behind her glasses as she gave Sesshomaru a short, sweet kiss, then buried her face into one of his shoulders.

            For his own part, Sesshomaru relished in Kikyo’s heat, wetness, and rippling internal suction.  “You feel so good, miko,” he praised in return.  “Is your sister as tight?”

            “Tighter,” Kikyo replied breathlessly, kissing and nipping at Sesshomaru’s shoulder, then at the side of his neck.  “Now, do me.  Fucking use me.  Use me to get yourself off.”

            Sesshomaru gripped Kikyo’s waist more tightly and moved her up his cock by a few inches, letting gravity pull her back down until her cervix shifted against him.  With him standing up and her wrapped around him, the only things holding her up were his hands and the sheer solid rigidity of his cock.  He added a few inches to the penetration each time until he was giving and withdrawing his full length, using Kikyo’s entire body as a living sex toy with which to masturbate.  Holding on tight to him as he pumped deeply into her, the director concentrated her reiki about her, her gaze becoming distant and her eyes beginning to glow as she summoned her mysterious miko powers.

            Meanwhile, Kagome and Sango sat in front of their vanities in their shared dressing room, adjusting their hair and applying some touch-ups to their makeup.  They wore very little to begin with, using only a little lip gloss and a dash of facial powder for the sake of better light reflection for Kikyo’s cameras.  Sango went a step further and applied some rosy pink eyeliner to her eyes, giving herself a little more visual distinction from Kagome.

            By this point, both actresses had stripped out of their shorts and shirts and exchanged their usual, 21st-century bra and panties for underwear more appropriate for the 16th-century.  Each woman wore a tight chest wrap over her ample breasts and a female fundoshi as scandalous as Sesshomaru’s male one.  The tiny undergarments covered their female mounds in a narrow ‘V’ and covered next to nothing in the rear, leaving their luscious asses out on proud display.

            As Kagome leaned in close to her mirror to apply mascara to her eyelashes, she ‘heard’ Kikyo speak into her mind.  “Kagome,” Kikyo spoke telepathically to get her sister’s attention.

            Kagome’s beautiful blue eyes widened with a bit of surprise, but she made no sound to indicate it.  She responded to Kikyo via telepathy.  “Kikyo?  What’s up?”

            Kikyo and Kagome had trained as mikos together, learning to harness their reiki for a variety of applications, short-distance telepathy being one of them.  For long-distance communication, things like cell phones, computers, or even the mail were still necessary, but at distances of up to roughly 50 yards, the two women could talk to each other in ‘full duplex’ fashion in total silence.

            “Sesshomaru is fucking me right now,” Kikyo said to Kagome, much to Kagome’s surprise and amusement.  “I initiated it…he was pretty hard from meeting you and Sango and I need to get him soft enough to fit into his fundoshi.  Want to feel?”

            “Sure,” Kagome replied.  She set her mascara down onto her vanity and sat back in her chair, closing her eyes to prepare herself for the flood of sensations Kikyo would soon unleash on her.  Beyond speech delivered through telepathy, each woman could use that same telepathic connection to share her emotions and physical sensations with the other.

            Kikyo began transmitting what she felt into Kagome’s mind and suddenly, Kagome could feel everything.  She felt as if Sesshomaru wasn’t a few rooms over, but directly between her legs, pumping away into her cunt, not Kikyo’s.  Her pussy immediately began to flood over with lubrication and her womb trembled as if the head of the daiyoukai’s cock was pounding against it.  The miko actress couldn’t help but moan aloud, getting Sango’s attention.

            “Kagome?” Sango asked, wondering if her co-star hadn’t been masturbating while she had been applying her makeup.

            Kagome opened her eyes and looked at Sango, her chest heaving and heart pounding within it.  “Kikyo is fucking Sesshomaru!” she gasped, eliciting a dumbfounded look from Sango.  “She’s ‘sharing’ it with me.  Miko powers, you know?  I can feel it like he’s doing me, not her.  Oh God…he’s incredible!

            Sango turned in her seat to face Kagome directly.  “Can you share it with me, too?” she asked with great interest.

            “Yes,” Kagome answered, panting softly.  Sitting up straight again, she turned in her seat to face Sango, extending a hand to her.  “Take my hand.”

            Sango grasped Kagome’s hand as the miko instructed and the stream of sensation Kikyo fed to Kagome entered her mind, as well.  “Oh, fuck!” Sango cursed, suddenly feeling the size, strength, and hardness of Sesshomaru’s cock for herself.

            Overcome with passion, Kagome leaned forward and took Sango’s lips with hers in a hungry, girl-on-girl kiss that she regretted Sesshomaru and Kikyo couldn’t see.  Sango had no reservations about getting physical with another woman, having performed with the legendary wind demon Yuri actress Kagura in a few of her earlier films.  Naturally sexually aggressive, she stood up and pulled Kagome onto her feet, exchanging further kisses with her and maintaining the telepathic connection though continued physical contact as she walked them both back to the couch sitting near their vanities.  They tumbled back onto the couch together, with Sango on her back and Kagome lying on top of her between her legs.

            Back in Sesshomaru’s dressing room, the daiyoukai picked up his pace, pumping Kikyo onto his cock harder and faster, ruthlessly seeking his own pleasure.  Her creamy female juices dripped freely out of her around him, building a small, glistening puddle on the cement between his feet.  The miko director moved her head from the daiyoukai’s broad shoulder and pressed her forehead to his.  “Kagome can feel all of this,” she confessed.  “I’m sharing this with her by telepathy.”

            Not so far gone into his passion that he became a mindless, rutting beast, Sesshomaru grasped the significance of Kikyo’s revelation immediately.  “Fascinating,” he said.  “The many talents of the modern miko.  If Kagome can feel this, then let her consider this as a sample of what I intend to do to her today.  Now, tilt your head back.”

            Kikyo tilted her head back as Sesshomaru wanted, giving her throat to him.  The dog-like part of Sesshomaru’s dog demon mind took great pleasure from this act.  To expose one’s throat was a sign of submission and trust, trust he would not abuse.  The daiyoukai leaned his silver-haired head in to press his lips to Kikyo’s throat, right over her hammering pulse point.   Knowing that Kagome could hear him in the telepathic sense, he spoke to Kikyo and Kagome at once: “Feel me, miko.  Feel what this Sesshomaru can do to you!”

            With his rough, dog-like demon tongue, Sesshomaru took a nice, long lick at Kikyo’s throat, feeling her life beating through her carotid artery.  The pressure of orgasm pumping upward into his cock from deep within him, he finished with a frenzy of hard, deep thrusts into her body.  Planting his balls squarely against her ass, he held himself there as he came, his seed bursting out of him in a volcanic explosion of liquid heat that flooded her womb instantly.

            Back in their dressing room, Kagome and Sango writhed and pumped against one another on their couch, their pleasure linked with Kikyo’s.  Then, as Sesshomaru came inside Kikyo, the two actresses stilled abruptly, breasts pressed together and trembling in each other’s arms, their eyes wide as they felt his cum pumping out of him.  Right then, all they could hear was the pounding of their hearts and the heartbeat-like thwack, thwack, thwack of thick, white semen blasting against creamy pink uterine and vaginal tissue.  The same orgasm rocked Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango all at once, with Kikyo’s pussy flexing around Sesshomaru’s cock while Kagome’s and Sango’s wept and pulsed between their thighs, utterly soaking their clean, white fundoshi.

            Sesshomaru’s seed oozed out of Kikyo’s pussy around his cock, dripping onto the cement floor between his feet to join the puddle of vaginal fluids already there.  Pumping her up and down him to milk out his last few ejaculations within her, he turned and walked to his dressing room’s vanity, carefully setting the miko director’s rear down onto it.  Kissing her to comfort her after using her so roughly, he pulled out of her gently and knelt between her open legs to take her sex with his mouth, drinking his seed out of her to clean her.

            Now, Kagome and Sango felt as if Sesshomaru was eating them out, as well.  They clasped together in a warm, post-coital afterglow, rubbing and pumping against each other, giggling with each pass of the daiyoukai’s phantom tongue.  Several small orgasms came to each of them in this way and both women knew they would need new fundoshi afterward.

            Once Kikyo was clean and having spent himself inside her, Sesshomaru felt himself go soft enough that he could fit into his tiny male fundoshi.  He slipped into it, then into his white hakama and haori.  He also donned a pair of black, laceless boots sitting near the costume mannequin.   Composing herself after being fucked semi-silly, Kikyo helped Sesshomaru into his armor, fastening its various clasps and ties for him.

            A few minutes later, Sesshomaru stepped out of his dressing room in full, resplendent daiyoukai glory, a redressed Kikyo stepping out behind him.  There, they found Kagome and Sango in their own costumes, their faces still slightly flushed from their telepathy-induced tryst in their dressing room.  Kagome wore the classic red hakama and white haori of a Shinto miko, while Sango wore a glossy black bodysuit with a hard pink groin and shoulder pads.  The bodysuit was that of a taijiya, a professional demon slayer.  Together, in an older time, Kagome and Sango would have represented two of Sesshomaru’s natural enemies.

            Sesshomaru looked at Kagome, meeting her post-sex blush with a stoic smile, then at Sango, noticing that she was quite flustered, as well.  “Kikyo shared the ‘experience’ with me, and I shared it with Sango,” Kagome admitted to him.

            “Very good,” Sesshomaru approved, looking between Kagome and Sango.  “Now, shall we ‘do it’ for real?”

            “You’re on.  Let’s go!” Kagome exclaimed.

            Together, Sesshomaru, Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango left the dressing area to take their places on the film set.  They had a movie to make!


-To be continued-

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A/N: Super long chapter, lots of action and dialogue, with only a little overt sexuality near the end.  Much more of that comes in Chapter 4!


            Leaving Reiki Films’ studio dressing area, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Sango, and Kikyo took their places upon the warehouse studio set to being filming their movie.  Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango were fully costumed at last and ready to perform in front of the camera, while as director, Kikyo’s place would be behind it.  Altogether, the studio set was built as a replica of a 14th century Shinto shrine.  Since Kagome and Sango’s characters would be introduced within the shrine and Sesshomaru’s would be introduced outside, Kagome and Sango remained inside the warehouse on the set of the shrine interior, while Sesshomaru and Kikyo exited the warehouse for its enclosed backlot.

            The backlot was an open-air, rectangular space behind the studio warehouse.  It was covered overhead by a retractable tarp to control the lighting during daylight hours, in order to simulate darkness regardless of the actual time of day.  The lot’s brick walls had been covered up with ‘green screen’ material.  Stretched taut and supported by frames of aluminum tubing, the screens rose to a height of around fifteen feet, surrounding the entire lot.  Silhouetted against the green screens, several large, realistic artificial pine trees had been arranged together in a tight group in one of the lot’s corners.

            Generally, the artificial trees represented their real counterparts’ upper halves, where their branches were thickest and most numerous.  They omitted the branchless trunks below for the sake of not requiring Kikyo to use a mechanical apparatus to raise her camera to a great height.  Internally, the trees’ branches were heavily reinforced to allow a grown man, such as Sesshomaru, to stand upon one of them safely.  Altogether, when combined with the green screen, the trees would simulate dense Japanese forest.

            Completing the outdoor set were the artificial turf laid down over the concrete foundation and the façade grafted onto the exterior of the studio warehouse.  With a wooden deck and awning, the facade would approximate the ground-level shoji exterior of the film’s fictional Shinto shrine.  Divided into two halves by a false cobblestone path, the turf would serve as the grassy ground just in front of the shrine.  Less than a foot thick, the façade used permanent, painted-on shadow and tricks of lighting to create the illusion of depth.  Dim electric lights had been rigged inside it to simulate internal lantern light.  From certain angles, the facade would allow Kikyo to film Sesshomaru and create the illusion of him standing in front of the shrine just before he entered its front hall, which was represented by part of the set inside the warehouse.

            A section of the façade had been specially cut and fastened to the door of the warehouse beneath, allowing cast and crew to pass through at will without causing damage.  Sesshomaru and Kikyo used the door to enter the backlot and once there, they found three people: a friendly-looking, freckle-faced young man checking the wiring for the set’s various lights and microphones, and two young women sitting on the edge of the façade’s deck, reviewing copies of the film script Kikyo had given them.  The man wore his messy, dark brown hair in a high, short tail and dressed in sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a black Reiki Films t-shirt.  Presumably actresses, the young women wore glossy black bodysuits much like Sango’s, their silky black hair styled into high tails, also like Sango’s.  Kikyo smiled at them in turn, then looked to Sesshomaru.  “Sesshomaru, that’s Kohaku, my set assistant and armorer,” she said, nodding toward Kohaku, then to the two women on the façade deck.  “And those two are Eri and Ayumi, another two of my actresses.”

            Kohaku redirected his attention from the microphone apparatus in front of him and turned to greet Sesshomaru and Kikyo.  Eri and Ayumi closed their scripts and stood from their sitting positions to do the same.  Sesshomaru looked down at them to regard them all politely.  The daiyoukai stood around seven feet tall while the human assistant/armorer and actresses stood at less than six, a difference of a full foot or more.  Graciously, he exchanged bows and handshakes with them.

            In Kohaku’s case, the gentle breeze flowing through the open-air lot, underneath the overhead tarp and above the walls, carried his scent to Sesshomaru.  A quick sniff by his sensitive dog demon nose told the daiyoukai that the young man was related to Sango.  “You’re Sango’s brother,” he noted with some surprise in his voice.

            Kohaku gave a fascinated smile at Sesshomaru’s revelation.  “Why, yes, I am, Takahashi-san,” he confirmed.  Polite by nature, he decided to address Sesshomaru by his surname, rather than his porn industry performing name.  As a member of Kikyo’s crew, he was privy to the daily schedule and he knew full well that today, he would be working with the great Takahashi Kenshiro.  “How did you know that?”

            “Please, just ‘Sesshomaru’ is fine,” Sesshomaru encouraged to Kohaku.  “I am daiyoukai.  I can smell the blood flowing in you.  You smell very much like Sango.”

            “I see, and you’re right,” Kohaku said.  “Is my relation to Sango a problem for you?”

            “Not for me, but I worry that it might be for you,” Sesshomaru explained.  Bluntly, he added: “I am about to have sex with your sister.  Kikyo has taken protective measures against pregnancy, but a condom will not be used.  The act will be recorded on film and distributed for sale.  Does this bother you?”

            “No, not at all,” Kohaku answered with utmost honesty.  “I know what business Sango is in.  She, uh, enjoys it, and she tells me she’s good at it, so I accept it.  Actually, she was the one that got me my job here.”

            “We do a lot of ‘period pieces’ here,” Kikyo explained to Sesshomaru.  “For that, we often need realistic, period-accurate weapons for filming, so in addition to working on the set and helping me shoot scenes, Kohaku makes and maintains them.”

            Kohaku nodded, then gestured to a wooden weapons rack standing along one of the lot’s screen-covered walls.  “That’s right.  I have your weapons over here.”

            Sesshomaru and Kikyo followed Kohaku over to the weapons rack, leaving Eri and Ayumi to return to studying their scripts.  Two sheathed katana lay upon the rack in horizontal position and Kohaku removed both.  One was sheathed in polished, black-lacquered bamboo, hilted in diagonal braids of blue silk, while the other was sheathed and hilted in imitation ivory, with strange hieroglyphs carved into the ivory up and down its length.  Kohaku turned to Sesshomaru to present the swords to the daiyoukai.  “These are the swords you’ll be using today.  I call them Tenseiga and Bakusaiga.”

            Tenseiga – Heavenly Rebirth Fang, and Bakusaiga – Explosive Crushing Fang: a pair of especially dramatic names for a pair of swords.  Sesshomaru took Bakusaiga from Kohaku and unsheathed it by a few inches to examine it.  Well-oiled and polished to the point that Sesshomaru could see his own face reflected in it, Bakusaiga’s blade was real, hand-forged steel, definitely not a plastic imitation or even the sort of cheap display blade sold in novelty stores.  However, its cutting edge had been left deliberately dull for safety; after all, it was intended to work as a prop, not a real weapon.  Tenseiga was of similarly authentic construction, also lacking a cutting edge.

            “You made these?” Sesshomaru asked to Kohaku regarding his swords, his voice carrying impressed awe as he slid Bakusaiga back into its sheath.

            Kohaku smiled uncontrollably at Sesshomaru’s appreciation for his work.  “I learned from the swordsmith Totosai.”

            Sesshomaru slipped Bakusaiga and Tenseiga underneath the golden sash around his armored waist, wearing them both at his left hip.  He wore the swords proudly and graciously, much to Kohaku’s satisfaction.  Kikyo then moved to her camera as it stood nearby, a tall, wheeled, electrically-driven unit that shot in 35mm film, as opposed to storing the captured images digitally.  It had a seat integrated into it and the miko director took her place upon it, manipulating the appropriate switches and levers to turn the camera on.

            “Alright, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo began, peering through her camera’s eyepiece while slewing and elevating it to aim up at the replica pine trees standing in the lot corner.  “Go ahead and hop onto one of those tree branches.”  The miko director then turned to call out over a shoulder.  “Eri, Ayumi, get ready for the scene.”

            Sesshomaru left Kohaku’s side with a respectful nod.  He approached one of the artificial trees and with his demonic agility, he leapt atop the thickest branch he could find.  The branch flexed visibly under his added weight, but remained stable, in no danger of giving way.  At the same time, Eri and Ayumi handed their scripts off to Kikyo, then covered the lower halves of their faces with polished metal facemasks they had been carrying on the sashes around their waists.  They got into position on the shrine façade’s deck and Kikyo adjusted her camera’s focus and centered Sesshomaru’s booted feet in her viewfinder.  “Now, give me a look,” she said to him.  “Look intimidating, but calm.”

            Narrowing his golden eyes and giving his eyebrows a slight, contemplative crease, Sesshomaru looked down at Kikyo from his pine tree vantage point and the miko director smiled happily.  To her, he was already beautiful, but in full costume, he was positively regal.  “Yes, just like that,” she approved to him.  “Keep that look, but now look at the shrine façade behind me.  Gaze out at it, like a king surveying his realm.”

            Sesshomaru gazed out at the Shinto shrine façade, imagining the elaborate religious structure that would have accompanied it.  Kikyo began filming him; she started at his feet and slowly tracked her camera upward, capturing progressively more of him from a low angle.  She did this to emphasize his towering height.  She had her own copy of the film script with her and she flipped it open to the first page.  The first page laid out the setting and premise of the film through a bit of narration. 

            Kikyo’s camera had a microphone integrated into it, one that faced backward rather than forward.  She turned it on and began to read from the script’s first page, giving her voice an extra-sexy purr to foreshadow the film’s extreme sexual content.  She also spoke through the ‘fourth wall,’ to address the film’s audience directly, for exposition’s sake. 

            “Summer, 1357.  Before you stands the Dai-Youkai Sesshomaru, the ‘Perfect Killer.’  He has been dispatched by his father, the Inu no Taisho, the great and terrible Lord of the West, to locate and assassinate Higurashi Kagome, keeper and guardian of the Shikon no Tama.  Using her great miko powers, Kagome has thwarted the Taisho’s attempts to forcibly annex her lands for the last time.  Tonight is her end, for Sesshomaru has arrived at her shrine.”  In the film’s final cut, Kikyo’s exposition would be prefaced by an aerial view of the entire shrine complex, an establishing shot achieved through the use of a scale model Kohaku had built and a little bit of lens blurring.  Filming the model from a high angle, Kikyo would zoom into a particular group of miniature pine trees near the shrine, one that corresponded to the full-size, artificial ones Sesshomaru stood in, and splice that footage together with the footage she was getting at that moment.

            At Kikyo’s command, Sesshomaru leapt down from his vantage point in the artificial pine tree, landing on crouched feet with a heavy, booted thud to the turf-covered cement.  Kikyo interrupted her filming, then repositioned her camera to face the shrine façade, keeping Sesshomaru’s landing point in frame.  Sesshomaru then jumped back up into the tree he had just left, and once Kikyo gave him the signal, he leapt down again.  He repeated the action so that Kikyo could edit the two leaps together for cinematic effect.

            With Kikyo training her camera on him, Sesshomaru strode forward over the cobblestone path in front of the shrine façade, taking bold, purposeful steps.  His character was that of a demon prince on a mission.  That demon prince’s personality was one of lethal directness, so Kikyo had written him as entering the shrine through its front entrance with no subterfuge, as opposed to sneaking in to avoid whatever guards patrolled the shrine grounds.

            Eri and Ayumi played two of those guards, junior members of Kagome’s elite, sexy, all-female ‘Taijiya Guard,’ of which Sango played the leader.  They wore costumes similar to Sango’s: glossy black bodysuits with soft shin, knee, groin, and shoulder pads.  Sheathed katana hung at their hips.  Polished, ventilated metal masks covered the lower halves of their faces, leaving only their alluring, pink-shaded eyes exposed.  At Kikyo’s signal, they strode forward down the shrine façade’s wooden front steps, placing themselves directly in Sesshomaru’s path.

            Kikyo had a second camera unit waiting in the backlot, for Kohaku to operate.  As the miko director filmed Sesshomaru, Kohaku used the second camera to film Eri and Ayumi.  Under this arrangement, Kikyo wouldn’t need to constantly redirect her own camera in between lines of dialogue and filming could proceed more quickly and smoothly.  Later on, she could splice her footage together seamlessly with Kohaku’s.

            “Halt!” Eri or Ayumi called out, in accordance with her brief part in the script.  From their perspective of Sesshomaru, Kikyo, and the movie’s future audience, the two women, dressed in identical taijiya suits and wearing masks, were indistinguishable from each other.  Their facemasks muffled their voices a bit, requiring their dialogue to be dubbed or electronically manipulated later on.  “This is the shrine of the Shikon Miko.  If she invited you here, youkai as you are, no one told us.”

            Filming Sesshomaru from his front, Kikyo wheeled her camera backward as the daiyoukai moved forward, moving along a section of the artificial turf that had been cut away to allow her camera’s wheels to roll on the smooth concrete beneath.  Sesshomaru stopped as the taijiya ordered and Kikyo stopped, as well.  His character’s rationale was to not simply to obey her order, but to assess her and her companion as a threat.  Recalling his lines, he spoke coolly, with vapid fascination: “You are taijiya.”

            “That’s right,” the first demon slayer affirmed.  “And you are Lord Sesshomaru, of the House of the Moon.”

            “If you know who I am, then you must know why I’m here,” Sesshomaru said, moving forward again to approach the taijiya slowly and with implicit threat.  “Take me to the miko.”

            “So sorry, Sesshomaru-sama, but we can’t do that.”  Eri and Ayumi unsheathed their katana (edgeless, like Sesshomaru’s) to defend both themselves, the shrine behind them, and everyone inside, their beloved Shikon Miko, most of all.  Ayumi braced herself to fend Sesshomaru off while Eri retreated back up the shrine façade’s front steps, reaching overhead to an alarm bell that hung from the façade’s wooden ceiling, ringing it vigorously.

            Here, Kikyo carefully choreographed Sesshomaru’s movements, directing him to move at a very slow, yet even speed.  She had him use a small amount of his youki to levitate himself above the stone path leading to the shrine façade, then propel himself at Ayumi as she stood at the foot of the façade’s wooden steps.  Simultaneously, the daiyoukai projected his youki as a long, thin, glowing green whip that coalesced from the fingertips of one of his hands.  For Kikyo, this was one of the advantages of working with real youkai; they could perform supernatural feats on camera, all without the need for special effects!

            Sesshomaru’s whip undulated ponderously through the air.  It responded to his control with seemingly prehensile agility and reached forward to wrap around the blade of Ayumi’s katana.  Sesshomaru pulled gently and the actress taijiya intentionally released her hands from her sword’s hilt, allowing him to carry it away from her.  He cast the sword aside at low speed and in such a direction that no one in the studio backlot was in any danger of being injured by it.

            Kikyo had Sesshomaru move at such a slow speed for the sake of safety.  The swords he, Ayumi, and Eri were using were edgeless, but they still had relatively sharp points and could be dangerous if used or thrown carelessly.  For that reason, the miko director had trained film industry medics standing by in another part of the studio, reachable at a moment’s notice through her radio. 

            By speeding up the film’s framerate and adding some dramatic sound effects during post-production, Kikyo could make Sesshomaru look and sound as if he was moving much faster than in reality.  With Ayumi abruptly disarmed, Sesshomaru coiled his whip around Eri’s midsection before she could draw her own sword, restraining both of her arms at once.  He pulled the whip taut and gave a good tug, which she augmented with a forward stumble.  With him continuing to move forward, this resulted in both actresses coming into arms reach of him at the same time, and he dissolved his whip to reach out with both hands, wrapping them around their throats.

            Eri and Ayumi grabbed onto Sesshomaru’s wrists to safely support their weight and his demonic strength allowed him to lift them off their feet with ridiculous ease.  Kikyo moved her camera to film them from one side, zooming in a bit to focus on Eri’s and Ayumi’s long, powerful legs as they began to kick at Sesshomaru’s armored midsection.  Though a daiyoukai, Sesshomaru was hardly invulnerable and even in his armor, Eri and Ayumi could probably legitimately hurt him if they kicked hard enough.  Therefore, they restrained themselves, leaving it to post-production sound effects to give their kicks more aural impact.  Similarly, Sesshomaru made sure his fingertips didn’t dig into their skin, instead grasping their necks very loosely, as if he was reaching for something, not gripping it.

            Ignoring the taijiyas’ kicks, Sesshomaru continued to hold them at arms’ length and marched up the façade’s steps, storming toward the false shoji doors in the façade’s center.  At this point, Kikyo directed him to stop and he set Eri and Ayumi down onto their feet, releasing their throats.  The miko director ceased filming and all together, she, Kohaku, Sesshomaru, Eri, and Ayumi moved themselves and the two camera units inside the studio warehouse, as this was the moment filming transitioned from the exterior to the interior of the fictional shrine.

            Inside the studio warehouse, the other side of the wall onto which the shrine façade had been attached was covered with green screen.  For several feet in front of it, Kikyo’s film crew had covered the warehouse’s cement floor with the same type of hardwood flooring as the shrine façade’s deck, then raised a shoji wall with a set of sliding doors built into the middle.  The doors did not actually move; they were not intended to open and in just a few moments, the wall would be destroyed.

            Kikyo guided Sesshomaru, Eri, and Ayumi to stand a few feet in front of the shoji wall, in the same relative positions they had been in front of the outdoor shrine façade.  She trained her camera on them from one side and slightly behind to get the three of them and the shoji wall into one shot.  Meanwhile, Kohaku moved his own camera unit to film the wall’s other side.  Sesshomaru extended his arms and the two actress taijiya clung onto his wrists in the same way as before.  He lifted them off their feet and once Kikyo gave the signal, he stormed forward, thrusting himself and both actresses through the thin shoji with spectacular, Kool-Aid Man effect.

            Filming Sesshomaru as he burst through the shoji wall with Eri and Ayumi in his hands, Kohaku smiled and could not help but think: ‘Oh, yeaaaah!’  Having captured his shot, he moved his camera out of the way so that Kikyo could continue filming from her position behind Sesshomaru.

            Having come through the shoji wall that represented the shrine’s front, Sesshomaru, Eri, and Ayumi found themselves in a large, square room of more shoji, floored with the same hardwood planking as the areas behind them.  The room was the shrine’s front hall, lit by several lanterns that hung from the ceiling rafters.  Continuing to film, Kikyo signaled for the rest of the shrine’s taijiya guard, portrayed by two dozen or so female extras she had hired, to come flooding in from side hallways offscreen.  Eri had sounded her alarm bell and now, Kagome’s taijiya bodyguard was responding in force.

            The two dozen taijiya women surrounded Sesshomaru rapidly with highly-trained precision, reminiscent of the ‘Crazy 88’ scene in the Tokyo ‘House of Blue Leaves’ from the 2003 American film Kill Bill: Volume 1.  They drew their swords in a single, synchronized scrape of oiled steel sliding past bamboo.  Confronted by their superior numbers, Sesshomaru set Eri and Ayumi down onto their feet and pushed them away gently.  The two women melted into the ring formed by their peers and became as indistinguishable from them as they were from each other.

            Sesshomaru stood up straight to address the assembled Taijiya Guard.  Positioning herself outside the glossy-black, steely-eyed ring the women formed, Kikyo lowered her camera’s lens to roughly the level of their knees and angled it upward to bring Sesshomaru into focus in it.  She moved her camera in a wide circle centering on Sesshomaru, his handsome face disappearing and reappearing between the taijiyas’ crouched legs in dramatic fashion.

            Sesshomaru pointed at Eri and Ayumi.  “Those two know who I am,” he said, speaking sternly to all taijiya at once.  “Do any of you?

            The taijiya remained silent, gripping their swords and adjusting their footing, ready to spring into action against the daiyoukai they surrounded.  Then, a soft, sultry female voice called out to Sesshomaru from behind them.  “Of course they know.  I trained them.”

            That voice belonged to Sango.  Kikyo turned her camera to capture the lead taijiya as she stepped out from one of the halls her junior taijiya had exited a minute or so before, clad in the same glossy black bodysuit they wore.  She moved as an apex predator stalking its prey, with a provocative sway in her hips.  The most noticeable difference between her and the other taijiya was the color of her suit’s shoulder, knee, elbow, and groin pads: rich, vibrant pink with attractive floral patterns dyed in, whereas the pads of the others were a light shade of green.  The color of her suit’s pads distinguished her from them and made a visual suggestion that she was their leader.

            Kikyo kept her camera trained on Sango as she joined the circle that her junior taijiya had made around Sesshomaru.  They spaced out a bit to give her room, making her the center of attention for both Sesshomaru and the camera’s frame.  She unclasped her metal facemask and clipped it to the sash around her waist, baring the lower half of her face to speak and be recorded by Kikyo’s microphones unimpeded.  Her character was aware of the tension in the other women and she raised a semi-gloved hand, her hand empty and open for them to see.  It was her signal for them to refrain from attacking, at least for the moment. “Welcome, Sesshomaru-sama,” she said coolly, lowering her hand.  “I am Sango, captain of these warriors.  Kagome-sama has been expecting you.”

            For his own part, Sesshomaru was struck by how beautiful Sango was when in character, that of a strong, sexy, deadly-serious taijiya warrior.  The blush he’d seen on her face earlier, the result of Kagome telepathically relaying to her the sensations Kikyo felt when he fucked the miko director in his dressing room, had subsided completely.  Her chocolate brown eyes, given alluring shade by pink eyeliner, bore penetrating intensity and he summoned similar intensity into his own golden ones as he squared off with her.  “You’ve been expecting me?” he asked.  “Clearly, your miko has a spy in my father’s court.”

            “We needn’t resort to violence just yet,” Sango suggested to Sesshomaru.  She planted a hand on a cocked hip to stand in bold defiance of him.  “You may be daiyoukai, but there are over two dozen of us, and we are taijiya, not mere human women.  Several of us, including myself, may fall to you, but we may still take your head.”  She paused to let her warning sink in, then continued: “Kagome-sama knows you have come to kill her, but she is still willing to speak with you.  Perhaps the two of you may come to some arrangement.”

            In accordance with the script, Sesshomaru let his eyes roam and his expression soften with consideration, as if tempted by Sango’s words.  Kikyo wrote his character to be somewhat sympathetic, given his situation.  As his father’s best assassin, he was constrained by duty, but he was not so cold-blooded as to dismiss a diplomatic solution out of hand.  However, his wariness of his father’s wrath outweighed his desire to avoid bloodshed.  “My father’s order was clear,” Sesshomaru said.  “I am to take Kagome’s head, then bring it to him.”

            Sango’s face contorted bitterly, as if in grief.  Sesshomaru was a creature of ethereal beauty and her character felt remorse over ordering harm done to him. “Then you leave me no choice.  Attack!

            Kikyo choreographed the following action much more carefully than the short segment in the studio’s backlot.  Now, there were far more swords involved and the risks were greater.  The miko director had her medics standing by, of course, but the idea was to not need them.  Of the two dozen taijiya actresses surrounding Sesshomaru, only two attacked him upon each of Kikyo’s signals, each striking at him very slowly for the sake of safety and with no more than 90 degrees separation from each other.  This ensured that they would not be striking directly at each other, as would be the case if they approached Sesshomaru from either side with 180 degrees separation in their circle.

            Sesshomaru responded to the taijiya’s swords with unarmed combat.  In slow motion, he dodged and weaved around their slashes and thrusts, burying one of his fists into the stomach of one taijiya before turning to drive his fingertips into a vital pressure point in the neck of the other.  In the finished film, moving at full speed, he would appear to fight as the Kenshiro, Savior of the Century’s End and his anime/manga Hokuto no Ken namesake.

            Following Sesshomaru’s strikes, both taijiya women collapsed to appear unconscious, their swords clattering to the floor beside them.  Another two taijiya attacked, followed by another two, then another two, and so on until all two dozen of them lay strewn across the floor around Sesshomaru’s feet, neutralized but alive.  This was another deliberate choice of Kikyo’s; having Sesshomaru use non-lethal tactics at first would avoid painting him as a bloodthirsty killer, the implications of his name notwithstanding.  In addition to the footage Kikyo got from her position at ground level, Kohaku remotely operated a camera that had been mounted in the ceiling rafters and pointed straight down, filming Sesshomaru’s fight against Sango’s taijiya from directly above.

            Moving his feet carefully to avoid stepping on any of the taijiya as they lay around him, Sesshomaru turned to face Sango.  The taijiya commander looked at him, then over her defeated warrior women in disbelief.  None of them were bleeding and they all continued to breathe, some of them giving up weak groans.  “You didn’t kill them,” she noted with a semi-grateful hush.

            “I am Sesshomaru.  My father gave me my name; it means Perfect Killer, and he trained me as such,” Sesshomaru explained, stepping over unconscious taijiya to approach Sango, causing her to back away cautiously.  “But I kill only as much as is necessary.”

            “You’re not a monster, Sesshomaru-sama.  Kagome-sama, my mistress, has felt it in your youki and I have seen it in your actions here,” Sango said, trying to appeal to Sesshomaru’s ‘humanity,’ or at least to its demonic analogue.  “Please, don’t do this!  You’re the son of the Inu no Taisho.  You’re the heir to the whole of the West!  Aren’t you allowed to exercise some kind of discretion?

            “Not here,” Sesshomaru replied with audible regret.  “If I fail to complete this mission Father has charged me with, his punishment will be swift.  And then he will send someone else.”  Grasping Bakusaiga’s sheath with his left hand, he drew Bakusaiga itself with his right and held it out to one side of him, perpendicular with his body.  “I can let you live, I can let your taijiya live, and I can make your mistress’ death quick and painless.  That is the extent of the discretion my father has allowed me.  Now, step aside.”

            Baring her teeth in a darkly beautiful sneer, Sango drew her katana and lunged at Sesshomaru.  They slashed, thrust, and parried back and forth, clashing swords slowly so that Kikyo could film them and speed the footage up later.  Sesshomaru took special pleasure from their slow-motion sword dance.  Being so close to Sango, he could really smell her now.  They were making an elaborate, hardcore adult film and he could smell her anticipation for the highly-explicit sex scenes to come.  He could also smell a recent orgasm on her, the one she’d had in her dressing room earlier, and the smell of Kagome’s pleasure came intertwined with it.  The thought of two such gorgeous women embracing each other, touching lips and making love as they telepathically feast on the pleasure he gave Kikyo, had his heart pumping great amounts of burning hot demon blood straight into his cock.

            Sesshomaru and Sango crossed swords and held them there, grinding their blades together in a test of strength and footing.  He balanced his strength with hers for drama’s sake, as his daiyoukai power enabled him to easily throw her clear across the studio warehouse, if he wanted.  Gradually, he forced her backward on her feet, out of the shrine’s front hall and into a long, narrow corridor that connected the front hall to the larger one where Kagome waited.  The corridor was formed with dozens of wooden columns, several feet of open space between each, and covered with a triangular wooden awning.  All the load-bearing wooden surfaces, columns included, were painted bright red, in accordance with Shinto design philosophy.  Green screens stood on either side of the corridor; nighttime forest would be projected onto them later. 

            Looking into Sango’s eyes, Sesshomaru could hear her heart pumping briskly in her chest and his own heart raced to match.  Here, he decided to deviate from the script a bit and channel his own, growing arousal into his ad-libbed dialogue.  “You are beautiful, taijiya,” he praised to Sango with total, serious honesty.  He gripped Bakusaiga tightly and used it to nudge Sango’s katana out from between his body and hers.  He loomed over her to ease his face a little closer to hers, almost close enough for a kiss, relishing in her warmth washing against his skin.  His cock pulsed against the inside of his silk-lined armor, growing longer, thicker, harder by the second.  “Beautiful…and strong.  I wish…I wish we’d met under different circumstances.  Then, I might have taken you, and presented you to my father…as my mate.”

            Sango looked over to Kikyo and she filmed her and Sesshomaru, and the miko director smiled at her, making a spooling gesture with a hand.  It was a signal for her to play along with Sesshomaru’s sexualized ad-lib.  Then, Kikyo silently gestured for Kohaku to leave for the day, as the interaction between Sesshomaru and Sango was taking a sexual turn and would remain that way for the rest of the shoot.  When Kohaku signed on with Kikyo’s company, he’d expressed a desire to not be present during filming whenever his sister’s parts in a given script involved her acting in a sexual manner.  This was a desire Kikyo was completely willing to accommodate.

            Looking back into Sesshomaru’s gorgeous golden eyes, Sango licked her lips with a quick bat of her tongue, swallowing thickly and breathing deep and slow to keep her arousal under control.  The daiyoukai’s intense sexual presence made it difficult to keep herself from stealing a kiss from him.  “You dare paw me?” she asked with a half-angry, half-aroused quiver in her voice.  “You think…you think I would allow you between my legs?”

            “There are no men at this shrine, only women,” Sesshomaru pointed out, forming his words with the sexiest baritone growl he could manage.  Sango’s scent really spiked with desire and the effect it had on him was narcotic.  “No human male from the nearby villages could possibly be worthy of you.  Who else could claim and satisfy such a powerful demon slayer as yourself, but one of the greatest demons of them all?”

            “You’re in heat,” Sango realized with a gasp, her hands trembling on the hilt of her katana.  This was not necessarily a line delivered ‘in-character.’  As an experienced player in the Japanese porn industry, she’d performed with male youkai enough times to recognize when their natural pheromones were affecting her.  They emitted those pheromones in the largest amounts during demonic ‘mating season’ and being a daiyoukai, Sesshomaru’s were especially potent.  Sango could feel herself getting dizzy, her cheeks flushing as the depthless ocean that was Sesshomaru’s male sexual aura lashed against her receptive female shore.

            “And you can feel it,” Sesshomaru whispered to Sango, implicitly confirming her realization.  “I know you can.  I can smell it between your thighs, and I can hear it in your pulse.  This is a shrewd tactic on Father’s part, sending me here in my current state.  He anticipated you would respond in this way, and now, I hardly need to fight you.”

            The movie in which Kikyo was directing Sesshomaru, Sango, Kagome, and all the others was set in spring, but the actual time of year was summer, the time when demonic mating season was at its peak.  As an inu daiyoukai, Sesshomaru’s sex drive was therefore also at its peak, and he channeled the full force of it into his performance, leaving Sango to bear the brunt of it.  The taijiya actress’ heartbeat was music to his tapered ears and he anticipated getting it really pounding with endless orgasms.

            Slowly, Sesshomaru released a hand from Bakusaiga’s hilt and reached over to grasp one of Sango’s suit-covered wrists, squeezing gently as if to reassure her.  He slid his hand up to cover hers as she held her own sword.  “Let go,” he ordered firmly.  Her grip on her sword weakened until it slipped out of her hands completely, clattering uselessly to the floor.  Victorious, Sesshomaru kicked the sword away, then moved Sango aside and thrust her up against one of the corridor’s wooden columns standing nearby.  Holding Bakusaiga safely to one side, he towered over her, gazing down into her eyes and seeing the shaken confidence there as he contemplated what to do next with her.  Reining in his inu sex drive with iron discipline, he left her with a warning: “Do not interfere further.”

            Trembling visibly and panting softly as a rich, creamy, thoroughly female liquid heat pulsed between her thighs, undoubtedly soaking her fundoshi beneath her bodysuit, Sango reached out just as Sesshomaru turned from her and began to pull away.  She fisted her hand in the fine, white silk of his haori, just above the upper, spiked edge of his steel armor, and yanked forcefully to drag his heavy body back to her.  “Wait,” she gasped to him, a plea.  Kikyo got into position to film the two of them in profile, and Sango hiked one of her thighs up Sesshomaru’s side, hooking her calf behind him.  Then, pulling on his haori, she drew him in to take his lips in a hard, hungry kiss.

            Sesshomaru’s golden eyes widened a tiny bit in surprise as Sango took the initiative, then slid closed as he indulged himself in her lips.  She opened her mouth to him and he did the same for her, their tongues extending and entwining in a gentle, fiercely erotic dance.  She used the calf she had hooked behind him to urge his hips closer to hers and grind against him, gyrating her hips with slow, skillful coital thrusts.  Their bodies were ultimately separated by his costume’s silk and steel, as well as the silk and fibrous padding of hers, but the sensation was delicious enough to cause him to moan into her mouth.

            Kikyo felt a rush of arousal flow through her as she filmed Sango conquering Sesshomaru in her own way.  She greatly anticipated watching the taijiya actress and Kagome fuck and get fucked by the daiyoukai sex machine, taken hard and all but bred by him.  She rubbed her thighs together as she sat on her camera unit’s seat, feeling her own juices building up between them and seeping into her underwear.

            Sesshomaru broke the kiss he shared with Sango with a greedy intake of breath, a thread of their mixed saliva linking their tongues.  He ground his hips against hers firmly enough to shove her pad-covered rear to the wooden column behind her, maximizing the pressure against his cock underneath his armor.  Licking away saliva from her lips as well as his own, he reached up to clamp his free hand over her lower jaw in possessive fashion and gaze into her eyes again.  “What do want to happen here, Sango-san?” he asked.

            Sango subverted her own desires for the moment and threw herself back into character.  “I want you spare Kagome-sama’s life!” she answered with the combined heat of arousal and desperation.  “My bedroom is nearby.  There, you can have me.  You can do whatever you want with me, as long as you want, all if you let Kagome-sama live.”

            Sesshomaru’s lips curled back over his gleaming white teeth, exposing his sharp upper and lower incisors.  His ‘beast,’ the demonic part of his psyche that guided all of his actions in some way, roared in his blood, speaking to him in silent mantras.  In his beast’s view, there was only one thing for him to do with a hot taijiya bitch like Sango as she offered herself to him – CLAIM!  “You have no idea how you tempt me,” he rasped, the clean-lined magenta stripes on his faces becoming slightly jagged for a moment.  “But for my own sake, I must decline.”  Abruptly, he released Sango’s jaw and stepped back away from her.  Her knees had gone weak by the effect Sesshomaru had on her, and she slumped down the wooden column to land on her rear, her lower legs splayed out from each other.

            As Sesshomaru began to move down the corridor again, approaching the shoji door to Kagome’s chambers, Sango silently extricated herself from the debased position he had left her in on the corridor floor.  Kikyo filmed her as she transitioned effortlessly into a low crouch, reaching to a cloth hip pouch that hung from the pink sash around her waist.  She removed two glass spheres from it, each sphere filled with a viscous red liquid.  At the same time, she placed her other hand on a coiled, weighted chain that hung from her sash on her opposite hip, preparing herself for the right time to use it.

            “Sesshomaru-sama?” Sango called with feigned pleasantness, to which Sesshomaru stopped and turned to glance at her over a shoulder.  In that moment, the taijiya actress cast the two glass spheres she held at the floor directly beneath him.  The spheres broke open on contact, their unidentified contents reacting violently with the air to erupt into two billowing clouds of red smoke that merged into one and enveloped Sesshomaru’s body completely.  The smoke was harmless, but it was intended to represent one of Sango’s special, anti-demon weapons.

            Sango detached her coiled chain from her sash and spun its weighted end up to an incredible speed, casting it forward at Sesshomaru’s feet.  As the daiyoukai choked and blundered through the red smoke, the chain wrapped around his ankles a few times, then locked back around itself with an audible ka-chink.  Sesshomaru held Bakusaiga out away from his body for his own safety and Sango yanked hard on her chain, pulling his feet right out from under him and sending him right down to the corridor floor, flat on his face.

            Kikyo shifted her camera’s focus from Sesshomaru to Sango.  Swiftly, the taijiya actress dropped her chain and the miko director followed her as she reclaimed her sword, then dashed past the daiyoukai struggling on the corridor floor.  She headed for the shoji double doors to Kagome’s chambers and threw them open. 

            Through the doors, the Shinto-themed corridor opened up into a space much larger than the shrine’s front hall – the honden, the shrine’s worship hall.  Thick, steel-banded wooden columns, seemingly repurposed tree trunks, jut from the hardwood floor and rose to a height of dozens of feet to support an unseen ceiling.  No walls were visible, as the overall lighting mood of the honden was one of meditative darkness, creating the illusion of an apparently boundless void within the finite structure of the shrine.  In the center of the darkness stood a raised, stepped wooden platform that shone with a radiant light, formed of many dozens of candles arranged in a semi-circle around it.

            Clad in the red hakama and white haori of a Shinto miko, Kagome sat cross-legged upon a tatami mat lain out on the platform, her back to Kikyo’s camera.  Her head was bowed and her hands interlaced into an inverted cup in her lap as she meditated deeply.  She heard Sango throw open the shoji doors behind her and she turned her head to glance over a shoulder, allowing Kikyo to capture one side of her lovely, candlelit face on film.

            Sango rushed to the platform Kagome meditated on and stopped just before it, kneeling respectfully.  Kikyo moved to film both women in one shot from the side.  “Kagome-sama!” Sango addressed with hasty breath, not forgetting the honorific ‘sama’ in her alarm.  “Sesshomaru is right behind me.  He’s overcome all my taijiya and I’ve stalled him as long as I can.”

            Kagome stood up from her cross-legged position and turned around to face Sango and Kikyo’s camera.  A large, vibrant pink spherical jewel, the enchanted Shikon no Tama that marked her as the Shikon Miko, hung low on her chest from the necklace she wore, adorned on either side by square, white beads.  “Don’t worry,” she reassured to Sango with a confident smile, stepping down her platform to stand beside the kneeling taijiya and face the door through which she’d come.  “Everything is ready.”

            Kikyo moved her camera back to Sesshomaru, filming him as he regained his bearings, untangled his feet from Sango’s chain and stood up, then moved himself out of the taijiya’s dissipating red smoke.  Seeing Kagome and Sango waiting for him through the open shoji doors at the end of the corridor, he moved forward again, leaving the corridor and entering the dimly-lit worship hall with great caution.

            Kagome bowed to Sesshomaru as he approached, while Sango remained on guard, standing up from her kneel and keeping her sword drawn.  “Good evening, Sesshomaru-sama,” the miko greeted warmly to the daiyoukai actor, as if completely oblivious of the threat his character posed to hers.  “You’ve traveled a long way from the House of the Moon to be here, tonight.  Can I get you something to eat or drink?”

            Sesshomaru regarded Kagome with escalating hostility.  His golden eyes connected with her ethereal blue ones to convey it.  In his character’s mind, he’d undertaken significant personal risk to avoid killing Sango or any of her women, and now, Kagome was essentially mocking him and his purpose at her shrine.  “The only thing you may offer me…is your life,” he replied, brandishing Bakusaiga’s gleaming blade.  “I will take it…and present your head to my father.”

            Kagome sighed, her smile fading into wistful knowingness.  “May I defend myself, at least?” she asked.

            Sesshomaru nodded.  “You may.”

            The still air of the worship hall set, separated from the outside air by the walls, floor, and ceiling of the warehouse studio surrounding it all, abruptly began to move.  The white silk of Sesshomaru’s hakama and haori began to billow and his long, silver hair began to flutter in it as its speed picked up.  To him and Kikyo’s camera, Kagome’s beautiful blue eyes became actively luminescent in the overall darkness of the set, radiating with untold spiritual power.  She narrowed her eyes, furrowed her elegant female brows with concentration, and her power manifested in the corporeal realm, crystallizing into existence as a spherical, shimmering, transparent blue shell that surrounded both her and Sango.

            Being so close to Kagome, Sango felt the miko’s manifested reiki washing over her as harmless vibration.  Fortunately, neither it nor Sesshomaru’s youki appeared to interfere with the various electrical systems in operation around the set!  After a few seconds, the air settled but Kagome’s energy barrier remained.  Kagome extended a hand to Sesshomaru, her palm turned upward, and curled her fingers back toward herself once, then twice, an invitation for him to attack.

            Experimentally, Sesshomaru tapped Kagome’s barrier in different places with Bakusaiga’s sharp tip.  There was no give to the energy shield; it was as a sphere of solid, yet massless steel.  Wisely, he returned Bakusaiga to its sheath, predicting that if he used even a fraction of his demonic strength, driving the sword against such a resilient surface would cause it to snap in two, which would probably upset Kohaku greatly and possibly injure himself or Kikyo as she operated her camera.  Instead, he summoned his glowing green youki into a bare hand, clenching it into a hard fist and winding up for a devastating punch.

            Kagome and Sango braced themselves as Sesshomaru delivered his blow to Kagome’s barrier.  The daiyoukai’s glowing fist slammed into it with a resounding thoom and it shuddered under the impact, warping visibly for a moment as its supernatural energy redistributed over its curved surface.  He hit it again and again, and Kagome’s lovely face contorted slightly, her teeth clenching with determination as she continually fed her reiki into her barrier to keep it in place.

            Frustrated by Kagome’s invulnerability to his fist, Sesshomaru gave the miko’s barrier one last good, hard hit before turning and stalking away, glaring at the miko actress first over one shoulder, then the other as he paced around.  “Your reiki is formidable,” he complimented to her begrudgingly.  “My fists can shatter bone and reshape armor plate as paper, and they are as nothing to your barrier.  I can see why Father fears you so.”

            Kagome smiled, exhaling with a puff from the minor exertion of resisting Sesshomaru’s attacks with her reiki barrier.  She dialed her energy back a bit to conserve it, and the glow in her eyes faded while her barrier remained in place.  She and Sango were safe, for the moment.  “Your father fears me?”

            “Perhaps ‘fear’ is the wrong word,” Sesshomaru reconsidered.  “He recognizes you for the threat you pose to his plans.”

            “And how do you feel about those plans?” Kagome asked, gazing intently at Sesshomaru through the shimmering light of her barrier.  Her character seized the opportunity to speak directly with a high-ranking member of the youkai court whose leader would seek her death.  “Your father wages war against the youkai kingdom to my east, that of the dragon lord Ryukotsusei.  My lands, the lands upon which I and many other humans live, lay between him and his enemy.  He would seize it all and annex it into his own territory simply as a means to launch attacks against Ryukotsusei more directly.” 

            Sesshomaru was apparently unmoved, and after a brief pause, Kagome continued with a more somber tone of voice.  “On his orders, your father’s troops seize food and garrison people’s homes against their will, and anyone who resists is slaughtered.  Men, women, and children alike.  Tell me, Sesshomaru-sama – is this a ruler who deserves your service?”

            “My father is…a blunt instrument,” Sesshomaru replied.  “He prefers the most direct approach in all his battles, and he has little patience for accommodating those that do not immediately accommodate him, myself included.  This, combined with his raw strength, has propelled his rise to power.  I serve him, and in exchange, I continue to live.  I exist entirely at his pleasure, as do most others in this world.”

            “Maybe he’s not so blunt,” Kagome pointed out.  “After all, he sent you here as you struggle with your heat.  I see the effect you have on Sango, here.  Maybe he was expecting you to do the same to me, make me easier to kill if I was too hot and bothered to defend myself properly.  How long has breeding season been going on, now?”

            Sesshomaru didn’t answer, becoming acutely aware of some external energy pressing in on him from all sides.  It did not seem to originate from Kagome herself, but the very walls of the shrine set.  Looking away from Kagome and peering into the darkness around her with his golden demonic eyes, he saw hundreds, perhaps thousands of masses of light beginning to glow upon the walls and ceiling, carefully arranged into a neat grid.  They would have looked like stars glowing in a clear night sky, if not for their rectangular shape and even, geometric pattern.  Alternatively, Sesshomaru compared the sight to the bare walls of the ‘holodeck’ from an episode of one of the later Star Trek series, or the ‘Grid’ from the 1982 American film Tron. They were enchanted sutras like the ones Kikyo had made into contraceptives, and the massive reiki field they projected surrounded Sesshomaru’s relatively-smaller youki field, compressing it until the daiyoukai felt positively bottled up.

            Of course, Sesshomaru fully expected this to happen, as it was laid out clearly in the script he was following.  He felt no real alarm, only some disconcertion that one, single miko like Kagome, given enough time, could wield such power against a daiyoukai like him.  If the situation had been for real and not a movie scene, he predicted that she could really zap him if she wanted to.

            “This is a trap,” Sesshomaru realized aloud.  He glared at Kagome, then Sango.  “You’ve been stalling me.  Both of you have!”  Summoning his youki whip into a hand, he lashed viciously at Kagome’s barrier.  For safety’s sake, he manifested his whip with much less youki than he would have if he was fighting to kill.  At the same time, Kagome controlled her sutra trap such that the reiki it generated posed no real threat to Sesshomaru.  Except for Sesshomaru’s whip and her own barrier, his youki and her reiki were interacting invisibly, so it would be up to post production to add sound and visual effects to give the scene more punch.

            With impressive, electric snaps, Sesshomaru’s deliberately-weakened whip glanced uselessly off Kagome’s barrier as intended and the miko actress took the initiative, stepping forward to advance on him as he wound up for another strike.  Her barrier moved with her while Sango stood back at a safe distance behind her, the barrier’s energy permeating the taijiya actress’ body harmlessly.  Kagome then manipulated her barrier so that it closed in around her and contoured to her body as a suit, instead of a spherical shell.  Now, it was as her armor for battle.

            As with the swordfights earlier, Kikyo directed Sesshomaru and Kagome to move slowly and with careful measure so that they didn’t actually hurt each other.  With the camera on them, Sesshomaru snapped his whip at Kagome again and this time, she reached out and caught it, her reiki suit safely insulating her hand from it.  With reiki-boosted strength, she pulled on the whip and Sesshomaru intentionally stumbled forward, allowing her to softly drive a reiki-shielded elbow into his face.  Once her elbow met one of his cheekbones, he paused for a moment, then flung his entire body backward away from her, creating the illusion that she had delivered a very powerful blow.

            Feigning anger, Sesshomaru picked himself up and tried to use his whip again.  Kagome increased the energy output from her sutra trap and to Sesshomaru’s great concern, his whip fizzled out as her reiki overwhelmed the small amount of youki that constituted it.  With Kagome’s reiki washing over him from all sides, painlessly beating him down, Sesshomaru didn’t have to feign clumsiness; he felt weak and sluggish and Kagome easily outmaneuvered him as their mock battle entered the hand-to-hand realm.  He swung at her wide with uncharacteristic sloppiness as she worked herself around his fists and drove her own into his face, then his armored midsection over and over.  Sesshomaru jerked his body backward in time with Kagome’s mock attacks, grunting hard to emphasize their impact.

            Finally, Kagome gave a precise, reiki-charged ‘savate’ kick to one of Sesshomaru’s knees, sending him down to the worship hall’s polished hardwood floor.  Looming over him as he knelt helplessly before her, she reached down and grasped the section of his haori that lay above the upper edge of his cuirass.  She looked into his golden eyes and he nodded to indicate his readiness.  Then, she channeled her reiki into her arm, briefly converting it into incredible strength as she used Sesshomaru’s haori as a grip to heft his entire, seven-foot body, weighing perhaps more than 300 pounds including his armor, directly over her head.  She then turned in place to slam him down onto his back behind her.

            Stunned, Sesshomaru felt the wood flooring beneath him crunch as Kagome drove him into itThe entire world flipped upside down and spun around inside his head as brief dizziness overcame him.  After a few moments of laying in his wooden crater and once Kikyo repositioned her camera to film him from close up, he pushed himself up onto his elbows to try and get back onto his feet.  Kagome moved to stand over him, extending a hand toward his face and aiming her open palm at it.  Her entire body still shielded by her reiki suit, she focused some of her available energy into her palm, causing it to glow distinctly from the rest of her for Kikyo’s camera.  At this close range, she could purify Sesshomaru’s head clean off in one shot.  “Stay down,” she warned.

            Sesshomaru continued to recline on his elbows, but made no further attempt to stand.  He felt the reiki pressure of Kagome’s sutra trap increase upon him, rendering him immobile and totally helpless.  He gazed at the miko’s glowing hand as one might look down the muzzle of a loaded cannon.  “You’ve beaten me, miko.  Soundly so,” he admitted, bracing himself for death.  “Finish me.”

            “I think not,” Kagome declined, allowing the reiki charge in her hand to recede back into her body.  “You’re far too pretty to kill.”

            Kagome gestured for Sango to approach.  Pointing at Sesshomaru’s swords, she ordered to her taijiya bodyguard: “Sango, relieve Sesshomaru-sama of his weapons.”

            Cautiously, Sango knelt beside Sesshomaru and glanced into his golden eyes to gauge his aggression toward her.  She saw little, as even though he was acting as angry as possible, Kagome’s functional sutra trap suppressed him in both physical and emotional terms.  The taijiya warrior forced him to roll slightly onto his right hip and give her access to his left, upon which he carried Tenseiga and Bakusaiga.  She slipped the swords out from under his golden sash and removed them from his reach, placing them upon the platform Kagome had been meditating on.

            With Sesshomaru disarmed and prevented from even moving by her reiki, Kagome sat down beside him, folding her legs neatly beneath her.  “Now,” she began to him, dispelling her reiki suit and letting herself relax a bit.  “Let me be completely honest with you.  This is a trap.  As you can probably tell, I’ve had considerable time to prepare this place for your arrival.”

            Kagome waved to Sango and pointed at the golden sash around Sesshomaru’s waist, the one that had held his swords.  The gesture was a silent command to remove the sash, for removing it was the first step to removing the armor cuirass beneath.  Looking back down to Sesshomaru as Sango untied and stripped the sash away, Kagome reached over him and began undoing the various clasps and ties of his armor, lifting the spiked breastplate away from his chest and abdomen, handing it to Sango.  No longer attached to the breastplate, the backplate settled to the floor beneath Sesshomaru and Sango pulled it out from under him, setting it and the breastplate next to his swords on Kagome’s platform.

            Sesshomaru felt especially vulnerable now, being unarmed and unarmored.  With a gentle, almost reverent touch, Kagome opened his white haori to expose his chest and abdomen, her eyes lighting up with excitement at all the spectacularly chiseled muscle she found there.  “God, you’re not just pretty.  You’re beautiful, Sesshomaru-sama,” she praised with a breathless hush.  Sango was similarly ensconced by the daiyoukai’s perfect demonic physique as she returned to her place beside him, opposite Kagome.  Kagome reached down to touch his bare, pale and totally hairless flesh, relishing in the smooth texture of his skin and the intense heat he generated.  She slid her hand upward over his chest to cover his heart, feeling it pumping briskly just below her palm.  “Don’t be afraid.”

            Sesshomaru swallowed thickly, visibly struggling with his own vulnerability and the demonic sexual urges rising in his blood.  Kagome’s sutra trap seemed to only suppress aggressive or hostile intent, leaving amorous intent unaffected.  Kagome and Sango were both incredibly appealing to his beast, each woman strikingly beautiful and each an embodiment of strength in her own way.  Sango’s strength was physical and martial, while Kagome’s was spiritual, and the daiyoukai porn star wanted both women more and more with each passing moment.  The sensation of being completely at their mercy, combined with the knowledge that he would soon have them, or be had by them, all for Kikyo to film, was driving him wild.  Still, he summoned some defiance into his throat for the sake of the scene.  “This Sesshomaru does not fear,” he boasted to Kagome.

            Smiling in approval, Kagome reached into her white haori and retrieved an enchanted seal from a breast pocket, showing the printed side of it to Sesshomaru.  It was similar to Kikyo’s contraceptive sutras, but the ideogram it bore was different, translating roughly to ‘soul connection.’  “I’m going to bind you to me,” Kagome warned with an intensely sexual gleam in her gorgeous blue eyes.

            Sesshomaru’s eyes widened and his mouth fell slightly agape, his stoic version of shock.  Immediately, he regretted his ‘no fear’ statement and broke character as he looked over to Kikyo with a questioning expression.  Poking her head out from behind her camera’s viewfinder, the miko director nodded to him.  “It’s okay,” she said.  “It won’t hurt you, and it can be undone once we’re finished shooting.”

            Trusting in Kikyo’s judgement, reciprocating the trust she’d given him when she let him fuck both her and Rin, Sesshomaru looked back to Kagome as she held her binding seal.  “Do it,” he rasped.

            Kagome pressed on Sesshomaru’s chest, urging him to settle back down to the crushed-in floor.  As he did so, his powerful daiyoukai heart began pounding for her to feel and she moved her hand to place her binding seal directly over it.  The youki in the blood pumping through the chambers of his heart reacted to the reiki infused into the seal, tiny arcs of spiritual electricity arcing painlessly between his skin and the seal’s paper surface.  Then, Kagome slammed the seal down onto Sesshomaru’s hard, male pectoral and the subdued daiyoukai arched off the broken floor beneath him, tossing his head back and snarling out as the seal’s power reached into his body and took firm, yet caring hold of something precious, perhaps his very soul.

            Sesshomaru thrashed and gave up throaty male cries of nearly painful pleasure as Kagome’s life force entwined with his, joined through her seal.  To comfort him in his moment of sensory upheaval, Kagome and Sango clasped his hands in theirs and squeezed tight, as if to anchor him to the earth.  By their combined strength, he calmed down, his thrashing easing back to involuntary trembling and his cries becoming quiet groans. 

            Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, Kagome bit her lip and coped with her own rush of sensation, feeling Sesshomaru’s youkai soul flooding into her through the seal’s connection.  Brimming with passion and emotion, she leaned over him and kissed the crescent moon mark on his forehead, their hearts beating as one.  As she pulled away, Sesshomaru breathed deep and husky, opening his golden eyes to look up at her.  “I feel you,” he whispered in quiet amazement, his entire body quivering by the sheer fullness of energy he felt.  Then, he looked over to Sango as she held his other hand.  “And I feel you, taijiya.”

            Sango gave Sesshomaru a sultry smile, then kissed his fingers before releasing his hand.  She unclasped the front of her taijiya bodysuit and spread it open to reveal her generous cleavage, her full breasts contained within a tight linen chest wrap.  There, just above her left breast and her heart, lay another of Kagome’s binding seals.  She was bound to Kagome, and indirectly, to Sesshomaru.

            “We three are joined, now,” Kagome said to Sesshomaru and Sango with a smile and a shaky exhalation of breath.  She gestured for Sango to lean closer to her, right over Sesshomaru’s chest, and she took the taijiya’s full lips in a soft, sweet, girl-on-girl kiss for the daiyoukai to see.  Sesshomaru moaned helplessly at the sight and the sensation of their kiss, the warmth, taste, and texture of each woman’s lips transmitted to him by the binding seal with perfect clarity.

            Kagome broke her kiss with Sango before it became too hot and heavy, looking back down to Sesshomaru.  “Now that we’re linked, you can’t hurt either of us, and we can’t hurt you,” she said.  “No one of us three will be able to even conceive of violence against the other two.”

            Sesshomaru felt the reiki field of Kagome’s sutra trap evaporate, relieving the pressure it held on his youki.  Reforming his mask of stoicism in light of his deadly mission, the daiyoukai assassin sat up between Kagome and Sango, glancing at one woman, then the other.  Kagome nodded at Sango as she sat on the opposite side of Sesshomaru, and the taijiya bodyguard pulled at the daiyoukai’s hand, bringing it up to her throat.

            Sango grasped Sesshomaru’s wrist and pulled his fingers around her neck, placing his thumb against her pulsing carotid artery.  Sesshomaru gazed at her with uncertainty as she put her very life in his hand.  “Squeeze,” Kagome ordered hotly to Sesshomaru.  “Tear her throat out.”

            The blood vessels in Sesshomaru’s neck and temples strained as he summoned his killer instinct against the benevolent impulse of Kagome’s binding seal.  Feeling his hand beginning to shake against her throat, Sango held it steady and gazed at him with total conviction, absolutely no fear.  In the face of such steely will, even the great Sesshomaru could do nothing but yield.  “I…I can’t,” he gasped, discovering that he could move his hand only as he pulled it away from Sango’s throat.

            Satisfied that Sesshomaru was no longer a threat to them, Kagome and Sango stood, pulling on the big, tall daiyoukai’s hands to drag him onto his feet.  Sesshomaru steadied himself on the two women as he felt his youki-based strength return to him gradually, and they helped him over to a tatami mat that lay in front of Kagome’s meditation platform.  They guided him to kneel, then sit upon it in Japanese, folded-leg fashion, releasing him only when they were certain he wasn’t going to fall over.  Kagome sat down on the lowest level of her meditation platform to face Sesshomaru directly, while Sango chose a spot behind her miko mistress on the next highest level up.

            Kikyo placed her camera to film Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango in profile, backing up far enough to get all three of them into the same shot.  Now, the scene they presented together was one of civility instead of physical confrontation.  The Shikon Miko had thwarted the Perfect Killer and, assured of her safety and Sango’s, she would speak with him more comfortably.

            Sesshomaru was silent as he glanced between Kagome and Sango, then over to his swords and armor as they lay just a few feet away.  Kagome had deactivated her sutra trap and he felt strong and fast enough to make a grab for them.  The only problem: he didn’t want to.  The binding seal over his heart censored any aggressive intention on his part, so his character resigned himself to being Kagome’s guest, not her assassin.

            Kagome commanded the many sutras on the walls of her worship hall to glow and become visible without projecting a reiki field that would discomfort Sesshomaru again.  “Do you see all those, Sesshomaru-sama?” she asked to him, pointing to the sutras.  “The walls of this worship hall have an area of 50 feet by 30 feet, so 1500 square feet per wall.  Four walls – 6000 square feet.”  The miko then pointed upward to the ceiling.  “And the ceiling!  The roof of this hall is like a pyramid; its sides are all triangles, and they deviate from the vertical by 45 degrees, with 50-foot bases on all sides.  Each side has an interior area of 625 square feet.  Four sides – 2,500 square feet altogether.  Add that to the area of the walls, and we get a grand total of 8,500 square feet.”

            “Why are you telling me this?” Sesshomaru asked.

            Kagome smiled at Sesshomaru impatience.  “Sango, her two-dozen taijiya, and I placed the sutras on the walls.  We spaced them out so that each one was at the center of a 1-foot square.  Since the interior of this hall has a wall and ceiling area of 8,500 square feet, we needed 8,500 sutras to cover it all.  We didn’t have that many on hand, so we had to make more.  Do you know how long it took us to do all that?”

            “How long did it take?” Sesshomaru humored Kagome with a stoic smile.

            “It took us four days,” Kagome replied, much to Sesshomaru’s suspicion.  “And do you know how we knew you were coming here, four days in advance?”

            “Your spy,” Sesshomaru concluded with mounting venom.  “The one you have in my father’s court.”

            “No,” Kagome denied.  Sesshomaru was visibly confused.  “I have no spy in your father’s court.”

            “You lie,” Sesshomaru growled, to Kagome’s and Sango’s offense.

            Mildly angry that Sesshomaru wouldn’t take her word at face value, Kagome stood up and approached the daiyoukai, kneeling with him and poking the binding seal over his heart.  “You lie to yourself,” she shot back to him.  “Look into my mind.  The link that my seal creates between us allows you to do that.  You know I’m telling the truth.”

            Indeed, Sesshomaru saw no deceit in Kagome’s mind and heart, only the purity of honesty.  His apology was silent, yet Kagome received it anyway by the binding seal’s holy magic.  “How did you know, then?” he asked softly as he looked away from her in shame, humbled by his own prejudice.

            “It took four days to turn this place into a trap powerful enough to ensnare you,” Kagome said.  “Five days ago, I received this.”  She reached into her haori and withdrew a folded-up sheet of very fine paper, unfolding it and giving it to Sesshomaru to read.  It was a letter written by an anonymous author.

            “Sango found that wrapped around an arrow lodged in this shrine’s front deck,” Kagome revealed of the letter, turning around and sitting back down on her platform to let Sesshomaru read. 

            The letter read simply: “SESSHOMARU COMES TO KILL YOU IN FIVE DAYS.  BE READY.”   The letter was written in bold, black-inked kanji and Sesshomaru instantly recognized the writing style.  “This…is Father’s handwriting…” he said, his golden eyes growing wide with the realization dawning upon him.

            Kagome stilled, bristling visibly from the ‘oh shit’ expression plastered on Sesshomaru’s handsome face, as well as the emotional turmoil brewing in his mind.  She turned to look at Sango, seeing similar bewilderment in the taijiya’s eyes, then looked back to Sesshomaru.  “Your father?” she repeated, turning over the idea in her mind to try and make sense of it.  “So…your father sends you here to kill me, but warns me about it beforehand.  Then that means…you’re not here to kill me, but to be killed by me!”

            Sesshomaru stood up from his tatami mat and turned his back to Kagome, Sango, and Kikyo as the miko director filmed him from behind, stalking away from them with lumbering steps.  Through the binding seal he wore, Kagome could feel the rage building in his heart, but she hardly needed the seal to feel the swell in his demonic aura.  As an actor, he was clearly channeling some legitimate trauma from his past to make himself so believably angry.  He clenched the letter from his father in a hard fist and his youki manifested around it, incinerating it into flameless ash.

            Kagome rose from her platform and hurried to Sesshomaru’s side.  The last thing her character needed was a super-pissed inu daiyoukai, possibly in his full demon ‘giant dog’ form, rampaging around her shrine.  She reached out to grab one of his arms with both hands, summoning her reiki to tamp down his flaring youki.  “Sesshomaru!  Please, be calm!

            Sesshomaru turned his head to glance down at Kagome, the whites of eyes having turned completely blood red, his golden irises now as incandescent green jewels.  The purity of her soul entered his heart through the binding seal he wore and coursed through his blood, acting as a spiritual coolant that immediately abated his anger.  He was privately amazed at the effect she had on him.  Binding seal or no, his body and spirit had never responded to a woman in such a way.  His eyes reverted to their normal white-and-gold as he seemed to return to sanity.  “I…I’m sorry,” he apologized.

            “You’re right to be angry, after being manipulated like this,” Kagome comforted, squeezing Sesshomaru’s arm and inadvertently feeling the sheer muscle beneath the fine silk of his haori sleeve.  “Just don’t wreck my shrine, okay?  Now come on, sit back down.”

            Kagome brought Sesshomaru back to the tatami mat he’d been sitting on and he took his place upon it, struggling with the terrible knowledge he’d just come into possession of.  “My father has betrayed me,” he rued, clenching his hands into white-knuckled fists on his thighs.

            “Why would he do such a thing?” Kagome asked, sitting on her platform again.  “You’re his ‘Perfect Killer,’ aren’t you?  Why would the Inu no Taisho, the Commander of the Dogs, throw away the ultimate instrument of war?

            “He favors another,” Sesshomaru replied.  “Menomaru, his adopted son whom he took in as an infant after killing his father, the demon lord Hyoga in China.”

            Kagome blinked.  “He would favor an adopted son over his biological son, his own blood?

            “Menomaru has adopted Father’s philosophy on rule and warfare much more completely than I,” Sesshomaru said.  “Every aspect of it, to include uncompromising brutality.  For this, Father sees him as a worthier successor.  But the issue of lineage remains.  By my status as Father’s first-born, I am next in line for the throne of the West, not Menomaru, and the nobles of the court would not support him as long as I remain alive.”

            “But if the great Sesshomaru were to die in battle unexpectedly, such as against a certain, very powerful miko, Menomaru’s path to accession would be clear,” Kagome speculated.  “And your father sent you here all alone, to fight against me and Sango and all her taijiya without anyone to back you up.”

            “Yes,” Sesshomaru confirmed.  “I’ve known that Father preferred Menomaru to me for a long time, but I thought…that if he ever decided to kill me, he would have done it personally.”

            “He’s afraid of you.  He made you into his greatest weapon and now, he’s afraid to fight against what he’s created,” Kagome concluded.  Sesshomaru glared at her with a lethal gleam in his golden eyes; any other time someone accused his father of cowardice, he would have taken his or her head, but the binding seal over his heart prevented him from doing such a thing to Kagome.  Even if the seal wasn’t there, given the circumstances, his character probably would have spared her anyway.  Probably.

            “I…apologize for coming here, to do harm to you and those that protect you,” Sesshomaru spoke solemnly, bowing his silver-haired head to Kagome and Sango at once.

            Roused by Sesshomaru’s authenticity, Kagome stood up from her platform for the final time.  “This hurts you,” she said with a swell of soft, hushed empathy.  “I see the pain in your heart, and through my binding seal, it is real to me.  You love your father, and he has rejected you.”

            “He is all I have ever known,” Sesshomaru contemplated.  “My whole life, I have strived to serve him.  Not always in the ways he demanded, but in the ways that would have benefited him most.  Now, he seeks my deathand yours.”

            “Then we’re on the same side,” Kagome resolved.  She reached down and took one of Sesshomaru’s big, male hands to pull him onto his feet.  “We don’t have to fight each other, now.”

            Sesshomaru stood fixed in place, trembling with anticipation as Kagome stepped up to him, raising herself onto the very tips of her sock-covered toes to press her lips to his.  Chaste and loving, the kiss she blessed him with transcended mere physical sensation, the binding seal he wore allowing her soul to filter into his and soothe his deepest internal emotional wounds.  Their hearts beat as one and when she ended the kiss, she left his body pumping with desire for her, not sadness from his father’s betrayal.

            Behind Kagome, Sango gave up a throaty mewl of passion as she shared her miko mistress’ pleasure through her own binding seal.  Sesshomaru’s catharsis, though incomplete, was equally intoxicating.  Kagome reached out to her in invitation and eagerly, the sexy taijiya warrior left her spot on the meditation platform to join her miko friend in front of Sesshomaru.

            Sango cupped Sesshomaru’s face firmly with both hands, pulling him down to her and really seizing his mouth with hers, taking her kiss where Kagome would offer it.  Sesshomaru’s large hands found their way down to the taijiya’s supple rear and Kagome’s at once, squeezing their perfect asses through their clothes with hard possessiveness.  His armor was out of the way now and he pulled their soft, female bodies against his much larger, harder male frame, reveling in their warmth and the sensation of their breasts pressing against his muscular sides.  Now, his young, burning hot skin was separated from theirs only by thin layers of white, red, and black silk.

            Sango tore her lips from Sesshomaru’s to take a desperately needed breath.  Boldly, she worked a hand down between his body and hers to cup it to his most male area through his hakama, feeling the impressive organs pulsing between his thighs.  Deep inside her belly, her womb quivered as she felt his great size.  “He’s ready,” she whispered to Kagome.

            Kagome replaced Sango’s hand with her own over Sesshomaru’s big cock and well-proportioned balls, fondling him into a rutting, snarling frenzy.  She could feel him straining against the tiny fundoshi he wore underneath his hakama; the thing was about to snap.  “Your cruel father sent you here while your body burns with the breeding heat,” she whispered up to him.  “A miko is a kind of healer, and I know only one truly appropriate way of healing you of your pain.  Make love to us, Sesshomaru, Sango and me, and let us make love to you.”

            “Yes,” Sesshomaru growled in approval to Kagome and Sango at once.  “I will take you, and I will give myself to you in return.”

            Happily, Kagome and Sango each grasped one of Sesshomaru’s wrists, eagerly leading the highly-aroused daiyoukai to a set of shoji doors opposite the main entrance to the worship hall, with Kikyo following with her camera.  Beyond those doors lay Kagome’s master bedroom, and the ‘climax’ of the story!


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

            All but dragging him by their excitement, Kagome and Sango led Sesshomaru out of the portion of the Reiki Films set that portrayed their fictional Shinto shrine’s worship hall, leaving it by a set of shoji sliding doors on the wall opposite the hall’s main entrance.  Beyond those doors lay the section of the set that represented the shrine’s living area, consisting of several bedrooms, a bath, a galley, and several spaces for storing clothes and other household items.  Kagome and Sango brought Sesshomaru to the shoji door of one particular bedroom and Kagome slid it open with appropriately Shinto-like discipline, rather than throwing it aside carelessly by her mounting anticipation. 

            Such discipline was difficult for Kagome; standing so near Sesshomaru, she could feel herself beginning to perspire by his intense body heat, and beyond his thermal energy, he was radiating all the sexual energy she expected from a daiyoukai of his breed.  The link her binding seal created between his mind and hers allowed her to see all the indecent, scandalous things he wanted to do to her and Sango while on camera, as well as the things he envisioned the two of them doing to him.  She was entirely grateful that the moment was finally at hand, because she wasn’t sure how long she and Sango, experienced porn stars as they were, could put up with such a flow of intense sexual imagery pumped directly into their brains before they needed to really fuck the tension away.

            The mock-up of Kagome’s shrine bedroom was spacious and luxurious.  Compared to the bedroom Kikyo kept behind her office, over in the Reiki Films administrative building, this one was scaled up significantly in all three planes and outfitted to reflect a 14th-century Japanese aesthetic.  The bedroom had a single, glassless window fitted within the wall opposite the door, a green screen standing outside it.  As with the green screens set up to either side of the corridor connecting the shrine’s front hall to its worship hall, nighttime forest would be projected onto this bedroom screen in post-production.  A subtle, even romantic level of lighting was provided by standing lanterns placed in each of the bedroom’s four corners, augmented by electric lights mounted in the ceiling and aimed in various directions by Kikyo’s film crew, which Kikyo could control by servos linked to a central control panel as the oncoming sex scenes progressed. 

            The bedroom’s floor was left as plain tatami while the shoji walls and ceiling, base painted in non-aromatic, acrylic white, were printed with lovely, intricate floral patterns of interwoven reds and greens.  At the center of the bedroom lay Kagome’s bed, a large futon easily a ‘king’ in terms of modern bed sizes.  It was more than large enough for three people to comfortably enjoy each other’s intimate company on it.  Furnished with red sheets and three large red pillows to contrast with the overall décor while remaining within the customary color scheme of a Shinto miko’s outfit, the futon was surrounded by a semi-transparent veil of thin, white silk.  The veil hung from the ceiling in a conical shape, converging to a loose knot at its top.  Besides serving as decoration, it would obfuscate the activities of those within it; Kikyo would film Kagome and Sango as they performed with Sesshomaru from both sides of it for heightened erotic and cinematic effect.

            At this point in the shoot, Kikyo exchanged her wheeled, standing camera unit for a much more compact hand-held one, the bulk of which would balance on her shoulder.  Using this camera would allow her to reposition herself for different shots much more quickly and easily.  It would also allow her to get in much closer to the forthcoming sexual action and really zero in on a given point of interest.  Since this was a porn film she was directing, such points of interest would include Sesshomaru’s cock as he pumped it into Kagome’s or Sango’s pussy or mouth, or the actresses’ pussies as the daiyoukai porn star rendered long-tongued oral pleasure to them. 

            Before Kikyo began filming with her new camera, however, the miko director stripped out of her burgundy skirt, blazer, and white collared shirt, leaving herself wearing only her sexy black underwear.  This was for both Sesshomaru’s ‘inspiration’ as an actor, in the extremely unlikely case Kagome and Sango weren’t stimulating enough for him, as well as her own convenience.  She fully anticipated getting really sopping wet as the beautiful male daiyoukai performed with two equally beautiful human women and she didn’t want to wet her clothes with her own sexual fluid any more than she already had.

            With Kikyo nearly naked and filming with her shoulder camera, Kagome happily drew Sesshomaru into her bedroom while Sango remained in the hall, leaving the bedroom door conspicuously open.  The taijiya captain bodyguard was soon joined by her junior female warriors.  In the course of the movie’s storyline, the taijiya guards that Sesshomaru had incapacitated earlier had returned to consciousness and converged on Kagome’s bedroom to seek out their captain and the miko mistress they all protected.  They were thoughtful enough to have collected Sesshomaru’s armor and his swords, Bakusaiga and Tenseiga, from the shrine’s worship hall as they passed through it on their way to Kagome’s bedroom, so as to not leave such powerful pieces of equipment unsecured.  One taijiya carried the armor, while another carried the swords.

            Around Sango, all twenty-four of her junior taijiya clogged the hallway outside Kagome’s bedroom.  The ones closest to the bedroom door and best able to see inside put themselves into character by casting suspicious looks at Sesshomaru as he stood next to Kagome so near her bed and in such a familiar manner, minus his swords and armor and with his haori open.  “Don’t worry,” Sango smiled to her women, looking over them to reassure them all.  She took Sesshomaru’s armor and swords from them to set them on the floor inside the bedroom, next to the door, leaning the swords up against the wall.  “Kagome-sama has the situation well under control.  Sesshomaru-sama wears a binding seal that prevents him from doing anything hostile.  Even if he wasn’t wearing one, he’s very recently come into some knowledge that disinclines him from completing his mission here.”

            After a brief pause, Sango continued: “Sesshomaru-sama is now Kagome-sama’s guest.  We are in demonic breeding season and he is in great need, so she and I are going to get better ‘acquainted’ with him now.  By show of hands: who want to watch?

            Sheepishly, all of Sango’s taijiya raised their hands, to the taijiya captain’s endless amusement.  In the weeks leading up to filming, Kikyo had scoured the Tokyo metropolitan area for twenty-four young, attractive, reasonably talented and highly adventurous women willing to appear in an adult film as extras, casting them as Sango’s junior warriors.  This was for the purpose of having them battle Sesshomaru on film (with ample weapons and fight choreography training beforehand), as well as ensuring they were all willing to witness explicit sexual acts between Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango firsthand.  Kikyo moved to one end of the hallway running past Kagome’s bedroom, placing the twenty-four taijiya extras between herself and Sango.  She knelt very close to the floor to film them from a low angle. 

            “Line up!” Sango called with a shout.  With precise, military discipline, the twenty-four warriors under her command separated into two ranks of twelve, standing along the walls of the hall and facing each other.  From Kikyo’s perspective, the effect was like a scene early in the 1977 American film Star Wars: dozens of ‘stormtroopers’ in the narrow corridors onboard the captured Rebel spaceship, all keen to get out of Darth Vader’s wrathful way.

            Clasping her wrists behind her back, Sango strode forward, approaching Kikyo’s camera along the ranks her women made, like U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann addressing his recruits for the first time in the 1987 American film Full Metal Jacket.  “All of you want to watch, but we can’t leave the shrine unguarded, can we?” she asked, moving to one end of the twin ranks, then spinning on a heel to reverse direction and put her back to Kikyo.  She unclasped her hands and gestured to the rank to her right.  “You twelve, get your futons from your rooms,” she directed, turning her attention to the rank on her left.  “You twelve, return to your posts.  The first twelve will relieve you in one hour.”

            All twenty-four junior taijiya bowed obediently, careful not to bow too low and knock their heads together by accident since the two rows they made were directly opposed, and split up as Sango ordered.  Twelve departed to resume their patrols along the exterior of the fictional shrine, while the other twelve hurried to their nearby bedrooms, grabbing their futons and returning to file into Kagome’s bedroom, one by one.  Once the last woman was inside, Sango stepped into the bedroom after them, sliding the shoji door shut behind her.  Kikyo filmed the door closing from the hall-facing side, then slid it back open just enough to slip inside the bedroom with her camera in hand, filming Sango as she approached Sesshomaru and Kagome.

            “Can you perform with an audience, Sesshomaru-sama?” Sango posed to the daiyoukai with a husky undertone.  Behind her, her twelve junior taijiya lay their futons out upon the bedroom’s tatami floor, arranging them in a neat semi-circle around Kagome’s bed, none more than just a few feet away from it.

            With the bedroom door closed and the air generally not circulated in or out, Sesshomaru was enveloped, assaulted by the combined scent of fifteen lovely, highly-aroused women: Kagome, Sango, Kikyo, and the twelve women playing Sango’s junior taijiya.  Fifteen racing female hearts, fifteen delicious, dripping pussies: Sesshomaru felt he might faint from sexual sensory overload, if not for the swell of pride and daiyoukai virility inside him that told him to stand and deliver.  Looking each of the junior taijiya in their eyes, he snaked an arm around Sango’s and Kagome’s waists and pulled the two Japanese beauties close to him, turning his head to leer down at them with gleaming upper incisors.  “Absolutely.  I enjoy showing off.”

            Kagome and Sango smiled darkly by Sesshomaru’s cocksure enthusiasm.  Holding his hands, they guided him to stand at the center of the semi-circle the junior taijiyas’ futons made, right at the foot of Kagome’s bed and outside the bed’s silk veil.  Sango looked to her junior taijiya directly.  “Strip,” she commanded to them.

            Sesshomaru’s heart sped up in his chest as the twelve lovely young women standing around him, Kagome, and Sango began to undress.  Kikyo filmed each of them from different angles in order to assemble the footage into a single, smoothly flowing segment.  With ritual measure, they removed their katana from beneath the sashes around their waists, setting them on the tatami floor parallel with their futons.  Next, they untied their sashes and removed the armor pads covering their groins and rears, slowly building a pile of taijiya equipment at their feet.  Finally, they began working their nubile bodies out of their tight black bodysuits, unwrapping themselves as pieces of a very large, exotic fruit.

            Once the last empty bodysuit hit the floor of Kagome’s bedroom, Sango’s junior taijiya stood before Sesshomaru wearing only their steel facemasks and indecent, 14th-century panties and chest wraps.  Nearly nude, the twelve young women weren’t ‘professional’ porn stars in the sense that they didn’t quite have ‘porn star’ bodies.  Some had larger breasts than the others, and some were a little better toned than the others, but to Sesshomaru, they were all highly attractive in their own ways and he found the idea of having sex in front of them undeniably exciting.

            Putting himself in character as Kikyo turned her camera on him, Sesshomaru made a deep, conciliatory bow to Sango’s junior taijiya.  “I hurt you, earlier,” he said.  “I allowed my father to deceive me into coming here and I apologize for any pain I have caused you.”  Then, he stood back up, roving his gaze over the women’s tightly-bound breasts and bare stomachs before looking them in their eyes, over their masks.  “All of you are thoroughly beautiful.  Thank you for showing yourselves to me like this.”

            “Masks off, girls.  Let Sesshomaru-sama see your faces,” Sango ordered with a throaty purr.  Dutifully, each of the taijiya captain’s female warriors removed her facemask and set it atop her now-empty bodysuit on the floor.  They revealed their cheeks to be flushed with furious blushes, and Sango smiled warmly by the display.  “I think your apology is accepted,” she said to Sesshomaru.

            Kagome left Sesshomaru’s side and moved to stand in front of the junior taijiya standing at the rightmost end of the semi-circle she and the other eleven made, reaching into her white haori to retrieve an envelope full of binding seals like the ones Sesshomaru and Sango wore.  “But you can do more than apologize,” she suggested to Sesshomaru over a shoulder, waving the envelope at him.  “You can repay pain with pleasure tenfold.” 

            Sesshomaru watched as Kagome extracted a seal from her envelope and placed it on the chest of the first junior taijiya she stood in front of, directly over her heart.  With Sesshomaru, the reiki charge in the seal reacted to his youki-charged body on contact, but the young female taijiya Kagome stood with was human and devoid of youki.  The seal did not immediately bond to her skin.  This required Kagome to ‘activate’ it, and she accomplished this by stepping closer to the younger woman in front of her, holding the seal in place and leaning in to press a tender, sensuous kiss to her lips.

            Moaning sweetly, Sango’s junior warrior opened her mouth to Kagome and the lovely miko channeled her reiki into her kiss, feeding it into the other woman’s body.  Kikyo centered her camera’s viewfinder on Kagome’s mouth from the side and zoomed in to capture the reiki transmission.  Looking like a jolt of static electricity moving in slow motion, almost as a viscous, glowing liquid instead of energy, the reiki charge left Kagome’s lips and flowed down the young taijiya’s throat, entering her chest along her trachea and esophagus and harmlessly passing very near her heart.  The concentration of human life force in that vital place attracted the charge and redirected it into the seal covering it from within.  The seal’s black ideogram glowed bright blue, as did the taijiya’s dark brown eyes, and the activation was complete.

            Sesshomaru gasped aloud for Kikyo’s microphones to record as that first junior taijiya’s soul entered him through the link binding him and Sango to Kagome.  Framed within the reference of 21st-century technology instead of that of the 14th, the result of the miko’s magic was as a wireless local area network connection that moved spiritual energy instead of binary 1s and 0s.  If Kagome was the ‘server,’ then they were all her ‘clients.’  Now, Sesshomaru could feel the junior taijiya as he did Kagome and Sango. 

            For Sesshomaru, the sensation was emotional, not physiological, though it did have a physiological effect on him on his end.  As a male inu daiyoukai, his body was inherently different than that of a human female, and the specifically-female sexual arousal of each woman around him did not translate, except as a sort of generic arousal his mind and body could make use of.  Instead, he clearly perceived their thoughts and emotional states.  Right then, he felt nothing but good things: excitement, anticipation, passion, happiness.  He could also feel a bit of nervous embarrassment coming from the junior taijiya as Kagome activated their seals and added them to the link.  After all, as actresses, they were probably not as experienced appearing in adult films as Kagome or Sango.

            Finally, Kagome reached the last young female taijiya and activated her binding seal.  Now, twelve sets of female eyes gave off an exotic reiki glow and at Kagome’s command, the twelve young taijiya those eyes belonged to knelt to assume elegant, cross-legged meditative positions on their futons as their miko mistress returned to Sesshomaru’s side.  Then, Kagome and Sango began to undress the daiyoukai further.  He was already out of his armor, so they pulled his red-and-white haori off his broad shoulders and slipped it down his thickly-muscled arms to leave his wonderfully-sculpted upper body bare for their eyes, the eyes of Sango’s young women, and Kikyo’s camera.

            Gazing into Sesshomaru’s eyes and giving him a quick kiss, Kagome smoothed a hand over his broad, muscular chest, brushing it up and down his chiseled abdomen to feel the warmth and creamy smooth texture of his pale skin, as well as the great amounts of hard, demonic male muscle rippling beneath it.  Sango, too, took the opportunity to feel Sesshomaru’s perfect body, running her hands up and down his shoulders and biceps from behind.  Kissing sweetly at one of his shoulders, since she wasn’t tall enough to reach his neck, she stepped away from him to part the veil around Kagome’s bed.

            Kagome pressed on Sesshomaru’s chest, urging him to back up slowly and move through the opened veil behind him until his feet reached the bed’s foot.  She then pressed him down, guiding him to sit on the bed, then scoot rearward and lay back on it.  Thoughtfully, Sango moved Sesshomaru’s long, ivory mane out from under his back as he lay down, so that it didn’t get caught beneath him.  She stretched it out to one side of him so that it lay upon the bed as a shining silver river.

            Then, Kagome and Sango knelt to either side of Sesshomaru and set about removing his last few bits of clothing.  Sango shifted down toward the daiyoukai’s big feet to remove his boots, while Kagome untied the front of his white hakama.  Sango set his boots aside, then she and her miko mistress eased his hakama down his hips and bulging muscular thighs, stripping the fine silk garment off him completely.  Now, all Sesshomaru wore was his tiny male fundoshi, his massive cock and heavy balls straining visibly beneath it.

            In one long, slow shot, Kikyo filmed all seven-plus feet of Sesshomaru from toe to head, drinking in the sight of his beautiful, powerful, and almost totally unclothed daiyoukai body with her camera.  Being so attracted to him already, her heart raced in her chest and she struggled to keep herself from trembling and affecting the steadiness of the shot.  Kagome brushed a hand up and down his broad, barrel chest and chiseled abdomen, enjoying the feel his silky-smooth, muscle-filled skin again.  Her hand ventured lower to fondle his cock and balls through his fundoshi, and he lifted his hips into it in silent approval.  “Let’s get you out of this thing,” she said.

            With Sango looking on in total captivation, Kagome undid the ties of Sesshomaru’s fundoshi with trembling hands, and once free from its damnable restraint, his cock sprung to its full length, nearly eleven inches of hard, meaty shaft swinging backward to land upon his firm lower abdomen with an audible thwap.  Kagome’s heart climbed into her throat at the sight of him; he was hung like a fucking god, a God of Fucking!  His cock and balls were easily the biggest she had ever seen on a man, human or demon.  By his excitement for her and Sango, his cock was twitching visibly with his heartbeat and her womb quivered in the belly at the idea of feeling such a phallic monster pounding against it, filling her up and stretching her out, then flooding her with the irrepressible seed of the sexiest, most powerful male demon in Japan, maybe the world.

            For the present and the most immediate future, Kikyo captured Sesshomaru’s impressive male organs on film essentially for her own entertainment.  Japanese censorship law required her to either superimpose a mosaic filter over his genitals during editing or omit the footage entirely, and the same would be true for shots of Kagome and Sango’s bare pussies, especially during penetration and the following intercourse.  She intended to opt for the former.  This would allow her to create at least three cuts of the footage: one with the nastiest parts censored, yet included, one with them removed, and one that was fully uncensored.  She would keep the uncensored master cut for her own ‘purposes’ and pitch the other two to her distributors, to let them choose the one they felt would be more successful on the market.  For the prospective future, she would also keep the uncensored cut in order to immediately release it if the Diet, the Japanese legislature, ever repealed the censorship law.

            Like Kagome, Sango, too, was stunned by Sesshomaru’s size.  By his sensitive ears, the daiyoukai heard the speed of her heart and that of her miko co-star, smelling both arousal and fear on them.  Concerned, as he wanted to bring them nothing but pleasure for both their own sake and the sake of Kikyo’s camera, he asked to them: “Am I…am I too much?”

            “Maybe,” Kagome replied meekly, shaking her head and blinking as if to confirm that Sesshomaru was real, not some kind of insanely-sexy hallucination.  “But I think Sango and I look at you not as ‘too much,’ but as a challenge.”

            With a smoky expression upon her face, Kagome stood up over Sesshomaru and Sango did the same.  Simulating Sesshomaru’s perspective by shooting from a low angle, right over his head, Kikyo filmed the two actresses as they began to undress with great ceremony.  With precise, measured movements, Kagome untied the waist of her red hakama and slid it down her legs, then untied her white haori and the red yukata beneath it, slipping all that fine, red and white silk off her shoulders to let it pool around her feet on the floor beside her bed.  For her own part, Sango slid her feet out of her shin-length boots and removed the groin pad attached to the sash around her waist, then worked herself out of her glossy-black taijiya bodysuit, peeling it away from her body in a scintillating striptease.  Free of their respective costumes now, Kagome and Sango stood above Sesshomaru wearing only their 14th-century panties and chest wraps.

            With white knuckles, Sesshomaru clutched at the sheets of the futon beneath him, carefully controlling his breathing as he roved his golden eyes up and down Kagome and Sango’s nearly bare bodies for the first time.  They were both thoroughly appealing to him: the spiritually-powerful Kagome was soft and curvy while the more physically-oriented Sango was lean and exquisitely toned, their chest wraps tied tightly enough to get their ample breasts practically spilling out over them, their nipples straining against the cloth from within. 

            In unison, Kagome and Sango reached behind their backs to untie those restrictive garments and let them fall away, baring their full breasts in an arousing, yet cinematically satisfying manner.  They completed their nudity by bending over slightly and wiggling their hips to work their panties down over their rears and thighs, forcing them past their knees and stripping them off their feet to toss them away.  Kikyo had them repeat the action a few times in order to film it from different angles, getting good shots of their perfect asses from behind and from the sides, as well as their elegant, subtly-swollen Venus mounds from the front.  Their pussies were so sopping wet already that thin, dribbling threads of their female juice linked them to the interiors of their panties, clearly visible to Kikyo’s camera as they stretched out and eventually broke.  In a final touch, Sango released her hair from its ponytail, letting those silky-soft, black-brown tresses of hers spill down her bare back and cover a curious scar that marred her spine.

            With every bit of discipline he could muster, Sesshomaru refrained from touching himself as he drank in the sight of two such gorgeous women, completely nude for him at last.  His cock pulsed on his abdomen and precum flowed from it freely, despite the lack of direct stimulation.  Kagome was completely bare between her legs, while Sango maintained a small patch of very dark brown hair above her sex, neatly trimmed into a long, thin rectangle.  “The two of you…are so beautiful,” Sesshomaru praised to them, rasping in between deep, excited breaths.

            Kagome and Sango blushed together.  “Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome gratified on behalf of herself and Sango.  They knelt on either side of Sesshomaru again and Kagome reached down between his thighs to wrap a hand around his big cock, feeling its size, weight, hardness, rigidity, and the heat of the blood pumping through it.  She squeezed firmly, yet carefully, causing the head of his cock to swell just a little bit larger and grow a little bit darker from the pressure.  Outside the veil surrounding Kagome’s bed, Sango’s junior taijiya each bit back a moan as the binding seals on their chests allowed them to feel everything that Kagome did.

            “Now we get down to business,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango at once, with great excitement in her voice.  Setting her camera down briefly, she consulted her script to lay out the forthcoming sexual action to her performers.  “We start with oral.  Sango, you’ll begin sucking Sesshomaru off, then you’ll turn around on top of him to start doing a ’69’ with him.  You’ll make him come in your mouth, while he’s eating you out.  His tongue is wonderful, so he should be able to make you come, too.”

            Breaking character for a moment, Sango flashed Sesshomaru a genuine smile, which he returned with a more stoic, muted one of his own.  He placed a hand on one of her shapely thighs, sliding it up and down in an assuring manner to feel the warm, smooth skin lain over the sleek, female muscle beneath.  Kikyo continued: “Then, you fuck Sesshomaru, Kagome.  You ride him good and hard, and let him come inside you.  Even after coming in Sango’s mouth, he’s really going to fill you up, but you’ve got the implant in your arm, and the sutras we made work, so you won’t get pregnant.”

            Kagome looked down at Sesshomaru with true hunger in her bright blue eyes, hunger he reciprocated.  She gave his cock another possessive squeeze.  Between her and Sango, Sango would be the first to taste the daiyoukai’s seed with her tongue, but she would be the first to ‘taste’ his youki-charged seed with the walls of her reiki-charged womb.  She could barely wait, her heart thumping in her ears and her blood thundering through her veins with excitement.  Kikyo turned a page in her script.  “Then, it’s your turn again, Sango,” the miko director said.  “Sesshomaru moves that fainting couch over and fucks you on it, right in front of the other girls.  Like Kagome, you’ll wear a sutra to go with your implant, so you won’t get pregnant, either.”

            The fainting couch Kikyo referred to, also known as a ‘chaise longue,’ sat along the wall of Kagome’s shrine bedroom mock-up opposite the shoji doors, next to the window with the green screen.  Of a design that originated in 17th-century France, it was out of place for the time period and geographical setting of the film, but it was useful for Kikyo’s purposes.  With Sesshomaru and Sango on top of it, Kikyo could get close to the floor next to them and film them having sex from several interesting perspectives and distances.

            “Let’s get started,” Kikyo ordered, setting her script aside and taking up her camera again.  “Kagome, start stroking Sesshomaru and get him ready.  Then, hand him over to Sango.  Ad-lib your dialogue a bit, if you want.”

            Still holding Sesshomaru’s cock in her hand, Kagome couldn’t hope to close her thumb and forefinger around his girth.  She began to fist him slowly as Kikyo directed, relishing in the feel of the hot, subtly textured skin moving over the iron-hard erectile tissue beneath.  She built her rhythm slowly and expertly to bring him to absolute maximum erection, coaxing large droplets of silky-smooth precum out of his huge cockhead.  She looked up at Sango, seeing the way her taijiya captain co-star bit her lower lip in anticipation.  “Sango-chan, would you like to taste him?”

            Sango smiled graciously and nodded.  “Y-yes, Kagome-sama.”  Sesshomaru’s cock was long enough to allow three, even all four of Kagome’s and Sango’s slender female hands on it at once, and Kagome kept her hold on its midpoint to let Sango close her hand around it from below.  Kikyo filmed them holding that big, throbbing shaft together, then Kagome removed her hand to complete the exchange.

            Sesshomaru growled softly as Sango fisted him as skillfully as Kagome did, spreading his copious pre-cum up and down the length of his cock to give it a uniform, liquid shine.  Holding him continually, she moved over him on her knees to straddle one of his brawny thighs, aligning her upper body with his at an oblique angle to loom over him as she jacked him off.  With iron professionalism, she backed up a bit and looked him right in his eyes as she bent down, lowering her mouth to his cock’s throbbing crown.  She wet her lips with a sensuous bat of her tongue and held her unbound hair out of the way with her free hand so that he and Kikyo could see her face at all times.  Opening her mouth, she extended her glistening pink tongue to lick away the large globs of precum oozing from the thin, clean slit along the top of his pulsing cockhead.  She then used her tongue to explore his urethra as deeply as his anatomy would allow, getting him positively squirming from the intimate stimulation.

            With Kagome looking on in visible approval, Sango opened her mouth further and lowered her head to begin drinking Sesshomaru’s thick, meaty cock past her rosy lips.  Having become an experienced and enthusiastic cocksucker over the course of her porn career, she had mastered her gag reflex, and though Sesshomaru was the biggest she’d ever had, she took his full length – nearly eleven inches - deep, deep down her throat with surprising ease.  Her throat distended visibly by his sheer length and thickness and the neatly-trimmed thatch of silver hair at his base pressed against her nose as she took him all the way in.  She breathed carefully through her nose and smelled nothing but his clean, male scent, along with hints of a very recent shower and fresh female pleasure, Kikyo’s and Rin’s combined.

            With the head of his cock aimed right down her esophagus, Sango held her gaze with Sesshomaru, then closed her chocolate brown eyes to show off her pink eyeliner and gave a nasal, emphatic moan of pleasure.  Coming out of her as vibration as much as sound, her moan traveled straight down his cock to set his very prostate aflutter, and he tossed his head back against the pillow beneath it, groaning in bare-toothed male ecstasy.  Tilting his face back down for Kikyo’s camera, Sesshomaru composed himself quickly.  “You…are most proficient, taijiya,” he complimented for Sango’s talent for oral pleasure.  He spread his thighs further apart to give her more room, and she used the new access to full effect as she began to massage his big, heavy balls in their smooth, hairless sac.  After unloading into Rin twice and Kikyo three times, they remained completely full of his potent demon seed.  He was at the height of his ‘ordinary’ demonic virility; only when his ‘beast’ was totally in control of him was he more sexually powerful.  “Where did such a skilled warrior as yourself you learn how to do this?

            Sango decided not to talk with her mouth full or pull her mouth off Sesshomaru to render a reply.  Her flushed, blushing cheeks sinking inward by the suction she made, she raised her lips up his long shaft until just the head of him remained in her mouth, then eased back down.  She built her rhythm steadily until she was using her mouth to fuck his cock.  Supporting the weight of her upper body by bracing a hand on Sesshomaru’s solid lower abdomen, she spread her knees further apart on the bed to either side of his leg and moved her other hand from his balls, guiding down between her thighs.  She began to play with her swollen, hooded clit and dripping pussy to tease herself into a cock-sucking frenzy.  Kikyo shifted position to film Sango’s bare, curvy backside and shapely, open thighs from directly behind, capturing the breathtaking sight of her lovely, manicured fingertips and silky pink pussy flesh glistening with her flowing juices.

            At the same time, Kagome began to work herself up with her own hands.  Sitting beside Sesshomaru with legs folded beneath her, she cupped and massaged a full breast in one hand and moved the other down her flat belly, slipping it between her thighs to stimulate herself as Sango did.  She answered Sesshomaru’s question to Sango on her taijiya co-star’s behalf, her voice bearing some strain as she touched herself: “This shrine runs on donations.  Sometimes, those donations alone are aren’t enough to meet our needs.  To make up the difference, we provide certain ‘services’ to our male visitors.”

            Sesshomaru tore his gaze away from the entrancing sight of Sango sucking him off to glance up at Kagome.  “Prostitution?” he asked with a mixture of surprise and concern.  That concern was rooted in the disconcerting knowledge that women in positions as esteemed as that of ‘miko’ or ‘taijiya’ would have to debase themselves in such a way.

            Painting Kagome, Sango, and possibly the junior taijiya as moonlight prostitutes was a concession Kikyo made to explain Kagome’s and Sango’s un-miko-like and un-taijiya-like sexual experience in the context of the movie’s story.  Reacting to Sesshomaru’s question, Kagome merely shrugged.  “We like to think of it as ‘worship with benefits.’  If there’s a silver lining to it, it’s that we now have a pretty good idea how to take care of a stud like you.”

            “Nnngh…I apologize again.  I’d make a donation myself, but I didn’t bring any money with me,” Sesshomaru said regretfully, punctuating his sentence with a soft, pleasured groan.  “After all, I did come here to kill you…”

            After deep-throating Sesshomaru repeatedly for a solid minute, Sango drew her mouth off his throbbing cock with a soft gasp to take a full, unobstructed breath, leaving him glistening with precum and saliva.  “Don’t worry,” she reassured to him, panting softly to get her breathing under control.  She then began to stroke his cock with long, slow glides of a fist to keep him continually stimulated.  “This is on the house.”

            Sango was about to take Sesshomaru back down her throat when he grasped one of her shoulders with a large hand and gently pushed her away.  This was to initiate the transition from female-on-male oral sex to reciprocal oral sex, the classic ’69’ position.  “Wait.  Turn around, then sit on my face,” he ordered to her, his baritone voice rich and husky with passion.  “Give me your pussy…and let me please you as you please me.”

            Moving back to Sesshomaru’s perspective, Kikyo filmed Sango as she smiled devilishly to the well-endowed daiyoukai.  Laying his massive, oozing cock back down onto his abdomen for the moment, the taijiya porn star rose to her hands and knees, crawling forward over him until they were face to face.  She bent down to kiss him sweetly, letting him taste himself on her lips, then turned in place to face the opposite direction atop him.  Carefully, she lifted one knee and swung her thigh over his head, setting it down and lifting the other to place it on the opposite side of his upper body.  Facing away from him, she straddled his upper chest now to give him an up-close view of her perfect ass.  She then spread her knees further apart on the futon to either side of him to open her thighs wide and lowered her upper body until her breasts pressed to his abdomen, baring her pussy to him completely.

            Sesshomaru placed his large hands on the taut globes of Sango’s rear, smoothing his palms around its luscious curves and taking a possessive, double-palmed squeeze.  Sliding his hands down her thighs to level them with her pussy, he used his thumbs to peel her pussy’s delicate outer petals far apart, revealing its creamy pink interior.  Her exposed vaginal orifice wept a juicy droplet of her body’s aromatic natural lubricant and he salivated like the hungry dog he was at the sight of it.  Behind him, Kikyo zoomed in with her camera over one of his shoulders to get Sango’s twitching vaginal flesh and the clean, pink hole of her ass on high-resolution film.

            “You have a beautiful pussy, taijiya,” Sesshomaru praised to Sango, still addressing her by her on-camera profession.  Her body was profoundly aroused and he relished in the heat and scent of that arousal washing over his face, directly from the source.  “Now, give it to me.”

            Gently, Sango sat back to very nearly sit on Sesshomaru’s face, as he had initially instructed, trembling in anticipation as she put her pussy within reach of his mouth.  He parted his lips and extended his long, dog demon tongue, happily lapping away the creamy fluid flowing from her open core.  She, Kagome, and every single junior taijiya joined through Kagome’s binding seals shuddered and moaned as one, feeling as if Sesshomaru was kissing every single one of their pussies at the same time.  Just beneath her oozing vaginal orifice, Sango’s clit swelled proudly and pulsed in its protective hood, and Sesshomaru sucked the ample female organ into his mouth, lathing it with his tongue and coating it with his saliva, as well as her own juice.

            Quaking with the stimulation, Sango lifted Sesshomaru’s big cock away from his abdomen and aimed it right up at her mouth, gazing at the droplets of precum pulsing up and out of him with half-lidded eyes.  The warm seminal fluid flowed down his length, leaving shining trails over her fingers and lubricating him further.  She lowered her upper body to put her mouth within reach of him, and his sheer length meant she didn’t to lower herself very far.  Still, she lowered her chest far enough that her full breasts pressed to his abdomen, letting him feel her heart beating against his skin and adding a surprising level of intimacy to the lewd act.  She opened her mouth to suck him in and take him back down her throat, all the way down until her nose touched his full balls.  With Kikyo filming, she began to bob her head slowly and rhythmically, her rosy lips gliding up and down eleven inches of vein-filled, visibly throbbing cockshaft over and over.  This time, she wasn’t going to stop.

            Sesshomaru separated his mouth from Sango’s pussy with a throaty male gasp to take a much-needed breath, the entire lower half of his face coated with her juice.  He could feel his pleasure building as she throat-fucked him, his big, full balls growing tense at the base of his cock and his demonic prostate twitching deep inside him.  Twitches became stronger, more insistent throbs, as if his prostate was his body’s second heart, fibrillating its way out of stillness to perform its clenching, pumping reproductive function.  He could feel that the orgasm would be at least as powerful as the one he’d unleashed inside Kikyo back in her office bedroom, a womb-flooding, baby-making explosion of hot, sticky semen destined instead for digestion in Sango’s stomach.

            At the same time, Kagome lay back on the futon beside Sesshomaru and Sango, spreading her thighs wide to begin masturbating in earnest.  Briefly, she used both hands to open her perfectly-bald pussy for Kikyo’s camera, showing off the healthy pink riches Sesshomaru would soon be plundering with his demonic monster cock.  She plunged two fingers deep inside herself, curling them back to work at her G-spot, and Sango’s junior taijiya could not help but join in.  Feverishly, the blushing, sex-addled female extras stripped out of their underwear and abandoned their meditative positions to lay back or sit on their futons with open thighs, pleasuring themselves as Kagome did.  Over and over, they lifted their hips to thrust their pussies up into their hands and an invisible male mouth that was eager to please them.

            Sesshomaru sealed his mouth to Sango’s pussy again, flicking his demonic tongue over her clit and moving it up to her pussy’s weeping outer gate, beginning to press it inside her.  Now, he could feel the hot, silky wet interior of her sex contracting around his tongue, gently yet inexorably tugging it deeper inside.  He fed her tongue inside her to meet her body’s demand, the tip of it eventually touching the smooth, rounded mouth of her womb.  She gave an adorable, surprised ‘Nnngh?’ into his cock at the sensation of his youki directly stimulating her body’s most feminine chamber, osmosing into her cervix, then the precious uterine tissues beyond.

            Half of the junior taijiya slipped into climax outright and for the sake of going easy on them, Kagome used her psychic miko powers to ‘brake’ the flood of orgasmic female pleasure pounding around the link that they shared.  She came close herself.  Sesshomaru continued to fuck Sango with his tongue, pumping it in and out of her to mimic the act of male-on-female intercourse.  He reached deep into her pussy again and flicked his tongue over the opening to her womb, tasting her cervical secretions and contemplating the flavor.  With his fine demonic senses, he could taste the effect her etonogestrel implant had on her.  He could taste a notable absence of estrogen in her, a sharp contrast to the flavor of unsuppressed fertility he’d found in Kikyo’s body.  This was a reminder to him of just how dangerous his tryst with her and Rin had been.  Had the sutras failed, they would have been completely, gloriously knocked up with his child.

            Right then, Kikyo was highly satisfied with the footage of Sesshomaru and Sango she’d gotten so far.  Had she not needed both hands to run her camera, she would have been fucking herself silly like Kagome.  She repositioned herself between Sesshomaru’s knees, zooming in on his glistening cock as it disappeared into and reappeared from Sango’s mouth, over and over.  Swallowing thickly, she found the breath to speak again.  “Now, Sango.  Make him come!”

            Without hesitation, Sango escalated her pace to a level that even Sesshomaru couldn’t resist, her mouth gliding over his cock with a rapid, lubricated gush, gush, gush.  Sesshomaru felt the pulsating pressure in him reach an irreversible crest, the ‘point of no return,’ and pulled his tongue out of Sango’s pussy, separated his mouth from it.  Muscles clenching, he tossed his head back against the pillow beneath it, giving an emphatic, bare-toothed snarl as orgasm took him at last.  His cock swelled and hardened to a new volume in Sango’s mouth, his big balls lifting and tensing visibly for Kikyo’s camera.  The underside of his cock bulged out by the sheer amount and pressure of sperm-loaded reproductive matter moving just beneath the surface, and that matter burst from the head of his cock in a volcanic explosion of inseminating liquid heat that rushed right down Sango’s throat.

            Sango closed her eyes and mashed her nose to Sesshomaru’s gradually-emptying sac as he pumped load after load almost directly into her stomach.  Straddling him on all fours, her upper body was inclined a few degrees past perpendicular to gravity, and so along with her own, voluntary swallowing, the muscles in her esophagus worked in the involuntary process of peristalsis to move his cum against gravity’s slightly downward, horizontal pull.  The stuff settled in her stomach and defied digestion at first, remaining in thick, creamy liquid form long enough to transmit the youki vested in it through her stomach’s walls.  The youki entered her bloodstream and her heart pounded to drive it throughout her body.  The moment it reached her brain, her brain’s pleasure centers reacted all at once to throw her into orgasm along with Sesshomaru.

            Now, every woman joined through the link of Kagome’s binding seals felt orgasm pounding through them: Sango, Kagome, and all twelve of the junior taijiya extras, all at once.  This time, Kagome couldn’t focus well enough to ‘brake’ the pleasure, so she and the others were helpless to do anything but let the orgasm ravage them unimpeded.  The junior taijiya extras’ voices became as a crying, mewling chorus, and Kagome added her voice to it, wailing over them as she arched her back to puff her breasts out, and thrust her squirting pussy into her hand.

            Sango couldn’t exactly cry her pleasure with her mouth full, so all she could manage was a nasal, cock-plugged whine.  However, the other indicators of how hard she was coming were more than Kikyo needed.  Kikyo roved her camera over the taijiya porn star’s exquisite body, capturing the way rivulets of perspiration glistened and rolled down her smooth skin.  Sango’s entire body quivered with each contraction of pleasure that flowed through her and her heart was clearly pounding, her carotid artery pulsing visibly over her larynx as it recoiled with every gulp of Sesshomaru’s cum she swallowed.  Finally, and most telling to the intensity of her orgasm, were the forceful squirts of hot, milky female ejaculate bursting out of her, searing out of the elegant female excretory orifice located between her clit and the entrance to her vagina.  She really drenched Sesshomaru’s face now, filling his mouth as he filled hers.

            Kikyo zoomed in on Sango’s throat to capture the way her swallowing slowed down, her larynx recoiling one final time and growing still.  Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed slowly now, pushing out the last few sperm-loaded ounces of his orgasm into Sango’s mouth, which she allowed to build up there as she backed her lips up and off him.  His cock began to soften a little in her hands and she sat up atop him, a glistening thread of semen and saliva linking her lips to the head of his cock.  As that thread stretched out and broke, she lifted her left knee from the bed, consequently lifting her pussy from his face with a whole mess of female cum strings connecting her pussy to his lips and chin, then swung her thigh over his head to sit beside him.  Her cheeks were flushed with pleasure and her full breasts rose and fell rapidly as she breathed hard through her nose to catch her breath as quickly as possible without opening her mouth.

            Sango’s cheeks were visibly puffed-out with the huge amount of semen Sesshomaru had pumped into her mouth, and Kikyo moved to kneel in front of her, across Sesshomaru’s well-muscled thighs.  The miko director focused her camera on Sango’s tight-lipped mouth from slightly above.  “Open, and don’t swallow, yet,” she ordered, and the taijiya porn star tilted her head back to open her mouth very carefully, so not to spill any of her reproductive prize.  Her rosy lips parted to reveal a glistening pool of semen and saliva, which her tongue rose out of like some strange, tiny aquatic animal to swirl around and sink back below the glimmering surface.

            Next to Sesshomaru, Kagome removed her hand from between her legs, her fingers dripping with her fluids.  She raised her hand to one of the set lights above, spreading her index and middle fingers to watch transparent, dribbling webs of her cum stretch out between them, glistening like liquid crystal in the light.  Flushed with passion, she brought her fingers to her mouth and Kikyo filmed her as she sucked them clean.  “Want to taste Sesshomaru, now?” Kikyo asked to her, to which she grinned and nodded.  “Sit up, and get in front of Sango.”

            Kagome sat up as Kikyo directed, then crawled on her hands and knees to sit with her calves folded beneath her thighs in front of Sango, directly across Sesshomaru’s hips.  Between them, his balls had relaxed a bit, but his cock remained quite large and solid on his abdomen, oozing with warm semen.  Keeping her mouth closed and resisting the urge to swallow, Sango raised herself up to stand on her knees, looming over Kagome.  The lovely miko porn star clasped Sango’s slim waist with her hands, gazing up into her rich brown eyes as the equally-lovely taijiya porn star cupped her face and kissed her deeply, feeding Sesshomaru’s seed to her.

            Keeping her lips sealed to Sango’s, Kagome opened her mouth and began to drink from her co-star’s, moaning as she felt Sesshomaru’s cream slide down her throat and warm her stomach.  She felt her heart do a little flip in her chest as his youki entered her reiki-charged blood.  As with Sango when Sesshomaru’s cock was spewing in her mouth, Kikyo used her camera to zoom in on Kagome’s gulping throat from one side, capturing how greedily she accepted Sango’s sperm-loaded liquid gift.  Between Kagome and Sango, Sesshomaru watched them share their passionate, cum-soaked girl-on-girl kiss in total captivation.  His cock began to swell back up between his thighs, having lost only a small amount of size and hardness after his orgasm, and his balls worked feverishly to replace all he had shot for Sango.  Now, his body yearned to plant his seed where it belonged: deep in their pussies and the wombs beyond.

            Kagome and Sango broke their kiss with a soft, feminine gasp, continuing to play their tongues back and forth against each other between their separated lips for a moment after so Sesshomaru could see and Kikyo could get it on film.  Their glistening pink oral muscles dribbled with a mixture of saliva and semen, one final glob of thick, white seed rolling around them, which they split into sticky halves and swallowed.  Kagome opened her eyes as she pulled away from Sango reluctantly, then looked down to Sesshomaru’s cock as it pulsed at full, nearly foot-long erection again, her gaze roving upward over his well-defined abdomen and chest to settle on his face.  His lips and chin were glazed, dripping with Sango’s juices, and Kagome moved her right hand from Sango’s left hip, working it between the taijiya porn star’s thighs to cup her pussy and feel hot, creamy female wetness coat her palm.

            “You made Sango come, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome praised to the beautiful, well-endowed daiyoukai laying between herself and Sango.  Wordlessly, Sango reached down to grip Kagome’s wrist, swiveling her hips to thrust her pussy against the miko’s exploring hand.  “And all of us came with her.”

            Outside the veil of Kagome’s bed, Sango’s junior taijiya had recovered from the devastating psychic climax that Kagome had allowed them to share in.  Their pussies wept between their thighs, their blood heating up again as they anticipated the next phase of the Sesshomaru/Kagome/Sango tryst unfolding in front of them.  Some of them teased themselves with their fingers, while others rubbed their thighs together, taking advantage of the lubricated friction to keep themselves ready for more.  Kagome removed her hand from Sango’s cunt and slid it upward, pressing it flat to her toned belly.  She closed her ethereal blue eyes, focusing her miko senses…

            Kagome’s mind filled with the sound of Sango’s heart and she could see the human life force coursing around her body with each healthy, pleasured beat.  That precious energy flowed around a dense of mass of youkai life force in her stomach; the two did not mix, but did not repel one another, and the result was Sango’s stomach glowing to Kagome’s sightless vision as an egg-shaped mass of white, sloshing light.

            “I feel your cum in her,” Kagome said to Sesshomaru.  “You’re so fucking powerful.  I bet you have a dozen inu females lined up back at the House of the Moon, just waiting for you to return and give this kind of pleasure to them.”

            “No, I don’t,” Sesshomaru revealed.

            “What?” Kagome laughed with disbelief.  Like Kagome, the attention of Sango’s character, too, was piqued by the idea that Sesshomaru’s character, the big-dicked daiyoukai war/sex machine she had just sucked off and allowed to eat her out, didn’t have a surplus of female attention back home.

            “Perhaps I should clarify,” Sesshomaru considered.  “There are many females back at the House of the Moon that would seek to share my bed, but I would never indulge any of them.  They use their bodies to try and curry favor with me, Menomaru, my father, and any other male of status.  That place is a cesspool of political intrigue…and sexual favors given in exchange for power.”

            “Is there no pleasure there for you?” Kagome asked to Sesshomaru with audible sympathy.  She removed her hand from Sango’s stomach, still wet with the taijiya’s juices, and reached down to rub Sesshomaru’s chest and stomach to soothe him.

            Sesshomaru covered Kagome’s hand with one of his own to squeeze it in appreciation.  “Most of my time is spent carrying out Father’s missions, as you can see by my presence here,” he said.  “In the little time left over, my sexual power is my restrictor.  If I was to sate myself as my body demands during this time, I could have dozens of illegitimate children.”

            Kagome’s lips curled in a devious smile as she spied an opportunity to segue into the next part of the sex scene Kikyo was filming.  “What if I told you I have a way for you to fuck us, without getting us pregnant?” she propositioned to Sesshomaru.

            Here, Sesshomaru knew Kagome was referring to the contraceptive sutras Kikyo had tested with him back in her office bedroom.  For the sake of exposition in their movie, he asked: “What way?”

            Kagome looked up to Sango.  “Sango-chan.  Get the sutras,” she ordered.


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

A/N: Glorious Sess/Kag, at last!


            “Sango-chan, get the sutras.”  Sango’s chocolate brown eyes darkened with anticipation at Kagome’s command and she stood from beside Sesshomaru, her knees wobbling slightly from the aftershocks of the orgasm that the talents of his mouth and the presence of his seed in her stomach had brought her to.  Once steady on her feet, she stepped through the veil surrounding Kagome’s bed and Kikyo followed her with her camera as the taijiya porn star approached a short, stained wooden cabinet that stood on the floor, along the wall next to the bedroom’s door.  Sesshomaru’s golden eyes followed her, transfixed by her luscious rear as it swayed gently with every step she took.

            Sango knelt in front of the cabinet on both knees, sliding it open for Kikyo to film the interior.  A paper envelope lay upon a shelf inside and Sango retrieved it, closing the cabinet and returning to Sesshomaru’s and Kagome’s side on the miko’s futon.  She handed the envelope to Kagome and the miko porn star’s ethereal blue eyes glowed with knowing luminescence as she considered what it contained.  She opened it and withdrew a sutra from it, turning it so that Sesshomaru could see the ideogram printed on its face, which roughly translated to ‘impenetrable egg.’

            “Do you know what this is, Sesshomaru-sama?” Kagome asked with playful breathlessness, waving the contraceptive sutra back and forth for Sesshomaru to see.

            Having fucked Kikyo and Rin, Sesshomaru knew precisely what the sutra was and what it could do, and his cock swelled back up to full size and hardness.  With the sutras revealed, he was about to have the one and only Higurashi Kagome now.  However, he feigned dismissive ignorance for the sake of the scene.  “It’s another of your sutras, obviously.”  Here, he omitted the sutra’s purpose so that Kagome could state it outright for the purpose of exposition.

            “Yes.  This is a special sutra.  It works as a contraceptive,” Kagome explained.  “I’m going to place it on my lower stomach, then I’m going to fuck you.  When you come inside me, the sutra will purify your seed automatically and I won’t get pregnant.  Sango won’t either, so I hope you’ve got enough energy in you, because we’re going to do you all night.”

            A wave of raw youki coursed through Sesshomaru’s body for Kagome and Kikyo to feel with their miko senses.  It was his beast’s silent acceptance of Kagome’s challenge.  His upper lip curled over his teeth to bare his fangs in a sexy leer, which Kikyo filmed via close-up in such a way that the upper half of his face was out-of-frame for dramatic effect.  “The insidious nature of my father’s court has denied me what my body needs…for months,” he rasped to Kagome and Sango at once.  He reached out and placed his large hands on their full, perfect, super-porn-star asses, then took a possessive squeeze, causing them to gasp happily as they felt his rising sexual power.  Through Kagome’s binding seals, the potent beat of his demon heart called out to hers, Sango’s, and those of all the junior taijiya extras in attendance, getting them all on the same ‘page,’ again.  His huge cock jerked visibly on his abdomen with each beat, eager to be inside Kagome, then Sango.  “I hope you have enough energy for me.”

            Sesshomaru released Kagome’s and Sango’s rears, then Kagome straddled his muscular thighs to stand on her knees over him and face him squarely to give him her full, gorgeous frontal nudity again.  She handed her sutra to Sango, and the taijiya porn star peeled it away from its backing, applying it to Kagome’s flat belly, directly over her womb.  Kikyo filmed the sutra up close to capture the way the ideogram glowed for a moment, then darkened again as it became active.  Kagome tilted her head back and closed her eyes to sneer softly to the silk veil above the futon by the invigorating sensation of her sutra’s power reaching into her body, surrounding her womb and ovaries and sealing the center of her womanhood in a sperm-proof energy field.  Sango patted the sutra on Kagome’s stomach and kissed her on the cheek to wish her good luck, then pulled away to spectate from the bedside.

            Kikyo moved to film Kagome from directly behind as she straddled Sesshomaru, laying on her stomach between Sesshomaru’s legs to get a very low angle.  She aimed her camera upward to film her sexy sister’s raven-maned head from her right rear quarter, then tilted it slowly downward to move her viewfinder down the alluring curve of her bare back, eventually focusing on her perfect miko ass over Sesshomaru’s muscled thighs and heavy balls.  Kikyo signaled Kagome with a tap to her right hip, and the miko porn star spread her knees further apart on the futon to either side of Sesshomaru to open her thighs and lower her hips, pressing her pussy to his long, thick cock as it lay on his lower abdomen.  She began to pump her hips back and forth, using her dripping pussy to paint the underside of his cock with her creamy female juices as they flowed freely with her arousal.

            Sesshomaru grit his teeth and forced himself to remain still, gripping tight at the soft material of the futon beneath him as Kagome thrust and coated his throbbing cock with her body’s natural lubricant.  He could feel the delicate, silky pink petals of her pussy suckling and gliding over him, urging him to a state of erection he’d never known.  She felt incredible to him and he wasn’t even inside her, yet.  As a dog demon, he compared himself to an obedient dog waiting patiently to receive a treat from its master, or in this case, mistress.  Or he was a dog that waited for the opportunity to bury a very large bone in the place where it belonged.  Kagome was easily one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, if not the most.  With Sango and Kikyo, she formed a trifecta of sex goddesses, a trio of almost supernatural sexual beings put on Earth for the sole purpose of keeping the insatiable sex drive of a male demon like him under control.  He was so ready for her, he’d been ready for her and Sango the moment he met them, and this suddenly led him to a troubling thought: This is the best it’s ever been.  Is it ever going to be this good again?

            Kagome leaned forward to lay down atop Sesshomaru, covering his chest with hers to let him feel her full breasts rubbing and pressing against his solid, bulging pectorals.  Now, his big cock lay trapped between his stomach and hers, and she took advantage by pumping her hips gently, grinding her belly to his cock’s lengthy underside to feel its incredible size, heat, and hardness.  The slick warmth of his pre-cum soon lubricated the delicious friction.  Her heart beat right next to his and the intimacy of the position had her cheeks flushing beautifully.  She gazed into his mesmerizing golden eyes and eased her face closer to his, slipping her nose past his to kiss him sweetly.  “Touch me,” she whispered as she broke the kiss, eager to feel his hands on her.

            Gratefully, Sesshomaru released the parts of the futon he had been holding onto so tightly and placed his hands on Kagome’s thighs, near her knees to either side of him as she straddled his hips.  He began to slide them upward, over her shapely thighs to relish in the texture of her soft, smooth skin beneath his palms and fingertips.  His hands converged on her luscious rear and Kikyo filmed in silent delight as he took a full, double-palmed squeeze, causing Kagome to give up a happy, husky giggle.  The miko porn star kissed him again with more authority than before, clamping a hand over his elegant male jaw to hold him steady.  He opened his mouth to her and accepted her tongue as she extended it.  They played their tongues against each other for some long, pleasurable moments, with his youki interacting with her reiki to create an exciting electric taste in their blended saliva.  She then pulled away to push on his chest and sit upright atop him again.

            Sesshomaru’s golden eyes narrowed with focus as Kagome rocked back onto her haunches and spread her thighs wide to bare her dripping pussy to him.  She reached down between their bodies to lift his big cock away from his lower abdomen and aim it to her sex, then adjusted her position so that her feet were spaced far apart, each one flat on the futon to either side of his brawny thighs for stability.  She raised her hips so that she held herself in a high crouch, high enough to allow Kikyo to film underneath one of her thighs and get Sesshomaru’s handsome face, his heaving, thickly-muscled chest abdomen, and his big cock as she held her pussy over it in one shot.  Kikyo focused on the utter seriousness of his expression, capturing the way his upper lip curled over his gleaming white teeth in a silent snarl of demonic male anticipation as Kagome lowered her hips and touched her pussy to his cock’s broad head at last.

            Kagome held still one final time, trembling along with Sesshomaru as their bodies verged on becoming one, heat about to penetrate heat.  Kikyo used her camera to zoom in squarely on his cock, getting its full length and the silky pink lips of Kagome’s beautiful pussy atop it in one frame.  At such close distance, in the censored version of the film, the shot would be mostly colored mosaic filter bracketed by large sections of uncensored male and female thigh, so Kikyo shot the footage for her own enjoyment in the most immediate future and for a possible uncensored release later on.  Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed visibly for Kikyo to see, diamond hard at its full size, and Kagome’s creamy juices flowed out onto it, flowing over the big, flared crown and running down the thick, veined shaft to leave glistening trails behind.

            “Now, Kagome,” Kikyo instructed, her voice strained with breathlessness as she held onto her camera a little tighter to steady the shot.  “Take him into you.  Ride him until he comes, then let him shoot everything he’s got deep inside.”

            Kagome smiled with relief now that her director sister had given the order and she looked into Sesshomaru’s gorgeous golden eyes again.  She began to lower her hips, the silky pink outer petals of her pussy spreading open around the head of his cock, and she bit her lower lip as she felt him delving past the inner petals beyond, then the precious canal they protected.  His bloated, blood-flushed cockhead disappeared into her body with a silent pop of lubricated suction and she gave herself over to gravity to sink onto him completely.

            Sesshomaru let out a passionate ‘Nnngh’ and reflexively, his hips lifted from the futon to meet Kagome’s from below as her pussy’s snug, gripping inner heat drank him in.  The crown of his cock pushed her inner muscles far apart and the throbbing, vein-filled shaft behind it held them that way to fill her as no partner she’d taken into her had before.  The head of his cock reached deep inside her to press firmly to the mouth of her womb and his big balls met her rear, fitting tightly between the taut globes of it for Kikyo to get on film.  He let his hips sink back down and held still so that Kagome could settle onto him and get used to the sensation of him in her.

            Kagome made no sound at all as she took Sesshomaru into her, suddenly finding herself without the necessary air in her lungs.  Her ethereal blue eyes widened and her rosy lips fell agape as she felt the feminine emptiness in her lower belly flowing out of her, replaced cubic-inch for cubic-inch with hard, throbbing daiyoukai cock.  She was so fucking full of him now and she could barely breathe.  She could feel his heart beating vigorously inside her through his cock, pulsing against the textured walls of her pussy and nudging her cervix over and over.  By the binding seals they wore, she felt her own heart change speed and rhythm to match his and the effect propagated around the binding seals’ link to touch Sango and the junior taijiya extras.

            Sango gasped and clasped a hand to her chest over her heart as its pace changed suddenly, much like the soft ka-plunk a car’s well-oiled transmission changing gears.  She lay her other hand over her lower belly, imagining Sesshomaru’s daiyoukai monster cock filling her pussy and touching her womb as it did Kagome’s.  It didn’t take much imagination on her part since she could feel exactly what Kagome felt through the binding seal.  Inside her sexy co-star, he was big, hot, and hard.  The transmitted sensation of his heart beating through his cock had her on the verge of orgasm already.  It felt so real that she hardly needed to touch herself, her insides creaming over until her juices were flowing freely between her thighs.  Moving her hand from her heart and bracing it behind her, she sat on her rear on the futon beside Sesshomaru and Kagome and faced them squarely, then spread her thighs wide to bare herself completely for Kikyo’s camera.  She then moved her other hand down from her belly to begin teasing her sensitive, swollen clit and the sopping wet pussy flesh just beneath, dipping two fingers inside herself to masturbate leisurely to the ensconcing sight that Sesshomaru and Kagome presented.

            The junior taijiya extras followed Sango’s lead and began touching themselves as Kagome began to ride Sesshomaru slowly, raising herself up his cock by a single inch and sinking back down.  His size and hardness displaced her juices from within her with a slick, pressurized gush and she bit her lower lip to stay quiet as Sango and the other seal-linked women whimpered.  “God, Sesshomaru-sama,” she praised, speaking between carefully-rationed breaths.  She brushed a hand up and down her belly to visualize his cock occupying the full depth of her pussy, stuffing her womb deeper into her body by its sheer length.  “You feel incredible.  Those women…those whores at the House of the Moon…they have no idea what they’re driving away from them.”

            “I’m glad I’ve waited this long,” Sesshomaru replied with stimulated strain, but not so strained he couldn’t recall his lines.  He spoke as firstborn son of the 14th-century Inu no Taisho and not as Takahashi Kenshiro, the 21st-century porn star, of course.  Takahashi Kenshiro had been having sex with beautiful women (Kikyo and Rin twice together, Kikyo again one-on-one, and an enjoyable ‘69’ with Sango just minutes earlier) all day.  His tone became one of intense gratitude.  “You are precisely what I need, Priestess.  I am blessed to have you now, you and your taijiya bodyguard.”

            Kagome felt her cheeks grow hot in an honest blush, feeling the emotional contents of Sesshomaru’s heart entering hers through the binding seal.  He wasn’t entirely acting and she could feel the first shades of the beast pumping in his demonic blood, that of an extremely-powerful and virile full-blooded dog demon receiving complete sexual satisfaction during the height of the breeding heat.  She began to rise and fall on his cock more deeply, her full breasts bouncing gently on her chest with her quickening strokes. 

            Soon, Kagome was rising high enough to let Sesshomaru’s cock slide out until only the broad, phallic head remained inside her and sinking down to take his full length back in, over and over.  Her sopping, silky pink core glided up and down his pulsing, angry red cockshaft with a creaming wet gush, gush, gush, bathing it with her generous juices.  As she rose off him, his exposed cock glistened brightly for Kikyo to film briefly, before being swallowed up again.  She was so wet for him that the neat thatch of fine silver hair at his base was thickly matted with her fluid after just a few thrusts.  All the while, she fought to keep herself quiet in order to fully relish in the sound of their well-lubricated joining, as well as the pants, gasps and moans coming out of Sango and the other girls.

            Sesshomaru lifted his hips to meet Kagome’s beat for beat as she began to fuck him in earnest.  The muscles in his thighs, hips, and lower abdomen flexed beautifully as a single, perfect unit as he drove the bulbous head of his cock to her cervix as she descended, and sank back down as she pulled upward.  Together, they built a rhythm of deep, energetic coital pumping, the pace that would take them to ecstasy, all for Kikyo to capture with her camera and release to the entire world (of legal age, anyway!) 

            After riding Sesshomaru good and hard for a solid minute, Kagome changed gears and transitioned from a high crouch to a splayed-out kneel over him, laying down on top of him again.  She captured his mouth with hers, pumping her hips to his with slow, precise gyrations to stroke her inner muscles around him gentle and shallow in a sharp contrast to the powerful, full-dicked fucking she was capable of.  The Shikon Miko was in full control of her would-be assassin, taking him to a level of pleasure he’d needed desperately and hadn’t been expecting to receive.  Free, consensual physical love was on full display and the heart of Sesshomaru’s character filled up with the emotional absolution that resulted.  As she drank her kiss from him and made slow, easy love to him, Sesshomaru thought to himself: ‘This woman is a star, the best I’ve ever had.  I want more.

            To let Kikyo get the kinkiest shot possible, Sesshomaru squeezed the firm globes of Kagome’s sweet ass in his large hands and spread them apart, utterly exposing the manner in which their bodies interacted.  Eagerly, the miko director zoomed in on probably the most photogenic set of cock and balls in porn history being worshipped by the ultimate pussy, that of her own sister.  She moved her viewfinder a little higher and lingered over the clean, pink hole of Kagome’s ass to capture its rhythmic, winking contractions, driven by Sesshomaru’s deep penetrations.  Kikyo then moved outside the veil surrounding the bed and filmed through it, letting the veil’s thin silk give a filter-like softening effect to the sexual action that Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango created amongst themselves.

            Kagome pushed herself back upright, adding a toss of her long, raven mane for sultry flair as she began to ride Sesshomaru hard and fast again.  Holding his left hand to her waist to keep her steady atop him, he gazed up at her bouncing breasts with gimlet golden eyes and filled his right hand with her left one, fondling it gently and rubbing its lovely, rosy nipple.  Moaning in delight, Kagome arched her back and thrust her breast into his hand, reaching behind her with both hands to brace them on his solid thighs.  Her right breast continued to bounce independent of her left.  With her arms extended behind her, she kept her thighs spread wide to give him a full view of his cock disappearing inside her and reappearing, dragging luscious pink pussy flesh out of her and stuffing it right back in, over and over.  He could see her impressive muscle tone at work in the core of her abdomen and beyond the obvious, hypnotic jiggle of her breasts, he could see the way her chest filled and emptied with her labored breathing.  Rivulets of perspiration flowed down her creamy white skin, glistening all over her body in the set’s lighting.  The same level of perspiration clung to Sesshomaru as he matched her ceaselessly, his heart and soul consumed by the pleasure she offered, and he soon felt the pressure of climax building inside him.

            Kagome felt Sesshomaru’s cock grow longer, thicker, harder in her, jerking in time with his rapid demonic heartbeat.  The full length of his cock beat against her pussy’s inner walls and the tightness of their fit ensured that the ridges and veins along his length sawed past her pussy’s every internal fold and recess, providing excellent stimulation to countless vaginal nerves and turning her blood to liquid fire in her veins.  With her nipples pulsing atop her breasts and her clit throbbing in its protective hood, her entire body was alight with the unimaginable pleasure of full, physically-unprotected intercourse with perhaps the ultimate male, one that happened to be an example of a miko’s historical enemy – daiyoukai.  Daiyoukai and miko, male and female, assassin and target – an ancient competition was playing out in bed in the best, sexiest way, and Kagome felt her womb beginning to open as the head of Sesshomaru’s cock stroked against it again and again.  Her very center lay bare to him and his seed had a clear path to the place where it truly belonged.  God help her, had she not been equipped with her etonogestrel implant or wearing her contraceptive sutra, she knew she would have let Sesshomaru come inside her anyway, and let new life be conceived.

            “You’re close,” Kagome panted, pushing the thought, the dream of a beautiful, perfect half human miko, half inu daiyoukai newborn out of her mind as best she could.  Her implant ensured she didn’t have an egg prepared for Sesshomaru’s sperm, but her body still wanted his child.  “I can feel it.  You feel so fucking good.”

            Sesshomaru had difficulty responding as Kagome rode him, his tongue stuck to the inside of his dry mouth.  He swallowed thickly to clear it up.  He felt Kagome’s pussy working around him continually, her richly-textured and lubricated internal contractions bringing him to the edge and threatening to pull him over.  The subtle throb of her womb against the crown of his cock had his demonic prostate clenching in final readiness.  His beast thrashed against the control of his conscious mind, screaming a single word as a mantra: breed!  As in: breed this beautiful, perfect miko bitch!  Yes,” he confirmed breathlessly at last.  Considerately, he added: “I…we can still stop.  I can spend myself outside your body, yet.  Are you prepared for what this Sesshomaru can give you?”

            At that moment, the amount and intensity of the pleasure and positive emotion radiating from Sesshomaru and Kagome filtered down into the binding seals the twelve junior taijiya extras wore and overwhelmed them.  Together, they came hard on their futons with a closely-linked series of moans and cries, their hips bucking forcefully as they pumped their fingers deep inside their squirting pussies.  Beside Sesshomaru and Kagome, the same pleasure washed over Sango, entering her through her own binding seal.  Eyes narrowing with focus, she grit her teeth and curled her toes with a restrained, feminine grunt, using her considerable physical discipline to resist it.  She kept her climax tamped down, wanting to come with her co-stars, not before, and enjoy a higher level of release in the process.  She decreased the pressure and slowed the rhythm of her own masturbation to keep herself primed for orgasm without achieving it outright.

            Continuing to pump her hips down against Sesshomaru’s and work his cock inside her, Kagome steeled her mind against the incredible pleasure of the taijiya extras’ shared orgasm and kept herself in check as Sango did.  In their climax, the girls’ pussies clenched and wept and their wombs throbbed to be filled with hot male seed.  Kagome felt her own womb throbbing with the same desire, blossoming in her belly as a precious, completely internal reproductive flower.  Her heart beat clearly in her ears as her body knew what it wanted and could sense it was about to get it from her daiyoukai lover.  His offer to pull out directly contradicted that desire and she declined it, ever so politely and conveniently in accordance with the script.  “No, Sesshomaru-sama.  I have my sutra – I’m ready.  I can take everything you can give me.  Everything.”

            Kagome pushed off Sesshomaru’s knees and leaned forward over him again, bracing her hands on the pillow beneath his head so that her full breasts bounced in his face.  This served both Sesshomaru’s entertainment and Kikyo’s explicitly-sexual cinematography, allowing the latter to get her camera’s main lens in position for the all-important ‘money shot.’  In response, Sesshomaru released Kagome’s left breast from his fondling caress and lowered his hands to wrap them around her ankles to either side of him.  Rooting his large feet on the futon, he used his legs to surge his hips up to hers more forcefully, their slick, taut skin meeting with a quickening slap.  Yes!” she gasped to him as he beat against her from below.  She pumped downward to really grind her cervix against his cock’s head, as if to take it beyond.  “God…You’re almost there.  You deserve to finish inside me.  Here and now, I will give you what you could not find in your own home!”

            The soft, lilting, encouraging tone of Kagome’s pleasure-filled voice gripped Sesshomaru’s heart as tightly as her pussy did his cock, and pulled him into orgasm.  His pulse quickened to an astounding ba-BUMP, ba-BUMP that every woman on the set could feel, binding seal or no binding seal, as the pressure of climax reached a boiling crest inside him and began to move.  “Unggh…Priestess. PriesTESS!”  His silky baritone groan of culminating ecstasy told Kikyo to get into position between his knees again, and once there, she zoomed her camera back in on his throbbing cock as Kagome’s pussy glided up and down it.  His big balls lifted and tensed in their sac for her to film, and Kagome lowered her hips to take his cock’s full length inside, holding still so that his big cockhead pressed firmly to her womb and did not separate from it.  His cock’s oozing ‘eye’ was aimed at the very core of her.

            “Do it, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome commanded, balancing her upper body on one hand and cupping the other to Sesshomaru’s handsome face, tracing a thumb over the exotic magenta stripes there.  Those stripes began to lengthen and take on a jagged, dagger-like shape and his youki flared for her to feel with her miko senses.  His cock throbbed inside her with the pressure of his pumping seed, and her voice took on a higher, breathier pitch as she slipped into orgasm herself.  “Please, do it!  Inside me!  Oh, FUCK!  FILL ME UP!

            With her cry, Sesshomaru felt Kagome’s pussy begin to ripple around him in sweeping, gripping upward contractions as she came, milking him for his seed.  Her spoken demand and the way her ethereal blue eyes widened a little as she perceived the first moments of her own climax shattered what little control he had left.  He released her ankles and grasped her waist in both hands, lunging his hips upward to hammer them to her inner thighs once, twice, then hold himself as deep in her as her body would allow.  Through Kikyo’s viewfinder, the underside of his cock bulged out and sank back in with the ebb and flow of his release, and he tossed his head back against his pillow to roar like the rutting animal he was as hot, thick semen burst out of him deep inside Kagome, exploding directly into her womb.

            Kagome’s mouth fell agape, her heart pounding as she felt Sesshomaru erupt in her.  His cock jerked and grew impossibly larger and harder, the head of him flared wide against her convulsing pussy walls, and the first great gout of his seed lanced through her cervix, easily defying gravity to touch the very top wall of her womb.  The stuff splattered around cum-hungry uterine tissue with a silent, yet clearly-palpable gush.  It was followed by another, then another, and Kagome felt dizzy with the stimulation as the intense, creamy liquid warmth pooled at the bottom of her womb and began to rise with each additional load Sesshomaru unleashed in her.  The underside of his cock hammered against her pussy’s posterior wall with a breathtaking PUMP, PUMP, PUMP, the absolute most powerful ejaculations of any male lover she’d had in her life.  Soon, she could feel the youki-charged heat of his seed breaching into her fucking ovaries, and her pleasure grew in depth and breadth.  She tried to cry out his name or even just scream to express it, her voice failing her suddenly.  Inevitably, her body didn’t have room for the full volume he could give her and almost immediately, she creamed over around his hotly spewing cock for Kikyo to film, perhaps the single greatest internal cumshot ever caught on camera.

            Still coming, Sesshomaru sat up beneath Kagome in a lightning-fast movement driven by a single clench of his steely abdominal muscles and crossed his legs beneath her rear, wrapping his arms around her to hold her close to him as he pumped her full.  Slipping her hands behind his sinewy neck and tucking his head beneath her chin, she closed her eyes and pressed her nose into his silvery hair to breathe deeply of his clean, male scent, shivering as he filled her to overflowing.  She reciprocated his embrace and held onto him for dear life, feeling as if she was tumbling into another dimension entirely.  Her breasts melded intimately to his chest and all she could feel or hear anymore was the primal ba-bump, ba-bump of their heartbeats intertwined with the ongoing throb of his ejaculations.  The binding seal she wore felt hot, hot enough to spontaneously combust, and through it she felt Sesshomaru’s sexual emotions entering her as a series of incomprehensible, yet endearing bestial expletives.

            Gradually, Kagome’s hearing returned to her and she became aware of the taijiya extras wailing in ecstasy behind her.  This time, Sango joined them, cursing out in climax and bucking her hips to thrust her gushing pussy up into her hand.  Thoughtfully, she covered her sex with her palm so she didn’t squirt all over Sesshomaru, Kagome, or even Kikyo as she worked her camera, utterly soaking it.  For her, it was as if Sesshomaru had come inside her, as well, her womb throbbing with the phantom warmth of a full, daiyoukai-sized load of imaginary cum coursing into her fallopian tubes.  She reached clitoral, vaginal, and uterine orgasm all at once.  Kagome and Kikyo were certainly formidable miko together if their contraceptive sutras could prevent such a male from impregnating them.  Trembling in her pleasure, she sat up and forced herself into a kneeling position in order to ready herself for the next kinky phase of the long, ferociously-passionate sex scene she and the others were filming.

            Kikyo filmed the junior taijiya extras one by one, then Sango herself as they writhed in the throes of vicarious orgasm.  She then returned to Sesshomaru and Kagome and filmed them from various angles as the handsome, well-endowed daiyoukai sat with the lovely miko porn star astride him, still skewered deeply on his richly-spewing cock.  She shot them from the sides and directly behind each, lingering over sections of their bodies where their orgasmic trembling was most pronounced, such as their arms and shoulders.  She paid special attention to the way Kagome’s breasts rubbed against Sesshomaru’s hard male chest, swelling and sinking apart with their husky breathing, and the exposed upper half of Sesshomaru’s spectacularly-muscled daiyoukai ass as it clenched and unclenched on the futon with every pulse of cum that left him.  For the latter, Kagome held a length of his long, silvery mane out of the way to expose the skin it covered.  Finally, Kikyo captured the way he buried his face into Kagome’s throat and kissed at her soft, smooth skin while she nuzzled into his hair.  By that display of erotic, unscripted affection, the miko director’s smoky-grey eyes narrowed behind her viewfinder and a corner of her rosy lips tugged upward in approval.

            After a minute or so, Sesshomaru felt a great heaviness overcome him, as if being drained of his strength.  Kagome’s spiritual aura flared around her, appearing to his eyes as transparent, heatless, pale blue flame that rolled off her shoulders and caused her hair to dance in its upward convection.  His own pale green youki aura flared in response and hers began to absorb it, siphoning raw youki from his body and converting it to reiki to replenish the energy she’d used up in fucking him.  He pulled his face away from her neck to look up into her eyes; she smiled down at him, then kissed him sweetly again to drink in a muffled male moan.  “Don’t worry,” she reassured to him as she broke the kiss.  “This is just a natural reflex of mine.  You should recover soon.”

            Trusting in Kagome’s word, Sesshomaru unwrapped his arms from around her back and uncrossed his legs beneath her to stretch them back out.  When she released his neck, his head and upper body, depressed of youki charge and physical resistance for the time being, fell backward to land on the futon with a solid thud that shook the bedroom’s tatami flooring, leaving his miko co-star quavering atop him unsupported.  Symbolically, the Shikon Miko had defeated among the greatest of inu-youkai for the second time in the course of the movie’s story.  A third defeat took place in her cum-flooded womb, as the symbol on the contraceptive sutra she wore over it glowed bright blue, then dimmed back to black as it neutralized his sperm inside her.

            Kagome placed a hand over her lower belly, feeling her womb filled to the brim with Sesshomaru’s thick, white seed.  Under her sutra’s pressure, the youki charge in it faded slowly enough to let her ‘see’ how much he’d given her.  “You weren’t exaggerating, Sesshomaru-sama,” she said, catching her breath.  “Your virility is truly incredible.  If I hadn’t been wearing my sutra, I’d be pregnant right now.  It must be hard for you, to restrain yourself while surrounded by beautiful female youkai at the House of the Moon.”

            Sesshomaru gave Kagome a stoic smile as he rested beneath her.  “More than you know.  Thank you for this.  I…I could not have found a better lover in my father’s land, or anywhere else, for that matter.”

            Kagome felt her heart do an unexpected flip in her chest at Sesshomaru’s legitimate gratitude.  The molten male pleasure and satisfaction in his golden eyes was hypnotizing, and she tore her gaze from them to look to Sango.  Not bothering to stand since her knees felt like jelly, the taijiya porn star crawled on all fours to a short wooden nightstand that sat next to the futon on which Sesshomaru lay, on whom Kagome continued to sit, pussy full of his cock and womb full of his seed.  She opened the bottom compartment of the nightstand and withdrew a polished, concave brass pan, then set it on the hard wooden floor just beyond one of the rectangular futon’s long edges.  With the pan in place, Kagome reached between her thighs with a hand and covered her pussy around Sesshomaru’s gently-pulsing cock with her fingers formed into an inverted ‘V.’  Squeezing on herself very gently, she rose off Sesshomaru’s cock inch by meaty inch, biting her lower lip to contain a small moan.  Once free from her body, she lay his big, fluid-covered organ onto his abdomen with her other hand, rather than carelessly letting it flop out of her.  A gleaming thread of semen and her vaginal fluids continued to link them, stretching out and breaking as she stood up over him.

            Kikyo moved to the side of the futon on which the brass pan sat and lay prone in front of it to get as low to the bedroom floor as possible.  Through an upward-pointing angle, she filmed Kagome as the miko porn star pivoted on one of her feet, sidled herself across the futon to stand over the pan, then crouched to it with widely-spread thighs, covering her pussy with her hand the entire time to hold its outer and inner lips closed.  Looking into Kikyo’s eyes for the miko director to confirm that her camera was aimed correctly, directly at her pussy, she spread herself open and her exposed inner petals quivered visibly by the contractions of her most feminine muscles, then parted reflexively as the orifice they protected flooded over thick, creamy white.  The first sperm-loaded dollop of Sesshomaru’s impressive load plopped out of her, splattering messily into the pan beneath with an audible squish.  A few more globs of that size exited her body, followed by a more consistent, drooling trail of semen and vaginal fluid.  Up until that moment, the full depth of her reproductive tract had been an internal vessel dedicated to the express purpose of transporting boiling hot daiyoukai seed from one place to another.  Once her vaginal canal was as empty as could be, she pressed gently over her womb with neatly-manicured fingertips and still more creamy seed flowed out into the pan.

            Having pushed as much of Sesshomaru’s cum out of her as she should, Kagome slipped her hands underneath the rim of the brass pan that held the daiyoukai’s copious reproductive matter and lifted it off the floor, raising it above her head.  Kikyo moved to film her from behind, lingering over her luscious rear and the sleek, sexy female curve of her bare back as she continued to squat, seeming to offer the pan’s contents to the Kami above.  Kagome then brought the pan’s edge to her lips and tilted it back to drink.  After three hearty gulps, Sesshomaru’s rich demon seed was on its way to her stomach and her aura flared again as her stomach turned semen into much-needed sustenance.

            With the interior of her womb and stomach thickly coated with inu-daiyoukai semen, Kagome stood up with her miko aura blossoming around her as harmless flame, clenching a fist and flexing a slender female arm for emphatic effect.  Rivulets of Sesshomaru’s cum, mixed with her body’s fluids, slipped down her inner thighs, glistening in the set’s lighting for Kikyo to shoot.  Between her thighs, her pussy clenched as a small, yet delightful climax overcame her by the semen digestion taking place inside her, extracting the last bit of Sesshomaru’s youki.  “Mmm...your seed is as delicious as it is virile, Sesshomaru-sama,” she complimented to Sesshomaru over a shoulder.  She then looked to Sango.  “Sango-chan.  Now you will feel it in you.”

            Having recovered from the assorted orgasms the binding seals had allowed them to join in, the twelve taijiya extras on the set stood up from their futons on shaking legs, each futon now damp with their sweat and female fluid.  Stumbling as if semi-drunk but forming an orderly line as best as they were able, they pulled on their underwear, rolled up their futons for some industrial-strength laundering later, and filed out of the bedroom.  Exiting the bedroom for the hallway of the shrine set, they were replaced one-for-one with the other twelve taijiya extras, each of whom had already dispensed with their taijiya uniforms and stripped down to their 14th-century Japanese underwear.  The first twelve had been privileged to have witnessed Sesshomaru’s scandalous ‘69’ with Sango, followed by Kagome’s wild ride with him.  The second twelve would be privileged to see Sango get fucked by Sesshomaru outright, followed by whatever other sexy craziness Kikyo had planned.  As they entered, they struggled to overcome their own excitement and keep in character as they laid eyes on the spectacularly nude Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango for the first time.

            Kagome offered a hand to Sango and the taijiya porn star took it, allowing her miko friend to pull her onto her feet.  In turn, the two beauties together each offered a hand to Sesshomaru, and had to pull significantly harder to pry him off the futon he lay on.  With all three of them standing again, Kagome maneuvered herself behind Sango and gently pushed her into Sesshomaru’s welcoming arms.  “I hope you’re not too worn out, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome chided to him playfully.  She grasped her taijiya co-star’s smooth shoulders from behind and pressed a kiss behind one of her ears, gazing into his eyes continually.  “Can you handle Sango now?”

            Sesshomaru looked down into Sango’s rich brown eyes, towering over her by close to a foot.  Seeing the need there, he reached up with a hand and grasped her lower jaw between thumb and forefinger, then bent his head to kiss her.  She moaned softly into his kiss and opened her mouth to accept his tongue.  Pulling away and leaving her panting with desire, he anachronistically channeled 18th-century American naval officer John Paul Jones and boasted: “I have not yet begun to fuck.”

            Sango trembled before Sesshomaru as he radiated with undiminished sexual energy, and she and Kagome watched as he stepped away from them, moving outside the veil surrounding the futon to walk over to the chaise longue that sat along one of the bedroom set’s walls.  The chaise was heavy, built for strength that would be necessary to hold up to Sesshomaru’s and Sango’s combined weight and power as they performed together, yet the daiyoukai moved it on his own with great ease.  Instead of dragging it across the tatami flooring, he crouched slightly to grasp his hands under both ends and lifted it straight up, carrying it over to the center of the semi-circle the newly-arrived taijiya extras had arranged their futons in.  He set it down so that one of the chaise’s long sides faced the twelve taijiya girls, which would allow them to spectate the action about to unfold on it from the side, as Sango had with him and Kagome.

            Sesshomaru moved to stand at the foot of the chaise, then faced Kagome and Sango again.  Without hesitation, the miko led her taijiya co-star to the chaise, escorting her to the site of one of the greatest sexual encounters of her life, not just her adult film career.  With stately composure, Sango sat on the chaise’s foot, they lay back against its headrest, enjoying the plush, satin cushioning of it against her bare skin.  Reaching up above her head to grip the headrest with both hands and thereby draw Sesshomaru’s attention to her full, softly-heaving breasts, she shifted his attention further downward as she spread her legs wide.  She, the taijiya captain of the Shikon Miko, was offering her body to one of the most powerful examples of her and her mistress’ natural enemy.  Kagome knelt on the floor by her side and kissed one of her temples, reaching down between her open thighs and spreading the silky petals of her pussy apart with her fingers to expose her body’s vibrant pink interior to Sesshomaru’s hungry golden gaze.

            Presented with such an inviting sight, Sesshomaru eased forward to raise a knee and set it on the chaise’s foot, applying his weight to it gradually and looming large over Sango.  Being so powerfully attracted to him, she hunched her hips upward almost involuntarily to thrust her pussy at him, eager to have him in her.  She gazed up at his handsome face, stoic and entrancing in his arousal, then roved her eyes down over his beautifully-chiseled chest and abdomen to focus on the impressive male organs between his thighs.

            Sesshomaru’s cock had softened somewhat and his balls had relaxed in their sac following his climax inside Kagome, so he reached down and took his cock into a hand.  He began to fist himself slowly and intently, masturbating tastefully for Kikyo’s camera (if such a thing was possible) to bring himself back to full, magnificent erection again.  Kagome’s fluids and his own seed allowed his fist to glide up and down his shaft with pleasurable ease and once he was back at his maximum size and hardness, he leaned over Sango on the chaise, guiding the head of his cock down to her sex as Kagome held it open…


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

            An alluring blush colored Sango’s cheeks as Sesshomaru guided his daiyoukai monster cock down to her weeping cunt, its delicate, silky pink outer petals held apart by Kagome kneeling beside her.  As experienced making adult films as she was, she hadn’t lost her appreciation for the erotic heat of the moment she offered her body to an attractive, well-endowed male performer (or in this case, having another female performer offer it on her behalf).  For her, feeling an obscenely-huge cock grinding into her, opening her and filling her up was an unchanging pleasure.  She had greatly enjoyed the sex scene she had completed with InuYasha, nearly as well-endowed as Sesshomaru, before he inexplicably scuttled his participation in Kikyo’s project with his off-camera harassment of herself and Kagome.  Before Kikyo introduced her to Sesshomaru, she was skeptical there could be someone even better looking, or blessed with a bigger cock and more powerful balls.  Right then, she was aching for Sesshomaru, the full depth of her pussy clenching for him to consummate the act she’d teased at earlier in the shoot.

            With her thighs spread wide to accept Sesshomaru’s broad, solid hips, Sango held her arms above her to grip the head of the chaise she lay on with white knuckles, her heart pounding in her heaving chest and thumping clearly in her ears.  She knew Sesshomaru could hear it, too, taking him to state of even greater erectile readiness for her.  Her rosy nipples twitched atop her large, beautiful porn star breasts, her lovely pussy mound was swollen and ready for action between her thighs, and at the apex of the delicate female petals her mound bore, spread wide by Kagome’s fingers to expose the textured pink vaginal muscles just beyond, her clit pulsed in its angular protective hood, which Kagome teased with her middle finger off and on.  She could feel the heat of Sesshomaru’s big, heavy body washing over her as he got into position, a wall of pure, male thermal energy that that covered her as if to press her deeper into the chaise’s silky-soft cushioning.  Her perspiration accelerated, to the point that glistening rivulets of it slipped down her skin all over her body, then she bit her lower lip as she felt the heat of Sesshomaru’s big cockhead stimulating her pussy’s exposed, vibrant pink interior.

            Kikyo filmed Sango’s beautiful pussy up close from an angle that took her line of sight just past Sesshomaru’s well-muscled hip and along the full, impressive length of his cock, capturing the thick droplet of natural female lubricant that escaped the taijiya porn star’s twitching, fully-exposed vaginal orifice in response to the daiyoukai porn star’s imminent penetration.  Eager to proceed, Sesshomaru advanced his hips between Sango’s open thighs and pressed his spade-shaped cockhead directly to her sex, rubbing it up and down through her hot, silky wet pussy flesh to feel her cream coating him and giving him an extra bit of lubrication for his entry.  Now, with their bodies so close to being joined, their hearts quickened for each of them to hear and feel, and Kikyo to film.  At such close pornographic distance, the effects of the performers’ heightened pulses were clearly visible to their miko director through her camera, with Sesshomaru’s prodigious organ jerking and Sango’s outermost female gate twitching with every heartbeat.

            Now that Sesshomaru was lined up and well-placed to slide right into Sango at Kikyo’s command, Kagome removed her hand from the taijiya’s throbbing sex, then left her side at the chaise briefly.  Kikyo followed her sister’s movement with her camera, making sure to linger on her bare rear.  When she returned, she held both the pack of contraceptive sutras that Sango had introduced to the bedroom scene earlier, and the pack of binding seals she herself had introduced before that, setting the latter aside on the floor for the moment.  She withdrew a contraceptive sutra from the pack and removed it from its backing, then applied it to Sango’s flat belly, right over her womb.  The black ideogram glowed bright-blue for a moment and the taijiya porn star gasped as she felt its power reaching into her body, cloaking her internal female reproductive organs making her dog demon baby-proof.  She was going to need it, in addition to her etonogestrel implant, because soon, she would be taking Sesshomaru’s potent demon seed directly into the place it had evolved to reach.

            “Take her, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome ordered to her character’s would-be assassin, her voice filled with the pleasure she was receiving through her binding seal.  The anticipation flowing off her co-stars’ perfect bodies was delicious, but Sango was in terrible need now, having felt Sesshomaru fuck her through her own seal.  It was time for Aozaki Sango to take Takahashi ‘Sesshomaru’ Kenshiro inside her body and really get off, now.  “Use my taijiya captain for your pleasure, and ensure that she finds her own in the process.”

            “Sango-san,” Sesshomaru growled passionately to Sango as he verged on entering her.  He felt hot, fresh pre-cum coursing its way up and out of him to anoint her eager female flesh, his big balls fully-loaded with potent inu seed once more.  “Strong, beautiful taijiya captain, who has offered herself so, and for whom my body strives for.  Are you ready for this Sesshomaru?”

            “Yes, Sesshomaru-sama,” Sango panted.  Toes curling, she lifted her hips and tilted them to give him the best angle to enter her.  “Please, give it to me!

            With his cock lined up with Sango’s sopping female core, Sesshomaru began to apply his weight behind it, the huge, bulbous head of it spreading her silky petals open and open until it overcame their natural resistance and slipped inside.  She gasped as she felt the size, heat, and hardness him of directly inside her for the first time.  Mindful to avoid causing her any pain, or at least to cause her as little pain as possible, given his obscene size, he gave himself to her slowly, gradually advancing his hips between her thighs.  From Kikyo’s perspective, Sesshomaru’s hips were as a heavy, living stone grinding into place at a glacial pace, but soon enough, her shot of his massive cock disappearing into Sango’s cunt was blocked as the space between their bodies dwindled to nothing.

            Inch by inch for perhaps eleven or fucking twelve inches, Sango felt the head of Sesshomaru’s mighty cock squeeze her clenching inner muscles apart, then finally press firmly to her cervix, bluntly nudging her womb deeper into her belly to make room for the throbbing shaft behind it.  His sheer length ensured that his well-maintained male base met her equally well-maintained female mound only after his glans reached that deepest part of her.  The fine, neatly-trimmed silver hair of his cock’s thick base mingled with the thatch of dark brown hair that crowned her hooded clit, and his big, heavy balls fit tightly between the taut globes of her rear.  He filled her and covered her completely and she took a very deep, experimental breath, feeling her diaphragm shifting differently by the huge, hard thing taking up so much space inside her, pushing her most feminine tissues and organs out of their usual alignment. 

            Trembling by the enormous internal stimulation she was getting, Sango closed her eyes briefly to show off her lovely pink eyeliner to Kikyo’s camera and opened her mouth to a provocative ‘o’ shape, then closed her mouth and re-opened her eyes to focus on Sesshomaru.  She lowered a slender female hand from the chaise’s head above her, then reached out and pressed it flat to his thickly-muscled, gently-respirating chest.  She felt his powerful demon heart pumping briskly beneath her palm, then she slipped her hand downward, over his chiseled abdomen to where his body penetrated hers so deeply.  Gazing at their coital junction through the limited space between her large breasts, she brought her hand back over her own belly, her fingertips tracing the subtle bulge that he made in her.  There, she felt his heart beating inside her, a potent bump-bump, bump-bump that stole her breath and had her own heart hammering between her struggling lungs.

            Kikyo filmed Sesshomaru from his front, getting down low to Sango’s level on the chaise and aiming her camera upward to simulate the cock-filled taijiya’s enviable perspective, with 250+ pounds of solid, musclebound, gorgeously silver-haired male daiyoukai looming over her, planted deep inside her.  Then, the miko director stood up and moved to film Sango from down over Sesshomaru’s shoulder to simulate his also-enviable perspective, with one of the most beautiful, desirable women in Japan lain out for his taking, filled womb-deep with him and creaming for him to use her as Kagome had instructed.  In Kagome, Sesshomaru had another matchless Japanese beauty to gorge his golden eyes on, and she spoke again to encourage him and Sango at once.

            “He feels wonderful, doesn’t he, Sango-chan?” Kagome asked sweetly to Sango.  She lay a hand over Sango’s on her belly, feeling the vaguely cock-shaped bulge the daiyoukai made there for herself.  She pressed down slightly so that Sango could feel her well-endowed co-star shifting inside her.

            “Y-yes, Kagome-sama,” Sango stammered, her breathing interfered with by Sesshomaru’s incredible size as it ground against strange places inside her by the added pressure of Kagome’s hand.  “Big and hot, so fucking hard in me.”

            “And you, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome addressed to Sesshomaru, turning her head to look up at him from her place beside Sango.  “Does my taijiya captain feel good for you?”

            Reflexively, Sesshomaru’s upper lip drew back over his gleaming upper teeth, exposing his sharp, demonic incisors in another visual reminder that it was a demon that his co-stars were dealing with.  He straightened his posture between Sango’s thighs, presenting his hard, male body as a living monument to her sexual power over him, and sneered down at her and Kagome with narrow, gimlet golden eyes.  “Exquisite,” he said, speaking the word almost as a curse.  “She is deep and tight.  She holds all of me, stimulating all of me.  I will find great pleasure with her.”

            “Does she feel better than me?” Kagome asked further, and Sesshomaru’s brows furrowed and his confident, sexual sneer collapsed into a slack-jawed, open-mouthed gape.  The next sound out of his mouth was “Uh…” as he briefly forgot his lines, due to wishing to not answer too decisively in Sango’s favor, and therefore possibly offend Kagome.  C:\Youkai\Japan\Inu.exe had encountered an illegal operation in his head and was forced to restart abruptly! 

            At the same time, Kagome’s seductive expression also broke, turning into a beaming, bright-eyed grin as she witnessed the stoic Sesshomaru break character.  She laughed and looked at Sango, then the taijiya porn star broke into a laugh, too.  Boldly, she turned Sango’s lovely face to her and silenced her laughing with a hungry kiss, the depth and intensity of which had them both panting when she pulled her lips away.  “Actually, don’t answer that,” she said to Sesshomaru, putting herself back into character.  She then bid to him and Sango at once: “Wait for just a moment, now.”

            Kagome stood up and left Sesshomaru and Sango again, picking up the pack of binding seals from the floor at her side, which she had brought over with the contraceptive ones.  She moved to stand at the head of the chaise that Sesshomaru had Sango firmly nailed to, so as to not obstruct the second twelve taijiya extras’ perfect side view of them.  The second set of twelve extras had replaced the first set now, and they were eager to get on with the scene, excited to be part of it in any way 

            “Girls,” Kagome addressed to all of the second twelve taijiya extras at once.  “As you can see, your lovely captain is now full of long, thick, throbbing demon dick.  Sesshomaru-sama was inside me a few minutes ago, and these seals I hold allowed the twelve taijiya before you to feel it as if he was fucking them, through meNow, I give the same gift to you.”

            One by one, Kagome applied her binding seals to the bare upper chests of the second twelve taijiya extras, who had entered the Reiki Films’ bedroom set conveniently already stripped of their glossy black bodysuits and wearing only their 14th-century style Japanese underwear.  Twelve female voices gasped, moaned, or cried out with sounds of very sudden pleasure as the seals’ sexual magic gripped their hearts and heated their pumping blood, then twelve sets of chest wraps and female fundoshi hit the bedroom’s tatami flooring as twenty-four female hands feverishly divested them.  Now, Sesshomaru had twelve more lovely nude women to admire, causing his former, confident sneer, which had lost when he broke character, to return to him.

            Though the taijiya extras were not experienced performers as Sesshomaru, Kagome, or Sango were, the binding seals they now wore removed any inhibitions they may have had.  They sat on their futons and assumed positions conducive to female masturbation, eagerly spreading their thighs to bare their increasingly-wet pussies to Sesshomaru, to which he growled in approval.  From his perspective, whatever administrator/deity administered the nature of the institution of sex on planet Earth was clearly spamming the ‘Bless Sesshomaru’ key on whatever terminal in Heaven he/she/they/it were using at that moment.

            Seeing Sesshomaru gorging his golden eyes on mostly-nameless taijiya pussy, Eri and Ayumi from the beginning of the shoot among the taijiya extras this time, Sango reached up and touched his handsome face to turn it back down to her, once she saw the Kikyo had her camera on the two of them again.  Her womb was twisting in her belly, turning inside out in anticipation of receiving his seed inside her.  “We’re going to feel so good together,” she whispered to him, breathless with anticipation.  “I can already tell.”

            “As can I,” Sesshomaru agreed.  Covering Sango’s hand as she cupped it to his striped cheek, he turned his head and kissed her palm sweetly, an affectionate gesture that had her heart skipping in her chest.  Looking down into her chocolate-brown eyes again, he added: “I’m glad I didn’t kill you earlier.”

            Sango smiled and nodded.  “And I’m glad I didn’t kill you,” she reciprocated.  “Making love is so preferable to making war, don’t you think?”

            “Definitely,” Sesshomaru said.  The positive emotions he was getting from Sango through his binding seal provoked him to bend his head down to hers and kiss her, to which she opened her mouth without hesitation to allow his tongue inside.  Indulging in the kiss for a few moments, he separated his lips and tongue from hers, then looked away from her to see that Kagome had finished issuing her binding seals to the taijiya extras.  His eyes followed her luscious, naked sex-priestess body as she sashayed around the chaise, then threw the veil around her futon open to sit on the futon’s foot, and assume the same open-thigh masturbatory position the taijiyas had.  Sitting at the foot of her futon with the veil open, she had a clear view of Sesshomaru and Sango together for her own sexual entertainment, on the side of the chaise opposite the taijiyas.

            “We’re ready, now,” Kagome announced to Sesshomaru and Sango, reaching down between her thighs to play her fingers over her pussy, feeling her body’s natural creaming wetness building up, since she and all the taijiya were feeling what Sango did, full of Sesshomaru’s long, thick, pulsating demon cock as she was.  “Sango-chan, Sesshomaru-sama, you may begin!

            Sesshomaru looked down into Sango’s eyes to see them narrow in a daring expression, her cheeks still thoroughly-flushed.  His own golden eyes took on a stoic, ferociously-sexy gleam as he contemplated his power to make such a woman blush for him, and he pulled his cock out of her by a single inch, then ground back into her slowly, relishing in the quiet gush of his body moving inside hers.  Sango, Kagome, and all the taijiya extras moaned together from the shared sensation, and Kikyo bit her lip lower lip as she filmed, wanting very badly to rub her thighs together to stoke the liquid heat building up between them beneath her sexy black underwear, but refraining from doing so in order to keep her camera steady. 

            Kikyo zoomed her camera in on Sesshomaru’s cock as it moved in Sango’s tight, gripping cunt, filming eagerly as the daiyoukai porn star increased the depth of penetration inside his taijiya co-star to two inches, then three, building it steadily to work her body into familiarity with his.  Their fit was snug, and each time he slid out of her, the creamy pink vaginal flesh near her entrance followed him out as if refusing to give him up, before being stuffed back inside.  Soon, he was giving her the full length of his cock each time, all 11+ hard, meaty inches of it, reaching deep inside her to kiss the mouth of her womb with his cock’s large, phallic head, over and over.  His thrusts were long but gentle as he made slow, easy love to her on the chaise, and she did not simply lay still and let him use her, but lifted and tilted her hips to meet his beat for beat, moving with him to take him as deep as her body would allow.  Her cervix was a natural barrier to any further progress on his part and just beyond it, her womb quivered in escalating uterine pleasure as his sheer length allowed him to bottom out against it each time.

            Sango’s large breasts bounced on her chest in a mesmerizing rhythm as Sesshomaru took her, and Kikyo filmed them from different angles to ensure that their size and inertia was clearly defined to her film’s future viewers.  She shot Sango’s bountiful chest from over one of Sesshomaru’s muscular shoulders, getting both of her breasts in one frame so that they bounced between the top and bottom of the frame, then she moved to film her from the side, so that they bounced horizontally between the left and right sides of the frame.  Sango arched her back to thrust her breasts up and out to call maximum attention to them, and received that attention in the form of Sesshomaru’s mouth.

            From his perspective, Sesshomaru grasped the right-hand example of Sango’s bouncing breasts to hold it steady independent of the left-hand one, then curled his upper body forward into order to crane his head down and suck her breast’s rosy nipple into his mouth.  Mindful of his demonic fangs, he made sure to never bite, and only suckle with his lips, or lap and tease at the sensitive female flesh with his agile dog demon tongue.  Sango cried out happily from the pleasurable contact, and Kagome and the twelve taijiya extras made similar sounds as they each settled onto their backs on their futons and reflexively grabbed their left breasts, corresponding to the one on Sango’s chest Sesshomaru was sucking on.  Now, the women had a phantom cock pumping through their pussies and an eager male mouth playing with one of their tits, and they writhed in total ecstasy on their futons, massaging their left breasts with one hand, using the fingers of the other to fuck themselves silly.  Female lubricant flowed freely from their hot, ready bodies and trailed down between the taut globes of their rears to dampen their futons and fill the air with human female pheromones, a delight to Sesshomaru’s sensitive demon nose.

            All the while, Kikyo roamed the bedroom set with her camera, filming the sex scene’s various participants from all sorts of interesting angles as they performed.  She shot the taijiya extras from the side, starting at one end of the semi-circle they made on the bedroom floor and getting them all in-frame as they writhed and masturbated passionately on their futons.  Then, the sexy, scantily-clad and ebony-haired miko director closed in to film individual taijiya up close as they played with their dripping pussies and fondled their breasts.  Some of them made the mistake of looking directly into Kikyo’s camera lens, endangering the ‘fourth wall,’ but Kikyo felt that the flushed, blushing expressions on their faces, gripped by completely real pleasure, were worth keeping in the final cut.

            Kikyo moved on from the taijiya extras to film Kagome, kneeling at the foot of the large futon her gloriously-nude sister lay upon and beginning by shooting her slender female feet, lingering on the way her well-pedicured toes curled and flexed by the pleasure she was receiving from Sesshomaru and Sango, joined so intimately on the chaise.  The miko director moved up the length of Kagome’s luscious body gradually, over her bare calves and quivering thighs to let her silky-smooth skin fill her camera frame, then paused at her hips.  She focused on the way Kagome lifted her hips into the rhythmic movements of her hand, skillfully fucking herself as Sesshomaru fucked Sango, then continued on her way up the miko porn star’s body.  Then, Kagome made sure to breathe deeply so that her chest swelled and sank as visibly for her sister’s camera as possible, arching her back provocatively as she played with her left breast with her free hand.  Finally, when Kikyo was filming her face in a profile shot, she parted her rosy lips in a husky moan, tossing her raven-haired head back against the futon she lay on to vocalize her pleasure at last.  “Sesshomaru, Sango, oh, oh, yes!

            Meanwhile, Sango ran a hand through Sesshomaru’s thick, silvery mane as he suckled her left nipple, playing with his hair with a dreamy expression on her face, then he released her nipple with a wet pop, switching to her right breast to lavish it with the same passionate oral attention.  Once he was finished with it, he pushed his upper body back up above hers and braced his muscular arms against the chaise’s cushioning to either side of her waist, leaning over her and beginning to increase the force and speed in his hips’ thrusting pace.  The expression on his face was one of steely focus and her breathing became huskier, more labored as he ruthlessly built her pleasure. 

            Kikyo returned to Sesshomaru’s and Sango’s side to film them again, starting far enough out get both in them in-frame, their bodies moving together as one perfect whole, every square inch of their hot skin glistening with perspiration by their energetic pace.  Then, the miko director closed in to concentrate on Sesshomaru’s powerful male musculature, capturing the way his muscles flexed as millions of tiny, synchronized steel fibers beneath his pale skin.  His perfect male rear was tight as he pumped deeply into Sango, clenching and unclenching slightly with each thrust he gave her.  He arched his muscular back over the taijiya porn star he was nailing, shaking his head from side to side and giving it a rearward toss to fling out his silvery mane behind him and show off its outrageous natural beauty.  The effect to Kikyo’s camera was as a super-hardcore sex scene briefly interrupted by an especially-titillating shampoo commercial.  The miko director imagined Kagome’s soft, sexy voice speaking the name of the shampoo brand in the background, with a breathless, flirtatious tone: ‘Dokkusou…Dokkusou.  For men.’

            Sesshomaru turned his head back down to gaze into Sango’s chocolate brown eyes.  “So fucking hard,” she gasped as he began to really fuck her, drilling her into the chaise she lay on.  His hard male hips met her taut female inner thighs with a quickening slap.  Her breath hitched each time the head of his cock met her cervix, pressing demandingly to her womb.  Her ovaries were ringing in delight, as if they knew what they were about to receive.  “You’re rock fucking hard!  Kagome fucked you, and I sucked you, and you came explosively both times, pumping so much cum!  How do you have the energy for this?!”

            “Being Father’s son does have its benefits,” Sesshomaru replied to Sango with a sexy leer, bending his head down to kiss her again.  He slowed his pace inside her momentarily, so that their kiss was long, stable, and satisfying.  Disconnecting his mouth from hers, he closed his golden eyes briefly as he relished in the pleasure of her hot, sucking cunt working his cock with its breathtaking internal contractions, that of a beautiful woman who had trained her body for sex on camera, and become one of the greatest adult film stars in Japan, maybe the world. 

            With his eyes closed in order to concentrate on his mind’s eye, Sesshomaru visualized the head of his cock, huge and swollen angry red with his burning hot demon blood, plunging past Sango’s silky pink, creaming wet vaginal muscles with a richly-lubricated gush, gush, gush.   Over and over, her inner muscles receded to reveal the mouth of her womb as he advanced, then closed back up to conceal it as he retreated.  He could feel her heart beating around him and each beat reached into his body through his cock to stimulate something precious and sensitive, and his own heart beat to match it.  Opening his eyes, he continued from his previous line: “I have inherited Father’s virility, his stamina…and his strength!

            Sango giggled as Sesshomaru pushed himself into an upright position between her thighs and slipped his hands underneath her, between her bare back and the chaise he was taking her on.  He lifted her effortlessly, demonstrating his demonic strength as he took her full weight into his hands and brought up her upright before him, keeping her mounted on his cock.  She wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles behind his back, and threw her arms around his neck for stability.  Face-to-face with her now, standing with one foot on the tatami floor and a knee on the foot of the chaise, he didn’t miss a beat as he gyrated his hips playfully to begin pumping up into her in their new position.  Gradually, his hands slipped down from her waist level to grope both smooth, milky globes of her perfect ass and guide their bodies together.  He used her body as a living sex toy, building both of them up to their ultimate pleasure, and just as when she lay beneath him on the chaise, she met his thrusts by sensuously rolling her hips into his, enjoying her time with him to the fullest.

            Soon, the bemused, thoroughly-pleasured expression Sango had been wearing on her face became one of total seriousness as she felt Sesshomaru’s prodigious cock swelling up to a new, almost frightening volume inside her, throbbing potently against her gripping vaginal muscles.  “This is it, isn’t it?” she asked to him with a breathless hush.  Tremendous male pleasure was pumping through his heart, just beneath the binding seal Kagome had placed over it, and she received that pleasure through her own seal, converted into a form her female mind could interpret.  “Your seed, your daiyoukai essence - you’re going to give it to me, deep inside, just like Kagome-sama.”

            Sesshomaru swallowed thickly as a familiar pressure began to build up inside him.  He heard his heart beating in his tapered youkai ears: bump-bump, bump-bump, growing faster as climax approached.  His big demon balls grew tense in their smooth, hairless sac, thickly coated in Sango’s cream, and deep inside him at the root of his cock, his prostate trembled as the special male muscles that controlled it began to quiver.  “Yes,” he confirmed, with great effort written on his face.  Each time he impaled Sango on his cock, he released a quiet, nasal baritone grunt as he fought to keep himself in check.  The urge to let go and really cum was strong now, getting only stronger.  “My body produces so much seed when I am near a suitable partner, and you, your warrior girls, and your mistress are so very suitable.  Eventually, I must release what my body produces.  Preferably, within that suitable partner’s flesh.”

            Sango locked her ankles behind Sesshomaru’s back more firmly and Kikyo filmed that slight movement in her feet deliberately, a visual signal to the finished film’s future viewers that the taijiya porn star was actively preventing her lover/co-star from pulling out of her, as close to climax as he was right then.  He felt the increased pressure at his back, knowing what it meant, and sucked in a hard breath as he felt himself nearly slip over the edge.  His pace inside her slowed abruptly as he worked to keep himself under control, changing from a deep, steady, and very brisk coital pumping to a slower, shallower, but still enjoyable grind in and out.

            Sesshomaru closed his eyes and grit his teeth, bowing his head as the reproductive pressure inside him became acute and urgent, giving Sango the opportunity to kiss the crescent moon mark on his smooth forehead.  As Kagome had before her, she felt the positive emotions Sesshomaru was experiencing through the binding seals connecting them.  She felt happiness, gratitude, a healthy level of pride, and honorHe was honored to be performing with her in such a physical manner, and she felt the same honor grip her heart and render her breathless, taking her to a higher level of mutual physical and emotional pleasure with him.

            Sango trembled as Sesshomaru brought her down onto his cock, then did not lift her again.  The head of his cock met the mouth of her womb in her belly, aimed directly into the eager, ready chamber beyond, and those most intimate parts of their bodies pulsed together, heartbeat matching heartbeat.  He felt the pressure inside him approach its final crest, the absolute point of no return, and he breathed very deeply and carefully to draw himself back as best he could.  “I…I’m right there,” he warned to her as he verged on climaxing.  He spoke his warning as if impregnating her was a concern, though he was oozing pre-cum directly into her core, her cervix opening up to drink it right out of him.  The sperm count in his seminal fluid was relatively low compared to that of the creamy white cum churning in his balls, but any of the sperm it did carry ­– daiyoukai ­­sperm – could have potentially knocked her up, had she not been wearing her sutra or her birth-control implant.  Respectfully, he asked: “Should I pull out?”

            “No.  Please, no!” Sango begged, holding on to Sesshomaru a little more tightly.  Her heart hammered between her lungs, and her womb opened wide within her belly, in order to receive Sesshomaru’s seed and take as much as humanly possible.  The walls of her womb quivered, her clit throbbed in its protective hood, and the walls of her pussy rippled and suckled firmly at the daiyoukai’s thick cock holding them so far apart to bring him to his ultimate size and hardness, encouraging him to shoot.  “I want it.  I’m ready!

            “All right,” Sesshomaru agreed with a husky quality to his voice.  The demonic spirit inside him desired procreation on a very basic, primal level and therefore, there were few things more arousing for him to hear than a woman explicitly asking him for his seed.  “Bear with me, a moment.”

            All at once, Kagome and the twelve taijiya extras stopped touching themselves and closed their legs on their beds to lay perfectly still, gripping the soft material of their beds with white knuckles as Sesshomaru and Sango prepared to finish together.  At last, the time had come for the explosive, messy ‘money shot’ of Sesshomaru unleashing his seed into Sango, as he had in Kagome a few minutes before.  Kagome’s heart and those of the extras pounded in their chests, their wombs quivering in their bellies in sync with Sango’s as Sesshomaru’s cock ground directly at it, about to turn it into a womb-shaped mass of pure dog-demon seed.

            “Turn, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo instructed to the daiyoukai porn star.  He did as she said, turning 90 degrees to one side so that he still stood with one knee on the chaise, his other foot on the bedroom floor.  By turning, he faced 90 degrees away from the long axis of the chaise, and with Sango wrapped around him, her curvy rear hung out past the chaise’s side, a few feet above the bedroom’s tatami flooring.  This way, Kikyo could get her camera down very close to the floor and aim it up directly at Sango’s beautiful pussy as it was filled and stretched gloriously with Sesshomaru’s long, thick, throbbing demon cock.

            Through her camera’s viewfinder, Kikyo could see the clean, pink hole of Sango’s ass twitching from the stimulation of nearly a foot of solid inu-youkai cockshaft sunk deep into her sopping vaginal canal.  The taijiya porn star’s silky vaginal petals were spread wide around her lover’s girth, suckling visibly at it, then Kikyo aimed her camera further downward to focus on Sesshomaru’s big balls.  She lingered on their size and tension, which would allow the film’s viewers to imagine their weight as they prepared to send their contents into Sango’s body.  Again, only the viewers of the uncensored cut would get anything but screen full of mosaic filter, but she filmed anyway.  “I’ve got the angle,” she informed to her performers.  “Start moving, again.  Sesshomaru, go ahead and come when you need to.”

            Bracing himself to receive the full force of the pleasure flowing in his hot demon blood, Sesshomaru moved Sango up his cock so that Kikyo could see the thick length of him sliding out of the taijiya’s body.  Sango’s juices were copious and Sesshomaru’s cockshaft glistened brightly for their director’s camera in the bedroom’s lighting, dripping only infrequently due to the viscous nature of her natural lubricant.  The daiyoukai porn star then brought her back down onto him, gasping by the bolt of hot male pleasure that coursed down his cock and struck his pulsating demon prostate, their bodies reuniting with a thickly-lubricated gush.

            An enormous gout of hot, creamy cum was built up inside Sesshomaru’s body now, under an incredibly-pleasurable pressure that demanded to be released.  As he lifted Sango up his cock and let her sink back down again with another delicious gush, he felt the silent pump of the most male muscles in his body contracting to move his cum along.  Feeling the telltale pulsation in his cock that followed, she closed her eyes and buried her face into his shoulder, tightening her arms around him to increase the pressure of her large breasts against his chest.  With orgasm beginning to take him, he stopped breathing, able to hear nothing but the pounding of his own heart and feeling Sango’s heart beating right next to it. 

            Then, in this moment immediately before orgasm, Sesshomaru looked over Sango’s shoulder to see the nearly-nude Kikyo behind and below her on the bedroom floor, working her camera to get the imminent vaginal cumshot and subsequent creampie on film.  The miko director had assumed a very low, folded-up crouching position on the floor to get the right angle for the shot.  This way, she crouched with her luscious rear thrust outward, wiggling playfully just enough for Sesshomaru to see.  Looking down from above, he could clearly see the curves of those taut globes of hers, a thin strip of sexy black cloth separating them.  He then looked up from Kikyo’s sweet ass to see a completely nude Kagome laying on the large futon behind her, no longer masturbating outright, but gripping her bed’s material and thrusting her hips up into empty air, in time with his strokes into Sango.

            Kagome opened her ethereal blue eyes and raised her head, sitting up on her bed just enough to make eye contact with Sesshomaru as he worked Sango’s body onto his, building them up to the finish.  Her eyes flashed with her reiki power and she spoke to him telepathically, surprising him, if not shocking him that such a thing was possible.  Her first telepathic words into his mind were soft and lilting with passionate feminine encouragement.  “Do it, Sesshomaru-sama.  She’s all yours now.”  Then, her voice became hard and demanding with the fury of her sexuality as orgasm took her, and she closed her eyes, gritting her teeth to throw her head back against her bed as tendons and blood vessels strained in her neck.  “God, DO IT!  FILL HER UP!!

            And that was it for Sesshomaru.  Snarling as a rutting demon beast, he thrust Sango onto his cock rapidly, brutally, hammering his balls to her ass over and over to take them both over the edge.  Each glide of her strangling-tight vaginal flesh over his cock’s every ridge and vein provoked another pump of an especially-potent ejaculation deep inside him, and they became steadily stronger to overcome his physical discipline at last.  Pump, pump, PUMP, PUMP!

            The final PUMP inside Sesshomaru’s body culminated as an eruption of his thick, white semen deep inside Sango’s pussy, a continuous rope of boiling hot reproductive matter that unfurled from the swollen head of his cock and burst out directly into her womb, only to coil up again, then liquefy and splatter messily on contact with cum-hungry uterine tissue.  His seed was fountaining inside her, surging through her cervix and aggressively plastering the very top wall of her womb with a thwack of liquid-on-flesh contact she swore she could hear, as well as feel.  They threw their heads back, arching their backs to thrust their chests together: he roared and she cried out as the most uniquely male and female parts of their bodies were linked by a moving coil of his creamy seed.  Further eruptions followed, each one detonating with a PUMP, PUMP, PUMP of mind-bending pleasure for both of them, and her womb began to fill up by his extreme demonic virility.

            Sango shivered in Sesshomaru’s arms, feeling the heat of his seed climbing up the walls of her womb against gravity.  Each heartbeat from him coincided with another shot of his essence into that throbbing female organ that was the center of her fertility.  In all the films she’d done, only InuYasha approached this level of male sexual potency.  In her mind, she could see his creamy white fluid, carrying billions, maybe trillions of powerful demon sperm, rising higher and higher into her body.  There was nowhere for it to go other than up, closer to its ultimate goal.  Unaffected by gravity’s downward force, his seed soon breached her fallopian tubes and effortlessly coursed into both of her ovaries at once, igniting the ultimate orgasm in her blood.  Ovarian, fallopian, uterine, vaginal, and clitoral orgasms combined into one and slammed over her, and she screamed Sesshomaru’s name as if to worship it.  Just beneath her clit as it pounded in its elegant hood, her hot, milky female cum squirted forcefully from her female urethra to soak the daiyoukai’s finely-haired base, running down his muscular thighs, and he growled in approval as he enjoyed his success in pleasing her.

            Along with Kagome and Sango, the taijiya extras began to come, as well, and Sesshomaru silenced himself to relish in the sound of fourteen beautiful women getting off, all around him.  In Sango’s case, his name was on her lips, much to his pride.  As when Kagome rode him to their mutual climax, the binding seals allowed the taijiya extras to feel his seed inside them as Sango felt it inside her, hot, thick, and incredibly potent.  Their orgasmic chorus was the crescendo of this part of the scene they were all filming, followed by a long, drawn-out fall to the afterglow, consisting of various gasps and moans.  Below Sesshomaru and Sango, Kikyo filmed the daiyoukai’s cock beating visibly with each gout of cum he pumped into his taijiya co-star, then her well-filled pussy creamed over around him, fresh, white semen pouring down his throbbing cock in churned-up lumps and dripping off his steadily-emptying balls to stain the foot of the chaise he knelt on.

            Kikyo pulled back from her up-close view of Sesshomaru filling Sango to overflowing, then moved to film them from the side as he began to move her up and down his cock again, using her body to milk out his climax to the fullest.  He was still shooting inside her, and now then he was moving, not seated motionless against her womb, his powerful cumshots lanced out of him to paint the vibrant pink walls of her pussy at various stages of his advance and retreat.  He formed a mental image of her cervix from the perspective of his cock’s spewing head, drawing near and pulling away over and over.  It was a glistening, rosy pink bullseye for him to aim for, and incredibly, his ejaculations became more rapid and forceful, his demonic prostate beating and clenching furiously until he was plunging into Sango’s cunt against a sloshing mass of his own seed in the shape of her vaginal cross-section.  The sound of him moving inside her now was longer a mere gush, but an obscene squish of his semen and her fluids escaping her around him by the sheer excess, within the lubricated tightness of their fit.  The foot of the chaise was totally soaked, now.

            Eventually, Sesshomaru felt his hard, bursting ejaculations begin to ebb.  PUMP, PUMP, pump…pump, followed by, gentle, pleasurable oozing of seed into Sango’s welcoming body.  He slowed his coital rhythm with her to a stop and held himself balls-deep inside her, keeping still to let them both cool down together.  Returning to a normal upright position after having arched his back while in the throes of climax, he found Sango nearly hanging off him as if she had lost consciousness, her head lolled back and her long, dark hair brushing the floor beneath her.  Considerately, he pulled her upper body back to his and pulled her face to the crook of his neck, burying his own face into her hair to breathe deeply of her scent.  The bedroom then became quiet, filled with the sound of fourteen lucky women and one very lucky male dog demon catching their breaths.

            Sango wasn’t a miko like Kagome or Kikyo, but she did have some broad sense of spiritual awareness.  Even though Sesshomaru’s cock was no longer moving or spewing inside her, she felt the subtle bump-bump, bump-bump of his seed in her womb, the youki laced into it beating against her uterine muscles and almost taking her to orgasm again.  It was his seed’s call to her ovaries, respectfully addressing them in ancient reproductive language and beseeching them to give up an egg or two in order to conceive new life.  The sutra she wore over her womb rapidly silenced the call, and her etonogestrel implant ensured that her ovaries could not part with any of their eggs, but the call had so much presence that she felt herself trembling long after her orgasm and Sesshomaru’s were over.  Lifting her face from the junction of Sesshomaru’s neck and shoulder, she gazed into his golden eyes, then cupped his face in her hands and kissed him deeply to thank him for such a gift, delivered into the most precious part of her body.

            Drunk and somewhat clumsy with sexual pleasure, Sesshomaru indulged in Sango’s kiss, then turned to line up her bare back with the long axis of the chaise he had been taking her on, carefully laying her back against it.  He separated his lips from hers reluctantly and she unwrapped her legs from around his waist, letting him pull out of her.  Kikyo got in position to film the creamy white mess that was about to follow Sesshomaru out of Sango’s body, and the daiyoukai slid out of his taijiya co-star slowly, going an inch at a time, since they were both very sensitive, right then.  Each inch of meaty demon cock that left her cunt glistened with a messy coat of semen and vaginal cream, then at last, the rim of his cock’s broad, phallic head emerged from inside her.

            Sesshomaru separated his big cockhead from Sango’s pussy with an audible pop of broken suction, a jiggling thread of their fluids continuing to link them afterward.  That thread stretched out and eventually broke as the daiyoukai stepped aside to let Kikyo get between Sango’s open thighs and film her well-fucked sex up close.  The taijiya porn star’s female mound was thickly coated with a mixture of her fluids and Sesshomaru’s seed, the neatly-trimmed thatch of hair above her clit matted to her skin, and perspiration glistened all over her skin elsewhere on her body.  Kikyo aimed her camera upward to move its point of aim over Sango’s flat belly, then her large, heaving breasts, and finally her pleasure-flushed face, to illustrate the satisfaction she had taken from being Sesshomaru’s partner.  Then, the miko director moved her camera back down to focus on the taijiya’s pussy again.

            Sango reached down between her thighs and spread the flushed petals of her sex apart with the finely-manicured fingers of her right hand, exposing her vaginal orifice, now devoid of Sesshomaru’s cock and bleeding steadily with his thick, white seed.  All that beautiful female flesh was pulsing visibly with the ongoing aftershocks of orgasm.  Kikyo kept her camera aimed squarely at it, closing in until the main lens of the camera was less than a foot away from it, then she looked up at Sango and gave her a nod.  Sango nodded back, then bit her lower lip and narrowed her eyes as she gathered her physical concentration.

            Sango trembled with some kind of physical effort, then her vaginal orifice withdrew into her body slightly, the flow of semen from within it ceasing, then it pulsed back out to spit a viscous mixture of semen and vaginal fluid directly into Kikyo’s camera lens, splattering it and coating it thickly.  This was the result of a precisely-controlled, full-vaginal contraction on Sango’s part, causing her to squeeze up much of the fluid inside her and drive it out forcefully enough to send it out of her by at least a few inches, a kinky trick that drove her films’ most dedicated fans wild.

            “Yeah!” Kikyo applauded with a laugh.  “Good job, girl.”  She paused her camera’s recording briefly, in order to clean off her the cum-coated lens with a rag she had handy.  “And good job to you, Sesshomaru.  Sango’s little ‘party trick’ doesn’t work if her co-star doesn’t give her enough to work with.”

            Sesshomaru smiled and ran a hand up through his damp, silver hair to cool himself off.  “It was my pleasure, of course.”  Glancing at Sango’s sex, still oozing with his seed, his tasted himself beginning to salivate.  He’d had his mouth on the pussies of Kikyo, Rin, and Sango herself that day, and his appetite for their delicious female fluids was hardly waning.  He asked to Kikyo and Sango at once: “May I…perform the cleanup?

            Kikyo smirked and nodded, while Sango smiled and spread her thighs completely apart again to give Sesshomaru the access he needed.  Dutifully, the daiyoukai knelt before the foot of the chaise Sango lay on and slid his hands under her rear, between her and the chaise’s cushioning, in order to get a good grip.  He positioned his head between her thighs, then scented her pussy deeply, smelling all the smells of fresh sex: sweat and male and female cum, all mixed together.  His salivation increased to the point that saliva flowed freely off his tongue as he opened his mouth, and he used his demonic transformation powers to make his tongue slightly wider and longer, for the purpose of cleaning Sango more quickly and thoroughly, as well as bringing her greater pleasure.

            Kikyo began filming again, and Sesshomaru lapped passionately at Sango’s cunt, feeling her delicate petals gliding over his tongue as living silk.  The taste of her fluid and his seed flooded his mouth and once her exterior surfaces were clean, he spread her petals open with his thumbs and sealed his lips to the entrance they protected.  Her ‘trick’ before hadn’t expelled all that was inside her, so he had plenty to drink up.  Here, Kikyo filmed the emphatic gulping in his throat as he drank from Sango as eagerly as Sango had drunk from him, during their scorching-hot ‘69’ earlier.  Then, he extended his long, dog demon tongue into her pussy, forcing her inner muscles apart to get at every last ounce of the sinful treat they concealed.  Soon, he was lathing the tip of his tongue right up against the mouth of her womb, able to reach it with his tongue as easily as his cock.

            Sango ran a hand through Sesshomaru’s silver hair to encourage him in his ministrations to her, then began to thrust her pussy up into his mouth with rhythmic bucks of her hips as the pleasure took hold of her.  The same pleasure affected Kagome and all the taijiya extras, still wearing their binding seals, causing each lovely women to writhe on their futons, rubbing their thighs together to stoke the building ache between them.  Soon, Sango’s heart was pounding as she came again, her pussy squirting pure human female cum for his demon tongue to bathe in.  He savored the taste of her pleasure, then swallowed and stood up from between her thighs, the lower half of his face coated with her fluids.

            Sesshomaru was back at full erection now, if he had lost any size or hardness in the first place, and he fisted himself for Sango to see, using her cream and his own seed as the lubricant to masturbate with.  His gorgeous male muscles rippled beneath his pale skin, which glistened with perspiration and the evidence of his activities with the beautiful taijiya, and his silver mane shone with an otherworldly radiance.  He was an icon of male sexuality.  “You’re kidding,” Sango gasped, in awe of him.  “You’re ready to go again?

            “Mmm, I am,” Sesshomaru boasted quietly.  He could feel his demon spirit bolstering his sexual constitution, giving him the stamina he needed to go as many times as needed with the lovely ladies Kikyo had assembled for him to perform with.   “Are you ready to have me again?”

            Curiously, Sango felt no soreness between her legs now, then realized that some enzyme in Sesshomaru’s saliva must have healed her up during his oral service to her, even after he had taken her so hard and deep, filled her so full.  She braced herself to receive him again, considering turning over onto her hands and knees to give herself to him in a position that was sure to please the dog-minded part of his personality.  Then, Kagome strutted in from the side and mounted her, having left her futon in the meantime, straddling Sango’s waist widely so that their pussies were aligned vertically and horizontally from Sesshomaru’s perspective.

            “I think Sesshomaru-sama will never not be ready for us,” Kagome remarked to Sango, grasping her chin to kiss her in a scandalous girl-on-girl kiss that Kikyo was certain to get on film.  In their lewd position, their full breasts were pressed together, without any cloth to separate them, this time.  “But let’s share his attention, shall we?”

            Sango licked her lips to consider Kagome’s clean, feminine taste, then nodded in assent.  The miko porn star pushed her upper body up onto her hands and tossed her silky raven mane over one shoulder, glancing over her other shoulder at Sesshomaru behind her.  She wiggled her rear at him playfully, then reached down between her thighs, between her body and Sango’s, to spread her pussy open for his entry.  “I’m ready for you again, Sesshomaru-sama, as is Sango.  Use us together.”

            “As you wish, my Priestess,” Sesshomaru acquiesced.  With Kikyo filming, he stepped behind Kagome as she straddled Sango, placing one hand on her bare rear to hold her steady and using his other hand to fist his cock, guiding its bloated head to the miko’s sopping core as she held it open.  He teased her briefly, rubbing his cock’s head up and down her wet slit, then surged inside her…


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

            With her ethereal blue eyes sliding closed and her rosy lips spreading into a pleasured smile, Kagome gasped as Sesshomaru entered her for the second time during the shoot, feeling the broad head of his long, thick demon cock spreading her open and reaching deep to touch her womb, still sloshing-full of his cum from when she rode him to an explosively-inseminating orgasm on the bedroom set’s main futon.  In return, he growled in demonic pleasure as he seated himself within her, feeling the countless internal folds of her richly-lubricated vaginal muscles simply flowing along his pulsating cockshaft, swallowing him up until his big balls met her glistening, hairless female mound between her thighs.  He filled her completely and she held all of him, and they relished in the mutual sensation of their hearts beating together inside her body by the tightness of their fit.

            Then, Sesshomaru began to move.  Kagome was completely ready for him again and it wasn’t long before he was giving her his full length on every thrust.  Her body’s juicy female cream and what remained of his seed from his previous climax inside her provided all the lubrication the two of them needed.  The sound of their joining started as a squish of his steely cock grinding into her gripping female flesh, then rapidly evolved into a firm slap of his hard, male hips contacting her softer female rear and the backs of her shapely thighs.  Slap, slap, slap.  Every time their bodies met, her ample, upturned rear jiggled nicely for him to admire, and for Kikyo to film.

            With powerful male muscles bulging and flexing in his rear, hips, and thighs for Kikyo to record with her camera for erotic posterity, Sesshomaru pumped long, fast, and deep into Kagome’s pussy, taking her from behind in a dominant standing position as she straddled Sango on the chaise that her taijiya co-star lay upon.  The lovely leading ladies were completely devoid of clothing, their full breasts squished together between their chests, nipple rubbing against nipple as their bodies absorbed the force in Sesshomaru’s hard fucking.  They exchanged breathless kisses with each other, exploring each other’s hot female bodies with their hands, and the sight of them making out so passionately just beneath him had their daiyoukai co-star well on his way to climax, much more quickly than he was expecting.

            Sesshomaru growled low in his throat, the sensation of Kagome’s hot, sopping cunt gliding around him driving him wild.  Along with her delicious internal texture, the contact of her cum-filled womb meeting the head of his cock at the bottom of every thrust sent a jolt of unimaginable pleasure searing into his body.  The demonic spirit inside him knew just how deep he could reach inside Kagome, and it translated into his body’s eagerness to plant his virile seed in that precious place in her belly.  A single word echoed in his mind as a mantra: breed, breed, BREED!  Already, Sesshomaru could feel his big balls tensing up, his demonic prostate beating inside him with an insistence and a rhythm that answered his every stroke into Kagome’s flesh.

            Kagome heard Sesshomaru’s impassioned growl and felt his cock swelling up to the volume and hardness that immediately preceded his climax.  Breaking her kiss with Sango, she turned her head to look over a bare shoulder to her daiyoukai co-star as he moved inside her, her lovely blue eyes glittering softly with her reiki.  “I feel you, Sesshomaru-sama,” she panted, expertly thrusting her rear back into his hips as he advanced them, adding a passionate, back-and-forth energy to their coital rhythm.  "You’re getting bigger, harder in me.  Are you about to come, already?”

            Sesshomaru swallowed thickly, his clawed fingertips making curvy dimples in Kagome’s creamy skin as he grasped her waist more tightly.  His hard pumping into her cunt became visibly urgent.  “Y-yes,” he struggled, fighting the pressure that was building inside him.  He recalled his next line before his pause became too awkward without editing in post-production.  “You feel so good, Priestess.  You and your taijiya captain, both.  By the Moon, it’s never been this GOOD!

            Kagome laughed, shaking her head to skillfully flutter her raven mane over her bare back as she looked straight ahead again, over the head of the chaise she straddled Sango on so that Kikyo could get a good profile shot of her face.  Her cheeks flushed as her pleasure increased from Sesshomaru’s brisk, deeply-penetrating rhythm.  “Not to say that Sango and I aren’t good at sex, part-time prostitutes that we are, but it’s probably the binding seals doing most of it,” she supposed.  “We feel your pleasure, and you feel ours.  Our spirits are as close as our bodies.  Right now, as you fuck me with that wonderful demon dick of yours, our hearts are as one!

            Sesshomaru snarled as his pleasure approached its final crest, so soon after he had pumped Sango full.  He had never felt so huge, or so powerful for a woman (or women) as he did for Kagome and Sango.  “No, this is more than the seals,” he disagreed, planting the head of his cock right up against Kagome’s quivering cervix again and again.  “The moment I laid eyes on you, I saw the purity of your spirit.  When my sword clashed with Sango’s, I saw the heat in her blood, through her eyes.  My attraction to each of you began before your seal touched my skin.  All the seal did was confirm…and enhance what I was already feeling.”

            “What are you saying, Sesshomaru-sama?” Kagome asked, feeling her heart speeding up in her chest, climbing into her throat as the highly-virile daiyoukai pumping through her pussy laid his character’s feelings bare.  Below her, Sango hung onto her a little tighter, as Sesshomaru’s impassioned words were intended for her character, as well.

            “No female at the House of the Moon can ever sate me now, if any of them could before,” Sesshomaru rasped.  He was wild with emotional pleasure as well as the physical.  “You’ve ruined all other females for me.  None other than you two sweet, sexy bitches will ever do for me.  Every inch of me, every pound of flesh in my body, every drop of blood in my veins and every drop of my seed…belongs to YOU!

            Groaning as he felt himself slipping over the edge, Sesshomaru lifted his left foot off the floor, placing it on the chaise beside Kagome and Sango as they embraced each other.  Now, he knelt and stood simultaneously, as if climbing a staircase with very large steps.  Then, he removed his right hand from Kagome’s waist, reaching back to rest it on his own right hip in a grasping posture, moving his left hand to the right-hand cheek of her rear to keep her steady as he continued to pump his cock deep inside her.  In this new configuration of their bodies, Kikyo could get in closer with her camera, approaching from Sesshomaru’s and Kagome’s right side.  Through the thin sliver of space between Sesshomaru’s hip and Kagome’s rear, which opened and closed with the daiyoukai’s every thrust into his sexy miko co-star, Kikyo filmed his massive cock as it ground in and out of Kagome’s sopping female core, hard, huge, and visibly-throbbing as climax began to take him.

            Through her camera, Kikyo saw Sesshomaru’s cock dripping with Kagome’s creamy juices, and the underside of it bulged out, his big balls lifting and clenching visibly as ‘the’ moment arrived for him again.  Baring his gleaming white teeth in orgasmic passion, he angled his thrusts inside Kagome to hit the raised, swollen ‘sweet spot’ along her vagina’s anterior wall with the head of his cock before plunging deep to her womb.  She shrieked for him as she began to come with him, and below her, Sango moaned throatily as the binding seal she wore allowed her to follow.  Sesshomaru thrust inside Kagome once, twice, thrice more, then buried himself balls-deep in her, completely blocking Kikyo’s shot of him penetrating her sister in order to aim his cock’s head directly into her womb.

            Kagome fell silent, even as her own orgasm continued to blaze through her veins, her eyes widening as she felt Sesshomaru’s cock pulsate with his pounding demonic heartbeat.  Ba-BUMP, ba-BUMP was the sensation of his nearly foot-long cockshaft beating against her vaginal walls, every major and minor blood vessel along its phallic length beating palpably, as well.  The head of his cock swelled and flared brutally to lock against her rippling inner muscles, the thin, oozing slit at its end mated to her cervical orifice.  Then, at last, a colossal gout of his boiling hot cum finished its long, winding journey out of his balls and burst out of his throbbing cock, exploding directly into her womb.

            Eyes sliding closed, Kagome’s jaw dropped open and her mouth formed a gasping ‘o’ shape as she felt the raw, inseminating power in Sesshomaru’s latest orgasm.  PUMP, PUMP, PUMP was the repeating, detonating pulsation of his thick, white seed lancing out of him in long, gooey ropes, easily spearing through her cervix and flooding her womb to absolute fullness.  Unable to take another drop, her womb was forced to turn the rest of what he had to offer away, and the excess reproductive matter rushed back out of her pussy around his throbbing girth to drench his big balls, gushing down his inner thighs.  Once again, even with his seed boiling in her belly, with billions of his sperm swimming around in every direction, she was spared impregnation by the sutra and implant she wore.

            “Nnngh…NNGH!” Sesshomaru grunted through his nose, baring his teeth and savoring the soul-searing bursts of pumping, flowing pleasure that came with each torrential ejaculation Kagome’s pussy drew out of him.  This time, he didn’t wait for them to ebb down completely before he pulled out of her.  He only waited until the most powerful ones had left his body, then ripped his throbbing, spewing cock from her cunt with a loud, sopping smack of fluid-sealed suction breaking suddenly, followed immediately by a forceful, squirting ejection of pure white semen after him as her orgasmic vaginal contractions drove it out of her body. 

            Kagome’s ‘reverse cumshot,’ analogous to Sango’s earlier, hit the tatami floor well beyond the edge of the chaise’s foot, then her well-fucked sex oozed creamy white seed onto Sango’s glistening mound slowly, continuously.  Then, the daiyoukai porn star that had just potently repainted her insides wrapped a large, clawed hand around his cock and fisted it masterfully.  He jacked himself at just the right speed to keep the pulsations of his orgasm going at a low level, at a warm, thoroughly-pleasurable pump deep inside him instead of the boiling, thrashing PUMP intended to ignite new life in a woman’s belly, be that woman Kagome, Sango, Kikyo, or Rin.

            Kikyo filmed Sesshomaru’s long, thick, cum-dripping cock up close, again a shot that would end up as 98% mosaic filter in the censored cut of the finished film.  The beautiful, vein-filled length of it pulsated visibly with his hammering orgasmic heartbeat and his ongoing ejaculations, with thick, white loads of cum spilling copiously from the thin, clean male slit at the end, dripping away onto the bedroom’s tatami floor.  The full length of it gleamed with a thick coat of Kagome’s cream and his own seed.  She found it difficult to breathe steadily with the arousal that ignited within her at the sight.  She knew that she was looking at his cock in precisely the state that it would have been in moments after his climax inside her, back in her office bedroom, the thick head pulsing and oozing right up against her completely flooded womb.  Deep in her belly, her womb had finished digesting the reproductive cream filling he had pumped into it between her office bedroom and his dressing room, and clenched with uniquely-feminine hunger for more.

            Continuing to fist himself, Sesshomaru looked down at the sexy miko director getting his considerable goods on camera, easily noticing the way she quivered in desire.  She removed her eye from her camera’s viewfinder, then looked up at him to meet his molten golden gaze, and the expression on her face told him that she fully intended to have him again before the shoot was over.  She put her eye back behind her camera’s viewfinder, her signal for them to get back to ‘work,’ then he returned his attention to the pair of well-fucked porn goddesses on the chaise in front of him.

            “Turn,” Sesshomaru commanded to Kagome and Sango with a sexy growl, and together, they wiggled against each other as they moved their bodies about each other’s, carefully reversing their positions without tumbling off the side of the chaise.  Now, Kagome was on her back, with Sango straddling her with their breasts and bellies pressed together, and Sesshomaru stepped up behind her to sink his cock into the sex-taijiya’s hot, sopping female core for the second time that day.

            With her pink-lidded eyes sliding closed in ecstasy, Sango tilted her head back to angle her face up to the bedroom ceiling, moaning out as Sesshomaru filled her up, clasping her waist in his large, clawed hands and taking her from behind like the dog demon sex god he was.  Right then, she was his, his utterly-willing bitch to rut good and hard, and her womb was throbbing for his seed again, furiously soaking up what he had given it already.  She could feel him giving that seed to her already, acutely aware of it spilling out of him to further heat and lubricate her rippling vaginal walls on his way in, then her cervix as his big, twitching balls met her swollen mound between her splayed-out thighs.  Briefly, she could feel the steady, gentle ebbing pump of his ongoing ejaculations right up against her womb as he paused, then he began to move in and out.

            Sesshomaru’s hard male hips met Sango’s softer female rear with a brisk slap, slap, slap, echoing the sound he had made with Kagome moments before.  Each thrust he delivered into her cunt caused an impassioned groan to flow from his parted, pouting lips – and a breathless cry from hers - as her luscious internal texture milked his cock and caused his temporarily-moderated ejaculations to intensify again.  His big, demon balls were feverishly producing and releasing what they produced simultaneously, with an increasing surplus on each ejaculation, instead of a deficit. 

            Each heavy spurt Sesshomaru could feel spilling out of him into Sango came with a distinctive pulsation now, consisting of two closely-linked beats: pump-pump, pump-pump.  The first pump was of his balls feeding a heavy load of cum up into his eager demonic prostate, and the second was his prostate contracting to drive the thick, white fluid up and through his cock, then out into Sango’s hungry womb.  His heart pounded and his chest heaved with ragged breathing as he maintained his full-dicked penetration into his taijiya co-star, the ejaculatory pumps inside him becoming stronger.

            PUMP-pump.  Sesshomaru gasped as his balls’ endless filling and unloading abruptly increased in force.  PUMP-PUMP was the sensation of his prostate matching his balls’ new energy with harder clenching, resulting in a long, thick jet of cum really surging against Sango’s cervix at the back of her pussy.  The taijiya porn star gasped from the unexpected, highly-concentrated explosion of cum into her womb, and turned her head to look at Sesshomaru over a shoulder.  “Sesshomaru…wha…what are you…

            Sesshomaru cut Sango off by removing a clawed hand from her hip and using it to grasp her shoulder, squeezing firmly.  His claws began to lengthen, and his facial stripes became longer, more jagged.  “Take it,” he begged with a positively demonic growl.  “Please, take it ALL!

            The PUMP-PUMP inside Sesshomaru’s body consolidated into a single, explosive PUMP as the individual beats grew closer and closer together, more synchronized.  Then, once they had found the right rhythm, they magnified in intensity.  PUMP, PUMP, PUMP!!  Hot, creamy cum burst out of his cock over and over with absolutely volcanic volume and pressure, flooding Sango’s womb to capacity and aggressively coursing into her ovaries so that the full depth of her reproductive tract was soaked in his power.  His seed erupted out of her pussy around his throbbing demon cock and soaked his finely-haired base, flowing freely and heavily off his balls as they continued to unload, and unload, and unload.  As with Kagome, her sutra and etonogestrel implant kept her from conceiving his child.

            Even as Sesshomaru pumped Sango’s pussy and womb to such a glorious state of overflowing, he made sure to do everything in his power to take her into her own pleasure.  He thrust his spewing cock deep to her cervix over and over, hitting the swollen sweet spot along her anterior vaginal wall each time.  She was already teetering on the edge of climax, with what was effectively a cock-shaped heart wedged in her cunt, pounding fiercely and injecting its precious, sperm-loaded fluid deep inside her, then the slightly-angled collision of Sesshomaru’s throbbing cockhead with her vaginal sweet spot set her off.  She arched her back, tossed her head rearward, then wailed her pleasure, with Kagome and all the taijiya extras (including the other set of 12 waiting in the hall outside the bedroom) following by the binding seals they wore.

            Still coming, Sesshomaru pulled out of Sango’s sopping cunt, with a messy creampie squirting out of her body immediately after him, dripping onto Kagome’s freshly-fucked sex just beneath.  The two women writhed and squirmed together as female orgasm continued to ravage them.  Keeping one hand on one cheek of Sango’s perfect ass in order to keep his hips aligned with hers and Kagome’s, he wrapped his free hand around his cock and pumped it feverishly to paint their pussies with his final, monumental cumshots, which Kikyo caught on film.  Grunting with clenched teeth, he thrust his hips into his fist feverishly, feeling his cock, balls, and pulsating demon prostate working with highly-productive contractions of pure male ecstasy.  Symbolically, the dog demon alpha male had just marked his delicious new ‘bitches’ as ‘Property of Lord Sesshomaru.  No one else’s.’

            Kikyo’s discipline was at its end, now.  Once she had gotten the shot of Sesshomaru coming all over Kagome’s and Sango’s beautiful pussies, she paused her camera’s recording, set it down onto the tatami floor as gently as she could, then reached out and wrapped a slender hand around his throbbing, jerking cock, using it as a steer to turn him away from his luscious, cum-filled and now cum-coated female co-stars.  Looking up into his golden eyes along a gorgeous view of his thickly-muscled chest and abdomen, she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in, generously lubricated with miko/taijiya pussy cream, effortlessly drinking in his full length until her nose brushed the thatch of cum-soaked silver hair at his base.  He was still coming somewhat from his orgasm inside Sango, with sizable dollops of his seed slipping out of his cock continuously to flow down the miko director’s throat, and she deliberately swallowed everything that escaped him.

            “This isn’t part of the script,” Kagome observed with great amusement as she leaned her head out to one side on the chaise, still laying beneath Sango.  She watched Kikyo deep-throating Sesshomaru passionately, and Sango noticed her line of sight, raising herself onto her knees above her miko co-star and turning her upper body see the same shocking scene behind her.

            “Kagome-san,” Sesshomaru addressed respectfully, not using the usual ‘Priestess’ his character would.  He stood perfectly still, panting softly and steeling himself against the pleasure of Kikyo’s mouth and throat sliding along his cock’s great length.  Clearly, she had complete mastery of her gag reflex, if she had one at all.  At his cock’s deepest reach into her chest cavity, he could pump his seed almost directly into her stomach. “You are correct – this…nnngh…isn’t part of the script.  Kami above…Kikyo-san is your sister.  Should I stop this?”

            Kagome smiled at Sesshomaru and shook her head.  “Kikyo is a big girl, my elder sister,” she explained.  “She’s fucked you already, so if she wants to suck you, too, let her suck you.”

            “Very well,” Sesshomaru agreed with an arched eyebrow, turning his attention back down to Kikyo.  Now, he embraced the pleasure she offered, rather than resist it, and he reached down to place a large, clawed hand on her ebony-haired head and guide her fellating movements.

            Kikyo reciprocated Sesshomaru’s affectionate touch by placing her hands on either of his hard, male hips, taking their oral coital rhythm faster and harder.  To make herself more comfortable, she rocked back off her knees in order to squat on her haunches, spreading her thighs wide with her pussy throbbing between them, soaking her sexy black underwear with her juices.  Soon, she could feel the daiyoukai’s cock getting longer, thicker, harder in her mouth as she pushed him to the edge, and she didn’t need a binding seal to feel her own pleasure increasing.

            Sango dismounted Kagome and turned on the foot of the chaise to continue to kneel on it, sidling up close to Sesshomaru as Kikyo serviced him.   She slipped an arm around his waist to pull herself closer to him and bask in his powerful body heat.  “I’m sure you’re enjoying this, you horny dog,” she teased playfully, feeling a mixture of his copious seed and her juices drooling from her pussy, slipping down her inner thighs.  “Beautiful women sucking you and fucking you, all day long.”  Her choice of the word ‘day’ was deliberate, since the film they were shooting was set at night, but the actual time of day was late afternoon, now.

            Sesshomaru turned his head to look into Sango’s rich brown eyes, seeing the female pleasure burning there.  He slipped an arm around her waist in the same way she had to him, and pulled her closer to kiss her softly.  “Most definitely,” he confirmed to her as he pulled his lips from hers, leaving her short of breath in the best way.  “For me, today has been a peak, in every sense of the word.  Pleasure is one of the reasons I chose this profession, and I have found more pleasure today, in this place, with you fine ladies, than any other time in my career.  I hope you’ve enjoyed me as much.”  Then, Sesshomaru felt his heart speeding up as he considered what he was about to say next, glancing past Sango at Kagome, then down at Kikyo, still fucking his cock with her mouth and throat.  “I…I’d like to get to know you better, all three of you, so that perhaps we can have this…relationship off-camera, off-set, and take it further.”

            Sango was stunned, the binding seal joining her spirit to Sesshomaru’s telling her that he spoke what he truthfully felt.  Even if they hadn’t been wearing the seals, she would have believed him.  She lay her free hand on his broad, muscular chest, feeling his heart thumping quickly beneath her palm.  Her own heart was racing at the thought of spending time with him beyond ‘mere’ sex on-camera, but undoubtedly, such interaction could possibly lead to a different, more emotionally-fulfilling form of sex later on.  “I’d like that, too,” she replied quietly, leaning in to kiss him again.

            Behind Sango, Kagome sat up on the chaise and slipped off it to walk around behind Sesshomaru as her two co-stars shared their kiss.  She moved with a sultry sway in her hips, tracing a fingertip along a line between Sesshomaru’s shoulders, then moved to press herself up to his opposite side.  Like Sango, she also felt Sesshomaru’s seed slipping down her inner thighs.  Now, the daiyoukai porn star had two beautiful women at his sides, with a third on her knees in front of him, enthusiastically sucking him off.  As Sango disconnected her mouth from Sesshomaru’s, Kagome reached up to touch the his chin and turn his handsome, striped face to her, letting him see the smoky expression in her ethereal blue eyes, before giving him a kiss of her own.  “As would I,” she whispered to him, in reference to Sango’s previous comment.  “Kikyo?  What do you think?”

            Despite the licentious nature of the act she was performing on Sesshomaru, Kikyo was proper enough not to try and talk with her mouth full, so she pulled her lips off his cock, her tongue drenched in a mixture of his seed and Kagome’s and Sango’s blended pussy cream, with a jiggling thread of the stuff keeping her tongue connected to his cock’s head.  “Works for me.” she agreed, fisting the stimulated daiyoukai with a hand and glancing up at him over the rims of her glasses with a sultry, seductive expression in her stony grey eyes.  “He clearly has the stamina to handle all of us, probably repeatedly.”  She then took his cock fully back into her mouth and drank him down her throat to resume her previous, energetic pace on him. 

            ‘Got him,” Kikyo congratulated to herself, and on behalf of Kagome and Sango as she expertly built Sesshomaru’s pleasure, to bring him to his sixth climax of the shoot, and the fucking eleventh of the day, overall.  ‘He’s all ours, now.  Just one more seal, and it’s done.

            Kagome and Sango began undulating and thrusting against Sesshomaru from either side in perfect, symmetrical synchronization as they felt his pleasure increasing with Kikyo’s efforts.  He received direct oral pleasure from the miko director, and his sexy co-stars received a more indirect pleasure of their own, through their still-active binding seals.  They enhanced that indirect pleasure by grinding their sopping female cores against Sesshomaru’s thighs.  For them, feeling his smooth, hot skin, filled with pure, demon male muscle, gliding along their sensitive, lubricated flesh was utterly delicious.  Feeling his co-stars’ passion, the daiyoukai porn star removed his hand from Kikyo’s head, then slipped his arm around Kagome’s waist to pull her to him and hold her and Sango equally.  Then, he lowered his hands from their waists to their bare, luscious rears and squeezed possessively, causing them to giggle happily and thrust with more energy.

            Sesshomaru turned his head to first kiss Kagome again, swallowing her giggle and feeling it turn to a moan, then turned his head to his opposite side to kiss Sango.  Then, he looked down between his thighs to see Kikyo’s head bobbing over his cock harder and faster, feeling his orgasmic pleasure reaching its explosive crest.  Closing his golden eyes and holding Kagome and Sango a little tighter, he tilted his head back to angle his face up at the ceiling, sneering with bare teeth as his big balls pulled tight to his body and his cock reached the size and hardness that immediately preceded climax, shoved deep down Kikyo’s throat.

            Gritting their teeth and gazing heatedly into each other’s lovely eyes, Kagome and Sango gyrated their hips to really pump their dripping pussies along Sesshomaru’s brawny male thighs to amplify their female pleasure.  Watching from their futons behind them, the array of twelve taijiya extras had a spectacular view of two incredible female porn star asses, plus a third, equally incredible male porn star ass, clenching and unclenching over and over with each passionate thrust.  The extras matched Sesshomaru’s, Kagome’s, Sango’s, and Kikyo’s shared passion with that other own masturbation, their palms massaging their breasts, their fingers plundering their pussies.  Among the extras, twelve hearts raced with rising ecstasy, twenty four bare breasts heaved with distressed, husky breathing, and twelve sets of lovely feminine hips thrust twelve beautiful, throbbing hot pussy mounds up into between twelve and thirty-six slender, exploring fingers, depending on each woman’s individual preferences.

            With their breathing taking on a distressed, urgent sound, each woman bound to Sesshomaru through a binding seal trembled as they felt themselves coming with him, their pussies contracting and wombs throbbing as his cock began to pulse in Kikyo’s mouth.  Kagome and Sango were at ground zero for the imminent explosion, and by tilting his head back, Sesshomaru exposed his throat to them, and they pressed their lips to either side of it to kiss, lick, and suckle greedily.  The added intimacy of the three S-rank human vixens devouring him at once set him off, and he gasped suddenly as orgasm struck, taking him completely.  Swiftly, he turned his head back down, leading to Kagome and Sango pulling their lips from his neck in order to look down at Kikyo with him as he felt his seed begin to move. 

            Feeling Sesshomaru’s cock jerking with the pressure of moving semen, the sexy miko director pumped her mouth over him rapidly and furiously, to get him off as powerfully as possible.  She knew how much he could come, and she wanted the full volume of it in her mouth, down her throat, into her stomach.  To that end, she made direct, steady unbroken eye contact with him to demonstrate her control over him, her stony grey eyes narrowing in satisfaction as she watched his golden eyes slide half-closed, his mouth falling open.

            Control – Kikyo embodied it.  As Reiki Films’ head director, she was in control of her company.  Further as a director, she was in control of the script, the scene, and her performers.  As a woman well attuned with her sexuality, she was in control of Sesshomaru and his delicious, meaty throbbing monster cock in her mouth, as well as the pleasure she took from the act she performed on him.  And as a miko, half of a two-miko sisterhood with Kagome, she was in control of their destiny and their ultimate happiness.  The ‘shoot’ they were involved in was more than just the act of making another trashy porn film in a long line of trashy porn films, it was to secure that ultimate happiness for herself, Kagome, and Sango, all three of them at once, with Sesshomaru being the living link that would bind them all together.

            As Kikyo worked Sesshomaru up in these final moments, she removed a hand from one of his hips, reaching down between her thighs to slip her fingers beneath the hem of her underwear and find herself utterly sopping.  She took her middle two fingers and diddled at her proudly-swollen clit in its protective hood, then curled them up inside herself, finding the swollen sweet spot along her pussy’s anterior wall and rubbing at it in time with the bold, cock-fucking strokes of her pouting lips.  It didn’t take much for her to take herself into orgasm, and she moaned into Sesshomaru’s cock as she felt it erupt with hot, creamy seed.

            Closing his eyes in ecstasy, Sesshomaru grunted deeply through his nose and thrust deftly against Kikyo’s face, shoving his cock deep down her throat as the first pulse of orgasm struck him.  The head of his cock swelled wide, his balls tightened, and a heavy, flowing rope of thick, white cum burst out of him, ricocheting off the walls of her esophagus on its way to her stomach.  He was so deep down her throat that she didn’t need to swallow.  That first heavy load settled in her stomach with a thick, liquid splat, followed by another, then another until she could feel her stomach filling up with his cum.  She pulled her mouth off roughly 3/4ths of his length, so that the head of his cock lay cradled on her tongue, and the hot, salty flavor of his ejaculations flooded her mouth for her to enjoy.  Swallowing was definitely necessary for her now, and her larynx recoiled in her throat with every sperm-loaded gulp she took from him.

            Kagome and Sango came hard with Sesshomaru, thrusting against his hips one last time and crying out their pleasure.  Their pussies squirted potently, their hot, female juices running down his smooth skin on either side of him.  For him, the scent was intoxicating, with three absolutely gorgeous human females getting off around him, to say nothing of the scent the taijiya extras were putting out.  He opened his golden eyes just in time to see Kikyo backing her mouth off him completely, even as his seed continued to shoot, so that he could see the long, flowing ropes of cum surging out of his cock and glancing off her tongue, rolling down her throat. 

            Aggressively, Kagome seized Sesshomaru’s cock from Kikyo and jacked it furiously to keep his climax going.  He was plenty well-lubricated, and his sheer rigidity made him well-suited to the rough treatment.  “Come on, dog-stud,” she challenged to him, to which he replied by turning his head to gaze heatedly into her eyes, then thrust into her gripping, stroking fist, squeezing her ass and Sango’s a little tighter.  “Give her all you can.  Paint her fucking face!

            Eagerly, Kikyo played along with Kagome’s sexy, impromptu bukkake game by pulling back from Sesshomaru by an inch or two, then undoing the clasp of her silky black bra to let her large breasts fall free.  Shrugging out of the intimate garment, she held her breasts in her hands and pushed them together, then up, massaging them rhythmically for Sesshomaru’s male entertainment as his powerful cumshots burst out of his cock and landed on her face, splattering all over her chin, her lips, cheeks, and forehead, and coating each lens of her glasses.  The thick, white cum dripped off her face in large, gooey globs and pooled up in the valley she had created with her breasts, then rolled down to flow onto the tatami floor between her knees.  Finally, she opened her mouth and stuck out her silky pink salivating tongue to give her daiyoukai performer yet another tempting target for his seed, which Kagome helped him aim for.

            Sesshomaru gasped as each throbbing pulse of ejaculation coursed through him, boosted by Kagome’s rapid, skillful fisting of his cock.  Over and over, his big balls clenched, his demonic prostate gave a pumping reproductive beat, and the resulting pressure seared up his cock to culminate as an eruption of boiling hot semen that leapt out of him by close to a full foot.  Soon, Kikyo’s face was completely coated, totally obscured with the ultimate sperm facial, and only then did Sesshomaru’s orgasm begin to ebb.  The pressure of his spurts fell and fell until his seed was no longer exploding out of him, but oozing forth in dripping globs that slipped out of the slit at the end of his cock, which Kikyo happily licked and sucked away.

            “Yeah, babe,” Sango praised to Sesshomaru as she ground her pussy along his hip to prolong her own high, in awe of his incredible dog-demon virility.  She’d felt him come down her throat and directly into her womb, her memory permanently branded with the heat of him erupting inside her, but to see his seed bursting out of him with such volume and pressure really nailed the idea home – he was the single most powerful male she’d ever encountered.  He wanted more of her, along with Kagome and Kikyo, and the sentiment was fully mutual.

            Kikyo took control of Sesshomaru’s cock back from Kagome, handling it gently and stroking it long and slow to milk out the absolute last of his seed.  “Sorry about that,” she apologized to him, with an aura of strange dignity despite the billions of sperm wriggling around on her face at the microscopic level.  “I just had to have you with my mouth.  When I see such a good-looking dick, attached to such a good-looking guy, fuck such beautiful pussies so deeply and pull out, wearing all that delicious girl cream, all within mouth’s reach of me, my body takes control.”

            “No offense taken.  You made it feel incredible,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo.  “You’re not…just a director, are you?  Your technique, your manner of exciting me for you, and the way you accept my seed…you’ve performed before.”

            “Yes,” Kikyo confirmed.  “Among others, I’ve performed alongside Kagome, under the legendary director Kagewaki Naraku.  You may have seen us in his Miko Prostitute Tentacle Cataclysm, or Miko Heart Removal Sacrifice Gangbang?  I have sucked and fucked on-camera plenty, and I had such fun bringing Kagewaki-san’s kinkiest ideas to life, but eventually, I wanted to make my own movies, so I founded Reiki Films here.”

            “Those film titles you mentioned seem to have escaped me,” Sesshomaru admitted.  “But now that I know you’re in them, I’ll be sure to check them out later.”  Suggestively, he added: “Perhaps we could watch them together, privately?”  Releasing Kagome and Sango at his sides, he reached down and grasped one of Kikyo’s upper arms, gently pulling her to her feet in front of him.  Due to his extreme potency, she looked and smelled like the inside of a freshly-used condom, her silky black bangs fully glued to her forehead with his essence.  Her glasses looked like they needed tiny windshield wipers.  Knowing that it was his seed she was wearing as a liquid veil over her face had his mouth salivating, and he opened his mouth to extend his long, agile demon tongue, beginning to affectionately lap up the creamy white mess he’d shot onto her.

            Removing her cum-coated glasses briefly, Kikyo laughed and closed her eyes, letting Sesshomaru lap her face clean.  She turned her head from one side to the other slowly to present her face to his tongue at a steadily-changing angle, and allow him to clean her up more efficiently.  “You really are just like a dog,” she said, giggling with each textured pass of his long, rough tongue.  “Mmm…good boy.”

            Smiling, Sesshomaru reached down between his body and Kikyo’s as he continued to clean her face, and pressed a large hand to her flat stomach, with his fingers pointing downward to the junction of her thighs.  He slid his hand downward, venturing his fingertips underneath the hem of her thoroughly-soaked underwear, and relished in her gasp as he cupped her sensitive, swollen pussy mound in his palm, then worked his middle two fingers up into her body.  He savored her internal texture, the way her vaginal muscles gripped his fingers and suckled at them, urging them deeper.  Her tight, richly-lubricated heat was calling for his cock, and he felt himself swell back up, ready for more.

            “I hope I’m not taking liberties I shouldn’t,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo as he finished cleaning her face, leaving her pale skin glistening with rapidly-drying saliva, but no semen.  Looking into her eyes, he pumped his fingers in and out of her cunt to stimulate her.  “You’re so wet, I smell you now.”

            Kikyo reached down between her body and Sesshomaru’s, then gripped his wrist, rolling her hips to thrust against his exploring fingers, instead of pulling his fingers out.  “It’s okay.  I came just now,” she admitted.  Using her other hand, she flicked her glasses sharply to cast off most of the semen clinging to their rectangular lenses, then donned them again.  Then, she touched her daiyoukai star’s handsome face, raising herself onto the tips of her toes to kiss him softly.  “I…I need to have you again, soon.  Watching you perform has been so exciting.  But before that, let’s finish up our current scene.”

            Reluctantly, Kikyo pulled away from Sesshomaru and he extracted his fingers from inside her.  Wearing only her sexy black g-string and her gartered stockings, since she had discarded her bra for Sesshomaru’s ‘benefit,’ she bent down to the floor and picked up her camera, switching it back on and adjusting the focus.  “Kagome, Sango, get back on the chaise, how you were laying before, just after Sesshomaru finished in you.  Taijiya extras, writhe around on your futons, like you’ve just been fucked super-hard.  Give me lots of soft pants and moans.”

            Dutifully, Kagome and Sango took up their previous position on the chaise, with Kagome stretched out on her back with thighs spread wide, Sango straddling her waist with similarly-spread thighs, their chests pressed together.  “Sesshomaru, get back behind them,” Kikyo continued, taking up her filming position on the bedroom set’s floor.  “Like you just pulled out of Sango.  Fist yourself nice and slow, like you’re keeping the pleasure going.”

            Sesshomaru stepped up behind Kagome and Sango, placing his left hand on the full left cheek of the taijiya’s rear, wrapping his right hand around his cock as it continued to pulsate from Kikyo’s oral service to it.  As Kikyo wanted, he pumped his fist over it, groaning softly by the pleasure it caused, and a good, long rope of cum spilled out of him, dripping onto the floor at his feet with his final orgasmic internal contraction.

            “And…action,” Kikyo ordered, giving the signal for her performers to resume the scene.

            Kagome’s and Sango’s pussies were still thoroughly-coated with Sesshomaru’s cum, and the taijiya porn star shifted off her miko co-star’s waist to lay at her side on the chaise.  They panted deeply, recuperating from the daiyoukai’s hard fucking, and Kagome was first to speak.  “God, Sesshomaru-sama…that was incredible.  You’re a beast, in the best way possible.”

            “Mmmhmhmmm….” Sango vocalized in support of Kagome, a wordless, throaty nasal feminine chuckle.  She arched her back and thrust her breasts up, wrapping her arms around herself beneath them, writhing in ongoing pleasure after being taken hard from behind by a nearly out-of-control Sesshomaru.

            Sesshomaru knelt on the floor at the foot of the chaise, in front of Kagome and Sango to rest briefly.  “Did I hurt you?” he asked to them.  “I could feel myself going wild.”

            “We’ll be okay,” Kagome smiled.  “But you made such a mess on us.  What ever will you do about it?”  To reinforce her playful suggestion, she spread her thighs a little wider, then reached down between them to spread the silky petals of her pussy open, exposing her vaginal orifice as it bled with the daiyoukai’s seed.  Sango did the same and then, Sesshomaru had two awesome Japanese beauties offering their bodies to him.

            Sesshomaru’s golden eyes flashed devilishly and he lowered himself from his kneeling position to get onto his hands and knees, crawling forward and plunging his silver-haired head between Kagome’s thighs.  Kikyo filmed as the daiyoukai ate her sister up, lapping and sucking at her delicious pink pussy flesh to clean her of his seed.  Then, he moved on to Sango.  For each woman, he made sure to get their pussies squeaky clean inside and out, using his tongue to devastating effect, and brought them to orgasm again for good measure.  As eagerly as Kikyo had sucked him off in the last few minutes, he gulped down everything his beautiful female co-stars produced for him.  Their stomachs were full of his seed, and now, his stomach was full of their uniquely-female cream.

            Soon, Kagome’s and Sango’s brains were spinning in their heads from Sesshomaru’s enthusiastic oral ministrations.  From their perspectives, laying on their backs on the chaise, the bedroom set ceiling blurred, sliding in and out of focus with their pleasure, and their gasps and moans were as music to their male co-star’s tapered youkai ears.  Kagome lay to Sango’s right, and Sango to Kagome’s left – Kagome raised her left forearm until it pointed straight upward, and Sango did the same with her right.  They entwined their slender fingers and squeezed each other’s hand, then turned their heads toward each other to share another passionate girl-on-girl kiss as Sesshomaru took them over the edge.  When he was finished, they were both as boneless, squirming masses of well-pleased female flesh, and he stood up in front of them, his chin dripping with their delicious juices.

            When Kagome and Sango came back down to Earth, they sat up on the chaise together to see Sesshomaru waiting patiently for them.  He stood with a hand planted on a muscular hip, using his other hand to gently fist himself and keep himself ready to go.  “You are magnificent, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome praised.  “If Sango and I are the best you’ve ever had, you are the best we’ve ever had.”

            “What can I say?” Sesshomaru replied modestly.  “My original intent in coming here was to kill you.  I came here with my sword, Bakusaiga, prepared to fight all night if necessary.  That stamina has certainly proved useful, if not in the way I was expecting.”  His lips curled up into a small, stoic smile.  “I came here to slide a sword into your body, and now, I suppose I have.”  He squeezed his meaty cock in his fist, causing the bulbous head to swell and grow visibly darker with his hot demon blood.  Pre-cum boiled its way up and out of him, and he growled deeply, passionately, sending chills down Kagome’s and Sango’s spines.  His demonic virility was as a fount that might never run dry.  “My desire builds within me yet.  I can take each of you again, if you’ll have me.”

            Kikyo filmed Kagome as she raised herself onto her elbows beside Sango to lay on the chaise in a luxurious reclined position.  She looked upon Sesshomaru’s powerful, ready body and rubbed her thighs together to enjoy the slick female heat between them, her desire for him unceasing.  She looked down at Sango beside her, then over to the taijiya extras sitting on their futons on the bedroom set floor, and Kikyo turned her camera to simulate her perspective of them.  The now-topless miko director turned her camera back to Kagome and the miko porn star gave Sesshomaru a most un-miko-like smile.  “Mmm…that’s definitely tempting, but let’s give someone else a chance, shall we?”

            Kagome glanced to Sango again, nodding her head in the direction of the taijiya extras, her character’s all-female warrior cadre.  Then, Kikyo filmed Sango as she looked over to the extras, observing how they recovered from the string of orgasms that their binding seals had allowed them to enjoy as Sesshomaru performed with herself and Kagome, followed by Kikyo sucking him off.  “The night is young, Sesshomaru-sama,” she said, slipping off the chaise and standing up on the bedroom set’s tatami floor.  She walked around behind Sesshomaru and reached up to place her hands on his thickly-muscled shoulders, turning him in place so that he faced her junior taijiya.  “Because I see twelve young, sexy, hungry women that would love a taste of what you’ve been giving to me and Kagome.”

            The taijiya extras, each one completely nude since they had discarded their underwear during their group masturbation, sat up on their futons with great excitement at the prospect of having Sesshomaru directly, amongst themselves.  At last, their turn with the great Takahashi Kenshiro had arrived.  Beforehand, Kikyo had used a portion of the project’s funding to ensure that each extra had received an etonogestrel implant as Kagome and Sango had, so that in conjunction with her contraceptive sutras, which she knew were effective following her ‘screen test’ with Sesshomaru in her office bedroom, they could have physically-unprotected sex with him in all its messy glory, without fear of conception. 

            Kikyo filmed Kagome as she visited each taijiya individually, issuing them a contraceptive sutra and helping to place it correctly on their bellies, over their wombs.  After placing each seal, she gave each girl she had given it to a sweet kiss to her forehead, a blessing from their miko mistress and a silent instruction for them to have fun.

            Moving to stand at Sesshomaru’s left side, Sango reached down and took his free left hand into both of hers as he continued to languidly fist his long, thick cock with his right, so that he was fully prepared to perform with her lovely junior taijiyas.  She led him to stand at the center of the semi-circle that the girls’ futons made on the bedroom floor, then she turned to face him.  “Can you do it?” she asked quietly, as if uncertain.  “Can you go twelve times in a row, with twelve different girls, one right after another?”

            “I can,” Sesshomaru replied with cool confidence, then his voice became much more husky and heated.  “I will take them, and fill them as you and your Priestess are now filled.  And when I am done, and their minds are blank with pleasure and their bellies are hot with my seed, I want the other twelve like them.  Then…I am having you and your Priestess again.”

            Sango gave Sesshomaru a sneering smile, reflexively thrusting her hips to grind her flat belly to his big cock.  She lifted herself onto the tips of her toes and kissed him sweetly, then stepped to his side and turned to face her taijiya girls as they awaited perhaps the ultimate fuck of their lives.  She gestured up at Sesshomaru’s handsome face for the girls to see.  “Look,” she ordered to them sternly.  “This is the face of an assassin, a demon of the most powerful type dispatched here to end our Lady Kagome’s life.”  She gestured her hand lower, over his hard, muscular chest and abdomen.  “This is a body trained for war, and it is our Lady’s grace that saw it directed to more pleasurable enterprises.”  Finally, she lowered her hand to his long, thick cock and big, heavy balls, his cock ever-ready to know a woman’s inner flesh and his balls similarly ready to unleash extremely potent demon seed upon the same. 

            “To his credit,” Sango continued, “He is well-equipped for it.”  The taijiya extras giggled appropriately inappropriately, and Sango clasped her hands behind her back, leaving Sesshomaru’s side to walk along the semi-circle of taijiya extras, getting into the character of a professional taijiya captain laying out a new mission to her female soldiers.  Even in complete nudity, mere minutes after highly-fulfilling, energetic sex with Sesshomaru, she exhibited perfect poise and an air of unshakable professionalism.  “Your bodies are trained for war, as well.  I want you to give yourselves to Sesshomaru-sama as hard as you can.  Don’t make it easy for him!  Take from him as much as he takes from you.  As he loves each and every one of you, I want to hear lots of moaning, lots of grunting, and when he finally gives you his seed, I want to hear him roar as your bodies pull it out of him.”  Sango paused briefly, then added: “Understood?  Good.  Now, introduce yourselves!

            Sango stepped away from Sesshomaru, moving back toward Kagome as she watched from her spot on the chaise.  Having received their cue, the twelve taijiya extras rushed from their futons to congregate around Sesshomaru on their knees, completely surrounding him with eager, willing female flesh.  He chuckled and released his cock, then extended his arms out and away from him to make room for the extras, and Kikyo filmed them a sweeping circle as the extras explored the daiyoukai’s body with eager, hungry hands, worshipping him as twelve clawless cats might worship a scratching post.

            Taking control of the scene, Sesshomaru chose one of the taijiya extras at random and pulled her to her feet, kissing her hard and deep and walking her back to one of the twelve empty futons, also chosen at random.  He pushed her down and lay her back on it, then took up position between her open thighs to guide his cock down to her hot, ready sex and slide inside her.  In his sexual aggression, he made sure to be gentle with the penetration, as he doubted the young woman had ever been with a male of his endowment.  She cried out and her crooned as their bodies became one, their joining aided by her generous lubrication, then they immediately took up a passionate, thrusting rutting pace, with all the moans and grunts Sango had requested.

            For her own part, Sango offered her hand down to Kagome and pulled her off the chaise, and Kikyo followed with her camera as the taijiya captain led her miko mistress back to the bedroom set’s main bed.  Once through the silk veil surrounding the bed, Sango reversed her position with Kagome’s and all but threw her down to the bed’s soft, white silk, then pounced


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

            Heart racing with anticipation for the full-blown yuri scene that was upon her, a luscious, nude Kagome got comfortable on the bedroom set’s main futon as an equally-nude and sexually-potent Sango leapt atop her.  Beside them, Kikyo filmed them from a wide profile view so that the full lengths of their sexy female bodies were in-frame.  Sango’s mouth sought her gorgeous co-star’s and found it in a hungry kiss driven by the pleasure the two women were receiving through the binding seals on their chests.  Such pleasure was generated both between themselves, and by an apparently inexhaustible Sesshomaru as he conquered the lovely taijiya extras, one by one on the other side of the bedroom set.

            The sound inside the set was of Kagome’s and Sango’s labored breathing as they writhed together, ravishing each other, and of Sesshomaru’s deep, masculine growls combined with the soft, encouraging cries of whatever taijiya extra he was nailing.  Then, of course, was the slap, slap, slap of the daiyoukai porn star’s muscle-filled flesh contacting the softer, more feminine curves of his co-star-of-the-moment.  He was as relentless as he was attentive, gladly taking his pleasure and also ensuring that the extra he fucked enjoyed her own to its fullest extent.  Only when he could feel her womb throbbing against the crown of his cock, her vaginal muscles gripping and milking his cock’s long, thick shaft with the contractions of female orgasm, did he allow himself release.

            “Will you take my seed?” Sesshomaru asked to his current taijiya lover as he took her from behind, kneeling on her small futon behind her with one hand on one of her upper arms to pull her back into him, his other hand on her waist to guide her pussy onto his cock.  He whispered into her rounded human ear, nuzzling behind it to tease her, and in asking her if she wanted his seed, he gave her one last chance for him to pull out, regardless of the contraceptive sutra she wore on her belly.  Speechless by his size and hardness for her, she nodded emphatically and he increased his penetrating rhythm into her, pumping deeply at the mouth of her womb as the unmistakable reproductive pressure began to course its way up and out of his body once more.

            Having left Kagome and Sango temporarily, Kikyo again filmed Sesshomaru in great detail as he came.  She captured the visible clench in his gorgeous muscles, the tightening of his hand around his lover’s arm and the curl in his toes.  Then came the final thrust in his hips, the arch in his back, and the ecstasy on his face as he closed his golden eyes, tilting his silver-haired head back and sneering with bared teeth as his hot, creamy seed burst forth, pumping directly into the taijiya extra’s extra-hungry womb.  As ever, the volume and pressure of his ejaculations culminated as an explosive PUMP, PUMP, PUMP the young woman couldn’t not feel in her belly, and he made sure he left enough space between his hard hip and her supple rear for Kikyo to get a good shot of the all the creamy white beginning to seep back out of the taijiya’s cunt around him.

            Sango lay atop Kagome on their bed, their bellies and chests pressed together, their breasts rubbing together, their hearts pounding together and wombs throbbing together as they felt Sesshomaru coming inside the first lucky taijiya girl.  Trembling in each other’s arms, they shared another kiss, then Kagome spread her thighs around Sango’s hips, and the taijiya porn star began to move, pumping their pussies together.  Kikyo returned to their side and filmed them as they made fast, energetic, fiercely-passionate love, taking her time with each shot to get their lovely faces and pleasured expressions, plus the thrusting in their hips, the contractions in their muscles, and the perspiration flowing down their skin in high detail.  The two women couldn’t penetrate one another, but the grind of their silky female petals and hooded, swollen clits, all lubricated with their mixed juices and remnants of Sesshomaru’s seed, gave them plenty of stimulation to make a convincing scene.

            Methodically and with total commitment, Sesshomaru worked his way through the taijiya extras one by one, exploring different positions with them.  Some of them he took from behind, like the first, while others pulled him onto them and gave themselves to him in pleasant, comfortable missionary positions.  Still others urged him onto his back and rode him like there was no tomorrow, seizing the opportunity to have their way with the one and only Takahashi Kenshiro, while a few happily imitated Sango’s ‘69’ with him, with results they had difficulty swallowing completely.  In each case, the pleasure he generated with them and transmitted into the link of binding seals kept Sango and Kagome going with each other until they were temporarily, yet thoroughly spent, clasping together for warmth in the nicely air-conditioned atmosphere of the bedroom set.

            Soon, Sesshomaru finished off his twelfth taijiya girl, leaving her panting and trembling beneath him on her futon, the last of the first set of twelve.  Sango sat up next to Kagome and gazed across the bedroom set, through the veil surrounding the futon she sat on, seeing Sesshomaru standing up to observe his handiwork.  Strewn about him were twelve well-pleased females writhing on their own futons in various states of orgasm.  The taijiya porn star could see his muscles pumping for more, his daiyoukai aura flowing off him like soft, green flame.  “Taijiya-san,” he addressed calmly, not sounding the least bit winded after having enjoyed twelve sexually-voracious Japanese women in a row.  “Your other twelve girls.  Would you…?”

            Semi-dazed and with Kikyo following with her camera, Sango nodded at Sesshomaru and struggled to her feet, stepping off Kagome’s big futon and slipping through the silk veil surrounding it to stumble to the bedroom set’s shoji door as if drunk.  She threw it open, taking the second set of twelve taijiya girls waiting in the hall by surprise.  Despite knowing explicitly that they were taking part in a porn shoot, the girls were startled by Sango’s gorgeous nudity, immediately becoming aware of the glow of pleasure radiating from her busty, toned body.

            “Girls,” Sango addressed to the second half of her taijiya cadre.  “Get undressed, then get in here.  Sesshomaru-sama is our guest now, and we must see to his…entertainment.”

            One by one, the twelve fully-dressed, un-fucked taijiya extras exchanged themselves for the ones Sesshomaru had taken, made love to, or flat-out used and fucked as each one’s tastes and personality suited.  Kagome issued each fresh taijiya a binding seal and separate contraceptive seal so that they, too, could have the same amount of fun the others had.  Once they were assembled and ready to go, Sesshomaru proceeded with them more quickly than the first twelve, taking two at a time.

            In three of the six different three-way encounters that resulted, Sesshomaru lay on a taijiya’s futon on the bedroom set’s floor, then allowed one taijiya to ride his cock and the other to ride his face.  Thusly, he enjoyed the inner muscles of one milking him into climax and those of the other gripping at his tongue as he serviced her hungrily.  When he came, the two girls rotated positions, so that neither of them was denied a bellyful of hot, potent demon seed.  In the other three encounters, he took his two taijiya in the same way he had Kagome and Sango on the chaise, pressing them together chest-to-chest, one on top of the other, and taking the top one from behind, reversing them as he finished with the top.

            When Sesshomaru was finally finished with his marathon sex act, he serviced each taijiya girl, all twenty-four of them, orally to clean her, so that her character wouldn’t have to contend with his seed drooling out of her and slipping down her thighs for the rest of the night.  Afterward, Sango gathered the panting, blushing taijiya to her, then Kagome gave each one an infusion of her reiki with a very special goodnight kiss, relieving them of their binding seals but leaving the contraceptive seals in place on their bellies as a continued safeguard against impregnation.  Being the spiritually-sensitive ones, Kagome and Kikyo both had first-hand knowledge of how powerful Sesshomaru’s sperm were. 

            Kikyo filmed each taijiya as her sister miko blessed that younger actress with her healing, purifying miko power.  The restoration of each one’s vitality, plus the dissipation of their ‘post-Sesshomaru’ exhaustion, was clearly-visible on camera through the rejuvenated expressions on their faces and in the postures of their bodies.  In the setting of the film’s story, the taijiya were the guard force of Kagome’s shrine, and though for all of them to be called away from their posts at once to get a shot with Sesshomaru was an irresistible tactical risk on the part of Sango’s character, they could at least resume their duties around the shrine at full strength and stamina.  Further, now that they did not wear binding seals anymore, they would not be distracted from their duties as Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango continued their tryst in private.

            Unable to conceal their happy blushes, each junior taijiya extra bowed to Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango gratefully, showing their gratitude for a night of unimaginable pleasures, then filed out of the bedroom set.  Sango followed the last one to the bedroom’s shoji door, then Kikyo stood on the hallway side of it to film the sultry smile on the taijiya porn star’s face as she slid it closed.  Of course, Sango immediately had to open the door again to let Kikyo back through, then close it again in order to continue the scene.

            Kikyo moved to stand behind Sesshomaru and filmed from his perspective as Kagome and Sango returned to the bedroom set’s silk-veiled main futon.  They sat on the bed together, sitting side-by-side at a very familiar, intimate distance.  Making sure Sesshomaru was watching and Kikyo was shooting, they each slipped an arm around each other’s waist and pulled themselves closer to each other, gently turning their heads to share a single, enjoyable kiss.  Separating their lips, they looked to Sesshomaru with pure seduction in their eyes.

            Holding onto Sango with one arm, Kagome took her free hand and pressed it flat to the futon she and her co-star sat on.  She channeled her reiki into it and caused it to glow luminescent blue around herself and Sango.  This purified the mixture of sweat, semen, and vaginal fluid soiling it, leaving its material warm and delightfully fluffy to the touch, utterly clean.  It was now perfect for two or three people to share each other’s company on once more, during sex or in actual sleep.  She then gave the same treatment to her body and Sango’s at once, rendering them clean and refreshed, with their hair almost weightlessly light and silky soft on their bare backs and shoulders. 

            “Sesshomaru-sama?” Kagome called to Sesshomaru sweetly and seductively, giggling as Sango began to nuzzle and kiss at her neck, exploring her soft and smooth, clean and dry skin with eager hands.  Contrasting with the comfortable dryness of their skin, a familiar feminine wetness persisted between their thighs.  “It’s getting late.  Perhaps you’d come to bed?”

            Sesshomaru flashed Kagome and Sango a sly, fanged smile.  Even after having twenty-four women in the junior taijiya extras, the positivity in the sexual energy that the miko and taijiya porn stars put out inspired him to further sexual feats.  With Kikyo filming him, he approached the veil surrounding the bed Kagome and Sango shared, then emulated the technique the miko had used on the bed and her taijiya co-star.  He summoned his youki about himself as transparent green flame and used it to strip his body of the evidence of all the sex he’d been having over the past few hours: sweat, semen, and the copious vaginal fluid of twenty-six beautiful Japanese women (twenty-seven counting Kikyo, following the shower in the bathroom attached to the bedroom adjacent to her office in the admin building.)

            Kagome and Sango eagerly separated from each other to make room for Sesshomaru on the bed between then.  The daiyoukai stepped through the veil surrounding the bed, gloriously nude yet conspicuously, impressively flaccid (finally!), even in the presence of his comely co-stars, then knelt on the bed and turned around to lay back.  As with the beginning of the overall bedroom scene of the film, the girls helpfully stretched Sesshomaru’s long, silvery mane out to one side of him, so that he didn’t lay directly on top of it and pin it beneath him if he chose to move around on his back.  Then, they lay down with him and pressed themselves to his sides, intimately contouring their luscious bodies to his.

            Kikyo had a step-ladder stored nearby, in a closet in the hallway outside the bedroom, and retrieved it to emplace it next to the big futon that Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango occupied together.  First, she placed it outside the veil, so that as she stood on it with camera in-hand, the veil was between her camera’s lens and Sesshomaru, Kagome’s, and Sango’s beautiful bodies.  This gave her shot a mysterious, obfuscating filter effect, through which she emulated a shot from the 1983 American film Scarface, a remake of the 1934 American film of the same name.  In the 1983 version, director Brian de Palma shot a nude Steven Bauer in bed with a nameless, shapely, totally nude Miami blonde, their bodies obfuscated by a veil of silk, just as Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango were for Kikyo’s camera.

            In Scarface, the bed veil had been necessary for de Palma to get the film past the American censor bureaus for wide-scale public release.  In Kikyo’s case, she was shooting a hardcore adult film intended for much more limited release, so her censorship requirements weren’t quite the same.  She took the veiled shot for artistic enjoyment, then moved her ladder inside the veil so that she shoot her sex-god and sex-goddess stars from almost directly above, with unfiltered clarity.

            Basking in the silent, invisible pleasure of Kikyo’s camerawork, Sesshomaru worked his arms underneath Kagome’s and Sango’s bodies, between them and the futon, and snaked them around their waists to pull them a little bit closer to him.  They responded by nuzzling and kissing at his shoulders, and they giggled together as he moved his large, clawed hands down over their bare rears, squeezing possessively.  They began to pump and thrust their bodies to his suggestively, and sure enough, his flaccid cock didn’t stay flaccid for long.

            Kagome lay on her left side to Sesshomaru’s right, and she used her left hand to reach up and underneath his head to cup it securely as she inched herself up his body and kissed him.  He opened his mouth to her and they entwined their tongues happily, passionately.  At the same time, Sango lay on her right side to Sesshomaru’s left, and she caressed her left hand down his beautifully-muscled chest and abdomen to close it around his cock, beginning to fist it long and slow to bring him to full erection.  “Mmm…so responsive, Sesshomaru-sama,” she cooed to his tapered left ear.

            Sesshomaru disconnected his lips from Kagome’s and turned his head to take Sango’s as she offered them to him.  With Kikyo filming, the two human women shared him in this way for several highly-enjoyable minutes, drinking long, deep kisses from his mouth, grinding their bodies on his, and taking turns pumping his cock and fondling his big balls between his powerful thighs.  Soon, he was breathing in growls between each kiss and his chest heaved potently with his desire, his balls tense in their sac and his cock throbbing, oozing pre-cum onto his abdomen.  For their own parts, Kagome and Sango were as ready as he was, feeling their creamy female juices lubricating their inner thighs.  They rubbed their thighs together to stoke the familiar ache building in their bellies.

            The daiyoukai porn star felt that he might come soon, from the stimulation of his co-stars’ talented hands alone, and turned his head so that his face was oriented straight upward.  This way, his mouth was equidistant from Kagome’s and Sango’s and prevented either from kissing him easily.  He gave a different kind of squeeze to their rears, a very firm, insistent one, a signal to stop.  They stopped as he wanted, allowing him to speak.  “The two of you…build me up so skillfully,” he complimented to them, catching his breath.  “I am large and heavy for you.  My seed churns within me.  What do you want to happen, now?”

            “Can you put us to bed, Sesshomaru-sama?” Kagome asked daringly, laying her hand on his broad chest, over his thundering heart.  “Can you take us, both of us, to the point that we pass out?

            “You want me to love you, I take it?” Sesshomaru suggested to Kagome, glancing between her and Sango.  “Not the hard fucking we’ve enjoyed up to now, but something slower, gentler, even?”

            “Yes!” Kagome beamed.  “Take us slow and deep, now.  Let us really feel every inch of you, and you can do the same with us.”  She turned Sesshomaru’s face to hers and kissed him sweetly, then added with a very husky tone: “And when you can’t handle it anymore, and you have to give up your seed, we’re going to savor it inside us, and come so fucking hard.”

            Eagerly, Sesshomaru rose up between Kagome and Sango, then pressed Kagome onto her back beneath him, his first turn with her in the missionary position during the shoot.  She adjusted herself to the new, submissive position and happily spread her legs for him, then Kikyo filmed him as he positioned his throbbing demon cock at her sexy sister’s glistening pussy mound, about to penetrate her with a new depth and passion.  As he supported his upper body on his muscle-filled arms, he realized that his balls felt unusually heavy and he heard his heart thumping in his ears – there was something about this miko – and Sango - that excited him profoundly, and he trembled like a novice as he eased down forward into her.

            Kagome reached up and slipped her hands around Sesshomaru’s sinewy neck, her breasts heaving as she felt the head of his cock pressing against her weeping core.  He was so hard and rigid for her, and she was so well-lubricated for him that his first attempt to enter her actually failed, with his cock’s bulbous crown slipping up and out of her silky pink pussy petals as he added some pressure, glancing up over her hooded clit and leaving a glistening path of pre-cum on the smooth skin of her hairless mound.  He smiled helplessly and she laughed softly, her cheeks flushing beautifully and ethereal blue eyes glittering in purely good humor.

            “Here, let me help you,” Kagome offered, unlinking her hands behind Sesshomaru’s neck and reaching down between their bodies with one to guide him.  She pressed down on his almost totally-inflexible cock and he tilted his hips so that his cock’s head bore down into her entrance again, with exactly the right alignment this time.  “Yes…yes, right there….”

            Kikyo filmed as Sesshomaru’s hips and spectacularly-muscled rear descended between Kagome’s willing, open thighs, his cock disappearing into her body inch by inch.  “Fill me, Sesshomaru,” Kagome gasped in encouragement, her heart racing as her pussy opened and drank him up.

            Sesshomaru matched Kagome’s gasp with a thrilling growl as he seated his final inch in her.  He felt her womb against his cock’s head, and the smooth, rubbery mouth of it gasped open and closed palpably, repeatedly, ceaselessly.  He couldn’t smell an egg ready and waiting in her, due to her etonogestrel implant, so she had apparently trained her body to tell an appropriately well-endowed and physically-sensitive male that it wanted his child, in other terms.  His heart raced as he began to move inside her, her copious lubrication and tight fit for his size resulting in an audible gush, gush, gush of their bodies uniting and separating, over and over.

            Beside Sesshomaru and Kagome, Sango masturbated quietly and enthusiastically as she watched her co-stars perform.  They were so powerful together, their hearts beating and bodies moving as one as they made love instead of fucking.  The pleasure and emotion they created between themselves as they gazed into each other’s eyes and joined their bodies so deeply entered their binding seals and was transmitted to Sango in waves that gradually built up and erupted, rocking her with full-body orgasms that had her struggling to breathe.  In lieu of having Sesshomaru directly, she consoled herself by massaging a large breast with one hand, pumping the middle two fingers of her other hand inside herself as she creamed again and again.

            Sesshomaru pumped deeply, slowly into Kagome, and at the moment of his deepest reach inside her, he swiveled his hips to grind the dense ridge of bone at his cock’s base to her swollen, hooded clit, ensuring that she found pleasure at least equal to his own.  Occasionally, he angled his thrusts upward to try and hit the sweet spot along her anterior vaginal wall, and her especially-pronounced gasps on those thrusts told him he was succeeding.  Her breasts heaved and swayed on her chest throughout their joining and she lifted her hips into his to meet him beat for coital beat.  To show off to Kikyo’s camera just how good he was making her feel, she closed her eyes and tossed her head from side to side, panting through pouting lips with a passionate blush on her cheeks.  Then, once she was finished tossing her head about, she reached up and curled a hand behind Sesshomaru’s head, threading her fingers into his thick, silvery mane.

            Kagome pulled on Sesshomaru’s head gently, yet insistently, and his golden eyes glowed with mirth, then slid closed as he allowed her to pull his mouth down to hers.  As their lips touched and tongues entwined, he pressed the crown of his cock firmly to the mouth of her womb and held it there – a kiss without, a kiss deep within.  Right then, she could clearly feel his powerful demon heart beating against her cervix, through his cock’s swollen head, bump-bump, bump-bump, and his big balls, heavy with potent demon seed that yearned to be roiling in her belly, were a comforting weight between the globes of her rear.  He slipped a muscle-filled arm underneath her back to pull her closer to him, and her breasts melded to his chest, escalating the intimacy of their latest encounter by bringing their racing hearts closer together.

            Eventually, both Sesshomaru and Kagome needed to breathe and he pulled his mouth off hers in order to look down at her again.  With gimlet golden eyes, he studied her closely – her raven hair was splayed out around her head as an ink-black pool, her cheeks were richly-flushed with the pleasure she had allowed him to give her, and her ethereal blue eyes were misty with…tears?  She wept for him, in more ways than one, and she flashed him a beautiful smile as she closed her eyes, allowing the tears built up in them to slip out from their corners to be lost in her hair.

            Sesshomaru growled low through clenched teeth as he felt his cock jerk in Kagome’s belly, reaching a size and hardness that not only filled her, but sealed her.  Seeing her weeping for him in the best way commanded his demonic desires in a manner he had not experienced before.  A hot, heavy droplet of pre-cum slipped out of him to touch her womb’s mouth and soaked through it for her to feel.  Gradually, the transparent reproductive fluid that escaped his body began to turn creamy white as his balls grew tense in their smooth, hairless protective sac, and his pulse began to quicken, fast approaching orgasm’s crescendo.

            “Yes, my Lord Sesshomaru,” Kagome encouraged to her breathtaking co-star as he reached what was ostensibly the height of his male sexual potency.  Her womb had finished absorbing what he had pumped into it in her previous rounds with him and it was eager for a refill.  “Finish me, and finish in me.”

            “Nnggh…” Sesshomaru grunted through his nose by the pleasure rocking him gripping him as he began to move inside Kagome again.  He was acutely aware of her internal texture milking his cock’s every ridge and vein, working over the rim of his cock’s crown relentlessly to build the pressure within him.  He wasn’t going to last much longer.

            Then, Sesshomaru stopped himself and pulled out of Kagome slowly, carefully to keep himself from slipping over the edge of his orgasm, built-up and ready for it as he was right then.  She cooperated with him by uncrossing her ankles behind his back and unwrapping her legs around his waist, allowing him to disengage from her.  She knew that it would be a temporary separation, at most.  Together, Sesshomaru and Kagome were aware that when it came time for the ‘money shot’ in her films, Kikyo wanted the most explicit ones possible, and in the conventional missionary position they had been enjoying each other in, her thighs and hips would obstruct Kikyo’s view of his cock pulsating in her pussy as he came. 

            To this end, Sesshomaru repositioned Kagome on the bed beneath him, turning her so that she lay on her left hip, with her upper body facing the eye of Kikyo’s camera.  This gave the miko director a delightful view of Kagome’s delicious frontal nudity, beginning with her lovely face and trailing downward to her full breasts, her flat, sutra-covered belly, and the glistening, hairless mound of her pussy between her thighs.  Gently, Sesshomaru lifted Kagome’s right leg away from her left and slipped her calf over his left shoulder.  He lowered himself onto her again and he used his chest and shoulder to press her thigh back to her upper body, spreading her wide open for him and folding her in half at once.

            Supporting his upper body on his arms, Sesshomaru gazed into Kagome’s eyes intently, his long, thick cock so erect that it defied its own weight to run totally parallel to his abdomen, glistening with her creamy female juices.  Trembling for the explosive culmination that was upon them, she reached down along her belly with her left hand and guided his cock back down into her sopping pink core.  They held still to let Kikyo get a good shot of him lined-up to penetrate her again – he was so hard and huge and she was so comparatively small and snug for the 11+ inches he had to give her.  Then, he surged back inside her, her body swallowing up that formidable male organ of his with a silent, yet palpable gush generous female lubrication.

            Sesshomaru resumed his steady, penetrating rhythm inside Kagome, the muscles in his back, rear, and flanks clenching and releasing with each new thrust he delivered inside her.  His body was as a hard, male wedge that split her wide open, splitting her thighs and splitting the walls of her hot, milking female sheath at once.  She accepted him totally and reached up to aggressively wind up her hand in his silvery mane, pulling his forehead down to hers.  Symbolically, their minds and bodies were one as they climbed the precipice of their pleasure, then they closed their eyes as they reached it and plunged over it together.

            Kagome cried as orgasm swept through her, her womb throbbing and her vaginal interior gripping Sesshomaru’s cock within her to soundly pull him into his own climax.  Restraining himself to quiet, endearing growls of culminating ecstasy, he pumped deeply into her sheath as he felt his seed coursing up and out of him once more.  He arched over her, tilting his head back and baring his clenched teeth, flexing his every muscle to illustrate the intensity of his pleasure to Kikyo and her camera.  The miko director could hear her own heart pounding in her ears as she got a good shot of Sesshomaru’s big balls, each one loaded with their reproductive contents, clenched tight to his body as he lunged his long, thick cock into Kagome once, twice more, then sank himself fully into her and unleashed his first incredibly-messy shot deep into her belly.

            For her own entertainment, Kikyo focused her miko senses to look into Kagome’s flat belly as Sesshomaru came inside her, seeing his throbbing demon cock encased tightly within her flesh in age-old sexual union.  The well-trained kegel muscles along her sister’s vaginal canal pulsated and contracted visibly with the rhythm of female orgasm, mercilessly working the exquisite male organ that spread them apart from each other.  Sesshomaru’s cock hammered against Kagome’s inner muscles with each beat of his heart, and responded to the stimulation her body offered by swelling larger, harder, his cock’s phallic head completely covering the mouth of her womb.  The sticky pre-cum that flowed freely from him suddenly turned white

            Sesshomaru growled as climax struck him, and Kikyo gasped with Kagome as the first shot of the daiyoukai’s hot, creamy cum erupted from his cock and burst out into her sister’s hungry womb in long, soupy strands.  Each one surged through her cervix and slammed against her womb’s back wall, once again painting healthy pink uterine tissue a delicious shade of off-white with the forceful PUMP of the ultimate male porn star getting off, getting off from a long, energetic, and very passionate session with one of the greatest women in the business.  PUMP, PUMP, PUMP – Kagome’s pussy milked Sesshomaru’s pulsing cock for his copious seed and her womb drank it up greedily.  The youki infused into it pulsed against her womb’s inner walls and her reiki rose to convert it, then absorb it into her body and send her sailing into a fresh orgasm on top of the one she was already riding.

            Soon, Kagome overflowed over around Sesshomaru’s cock and Kikyo eagerly filmed the creamy white mess that escaped her well-filled cunt and gushed down between the taut globes of her rear, soaking into the material of the futon beneath her.  Having pumped her full, Sesshomaru reached the crest of his orgasmic pleasure and entered the afterglow of it visibly and audibly, his muscles gently relaxing and his breathing coming as a series of satisfied sighs.  His ejaculations ebbed inside Kagome’s body and she quivered as he slipped her calf off his shoulder to allow her to lay beneath him more squarely.  Gazing into her eyes, he took her lips with in a grateful kiss, then buried his face into the junction of her neck and shoulder, to which she responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him, kissing his temple to just hold him and ride out her own afterglow with him.  She accentuated her post-coital pleasure by playing dreamily with his thick, silvery mane.

            Now, it was Sango’s turn again.  After recuperating in Kagome’s pleasant, physically and emotionally stimulating embrace, Sesshomaru pushed off his miko co-star and carefully removed his cock from her, making sure to go slowly as he knew how sensitive she was right then.  A heavy flood of his sperm-loaded daiyoukai cum followed him out of her and she covered her oozing sex with a hand, closing her thighs to help keep as much inside her as possible – she didn’t want to lose its youki-charged warmth just yet.  As he disengaged from Kagome, Sesshomaru stood up on his knees and looked down to Sango as she lay beside the lovely miko, seeing her coping with the last moments of an orgasm of her own, delivered through her binding seal though it was.  He looked forward to bringing her to several more in direct fashion.

            Kikyo filmed as Sesshomaru summoned his youki about him to cleanse his beautiful, powerful, well-endowed body of the sticky results of his joining with Kagome, then lay down close beside Sango, between her and Kagome again.  Propping himself up on an elbow, he rolled onto his side to regard the taijiya porn star directly, gazing down at her with a smoky expression in his golden eyes.  Using his free hand, he covered Sango’s hand as she worked it between her thighs, then pulled on it to extract her fingers from her pussy.  He brought her fingers to his mouth, seeing them glistening with her pearlescent cream, then sucked them clean one by one.

            Sango rolled onto her side to face Sesshomaru head-on and pressed herself up against him, giving him the thrilling sensation of her large breasts melding to his chest, while her flat belly ground on his cock.  He lay a hand on her bare hip, sliding it up along the side of her ribcage and all the way down to her thigh to feel her creamy smooth skin gliding under his palm, then he reached around to the rear of her and gripped her ass playfully, possessively, pulling her deeper into their embrace.  She responded by kissing him sweetly, pumping her flat belly to his cock to let him know she was ready for him, then she pulled away slightly and rolled over onto her opposite side, so that her back was to him.

            Kagome was too satisfied right then to masturbate, so she lay on her back contently and watched as Sesshomaru and Sango got down to pleasurable business.  The daiyoukai slipped an arm around the taijiya’s waist and pulled her back into him, his long, thick cock nudging bluntly at her rear, and he bent his head to nip and kiss at her neck and shoulder.  As ever, her skin tasted as good as it felt.  Panting softly as she mentally prepared herself to receive him, she propped her upper body up onto an elbow and helpfully lifted one of her thighs away from the other to that her knee pointed straight up into the air with her calf semi-folded along her thigh, exposing her dripping sex for her partner’s entry.  Gratefully, he released her waist and slipped his hand under the crook of her knee to hold her thigh in its raised position, then aligned his hips with her rear to guide his cock to her pussy as she offered it to him.

            Kikyo filmed Sesshomaru’s cock as it was lined-up to enter Sango’s lovely, dripping core, 11+ thick, meaty inches that visibly pulsated with each beat of his powerful demon heart.  The crown-like head of him pressed against Sango’s delicate vaginal petals and those female tissues of her suckled at it, encouraging him inside.  Kissing her neck again, he began to advance his hips, increasing the pressure he applied to her pussy, then his cock’s head slipped out of her entrance, glancing fruitlessly up her hot, smooth woman’s mound.  He chuckled and she giggled, then she reached down between her open thighs to bring his cock back to bear against her opening.  He resumed his former level of pressure and this time, penetration was thrillingly successful, his cock disappearing inside her inch by inch until his big balls fit tightly to her glistening mound.

            Sango sighed as she felt herself filling up with Sesshomaru again, his rounded cockhead kissing the mouth of her womb and his thick shaft thudding against her inner muscles with his potent male heartbeat.  As enjoyable as the orgasms she got out of joining with him and the hard PUMP of his ejaculations directly into her womb were, the sensation of him so big, hot and alive inside her was her favorite part, her own heart instinctively attuning to his.  Perhaps more than any other male lover she’d had, on or off camera, she felt as one with him, undoubtedly an effect of Kikyo’s and Kagome’s binding seal.  Nevertheless, she speculated she could have achieved most or even all of the same feeling without it.

            Sesshomaru began to move inside Sango, drawing his cock out of her with it dripping with her juices to let her inner muscles close, then slid back inside to open her back up.  By his position behind her, he had a good angle to hit the sweet spot along her anterior vaginal wall on his way in, whereas with Kagome in the missionary position, he had to make a more deliberate effort to give her that same sensation.  She breathed deeply, huskily by the pleasure coursing through her, her large breasts bouncing gently with his steady thrusts, then she slipped an arm around his neck to further link their bodies together.  She turned her head to angle her face at his, he craned his head around so there was a clear path between their mouths, then their lips touched in a thrilling kiss.

            Kikyo moved around the big futon to film Sesshomaru and Sango from different exciting angles, getting the taijiya’s exquisite frontal nudity and capturing the way her breasts bounced for at least a dozen thrusts from her daiyoukai partner.  Then, she moved to film from over Kagome’s body to get Sesshomaru’s from behind, filming how his muscles clenched and released with each deep pump into Sango’s pussy.  Finally, she climbed onto her ladder again to shoot Sesshomaru and Sango from a high isometric angle so that the full lengths of their beautiful, mating bodies were in-frame.

            Soon, Sesshomaru felt his pleasure building to its delicious peak.  Sango was hot, tight, and stimulating inside, her pussy ruthlessly gripping his cock on every well-lubricated stroke to bring him to the edge again.  She came quietly, her rhythmic internal contractions becoming the powerful clenches of female orgasm, and her body urged him to finish with her.  With Kagome, he had transitioned from a straight-on missionary position to a variation of it in which she was slightly turned onto one side, for the benefit of easier filming on Kikyo’s part.  Similarly, as he performed with Sango now, he rolled onto his back and pulled her fully atop him, keeping himself sheathed within her.  He ran his big hands up and down her flat belly, up to caress her impressive breasts, then moved them back down again to grasp her waist securely.  Armed with this solid grip, he resumed his energetic pace into her, his hips gyrating and pumping against her rear from below to shuttle his cock in and out of her quickly and firmly, but not so quickly that he was fucking her outright.

            On top of Sesshomaru now and still facing up and away from him, Sango sat up slightly and braced her hands on the bed behind her, to either side of the daiyoukai’s head, then spread her thighs wide, planting her feet on the bed outside his legs to fully expose herself to Kikyo’s camera.  Taking a low angle between Sesshomaru’s large feet, Kikyo had a delicious view up and down the taijiya’s front again, beginning with her visibly-pleasured face, her large, steadily-bouncing breasts, the flat, taut core of her belly, and of course, her beautiful cunt as it choked on nearly a foot of pure-blooded daiyoukai monster cock.

            Sesshomaru’s strokes into Sango’s pussy were long, deep, and extremely well-lubricated, and now that Kikyo was lined up for the money shot again, they knowingly slipped over the edge together, happily embracing their respective orgasms.  “Sesshomaru, yes,” Sango praised, closing her eyes to show off her sexy pink eyeliner to Kikyo’s camera and lowering herself so that she lay fully on her partner’s hard chest again.  She felt him begin to really surge beneath her, his cock jerking with the pressure of hot, thick cum about to burst forth.  “Please…please do it.”

            “Taijiya-san,” Sesshomaru hissed as Sango lay her head back onto one of his broad, solid shoulders, a pillow of pure muscle.  He turned his head to kiss her temple, and she nuzzled her face against his striped cheek to reciprocate the intimate, affectionate touch.  She removed her feet from the bed to apply her full weight onto his lap and chest, then with positively gymnastic flexibility, she raised her legs slowly, one after the other so that they were both pointing up along her body in a sharp ‘V’ shape.  She spread her ankles further apart from each other, to really show off her body to Kikyo’s camera again.  The curves of her upturned rear and the taut, beautiful female muscles of the backs of her thighs and calves were on full display, perfectly framing her heaving, gently-bouncing breasts and cock-filled pussy.  Symbolically, her entire body was as a rare, exotic female flower in bloom, reaching the height of reproductive readiness, and right beneath her, her partner began to give her what she needed to accomplish Nature’s will.

            Sesshomaru bent his knees and braced his big feet on the futon, getting good leverage due to the solid flooring beneath it, and thrust up into Sango with new energy, his rear leaving the futon and his muscle-filled hips gradually knocking his lover’s up into the air.  Her hands shot up and above her head to grasp at the pillow she shared with Sesshomaru for stability as her body took on a downward-inclined position now, with her partner’s body rising up beneath hers as if to turn her up onto her head.  He didn’t go that far, but still the position was unusual and exotic, leading to unusual muscles in both of their bodies getting a very pleasurable workout.

            Kikyo centered her camera’s viewfinder on Sesshomaru’s long, thick cock as it glided in and out of Sango’s cunt, plunging inward against a copious flood of the taijiya’s milky juices each time.  Now, the miko director wasn’t moving her camera until she’d captured every millisecond of what was about to happen on film.  Sango’s vaginal petals were stretched wide to contain Sesshomaru’s impressive girth and her clit was a glistening pink pearl in its protective hood, enjoying a state of maximum female erection as he enjoyed his own, decidedly male version.  His big balls were tense in their smooth sac and they barely moved now, even as he pumped so deeply into his lover’s hot, gripping sheath. 

            Then, Sesshomaru gave up a restrained ‘Nnngggh…’ and those impressive male orbs of his became just a little bit tenser as their contents departed them, surging through his cock with hard jolts of clenching, releasing reproductive pressure.  He sank himself into Sango one last time, fitting his balls snugly to her sopping core, and the underside of his cock bulged potently as the first mighty shot of hot, creamy cum surged through it.  Pressed deep against her womb, the head of his cock flared widely, palpably for her, and with her cheeks flushing hotly, she closed her rich brown eyes, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists and feet together as she felt his first ejaculation course its way into her body and erupt.

            Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed visibly in Sango’s pussy as he came: PUMP, PUMP, PUMP.  Each hard, climactic PUMP was a heavy shot of his boiling hot demon seed spewing directly into her womb, and her womb’s walls flexed with the contractions of uterine orgasm to drink deeply of what he had to give as she came with him.  With each load, the underside of his cock hammered against her anterior vaginal wall from within for her to feel and Kikyo to film.  His virility was unwavering and she overflowed around him rapidly, with thick, creamy liquid white seeping out of her around him almost as quickly as it entered.  The contraceptive sutra on her belly glowed brightly, purging the sperm his semen carried of their potency to avoid her impregnation, in case her etonogestrel implant failed somehow and allowed an egg to slip out of one of her ovaries.

            Her brain spinning in her head, Sango relaxed atop Sesshomaru, trembling as she lowered her legs to lay still on his broad, hard chest.  She felt his chest swelling and sinking by his labored breathing, his heart racing against her back and inside her cunt through his cock.  His cum was hot and copious in her belly, saturating her entire body with its warmth.  She would have been perfectly happy if he’s simply pulled out of her then, but incredibly, he began to move inside her again, gently stroking his cock back and forth through her inner muscles to stimulate both of them as they entered the afterglow of their shared orgasm.

            Sesshomaru’s ejaculations ebbed steadily until he was only oozing inside Sango.  He slowed down and stilled himself inside her and beneath her to rest with her, then when he felt they were both ready, he gently rolled them onto their sides and removed himself from her body.  She whimpered quietly as she felt him leaving her, then once he was free, she clamped her thighs together to try and retain as much of his seed as she could, preferring to feel its heat equalizing with that of the rest of her body to that of it flowing back out of her.  Knowing that she wouldn’t try and follow him as he pulled away from her, he kissed the back of her neck, then turned away to refocus his attention on Kagome.

            Kagome was totally ready for another go with Sesshomaru, then with Kikyo filming her instead of Sango now, she lifted both of her legs off the futon, keeping them together as she pointed them straight up into the air.  This was her invitation for Sesshomaru to slip himself under them, and he took both of her calves over one shoulder, guiding his cum-dripping cock to the silky slit of her pussy as it was framed tightly between her thighs.  He leaned over her, pressing both of her knees back to one of her shoulders to fold her in half beneath him.  He smirked stoically and she beamed up at him as their bodies reunited, then he began a leisurely pace with her, enjoying her to the fullest…



            An hour passed and Sesshomaru wore Kagome and Sango down climax by climax until they were as boneless, perspiration-soaked, and totally strength-drained heaps on the bed.  Now, he had Sango on her knees before him, her head and chest pressed down into the bed’s cushioning softness as he took her from behind slowly, masterfully.  He finished inside her, then slipped out of her and took up position over a nearly-unconscious Kagome, stirring her awake as only a ferociously-aroused male demon could.

            Kagome’s eyes cracked open only halfway, revealing a sleepy bedroom expression.  She blinked hard to focus them, seeing Sesshomaru as a blurry mass of silvery hair and bare flesh.  “Okay, uncleUncle!” she laughed helplessly, to which he smiled and promptly ceased his amorous advances.  She turned her head with some difficulty to see Sango fast asleep already, with the ultimate placid, post-coital expression on her face.  “You really did it, putting us to bed.  I’m about to pass out…”

            “Sleep, then,” Sesshomaru encouraged.  “I have been rather *hard,* on you, haven’t I?”

            “Mmm…hard,” Kagome giggled quietly, feeling herself beginning to doze off.  Then, she arrested her own descent into sleep through sheer force of will and her expression became suddenly very serious.  “Sango and I will both be asleep.  Defenseless, and alone with you.  Are you…are you going to kill us now?”

            Sesshomaru’s self-satisfied smile disappeared as he matched Kagome’s seriousness.  After a metaphorical and very literal ‘fuck-ton’ of sex with her, Sango, and all the taijiya extras, he returned to his character’s original reason for visiting her character’s shrine: to assassinate her.  “No,” he answered with total conviction, then his smile returned partially.  “After all, I am still wearing your seal, which I cannot remove on my own.”

            Kagome’s expression did not deviate from that of seriousness.  Daringly, she reached up to touch Sesshomaru’s handsome striped face, then slid her hand down his neck, to his chest, and covered the binding seal over his heart.  Charging her hand with her reiki, her lovely blue eyes grew steely with resolve and she tore the seal away from him, causing him to gasp as she freed him from the spell that bound him to Sango and herself, for the dual purpose of inhibiting any desire on his part to kill either of them, as well as adding another dimension to the sexual acts they had been performing with one another.

            “You’ve freed me from you,” Sesshomaru uttered in disbelief, his elegant brows furrowing.  “You’ve made yourself vulnerable to me again.  Why?

            “Because I trust you,” Kagome answered quietly.  “I think Sango and I have convinced you not to carry out your mission here, in a couple of different ways, haven’t we?”

            Sesshomaru’s upper lip drew back a bit to reveal a bit of inhuman, demonic upper incisor.  “More than a couple.  Without the restriction of your seal, you have my word that I will not kill you now, as you sleep, or at any time afterward.”

            “Thank you,” Kagome smiled, breaking her serious expression finally.  “Will you sleep with us, now?  And by ‘sleep,’ I do mean sleep.”

            “No,” Sesshomaru said, shaking his head.  “I’ll stay up, a bit.  I…need to think on some things.”

            Kagome’s character understood the morose expression on Sesshomaru’s face now, knowing that he was thinking of his father, the great demon lord that had sent him to kill her, but she was too tired right then to explore the issue with him.  “Okay.”  She closed her eyes and did not open them again as she fell asleep almost immediately, then he very sweetly lifted her from the bed and lay her down next to Sango so that they could share each other’s warmth.

            Covering Kagome and Sango with a bedsheet, Sesshomaru took up a cross-legged position at the foot of the big futon, gazing introspectively out the bedroom set’s fake window to the green-screen beyond, which would later be filled in with a nighttime forest skyline with a bright moon shining overhead.  Privately, his character considered what he needed to do next, now that he had committed himself to sparing Kagome’s life.  Even if the anonymous warning she had shown him earlier, ostensibly inked by the treacherous Inu no Taisho, was not authentic, the pleasures he had found with her character and Sango’s alone were enough to change his final decision.

            “And…cut,” Kikyo said, stopping the recording on her camera and setting it down onto the floor.  “Great job, Sesshomaru.  And to you, my starlets.”  On the latter compliment, Kagome and Sango were unconscious and incapable of hearing it, but the miko director spoke it anyway.  Speaking to Sesshomaru again, she continued:  “Only a few more scenes to go, and then some very enjoyable editing, later.  Are you…sore at all?”

            Sesshomaru turned his head to look at Kikyo, smiling and shaking his head.  “No, if you can believe it.  Not to sound too self-promoting, but any other male might be in considerable pain, right now.”

            “You’re damned right about that,” Kikyo agreed.  Then, she stood up beside Sesshomaru, looking down at him through cum-slicked glasses with a hungry gleam in her stony grey eyes.  She was almost completely nude now, having stripped down to her lingerie when the filming got really hot and heavy, then discarding her bra as she serviced her daiyoukai star with her hands and mouth.  All she wore now were her glasses, her stockings, her stocking garter, and her panties, which were soaked with her female juices.  “Can you go again, with me, now?”

            Sesshomaru’s gaze followed Kikyo as she stood up to loom over him, as sexually-powerful as her female stars were.  The way his golden eyes narrowed was his answer to her, and she reached down to take one of his big, male hands into hers, excitedly pulling him onto his feet with her.  Then, she quietly pulled him through the silk veil surrounding the bed Kagome and Sango slept on, eagerly leading him back to the chaise used earlier in the shoot…


-To be continued-

Chapter Text

            With pure excitement in her every step, Kikyo led Sesshomaru to the foot of the chaise that the daiyoukai porn star had taken Kagome and Sango on earlier, before their passion-filled, cum-soaked scene together in bed.  The female stars were fast asleep in that bed now, peacefully resting and recouping their energy in each other’s arms, and the break in filming that resulted was the perfect opportunity for Kikyo to enjoy Sesshomaru for herself again.  Guiding him to stand at the chaise’s foot, she oriented them so that he stood directly between it and her, facing her, then she pressed her curvy, voluptuous form up against his taller, heavier, muscle-filled male one.  She gave him the warmth and softness of her large breasts against his chest, and in return, she took the much more solid warmth of his long, thick cock nestling high up against her belly.

            Sesshomaru gazed down into Kikyo’s mysterious grey eyes and saw…something there as she raised herself onto the tips of her stocking-clad toes and kissed him sweetly.  Reaching up to hold her gartered waist in his large hands, he pulled her closer to him and opened his mouth to hers to take the kiss deeper, accepting her tongue as she extended it.  As she drank her kiss from his lips, she urged him to sit on the chaise’s foot, then broke the kiss and pulled away from him.

            Kikyo turned away from Sesshomaru to show off her luscious, scantily-covered rear to him, putting a subtle sashay in her hips as she left the bedroom briefly to retrieve a camera tripod from the closet out in the hall.  She re-entered the bedroom and emplaced the tripod near the chaise’s foot, off one of its corners for a low isometric filming angle.  Then, she picked up her camera where she’d left it near the main bed, careful not to wake Kagome or Sango, and mounted it on the tripod, zeroing its viewfinder in on Sesshomaru as he waited patiently.  She smiled as she looked at him through the viewfinder.  Even when fully nude and potently aroused, the poise and patience with which he sat and waited lent him an alluring, dignified air.

            “Some more ‘test footage?’” Sesshomaru quipped to Kikyo with a stoic smile, clearly as excited to have her again as she was to have him.  Kagome, Sango, and all the taijiya extras had been thrilling, but his energy wasn’t diminished in the least.  He was fully prepared to bring Kikyo the pleasure she desired, as many times as necessary.

            Kikyo smiled to Sesshomaru as she finished setting up her camera, but did not answer.  Setting the camera to record again, she stepped around from behind it and advanced on her film’s male star, moving to standing between his knees, looming over him.  She touched the fingertips of one hand to his chin from below and turned his handsome face upward so that she could better look upon his exotic facial stripes and the crescent moon mark on his forehead.  Combined with his size and strength, his beauty was frightening, and she couldn’t wait any longer.

            Sesshomaru kept himself perfectly still as Kikyo bent her knees to level her face with his, then kissed him again and pushed on his chest to lay him back on the chaise.  She followed him down and ended up atop him, then separated her lips from his to begin kissing her way down his big, muscular body.  He closed his golden eyes for a moment to relish in the heavenly sensation of the beautiful miko director servicing him, sliding her body down his own with decidedly un-miko-like skill.   Then, he reopened his eyes as a thought occurred to him. 

            “I imagine you’re going to get me to make some noise, in a few moments,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo, beginning to quiver as she got down on her knees on the floor beyond the chaise’s foot, between his knees and thighs.  “Once more, I may profess how I enjoy my profession, quite loudly. And then, I might wake Kagome and Sango, disturbing their rest.”

            “Good point,” Kikyo agreed in between kisses to Sesshomaru’s chiseled lower abdomen as she gently stroked his big, beautiful cock.  She sat upright on her knees for a moment, then closed her stony grey eyes and clapped her palms together quietly, just in front of her chest.  Watching with interest, Sesshomaru felt her reiki fluctuate within her, then she projected it outside of her body as a spherical, shimmering blue shell that encompassed herself and Sesshomaru, the chaise he lay on, her camera, and a few feet of floor all around.  With the barrier in place, with his sensitive daiyoukai hearing, Sesshomaru suddenly found himself suddenly unable to hear the variety of sounds he had been able to hear up until that moment: Kagome’s and Sango’s quiet, unconscious breathing, the air conditioning units running elsewhere inside the studio building, and the distant, muted hum of automobile traffic outside the building.

            “Kagome and Sango shouldn’t be able to hear us now,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru, getting back to ‘work’ on him.  “Make as much noise as you like.”

            Satisfied that Kagome and Sango could not hear him, Sesshomaru’s demeanor changed subtly.  As Kikyo got comfortable between his thighs and make ready to take his cock into her mouth, or use her bountiful breasts on him, or both, he reached down and lay a hand on one of her pale shoulders, squeezing assertively and preventing her from proceeding.  She looked up at him quizzically.  “What is it?” she asked.

            “We’re alone, now, in terms of the possibility of being overheard,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo, providing a frame of reference for his next statement.  He heard her heart speed up a little in her chest, and not necessarily from her sexual excitement.  “Before we go any further, I want to know exactly what happened with InuYasha, before.”

            Kikyo was very quiet, then, but her expression betrayed no anger or other displeasure.  “What do you think happened?” she posed to Sesshomaru.

            “I think…he didn’t harass Kagome or Sango, or Rin, or yourself.  Not as you said,” Sesshomaru replied, striking a firm, yet polite tone, and he watched Kikyo blink, her expression unchanging.  “I don’t feel that you’ve lied to me.  I can smell a lie when one is told to me.  However, I do think you’re concealing something from me, and possibly even from Kagome and Sango.”  On his last statement, he kept his tone firm, but as but non-accusatory and non-confrontational as possible.

            Kikyo rose from her place between Sesshomaru’s thighs and climbed over him again, then skillfully deposited herself onto a bare hip to lay alongside him, in order to converse with him very intimately, quietly, and face-to-face.  She was still very attracted to him, despite the change in their subject of conversation, and he reciprocated that attraction by slipping a muscular arm around her waist to hold her to him.  “What makes you think this?” she asked to him further.

            “I know my brother,” Sesshomaru said, his tone becoming very confident.  “He loves this business.  At its least, it’s having sex on film in exchange for money.  At its greatest, it’s making sexual art.  He knows the boundaries he should not step over, and he would not deliberately jeopardize his opportunity to participate in this project with you, Kagome, and Sango.  Possibly also threatening his career in general.  To do so would be idiotic, and he’s no idiot.”

            Kikyo smiled honestly – she was found out.  She suspected Sesshomaru was too intelligent for her story about InuYasha harassing anyone on-set to hold water with him for long.  “Is there anything else that informs your thinking, in this case?”  Playfully, she draped a thigh over her daiyoukai star’s lap, laying a hand on his chest and laying her fingertips over his smooth, muscle-filled skin.

            “There is,” Sesshomaru confirmed with a glow in his golden eyes, and small, stoic smile on his lips.  He moved his hand down from Kikyo’s waist to fondle her shapely rear, simultaneously enjoying and observing how she did not shy away from his touch, but actually writhed against him, happily.  “You, Kagome, Sango, and Rin are very receptive, very generous with your bodies.  You’ve allowed me to enjoy myself with each one of you, and not necessarily on-camera, so it hasn’t been all business, today.  And my brother is very good looking, almost as well-endowed and powerful in bed as myself.  He’s a half-demon, and with those unique ears of his, I’d say he has a certain charm to him that I lack.  So if he wanted sex with any one of you, he could have simply asked, and more than one of you would likely have said ‘yes.’”

            Kikyo’s sultry smile began to fade a little.  “If I tell you what’s really going on, will you be angry with me?” she asked hopefully and somewhat fearfully to Sesshomaru.

            Sesshomaru studied Kikyo’s anxious expression, losing himself in her refined, elegant beauty.  How could he be angry with her, no matter what she said?  She was willing to offer her body to him freely, and the pleasures he had found with her, in addition to those with her female stars, had been among the greatest in his life.  “No,” he promised to her, also promising to himself that if he did become angry, he’d keep it to himself and wouldn’t hold her responsible for it.  “Please, tell me.”

            “Okay.  Here goes…” Kikyo began, closing her eyes and gathering her thoughts.



3 weeks earlier


            Stepping out of the summertime nightlife of downtown Tokyo, Kikyo entered the busy waiting lounge of the high-end Asahi steakhouse, dressed tastefully, yet provocatively in a long, flowing red sequined dress.  The dress’s lower half had a long slit cut up one side to show off one of her shapely legs, clad in its thin, glossy black stocking, and the neckline of the dress was cut very low to bring attention to the generous size of her breasts.  Around the dress, she wore a thin, black jacket cut to around her midriff, and she wore her purse by its carry strap, over one shapely shoulder.  Her beauty was such that the eyes of all the other patrons, male and female alike, were on her in an instant, then politely averted to avoid gawking.  Nevertheless, any conversations that had been going on up until that moment took a few moments to resume, or changed subject entirely to revolve around the goddess that had just walked in.

            Kikyo approached the maître d' of the restaurant as he stood at his podium, a handsome middle-aged man dressed in a fine suit.  He was busy managing different aspects of the restaurant’s several reservations on his work computer.  The moment he looked up from his computer’s screen and noticed the breathtakingly-dressed miko director, his eyes lit up and his mouth curled into a happy smile.  “Higurashi-san.  Good evening!”

            “Good evening, Saito-san,” Kikyo greeted back, approaching Saito’s podium to a respectful yet not standoffish distance.  “Has my party arrived?”

            “Yes, my staff has just shown them to their table,” Saito confirmed, politely gesturing for Kikyo to join him.  “Please, follow me.”

            Saito led Kikyo out of the waiting lounge and they navigated the maze of occupied dining tables deeper inside Asahi, working their way to one of the more private booths in the back.  They arrived at a particular booth, a large, semi-circular one with space for seven or eight people to dine alongside each other in a broad, curved line.  It was already occupied.

            The first of the booth’s occupants: Takahashi Toga, CEO of Musashi Corporation, a longtime manufacturer of automobiles and related parts.  An inu daiyoukai, his species evidenced by his tapered youkai ears, glowing golden eyes, and gorgeous, silver-white mane, he was far, far older than his physical, human-relative age of not more than 40 years suggested.  Centuries earlier, he had ruled a wide swath of Japan known then as the Western Lands, and the ancient Musashi province was where his castle, the House of the Moon, had been located.  At more than seven feet in height and weighing more than 300 pounds, almost all of him a warrior’s muscle, he was as a mountain that dwarfed the others sitting beside him.  He wore his silver mane bound in a high tail and wore a fine, light grey suit befitting his social status and the formal atmosphere of Asahi.

            The booth’s second occupant: Takahashi Kimi, mate to Toga and also an inu daiyoukai, of the female persuasion.  She radiated with an ethereal feminine beauty that seemed to glow and invisibly interact with the masculine charms of her incredibly-powerful mate, beauty rooted in equal power of her own.  Her bonding to Toga had once ended a war between the Western and Eastern Lands, working out well enough for them to stay together.  Now, centuries later, she worked alongside him at their company, conducting more subtle financial warfare as the company’s CFO.  While Toga wore a modern-style suit, Kimi wore a much more traditional kimono of fine white and fuchsia silks.  She then wore her silky white dog demon hair in high, twin tails, plus exquisitely-styled bangs with a central section permed up and back along her head, completed by long, thick forelocks that flowed down her chest.

            The booth’s third occupant: Takahashi Izayoi, a seemingly-ordinary, but very lovely human woman whom had found her own way into a highly-amorous Toga’s heart as his second mate.  Like Toga and Kimi, her physical age belied her true chronological one.  Mating Toga, and Kimi simultaneously had extended her lifespan greatly enough to allow her to have survived from Japan’s Heian period and retain her physical age of not more than 40 years.  It was her status as the daughter of a noble from that period, effectively a princess, that had put her into contact with one such as Toga to begin with.  Then, her beauty, her educated intelligence stemming from her high birth, and the unblemished purity of her heart, had ensnared Toga to her, charms which Kimi had also been powerless to ignore.

            With her spiritual senses, Kikyo could see the pleasant, positive, and muted, yet palpable sexual energy coursing around between Toga, Kimi, and Izayoi, making it clear that over however long their triangular relationship originally formed, they had found a way to make it endure without collapsing into either purely Toga/Kimi, Toga/Izayoi, or even Kimi/Izayoi in the end.  Befitting her origins, Izayoi had a very noble, princess-like air about her as she conversed with Toga and Kimi and she dressed appropriately, wearing a kimono as fine as Kimi’s, but composed a light blue and rosy pink silks.  While Toga and Kimi each wore their hair in some kind of tail arrangement, Izayoi kept her own, glossy black hair fanned freely down her back and shoulders.

            The booth’s fourth occupant was one Kikyo was already familiar with: Takahashi Kappei, known by his ‘performing name’ of InuYasha.  He was the half-demon son of Toga and Izayoi, and the male star of the film Kikyo was working on right then.  They had completed some very pleasurable filming earlier that day, and the miko director felt her cheeks warming as she recalled the image of his bare, bronzed body moving passionately against the paler flesh of her lovely sister.  As a half-demon, he was blessed with the same silvery hair and golden eyes that Toga was, but did not have the same type of tapered ears.  Instead, his ears were as furry white, pink-filled triangles that protruded from the top of his head, just behind the parting line of his thick, white bangs.  A successful performer in the adult film industry, well-versed in the Tokyo nightlife, he was not remiss to dress inappropriately for Asahi and he wore a nice, black suit with red shirt and black tie.

            Fifth and finally was Kaze no Kagura, InuYasha’s dinner date and a fellow star in the adult film industry.  A kaze (wind) youkai armed with creamy pale skin, glowing ruby eyes, long, flowing black hair, and attention-getting set of broad hips, curvy rear, and full breasts, her beauty was dark and exotic, a fact fully capitalized on by the director she worked with most frequently, Kagewaki Naraku.  Fully aware of her physical beauty, she dressed provocatively, as Kikyo did, wearing a similarly low-cut dress made from pearly-white and blood-red satin.

            Talking quietly with Kagura and enjoying his mutual physical attraction with her, InuYasha noticed Kikyo first and looked to Kagura again, gesturing his head in the miko director’s direction.  Kagura turned her head to look for Kikyo and smiled beautifully, genuinely as she saw the head of Reiki Films being led by Saito, the maître d’, to the booth she shared with InuYasha and the others.  She and the others sat in the following order: herself, InuYasha, Izayoi, Toga, then Kimi, with herself and Kimi forming the ends of the line.  She scooted out from her seat behind the booths curved table, allowing InuYasha to slide out and stand up behind her.  On the other end of the line, Kimi scooted out and stood up, followed by Toga, then Izayoi.

            The five greeted Kikyo and bowed to her respectfully, with Kikyo bowing back.  Saito left Kikyo them with a bow of his own, then they took their seats in their booth, in the same order as before.  Toga politely helped Kikyo out of her jacket and hung it up on a coatrack that stood nearby, then he returned to his seat in the booth, followed by Izayoi, InuYasha, and Kagura to his right, and Kimi to his left, with a space for Kikyo to sit at Kimi’s left.

            “Thank for meeting us here, Kikyo-san,” Toga spoke, his voice a rumbling, sexy baritone that wrought a visible effect on all the females present at the table.  “And might I add, you look stunning, tonight.”

            “Thank you, Toga-san,” Kikyo blushed, aware of the restrained, but very powerful sexual energy flowing off the silver-haired daiyoukai, undoubtedly part of how he’d managed to attract a pair of beauties like Kimi and Izayoi to him and keep them with him.  “Kimi-san did suggest that I dress to kill…”

            “And so you have,” Kimi approved with a mischievous leer to Kikyo.  Analogous to Toga’s voice, Kimi’s was a sultry, feminine purr that Kikyo could feel caressing her skin, not merely stimulating her ears.  “The moment you entered, all eyes were on you.  Some still are.”

            “Kikyo-san.  You know InuYasha and Kagura, of course,” Toga gestured to his son and his son’s lovely date.  He then gestured to Izayoi as she sat at his right, to the left of InuYasha and Kagura.  “This is Izayoi, my second mate.”

            Izayoi gave a blushing smile and a polite nod to Kikyo.  “Very nice to meet you, Kikyo-san.”

            Kikyo smiled and returned Izayoi’s nod from her seat at Kimi’s left.  “Likewise, Izayoi-san.”  Getting comfortable in her seat, she looked between Toga and Kimi, the ones who had invited her to Asahi, originally.  “Forgive me for being so straightforward, but what is this business proposition you would like to discuss with me?  I must confess, I’ve been dying to know.”

            “Ah,” Toga smiled, his alluring golden eyes rolling furtively.  “It was conceived of by myself and Kimi, regarding our son, Kenshiro.  In your line of work, you might know him better as Sesshomaru.  This…proposition affects all of us, at this table.  Most directly - you, Kimi, InuYasha, and myself.  But tangentially, Izayoi and Kagura-san here, as well.”

            Kagura produced a folding paper fan from her purse and flicked it open, waving cool air into her face, then obscuring the lower half of her face behind it to project an aura of mystery.  Her ruby eyes glowed suggestively as she looked across the table at Kikyo.  “And it is…?” Kikyo pressed, intrigued.

            Toga was silent, then Kimi smiled at Kikyo, a sexy smile that had the miko director’s heart speeding up significantly.  “It is the sort of proposition that one does not politely discuss in public.  This table we share is somewhat private, but even here, there are ears to which what we discuss should not reach.”

            “It is also a kind of proposition you might reject, out of hand,” Toga added.  “At least, you might reject it without a considerable amount of encouragement.”

            “Let us entertain you, tonight,” Kimi requested to Kikyo.  “Starting with dinner.  Then, we’ll do the city together.  Once we feel you’ve had sufficient fun, we’ll take you back to our place, and there, we’ll finally explain what we’d like to ask of you.”

            “Very well,” Kikyo agreed, excited simply to know what exactly it was Toga and Kimi were steering her towards.  “I assume, then, that I’m not buying, tonight?”

            “Of course not,” Kimi smiled, another sexy, yet also genuinely pleased smile.  “This is our treat, mine and Toga’s.”  She passed out the Asahi menus to Kikyo and the others, then cracked her own open.  “Might I recommend the wagyu?  It’s the best in the city…”



            Around 2 hours later, the group had finished dinner, and after Toga paid for all of their meals, they left Asahi and stepped out into onto the sidewalk, into the warm, summer night air.  “That was wonderful,” Kikyo cooed, feeling delicious wagyu beef digesting in her stomach.  “But also, not a trivial expense.  Thank you, Toga-san.”

            “Oh, I can afford it.  And remember that I am not being entirely magnanimous,” Toga smiled bashfully as Kimi and Izayoi clung to his arms.  “Kimi and I are looking to get something from you, eventually.  For now, though, karaoke!

            Toga pointed vaguely in the direction of his favorite karaoke bar in downtown Tokyo, Totosai’s.  Together, he and the others walked a few blocks to reach it.  The daiyoukai led his ‘pack’ up to the front door, but just before he stepped inside, he grew thoughtful and stopped, turning around to face the others, Kikyo in particular.  “I have a rule, when I visit this place with friends.  To misquote the American film Starship Troopers: ‘I have only one rule: everybody sings, no one quits.  Do you get me?’

            Kikyo gazed into Toga’s gorgeous golden eyes, then he continued: “I hope I’m not imposing on you, Kikyo-san.  Will you sing for us, for me?

            The miko director looked at Toga steadily, then roved her eyes among the other members of the group, paying special attention to Kimi.  She smiled and rolled her eyes in acquiescence: “I’ll sing for you, Toga-san.  You did, after all, buy me dinner.”

            Toga grinned and turned back to push the double doors to Totosai’s wide open and stepped inside, followed by Kikyo and the others.  Inside, having never visited before, Kikyo found it to be the same type of classy establishment as Asahi.  It had two full bars, one along each wall, with an array of plush-cushioned couches on the central floor area for guests to sit, drink, and converse in, as well as listen to whatever brave soul decided to get up on the karaoke stage along the back wall.

            “Toga-san!” Totosai, the bar’s proprietor called out.  He was a grizzled-looking, bulging-eyed deer demon who wore his long, grey hair up in a high top-knot.  Centuries earlier, he had been Toga’s private armorer, forging both swords and armor for his lord, whom he addressed back then as Toga-sama, or even Taisho-sama.  Over time, as Japan became more civilized and technology developed, the need for such things (and their practicality, after the advent of guns and gunpowder) had waned.  Now, in the 21st-century, Totosai owned and managed a karaoke bar as a hobby.  Wearing his red-and-black bartender uniform, he stood behind the right-hand bar, drying out some recently-rinsed glasses and drinking mugs with a clean, white cloth.

            “Totosai!  Good evening,” Toga greeted back.  “Party of six, tonight.  Whip us up some drinks, please, and put us in queue to sing.”

            “Right away,” Totosai replied.  “What’ll you have?”

            Toga turned to look between Kimi and Izayoi and his two lovely mates gave him their choices, then he looked to InuYasha, Kagura, then Kikyo, gathering their choices, as well.  He turned back to Totosai.  “Champagne for Kimi and Izayoi, here,” he gestured to his mates.  “Bourbon over ice for InuYasha, lemon sour for Kagura-san, and shochu for Kikyo-san.  Sake for me.  And keep them all coming!”

            Totosai bowed to the daiyoukai graciously and moved to fill his order, then Toga and company took their seats on one of the floor couches, facing the bar’s elevated singing platform.  They sat in the following order, from left to right: Kagura, InuYasha, Toga, Kikyo, Kimi, and finally Izayoi.  Totosai brought them their drinks and placed them on the short table in front of the couch they sat on, leaving a larger bottled form of each drink near each patron’s respective glass.  Then, he politely excused himself back to his other duties.

            The group sat, drank, and conversed, listening to the bar’s other patrons getting up onstage and use the karaoke machine to belt out their own renditions of popular contemporary songs.  Some took their songs seriously, while others embraced their drunkenness and sang for pure fun, slurred words and all.  Eventually, it was InuYasha’s turn to sing, and in keeping with Toga’s ‘one rule,’ he and Kagura decided to sing a duet, choosing Dark Tranquillity’s ‘The Mundane and the Magic.’

(Soundtrack: Dark Tranquillity – The Mundane and the Magic)

            Toga, Kikyo, Kimi, and Izayoi clapped together in encouragement as InuYasha and Kagura ascended the stage.  InuYasha climbed atop it first, then turned to Kagura and offered a hand to her to help her up, mindful of the heels she wore.  Smiling up at him, she took his hand and climbed onto the stage with him, accepting a wireless microphone from him as he removed it from its charging dock and passed it to her.

            InuYasha used the karaoke machine to load up the chosen song, hit ‘play’ on it, then gripped his microphone as if gripping a sword’s hilt on some ancient feudal battlefield.  Kagura joined him, holding her own microphone in the same way as she slipped an arm inside and around one of his to bond herself to him.  Their song’s introductory minute – minute-and-a-half passed, consisting of the twangs of rhythm guitar and the churning patter of a gently-escalating drumbeat, then baleful piano notes. 

            At the song’s 1:25 mark, InuYasha emulated Dark Tranquillity singer Mikael Stanne’s gravelly death metal growl, barking it into his microphone like the dog demon he was:

Seen through these dreamless eyes

Blind buildings stark to the sky

Silhouettes as dividing walls

Guarding the eternal secret

            A moment of crunching guitar riff, allowing InuYasha to take a breath, then he continued:

Where is the flame to haunt you?

And who do you answer to?

My lies are always wishes

Lies that make me

See beyond the rational

Accept the fate that nothing is meant to be

Be the least connected

Stay true to the last original

            Then, the bridge to the first chorus arrived:

Apply layers to reality

Things only you can see

Add a beat to normality

To tap the core of insanity

            At last, Kagura joined in, singing the female part of the male/female duet in a breathless, sultry tone that captured the attention of everyone in the bar:

I let my dreams cross over

            InuYasha immediately followed it with a much cleaner, softer male line, compared to his earlier growling:

To days of endless grey

Then, Kagura again:

If I could merge the mundane and the magic

InuYasha again, cleanly:

We’ve forged a new unknown


I let my dreams cross over


To nothingness and back again


If I could merge the mundane and the magic


Where is the dark I came to find?

            Here, keening, stratospheric guitar solo ensued and InuYasha and Kagura happily played seriously silly ‘air guitar’ to follow along.  They finished up the rest of the song, leading to great applause from Toga, Kikyo, Kimi, and Izayoi, as well as the rest of the bar’s other patrons.  Bashfully, InuYasha and Kagura bowed and climbed down the stage, taking their seats.  Toga was next in line, and he polished off his sake before practically leaping out of his seat and taking the stage.

            For his song, Toga chose Judas Priest’s ‘Tyrant,’ a much more difficult choice for him than ‘The Mundane and the Magic’ had been for InuYasha and Kagura, since he was on his own and had to emulate the ineffable Rob Halford in his prime, in workable but accented English with his rich Japanese baritone, for the entire length of the song.  The song reminded of some characters he’d dealt with, and some decisions he’d made himself as the Inu no Taisho, back during the Sengoku Jidai.  Armed with this passion, he put forth his best effort, yielding similar applause from the bar at the end.

            Next, Kimi and Izayoi sung a duet of their own, choosing the Namie Amuro cover of Sophie Monk’s ‘Come My Way,’ which had been one of the closing songs for a certain anime series, some years earlier.  They split up the singing evenly, with each of them taking turns backing up the other’s respective sections.  The song was a staple from the Japanese J-pop scene, whereas InuYasha, Kagura, and Toga had chosen examples of European heavy metal.  Again, the bar was gracious with their applause, even if their mood was a little subdued by the song’s lovelorn tone.

            Finally, it was Kikyo’s turn to sing, and, not wanting to disappoint Toga, she took a deep sip of her shochu for some liquid courage before passing Kimi and Izayoi on their way back from the stage.  Stepping onto the karaoke stage, looking positively radiant in her red sequined dress, she browsed the choices available on the karaoke machine, then her stony grey eyes lit up as she came across Mariya Takeuchi’s ‘Plastic Love,’ the shorter version from the singer’s 1984 Variety album, as opposed to the longer, later remix with extended intro.  With her heart lifting into her throat, she pressed ‘play’ on the machine’s user interface, then took her position at the front of the stage.

            With a pleasant, rising ambience, the song Kikyo had chosen began with a quick bass drumbeat, then intertwined strings and bass guitar, then finally a lilting phrase of piano.  It was then followed by the bass strengthening into a potent, hypnotic repetition, plus a rhythmic snap of snare drum and wooden clapper.  This lasted for eight cycles, then the song’s first lines arrived.  Kikyo took a quiet breath, brought her microphone to her lips, then she sang:

(Soundtrack: Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love)

Totsuzen no kisu ya, atsui manazashi de

(With a sudden kiss or a hot look)

Koi no puroguramu wo, kuruwasenaide ne

(Don't let the love program go crazy)

Deai to wakare, jouzu nu uchikonde

(Meet and say goodbye)

Jikan ga kureba, owaru – Don’t hurry!

(It's over when the time comes - Don't hurry!)

            Three quick, rapid, tightly-synchronized notes of drum, bass, and keyboard followed, allowing Kikyo to take a soft, quiet breath.  Then, she continued to the next verse, supported by an additional, low-toned string underneath the other instruments:

Ai ni kizutsuita, ano hi kara zutto

(Ever since that day when I was hurt by love)

Hiru to yoru ga gyaku no, kurashi wo tsuzukete

(Continuing to live the opposite day and night)

Hayari no Disco de, odoriakasu uchi ni

(While dancing at the Disco)

Oboeta majutsu, na no yo - I’m sorry!

(It’s a magic I remembered – I’m sorry!)

            Four beats of bass that escalated in pitch, with a majestic string underneath that rose with them, underneath them.  By this time, Kikyo was swaying herself naturally to the music, gently thrusting and withdrawing her shapely hips within the closely-fitted confines of her dress in a way that cast a spell over the bar’s every patron, including her own party.  Then, she continued, more boldly now as she entered the chorus:w

Watashi no koto o, kesshite

Honki de aisanaide

(Never really love me)

Koi nante tada no geemu

Tanoshimeba, sore de ii no

(Love is just a game – If you enjoy it, that’s fine)

Tozashita kokoro wo kazaru

Hade na doresu mo kutsu mo

(Flashy dresses and shoes that decorate your closed heart)

Kodoku na tomadachi

(Are lonely friends)

            15-16 seconds of funky, jazzy guitar solo struck sharply, and Kikyo closed her stony grey eyes as if in sorrowed pleasure, lowering her microphone to dance along with it, a solitary bell flower in the wind.  During this time, Kimi’s golden eyes narrowed and her ruby lips spread into a devilish smile as she watched the miko director perform.  She raised her semi-filled champagne glass to her own eye level and peered through the champagne’s bubble-filled liquid to look upon Kikyo in a new light, literally and metaphorically.  Here was a woman who yearned to love, and Kimi’s plans for the night and how they concerned Kikyo began to subtly change.

            The second chorus of ‘Plastic Love’ came, and Kikyo brought the receiver of her microphone back to her lips:

Watashi wo sasou hito wa, hiniku na mono ne itsumo

(The person who invites me – it’s ironic, isn’t it?)

Kare ni niteru wa

Naze ka omoide to kasanariau

(For some reason, I always look like him)

Gurasu wo otoshite kyuu ni

Namidagundemo wake wa tazunenaide ne

(Don’t ask me if I drop the glass that overflows with my memories and tears)


               One more verse, then Kikyo finished up with the song’s outro, entirely in English now, as was the style of Japanese songwriters with ambitions of success beyond Japan itself:


I’m just playing games

I know that’s plastic love

Dance to the plastic beat

Another morning comes

I’m just playing games

I know that’s plastic love

Dance to the plastic beat

Another morning comes

I’m just playing games

I know that’s plastic love

Dance to the plastic beat

Another morning comes…


               At last, the song faded to silence, and Kikyo emulated the fade by enunciating the lyrics more and more quietly, until she was silent, her heart pounding in her ears.  The bar’s patron’s erupted into applause and Kikyo bowed bashfully, leaving her microphone on the karaoke machine’s console and stepping down off the stage.  The members of her party applauded beyond even that of the bar’s other patrons, and as she took back her seat on the couch with them, Kimi complimented: “Kikyo-san, you were radiant.  You chose to be a film director, rather than a singer?

            Kikyo blushed and nodded toward Kimi.  “Thank you, Kimi-san.  I did have…aspirations of a music career, once, but I’m glad I chose my current path, as a film director.”

            “Hm.  So am I,” InuYasha added with a lecherous grin, leading Kagura to chastise him playfully with a swat to his thigh, which in turn earned her an equally-playful nuzzle from him.  Being an adult film star, InuYasha’s benefit from Kikyo’s career choice was his opportunity to perform in her films, alongside utter rocking babes like the miko director’s sexy reiki-powered sister, Kagome, or the gorgeous, physically powerful Aozaki Sango.  And it was all under the masterful, sexually-minded supervision of Kikyo herself, as much a goddess as Kagome or Sango in her own right.  InuYasha had seen the films Kikyo had made with the perversely-talented Kagewaki Naraku, Kagura’s older brother, and achieving Kikyo’s sly, sultry approval after completing a very thorough scene was one of the highlights of his career.  Had Kikyo chosen a career in music instead, his own career path might have been strikingly different and much less pleasurable.

            After Kikyo finished her karaoke song, she and the rest of the Toga-led group spent a while lounging and finishing their drinks while listening to other patrons on stage.  Then, after a decent interval, they excused themselves from the bar, after the Great Dog Demon once again demonstrated his generosity by paying their collective bill with a grateful Totosai.  Of course, this generosity of his was not entirely selfless or altruistic – he and Kimi still had a proposition to make to Kikyo, before the night was over.  From there, the group hit up a nearby dance club, with the cover charge again paid by Toga.

            Inside the club, a thumping electro-techno beat dominated the air, which was characterized by a dim level of lighting, roiling artificial fog, and assorted eye-safe laser effects which shone through the fog as swinging shafts of colored light.  A throng of the club’s attendees churned happily atop the main dance floor, consisting of businessmen and businesswomen unwinding after a long day at the office, some fairly suspicious, but otherwise harmless yakuza-looking types, and various other people that didn’t conform to the previous two stereotypically-Japanese classifications.

            Still wearing their fine kimono from dinner and karaoke afterward, Kimi and Izayoi ducked into the women’s restroom near the club entrance.  When they emerged a very short time later, they somehow wore completely different outfits – sequined dresses like Kikyo’s, with Kimi wearing a glossy violet one, and Izayoi wearing a blend of blue and white.  Similarly, they had taken on polished black heels from somewhere, to replace their traditional Japanese sandals.  Their dresses covered less of their bodies than their kimono did and revealed some of their luscious feminine curves, which invigorated Toga and embarrassed InuYasha just a bit, since Izayoi was his mother, after all.  Generally, Kimi’s and Izayoi’s new dresses were better suited to the physical exertion and buildup of body heat that came with energetic dancing.

            As Kimi and Izayoi rejoined the others in their alluring new attire, Kikyo remarked: “Kimi-san, Izayoi-san - you left your kimono in the restroom?

            “Not exactly,” Kimi smiled, cocking a hip and slipping a hand around Izayoi’s slender waist to pull the lovely human woman and her co-mate with Toga to her side.  For her own part, Izayoi blushed and looked away to some random part of the club as if to hide from the others’ attention.  Through her senses as a trained miko, Kikyo felt the Kimi’s youki flex within her, then two examples of a luxurious, fluffy white boa materialized around her shoulders and Izayoi’s at once, the final accessories for their dresses.  “Just another application of a daiyoukai’s versatile energy.  Now, let’s dance!

            Releasing Izayoi, Kimi reached out and snapped up one of Kikyo’s dainty feminine wrists in her hands, all but dragging her to the dance floor in the center of the club.  Amused with the shine Kimi had taken to Kikyo, Toga escorted Izayoi to their own spot on the dance floor, and InuYasha did the same with Kagura.  Together, the three pairs melted into the throng of the club’s other attendees and took up dancing to the quick electronic beat, happily expressing themselves through the movements of their bodies.

            Alcohol had reduced the group’s inhibitions, and the effect was most pronounced in Kikyo and Izayoi, pure-blooded humans without a youkai’s natural resistance to inebriation.  Having left her jacket with the club’s doorman, Kikyo felt her alluring red dress cling to her shapely body as an intimate second skin, while she danced passionately to the music that pulsed through the air.  InuYasha paired up with Kagura to dance, Toga paired himself with Izayoi, and this left Kimi to dance with Kikyo, with each pair dispersed among the club’s other patrons – strangers – for some degree of anonymity.

            Even before Kimi began moving herself with the music, Kikyo was well aware of the female daiyoukai’s demonic sexual magnetism.  Despite being several hundred years old, Kimi was Kikyo’s physical age, perhaps even younger, and armed with her radiant silver hair, creamy-smooth, pale skin, and ensconcing golden eyes, plus her nearly-scandalous dress, she attracted the eyes of men and women alike as Kikyo herself did.  She used this magnetism to its fullest extent on Kikyo, slowly guiding her body closer to the miko director’s as the two of them danced, and Kikyo felt her blood heating in her veins as much by the physical exertion of dancing as by the attraction toward Kimi she was beginning to experience.

            Once she was close enough, Kimi stopped her advance so that she danced with Kikyo at an intimate distance, but not so close that they came into direct contact with each other.  Her golden eyes glowed and Kikyo gasped subtly as she ‘heard’ the daiyoukai speaking directly into her mind, much as she and Kagome could do with each other.  This was Kimi’s effort to communicate with Kikyo clearly, without resorting to shouting aloud in order to be heard above the sound of the club’s music, and the various other conversations that were already taking place among the other patrons.

            “You…are truly beautiful, Kikyo-san,” Kimi began, lavishing the miko director with heartfelt praise.  “Blessed in body and pure in spirit.  Regarding your purity, you’ve retained it despite the nature of your work – baring your body and performing sexual acts on camera, or working behind the camera and asking the same of other like-minded individuals, such as my own step-son.  I’d expect nothing less from someone who has undergone the same physical and psychological training you have.”

            “Thank you, Kimi-san,” Kikyo replied, also by telepathy, confirming to Kimi that she was capable of the same form of communication.  “You are very lovely, as well, and I sense in you a different form of purity – the intelligence and desires of a demon.  Clearly, it wasn’t beauty alone that provoked Toga-san to claim you, for I feel the same purity in him.  Izayoi-san must be in touch with these traits herself, for her to be a suitable mate for great demons like yourselves.

            “Indeed,” Kimi replied, smiling darkly for the cherished memory of Izayoi proving herself to herself and Toga, an act that had taken place in the bedroom, and an act that she longed to experience again, this time with Kikyo.  “Let me be blunt, from one woman to another, or from one female to another, as I am not human.  When Toga and I take you back to our home tonight, we intend to have you, as part of our proposition to you.  We feel that the pleasure you would experience in our bed would do much to support our ultimate argument, and convince you of what we desire.  Izayoi would also participate, as we would not exclude her from an act that would take place in our bedroom.  Would you be comfortable with this?”

            With her stony grey eyes unreadable in their expression, Kikyo was telepathically and vocally silent for a time as she continued to dance with Kimi, feeling the daiyoukai’s youki aura flexing outward to interact with her own reiki.  Kimi was seemingly trying to sense Kikyo’s answer before receiving it.  As youki and reiki touched and blended between their sexy female bodies, invisible sparks of pleasure danced up and down their flesh for each of them to feel, causing each to release a soft gasp, which thankfully went unheard in the club’s ambiance.

            Kikyo felt her heart speed up in her chest and her blood heat up in her veins, followed by a blossoming of delicious sexual warmth in her breasts and low in her belly, between her thighs.  The way Kimi’s golden eyes widened and her rosy lips fell slightly agape told Kikyo that the daiyoukai was feeling the same things, and wasn’t totally expecting such a result.  Seizing the initiative, she danced herself closer to Kimi and placed a quick, experimental kiss on her luscious female lips, satisfied with the low, nasal moan she produced.  “Our spirits are compatible,” Kikyo spoke telepathically to Kimi as she pulled back, almost able to see the other female quivering as she danced.  “Regarding our bodies, females as we both are, I’ve experimented, in my time.  I’d love for you to take me home with you, and show me what you and your Toga and Izayoi can do.  However, will this all result in your unique relationship gaining a fourth member?

            Kimi grinned ecstatically, baring her youkai fangs and narrowing her golden eyes at Kikyo devilishly.  “We’ll restrain ourselves, in that arena,” she said with her mind.  “Now, let’s get out of here…”


-To be continued-