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The Shoot

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            With pure excitement in her every step, Kikyo led Sesshomaru to the foot of the chaise that the daiyoukai porn star had taken Kagome and Sango on earlier, before their passion-filled, cum-soaked scene together in bed.  The female stars were fast asleep in that bed now, peacefully resting and recouping their energy in each other’s arms, and the break in filming that resulted was the perfect opportunity for Kikyo to enjoy Sesshomaru for herself again.  Guiding him to stand at the chaise’s foot, she oriented them so that he stood directly between it and her, facing her, then she pressed her curvy, voluptuous form up against his taller, heavier, muscle-filled male one.  She gave him the warmth and softness of her large breasts against his chest, and in return, she took the much more solid warmth of his long, thick cock nestling high up against her belly.

            Sesshomaru gazed down into Kikyo’s mysterious grey eyes and saw…something there as she raised herself onto the tips of her stocking-clad toes and kissed him sweetly.  Reaching up to hold her gartered waist in his large hands, he pulled her closer to him and opened his mouth to hers to take the kiss deeper, accepting her tongue as she extended it.  As she drank her kiss from his lips, she urged him to sit on the chaise’s foot, then broke the kiss and pulled away from him.

            Kikyo turned away from Sesshomaru to show off her luscious, scantily-covered rear to him, putting a subtle sashay in her hips as she left the bedroom briefly to retrieve a camera tripod from the closet out in the hall.  She re-entered the bedroom and emplaced the tripod near the chaise’s foot, off one of its corners for a low isometric filming angle.  Then, she picked up her camera where she’d left it near the main bed, careful not to wake Kagome or Sango, and mounted it on the tripod, zeroing its viewfinder in on Sesshomaru as he waited patiently.  She smiled as she looked at him through the viewfinder.  Even when fully nude and potently aroused, the poise and patience with which he sat and waited lent him an alluring, dignified air.

            “Some more ‘test footage?’” Sesshomaru quipped to Kikyo with a stoic smile, clearly as excited to have her again as she was to have him.  Kagome, Sango, and all the taijiya extras had been thrilling, but his energy wasn’t diminished in the least.  He was fully prepared to bring Kikyo the pleasure she desired, as many times as necessary.

            Kikyo smiled to Sesshomaru as she finished setting up her camera, but did not answer.  Setting the camera to record again, she stepped around from behind it and advanced on her film’s male star, moving to standing between his knees, looming over him.  She touched the fingertips of one hand to his chin from below and turned his handsome face upward so that she could better look upon his exotic facial stripes and the crescent moon mark on his forehead.  Combined with his size and strength, his beauty was frightening, and she couldn’t wait any longer.

            Sesshomaru kept himself perfectly still as Kikyo bent her knees to level her face with his, then kissed him again and pushed on his chest to lay him back on the chaise.  She followed him down and ended up atop him, then separated her lips from his to begin kissing her way down his big, muscular body.  He closed his golden eyes for a moment to relish in the heavenly sensation of the beautiful miko director servicing him, sliding her body down his own with decidedly un-miko-like skill.   Then, he reopened his eyes as a thought occurred to him. 

            “I imagine you’re going to get me to make some noise, in a few moments,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo, beginning to quiver as she got down on her knees on the floor beyond the chaise’s foot, between his knees and thighs.  “Once more, I may profess how I enjoy my profession, quite loudly. And then, I might wake Kagome and Sango, disturbing their rest.”

            “Good point,” Kikyo agreed in between kisses to Sesshomaru’s chiseled lower abdomen as she gently stroked his big, beautiful cock.  She sat upright on her knees for a moment, then closed her stony grey eyes and clapped her palms together quietly, just in front of her chest.  Watching with interest, Sesshomaru felt her reiki fluctuate within her, then she projected it outside of her body as a spherical, shimmering blue shell that encompassed herself and Sesshomaru, the chaise he lay on, her camera, and a few feet of floor all around.  With the barrier in place, with his sensitive daiyoukai hearing, Sesshomaru suddenly found himself suddenly unable to hear the variety of sounds he had been able to hear up until that moment: Kagome’s and Sango’s quiet, unconscious breathing, the air conditioning units running elsewhere inside the studio building, and the distant, muted hum of automobile traffic outside the building.

            “Kagome and Sango shouldn’t be able to hear us now,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru, getting back to ‘work’ on him.  “Make as much noise as you like.”

            Satisfied that Kagome and Sango could not hear him, Sesshomaru’s demeanor changed subtly.  As Kikyo got comfortable between his thighs and make ready to take his cock into her mouth, or use her bountiful breasts on him, or both, he reached down and lay a hand on one of her pale shoulders, squeezing assertively and preventing her from proceeding.  She looked up at him quizzically.  “What is it?” she asked.

            “We’re alone, now, in terms of the possibility of being overheard,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo, providing a frame of reference for his next statement.  He heard her heart speed up a little in her chest, and not necessarily from her sexual excitement.  “Before we go any further, I want to know exactly what happened with InuYasha, before.”

            Kikyo was very quiet, then, but her expression betrayed no anger or other displeasure.  “What do you think happened?” she posed to Sesshomaru.

            “I think…he didn’t harass Kagome or Sango, or Rin, or yourself.  Not as you said,” Sesshomaru replied, striking a firm, yet polite tone, and he watched Kikyo blink, her expression unchanging.  “I don’t feel that you’ve lied to me.  I can smell a lie when one is told to me.  However, I do think you’re concealing something from me, and possibly even from Kagome and Sango.”  On his last statement, he kept his tone firm, but as but non-accusatory and non-confrontational as possible.

            Kikyo rose from her place between Sesshomaru’s thighs and climbed over him again, then skillfully deposited herself onto a bare hip to lay alongside him, in order to converse with him very intimately, quietly, and face-to-face.  She was still very attracted to him, despite the change in their subject of conversation, and he reciprocated that attraction by slipping a muscular arm around her waist to hold her to him.  “What makes you think this?” she asked to him further.

            “I know my brother,” Sesshomaru said, his tone becoming very confident.  “He loves this business.  At its least, it’s having sex on film in exchange for money.  At its greatest, it’s making sexual art.  He knows the boundaries he should not step over, and he would not deliberately jeopardize his opportunity to participate in this project with you, Kagome, and Sango.  Possibly also threatening his career in general.  To do so would be idiotic, and he’s no idiot.”

            Kikyo smiled honestly – she was found out.  She suspected Sesshomaru was too intelligent for her story about InuYasha harassing anyone on-set to hold water with him for long.  “Is there anything else that informs your thinking, in this case?”  Playfully, she draped a thigh over her daiyoukai star’s lap, laying a hand on his chest and laying her fingertips over his smooth, muscle-filled skin.

            “There is,” Sesshomaru confirmed with a glow in his golden eyes, and small, stoic smile on his lips.  He moved his hand down from Kikyo’s waist to fondle her shapely rear, simultaneously enjoying and observing how she did not shy away from his touch, but actually writhed against him, happily.  “You, Kagome, Sango, and Rin are very receptive, very generous with your bodies.  You’ve allowed me to enjoy myself with each one of you, and not necessarily on-camera, so it hasn’t been all business, today.  And my brother is very good looking, almost as well-endowed and powerful in bed as myself.  He’s a half-demon, and with those unique ears of his, I’d say he has a certain charm to him that I lack.  So if he wanted sex with any one of you, he could have simply asked, and more than one of you would likely have said ‘yes.’”

            Kikyo’s sultry smile began to fade a little.  “If I tell you what’s really going on, will you be angry with me?” she asked hopefully and somewhat fearfully to Sesshomaru.

            Sesshomaru studied Kikyo’s anxious expression, losing himself in her refined, elegant beauty.  How could he be angry with her, no matter what she said?  She was willing to offer her body to him freely, and the pleasures he had found with her, in addition to those with her female stars, had been among the greatest in his life.  “No,” he promised to her, also promising to himself that if he did become angry, he’d keep it to himself and wouldn’t hold her responsible for it.  “Please, tell me.”

            “Okay.  Here goes…” Kikyo began, closing her eyes and gathering her thoughts.



3 weeks earlier


            Stepping out of the summertime nightlife of downtown Tokyo, Kikyo entered the busy waiting lounge of the high-end Asahi steakhouse, dressed tastefully, yet provocatively in a long, flowing red sequined dress.  The dress’s lower half had a long slit cut up one side to show off one of her shapely legs, clad in its thin, glossy black stocking, and the neckline of the dress was cut very low to bring attention to the generous size of her breasts.  Around the dress, she wore a thin, black jacket cut to around her midriff, and she wore her purse by its carry strap, over one shapely shoulder.  Her beauty was such that the eyes of all the other patrons, male and female alike, were on her in an instant, then politely averted to avoid gawking.  Nevertheless, any conversations that had been going on up until that moment took a few moments to resume, or changed subject entirely to revolve around the goddess that had just walked in.

            Kikyo approached the maître d' of the restaurant as he stood at his podium, a handsome middle-aged man dressed in a fine suit.  He was busy managing different aspects of the restaurant’s several reservations on his work computer.  The moment he looked up from his computer’s screen and noticed the breathtakingly-dressed miko director, his eyes lit up and his mouth curled into a happy smile.  “Higurashi-san.  Good evening!”

            “Good evening, Saito-san,” Kikyo greeted back, approaching Saito’s podium to a respectful yet not standoffish distance.  “Has my party arrived?”

            “Yes, my staff has just shown them to their table,” Saito confirmed, politely gesturing for Kikyo to join him.  “Please, follow me.”

            Saito led Kikyo out of the waiting lounge and they navigated the maze of occupied dining tables deeper inside Asahi, working their way to one of the more private booths in the back.  They arrived at a particular booth, a large, semi-circular one with space for seven or eight people to dine alongside each other in a broad, curved line.  It was already occupied.

            The first of the booth’s occupants: Takahashi Toga, CEO of Musashi Corporation, a longtime manufacturer of automobiles and related parts.  An inu daiyoukai, his species evidenced by his tapered youkai ears, glowing golden eyes, and gorgeous, silver-white mane, he was far, far older than his physical, human-relative age of not more than 40 years suggested.  Centuries earlier, he had ruled a wide swath of Japan known then as the Western Lands, and the ancient Musashi province was where his castle, the House of the Moon, had been located.  At more than seven feet in height and weighing more than 300 pounds, almost all of him a warrior’s muscle, he was as a mountain that dwarfed the others sitting beside him.  He wore his silver mane bound in a high tail and wore a fine, light grey suit befitting his social status and the formal atmosphere of Asahi.

            The booth’s second occupant: Takahashi Kimi, mate to Toga and also an inu daiyoukai, of the female persuasion.  She radiated with an ethereal feminine beauty that seemed to glow and invisibly interact with the masculine charms of her incredibly-powerful mate, beauty rooted in equal power of her own.  Her bonding to Toga had once ended a war between the Western and Eastern Lands, working out well enough for them to stay together.  Now, centuries later, she worked alongside him at their company, conducting more subtle financial warfare as the company’s CFO.  While Toga wore a modern-style suit, Kimi wore a much more traditional kimono of fine white and fuchsia silks.  She then wore her silky white dog demon hair in high, twin tails, plus exquisitely-styled bangs with a central section permed up and back along her head, completed by long, thick forelocks that flowed down her chest.

            The booth’s third occupant: Takahashi Izayoi, a seemingly-ordinary, but very lovely human woman whom had found her own way into a highly-amorous Toga’s heart as his second mate.  Like Toga and Kimi, her physical age belied her true chronological one.  Mating Toga, and Kimi simultaneously had extended her lifespan greatly enough to allow her to have survived from Japan’s Heian period and retain her physical age of not more than 40 years.  It was her status as the daughter of a noble from that period, effectively a princess, that had put her into contact with one such as Toga to begin with.  Then, her beauty, her educated intelligence stemming from her high birth, and the unblemished purity of her heart, had ensnared Toga to her, charms which Kimi had also been powerless to ignore.

            With her spiritual senses, Kikyo could see the pleasant, positive, and muted, yet palpable sexual energy coursing around between Toga, Kimi, and Izayoi, making it clear that over however long their triangular relationship originally formed, they had found a way to make it endure without collapsing into either purely Toga/Kimi, Toga/Izayoi, or even Kimi/Izayoi in the end.  Befitting her origins, Izayoi had a very noble, princess-like air about her as she conversed with Toga and Kimi and she dressed appropriately, wearing a kimono as fine as Kimi’s, but composed a light blue and rosy pink silks.  While Toga and Kimi each wore their hair in some kind of tail arrangement, Izayoi kept her own, glossy black hair fanned freely down her back and shoulders.

            The booth’s fourth occupant was one Kikyo was already familiar with: Takahashi Kappei, known by his ‘performing name’ of InuYasha.  He was the half-demon son of Toga and Izayoi, and the male star of the film Kikyo was working on right then.  They had completed some very pleasurable filming earlier that day, and the miko director felt her cheeks warming as she recalled the image of his bare, bronzed body moving passionately against the paler flesh of her lovely sister.  As a half-demon, he was blessed with the same silvery hair and golden eyes that Toga was, but did not have the same type of tapered ears.  Instead, his ears were as furry white, pink-filled triangles that protruded from the top of his head, just behind the parting line of his thick, white bangs.  A successful performer in the adult film industry, well-versed in the Tokyo nightlife, he was not remiss to dress inappropriately for Asahi and he wore a nice, black suit with red shirt and black tie.

            Fifth and finally was Kaze no Kagura, InuYasha’s dinner date and a fellow star in the adult film industry.  A kaze (wind) youkai armed with creamy pale skin, glowing ruby eyes, long, flowing black hair, and attention-getting set of broad hips, curvy rear, and full breasts, her beauty was dark and exotic, a fact fully capitalized on by the director she worked with most frequently, Kagewaki Naraku.  Fully aware of her physical beauty, she dressed provocatively, as Kikyo did, wearing a similarly low-cut dress made from pearly-white and blood-red satin.

            Talking quietly with Kagura and enjoying his mutual physical attraction with her, InuYasha noticed Kikyo first and looked to Kagura again, gesturing his head in the miko director’s direction.  Kagura turned her head to look for Kikyo and smiled beautifully, genuinely as she saw the head of Reiki Films being led by Saito, the maître d’, to the booth she shared with InuYasha and the others.  She and the others sat in the following order: herself, InuYasha, Izayoi, Toga, then Kimi, with herself and Kimi forming the ends of the line.  She scooted out from her seat behind the booths curved table, allowing InuYasha to slide out and stand up behind her.  On the other end of the line, Kimi scooted out and stood up, followed by Toga, then Izayoi.

            The five greeted Kikyo and bowed to her respectfully, with Kikyo bowing back.  Saito left Kikyo them with a bow of his own, then they took their seats in their booth, in the same order as before.  Toga politely helped Kikyo out of her jacket and hung it up on a coatrack that stood nearby, then he returned to his seat in the booth, followed by Izayoi, InuYasha, and Kagura to his right, and Kimi to his left, with a space for Kikyo to sit at Kimi’s left.

            “Thank for meeting us here, Kikyo-san,” Toga spoke, his voice a rumbling, sexy baritone that wrought a visible effect on all the females present at the table.  “And might I add, you look stunning, tonight.”

            “Thank you, Toga-san,” Kikyo blushed, aware of the restrained, but very powerful sexual energy flowing off the silver-haired daiyoukai, undoubtedly part of how he’d managed to attract a pair of beauties like Kimi and Izayoi to him and keep them with him.  “Kimi-san did suggest that I dress to kill…”

            “And so you have,” Kimi approved with a mischievous leer to Kikyo.  Analogous to Toga’s voice, Kimi’s was a sultry, feminine purr that Kikyo could feel caressing her skin, not merely stimulating her ears.  “The moment you entered, all eyes were on you.  Some still are.”

            “Kikyo-san.  You know InuYasha and Kagura, of course,” Toga gestured to his son and his son’s lovely date.  He then gestured to Izayoi as she sat at his right, to the left of InuYasha and Kagura.  “This is Izayoi, my second mate.”

            Izayoi gave a blushing smile and a polite nod to Kikyo.  “Very nice to meet you, Kikyo-san.”

            Kikyo smiled and returned Izayoi’s nod from her seat at Kimi’s left.  “Likewise, Izayoi-san.”  Getting comfortable in her seat, she looked between Toga and Kimi, the ones who had invited her to Asahi, originally.  “Forgive me for being so straightforward, but what is this business proposition you would like to discuss with me?  I must confess, I’ve been dying to know.”

            “Ah,” Toga smiled, his alluring golden eyes rolling furtively.  “It was conceived of by myself and Kimi, regarding our son, Kenshiro.  In your line of work, you might know him better as Sesshomaru.  This…proposition affects all of us, at this table.  Most directly - you, Kimi, InuYasha, and myself.  But tangentially, Izayoi and Kagura-san here, as well.”

            Kagura produced a folding paper fan from her purse and flicked it open, waving cool air into her face, then obscuring the lower half of her face behind it to project an aura of mystery.  Her ruby eyes glowed suggestively as she looked across the table at Kikyo.  “And it is…?” Kikyo pressed, intrigued.

            Toga was silent, then Kimi smiled at Kikyo, a sexy smile that had the miko director’s heart speeding up significantly.  “It is the sort of proposition that one does not politely discuss in public.  This table we share is somewhat private, but even here, there are ears to which what we discuss should not reach.”

            “It is also a kind of proposition you might reject, out of hand,” Toga added.  “At least, you might reject it without a considerable amount of encouragement.”

            “Let us entertain you, tonight,” Kimi requested to Kikyo.  “Starting with dinner.  Then, we’ll do the city together.  Once we feel you’ve had sufficient fun, we’ll take you back to our place, and there, we’ll finally explain what we’d like to ask of you.”

            “Very well,” Kikyo agreed, excited simply to know what exactly it was Toga and Kimi were steering her towards.  “I assume, then, that I’m not buying, tonight?”

            “Of course not,” Kimi smiled, another sexy, yet also genuinely pleased smile.  “This is our treat, mine and Toga’s.”  She passed out the Asahi menus to Kikyo and the others, then cracked her own open.  “Might I recommend the wagyu?  It’s the best in the city…”



            Around 2 hours later, the group had finished dinner, and after Toga paid for all of their meals, they left Asahi and stepped out into onto the sidewalk, into the warm, summer night air.  “That was wonderful,” Kikyo cooed, feeling delicious wagyu beef digesting in her stomach.  “But also, not a trivial expense.  Thank you, Toga-san.”

            “Oh, I can afford it.  And remember that I am not being entirely magnanimous,” Toga smiled bashfully as Kimi and Izayoi clung to his arms.  “Kimi and I are looking to get something from you, eventually.  For now, though, karaoke!

            Toga pointed vaguely in the direction of his favorite karaoke bar in downtown Tokyo, Totosai’s.  Together, he and the others walked a few blocks to reach it.  The daiyoukai led his ‘pack’ up to the front door, but just before he stepped inside, he grew thoughtful and stopped, turning around to face the others, Kikyo in particular.  “I have a rule, when I visit this place with friends.  To misquote the American film Starship Troopers: ‘I have only one rule: everybody sings, no one quits.  Do you get me?’

            Kikyo gazed into Toga’s gorgeous golden eyes, then he continued: “I hope I’m not imposing on you, Kikyo-san.  Will you sing for us, for me?

            The miko director looked at Toga steadily, then roved her eyes among the other members of the group, paying special attention to Kimi.  She smiled and rolled her eyes in acquiescence: “I’ll sing for you, Toga-san.  You did, after all, buy me dinner.”

            Toga grinned and turned back to push the double doors to Totosai’s wide open and stepped inside, followed by Kikyo and the others.  Inside, having never visited before, Kikyo found it to be the same type of classy establishment as Asahi.  It had two full bars, one along each wall, with an array of plush-cushioned couches on the central floor area for guests to sit, drink, and converse in, as well as listen to whatever brave soul decided to get up on the karaoke stage along the back wall.

            “Toga-san!” Totosai, the bar’s proprietor called out.  He was a grizzled-looking, bulging-eyed deer demon who wore his long, grey hair up in a high top-knot.  Centuries earlier, he had been Toga’s private armorer, forging both swords and armor for his lord, whom he addressed back then as Toga-sama, or even Taisho-sama.  Over time, as Japan became more civilized and technology developed, the need for such things (and their practicality, after the advent of guns and gunpowder) had waned.  Now, in the 21st-century, Totosai owned and managed a karaoke bar as a hobby.  Wearing his red-and-black bartender uniform, he stood behind the right-hand bar, drying out some recently-rinsed glasses and drinking mugs with a clean, white cloth.

            “Totosai!  Good evening,” Toga greeted back.  “Party of six, tonight.  Whip us up some drinks, please, and put us in queue to sing.”

            “Right away,” Totosai replied.  “What’ll you have?”

            Toga turned to look between Kimi and Izayoi and his two lovely mates gave him their choices, then he looked to InuYasha, Kagura, then Kikyo, gathering their choices, as well.  He turned back to Totosai.  “Champagne for Kimi and Izayoi, here,” he gestured to his mates.  “Bourbon over ice for InuYasha, lemon sour for Kagura-san, and shochu for Kikyo-san.  Sake for me.  And keep them all coming!”

            Totosai bowed to the daiyoukai graciously and moved to fill his order, then Toga and company took their seats on one of the floor couches, facing the bar’s elevated singing platform.  They sat in the following order, from left to right: Kagura, InuYasha, Toga, Kikyo, Kimi, and finally Izayoi.  Totosai brought them their drinks and placed them on the short table in front of the couch they sat on, leaving a larger bottled form of each drink near each patron’s respective glass.  Then, he politely excused himself back to his other duties.

            The group sat, drank, and conversed, listening to the bar’s other patrons getting up onstage and use the karaoke machine to belt out their own renditions of popular contemporary songs.  Some took their songs seriously, while others embraced their drunkenness and sang for pure fun, slurred words and all.  Eventually, it was InuYasha’s turn to sing, and in keeping with Toga’s ‘one rule,’ he and Kagura decided to sing a duet, choosing Dark Tranquillity’s ‘The Mundane and the Magic.’

(Soundtrack: Dark Tranquillity – The Mundane and the Magic)

            Toga, Kikyo, Kimi, and Izayoi clapped together in encouragement as InuYasha and Kagura ascended the stage.  InuYasha climbed atop it first, then turned to Kagura and offered a hand to her to help her up, mindful of the heels she wore.  Smiling up at him, she took his hand and climbed onto the stage with him, accepting a wireless microphone from him as he removed it from its charging dock and passed it to her.

            InuYasha used the karaoke machine to load up the chosen song, hit ‘play’ on it, then gripped his microphone as if gripping a sword’s hilt on some ancient feudal battlefield.  Kagura joined him, holding her own microphone in the same way as she slipped an arm inside and around one of his to bond herself to him.  Their song’s introductory minute – minute-and-a-half passed, consisting of the twangs of rhythm guitar and the churning patter of a gently-escalating drumbeat, then baleful piano notes. 

            At the song’s 1:25 mark, InuYasha emulated Dark Tranquillity singer Mikael Stanne’s gravelly death metal growl, barking it into his microphone like the dog demon he was:

Seen through these dreamless eyes

Blind buildings stark to the sky

Silhouettes as dividing walls

Guarding the eternal secret

            A moment of crunching guitar riff, allowing InuYasha to take a breath, then he continued:

Where is the flame to haunt you?

And who do you answer to?

My lies are always wishes

Lies that make me

See beyond the rational

Accept the fate that nothing is meant to be

Be the least connected

Stay true to the last original

            Then, the bridge to the first chorus arrived:

Apply layers to reality

Things only you can see

Add a beat to normality

To tap the core of insanity

            At last, Kagura joined in, singing the female part of the male/female duet in a breathless, sultry tone that captured the attention of everyone in the bar:

I let my dreams cross over

            InuYasha immediately followed it with a much cleaner, softer male line, compared to his earlier growling:

To days of endless grey

Then, Kagura again:

If I could merge the mundane and the magic

InuYasha again, cleanly:

We’ve forged a new unknown


I let my dreams cross over


To nothingness and back again


If I could merge the mundane and the magic


Where is the dark I came to find?

            Here, keening, stratospheric guitar solo ensued and InuYasha and Kagura happily played seriously silly ‘air guitar’ to follow along.  They finished up the rest of the song, leading to great applause from Toga, Kikyo, Kimi, and Izayoi, as well as the rest of the bar’s other patrons.  Bashfully, InuYasha and Kagura bowed and climbed down the stage, taking their seats.  Toga was next in line, and he polished off his sake before practically leaping out of his seat and taking the stage.

            For his song, Toga chose Judas Priest’s ‘Tyrant,’ a much more difficult choice for him than ‘The Mundane and the Magic’ had been for InuYasha and Kagura, since he was on his own and had to emulate the ineffable Rob Halford in his prime, in workable but accented English with his rich Japanese baritone, for the entire length of the song.  The song reminded of some characters he’d dealt with, and some decisions he’d made himself as the Inu no Taisho, back during the Sengoku Jidai.  Armed with this passion, he put forth his best effort, yielding similar applause from the bar at the end.

            Next, Kimi and Izayoi sung a duet of their own, choosing the Namie Amuro cover of Sophie Monk’s ‘Come My Way,’ which had been one of the closing songs for a certain anime series, some years earlier.  They split up the singing evenly, with each of them taking turns backing up the other’s respective sections.  The song was a staple from the Japanese J-pop scene, whereas InuYasha, Kagura, and Toga had chosen examples of European heavy metal.  Again, the bar was gracious with their applause, even if their mood was a little subdued by the song’s lovelorn tone.

            Finally, it was Kikyo’s turn to sing, and, not wanting to disappoint Toga, she took a deep sip of her shochu for some liquid courage before passing Kimi and Izayoi on their way back from the stage.  Stepping onto the karaoke stage, looking positively radiant in her red sequined dress, she browsed the choices available on the karaoke machine, then her stony grey eyes lit up as she came across Mariya Takeuchi’s ‘Plastic Love,’ the shorter version from the singer’s 1984 Variety album, as opposed to the longer, later remix with extended intro.  With her heart lifting into her throat, she pressed ‘play’ on the machine’s user interface, then took her position at the front of the stage.

            With a pleasant, rising ambience, the song Kikyo had chosen began with a quick bass drumbeat, then intertwined strings and bass guitar, then finally a lilting phrase of piano.  It was then followed by the bass strengthening into a potent, hypnotic repetition, plus a rhythmic snap of snare drum and wooden clapper.  This lasted for eight cycles, then the song’s first lines arrived.  Kikyo took a quiet breath, brought her microphone to her lips, then she sang:

(Soundtrack: Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love)

Totsuzen no kisu ya, atsui manazashi de

(With a sudden kiss or a hot look)

Koi no puroguramu wo, kuruwasenaide ne

(Don't let the love program go crazy)

Deai to wakare, jouzu nu uchikonde

(Meet and say goodbye)

Jikan ga kureba, owaru – Don’t hurry!

(It's over when the time comes - Don't hurry!)

            Three quick, rapid, tightly-synchronized notes of drum, bass, and keyboard followed, allowing Kikyo to take a soft, quiet breath.  Then, she continued to the next verse, supported by an additional, low-toned string underneath the other instruments:

Ai ni kizutsuita, ano hi kara zutto

(Ever since that day when I was hurt by love)

Hiru to yoru ga gyaku no, kurashi wo tsuzukete

(Continuing to live the opposite day and night)

Hayari no Disco de, odoriakasu uchi ni

(While dancing at the Disco)

Oboeta majutsu, na no yo - I’m sorry!

(It’s a magic I remembered – I’m sorry!)

            Four beats of bass that escalated in pitch, with a majestic string underneath that rose with them, underneath them.  By this time, Kikyo was swaying herself naturally to the music, gently thrusting and withdrawing her shapely hips within the closely-fitted confines of her dress in a way that cast a spell over the bar’s every patron, including her own party.  Then, she continued, more boldly now as she entered the chorus:w

Watashi no koto o, kesshite

Honki de aisanaide

(Never really love me)

Koi nante tada no geemu

Tanoshimeba, sore de ii no

(Love is just a game – If you enjoy it, that’s fine)

Tozashita kokoro wo kazaru

Hade na doresu mo kutsu mo

(Flashy dresses and shoes that decorate your closed heart)

Kodoku na tomadachi

(Are lonely friends)

            15-16 seconds of funky, jazzy guitar solo struck sharply, and Kikyo closed her stony grey eyes as if in sorrowed pleasure, lowering her microphone to dance along with it, a solitary bell flower in the wind.  During this time, Kimi’s golden eyes narrowed and her ruby lips spread into a devilish smile as she watched the miko director perform.  She raised her semi-filled champagne glass to her own eye level and peered through the champagne’s bubble-filled liquid to look upon Kikyo in a new light, literally and metaphorically.  Here was a woman who yearned to love, and Kimi’s plans for the night and how they concerned Kikyo began to subtly change.

            The second chorus of ‘Plastic Love’ came, and Kikyo brought the receiver of her microphone back to her lips:

Watashi wo sasou hito wa, hiniku na mono ne itsumo

(The person who invites me – it’s ironic, isn’t it?)

Kare ni niteru wa

Naze ka omoide to kasanariau

(For some reason, I always look like him)

Gurasu wo otoshite kyuu ni

Namidagundemo wake wa tazunenaide ne

(Don’t ask me if I drop the glass that overflows with my memories and tears)


               One more verse, then Kikyo finished up with the song’s outro, entirely in English now, as was the style of Japanese songwriters with ambitions of success beyond Japan itself:


I’m just playing games

I know that’s plastic love

Dance to the plastic beat

Another morning comes

I’m just playing games

I know that’s plastic love

Dance to the plastic beat

Another morning comes

I’m just playing games

I know that’s plastic love

Dance to the plastic beat

Another morning comes…


               At last, the song faded to silence, and Kikyo emulated the fade by enunciating the lyrics more and more quietly, until she was silent, her heart pounding in her ears.  The bar’s patron’s erupted into applause and Kikyo bowed bashfully, leaving her microphone on the karaoke machine’s console and stepping down off the stage.  The members of her party applauded beyond even that of the bar’s other patrons, and as she took back her seat on the couch with them, Kimi complimented: “Kikyo-san, you were radiant.  You chose to be a film director, rather than a singer?

            Kikyo blushed and nodded toward Kimi.  “Thank you, Kimi-san.  I did have…aspirations of a music career, once, but I’m glad I chose my current path, as a film director.”

            “Hm.  So am I,” InuYasha added with a lecherous grin, leading Kagura to chastise him playfully with a swat to his thigh, which in turn earned her an equally-playful nuzzle from him.  Being an adult film star, InuYasha’s benefit from Kikyo’s career choice was his opportunity to perform in her films, alongside utter rocking babes like the miko director’s sexy reiki-powered sister, Kagome, or the gorgeous, physically powerful Aozaki Sango.  And it was all under the masterful, sexually-minded supervision of Kikyo herself, as much a goddess as Kagome or Sango in her own right.  InuYasha had seen the films Kikyo had made with the perversely-talented Kagewaki Naraku, Kagura’s older brother, and achieving Kikyo’s sly, sultry approval after completing a very thorough scene was one of the highlights of his career.  Had Kikyo chosen a career in music instead, his own career path might have been strikingly different and much less pleasurable.

            After Kikyo finished her karaoke song, she and the rest of the Toga-led group spent a while lounging and finishing their drinks while listening to other patrons on stage.  Then, after a decent interval, they excused themselves from the bar, after the Great Dog Demon once again demonstrated his generosity by paying their collective bill with a grateful Totosai.  Of course, this generosity of his was not entirely selfless or altruistic – he and Kimi still had a proposition to make to Kikyo, before the night was over.  From there, the group hit up a nearby dance club, with the cover charge again paid by Toga.

            Inside the club, a thumping electro-techno beat dominated the air, which was characterized by a dim level of lighting, roiling artificial fog, and assorted eye-safe laser effects which shone through the fog as swinging shafts of colored light.  A throng of the club’s attendees churned happily atop the main dance floor, consisting of businessmen and businesswomen unwinding after a long day at the office, some fairly suspicious, but otherwise harmless yakuza-looking types, and various other people that didn’t conform to the previous two stereotypically-Japanese classifications.

            Still wearing their fine kimono from dinner and karaoke afterward, Kimi and Izayoi ducked into the women’s restroom near the club entrance.  When they emerged a very short time later, they somehow wore completely different outfits – sequined dresses like Kikyo’s, with Kimi wearing a glossy violet one, and Izayoi wearing a blend of blue and white.  Similarly, they had taken on polished black heels from somewhere, to replace their traditional Japanese sandals.  Their dresses covered less of their bodies than their kimono did and revealed some of their luscious feminine curves, which invigorated Toga and embarrassed InuYasha just a bit, since Izayoi was his mother, after all.  Generally, Kimi’s and Izayoi’s new dresses were better suited to the physical exertion and buildup of body heat that came with energetic dancing.

            As Kimi and Izayoi rejoined the others in their alluring new attire, Kikyo remarked: “Kimi-san, Izayoi-san - you left your kimono in the restroom?

            “Not exactly,” Kimi smiled, cocking a hip and slipping a hand around Izayoi’s slender waist to pull the lovely human woman and her co-mate with Toga to her side.  For her own part, Izayoi blushed and looked away to some random part of the club as if to hide from the others’ attention.  Through her senses as a trained miko, Kikyo felt the Kimi’s youki flex within her, then two examples of a luxurious, fluffy white boa materialized around her shoulders and Izayoi’s at once, the final accessories for their dresses.  “Just another application of a daiyoukai’s versatile energy.  Now, let’s dance!

            Releasing Izayoi, Kimi reached out and snapped up one of Kikyo’s dainty feminine wrists in her hands, all but dragging her to the dance floor in the center of the club.  Amused with the shine Kimi had taken to Kikyo, Toga escorted Izayoi to their own spot on the dance floor, and InuYasha did the same with Kagura.  Together, the three pairs melted into the throng of the club’s other attendees and took up dancing to the quick electronic beat, happily expressing themselves through the movements of their bodies.

            Alcohol had reduced the group’s inhibitions, and the effect was most pronounced in Kikyo and Izayoi, pure-blooded humans without a youkai’s natural resistance to inebriation.  Having left her jacket with the club’s doorman, Kikyo felt her alluring red dress cling to her shapely body as an intimate second skin, while she danced passionately to the music that pulsed through the air.  InuYasha paired up with Kagura to dance, Toga paired himself with Izayoi, and this left Kimi to dance with Kikyo, with each pair dispersed among the club’s other patrons – strangers – for some degree of anonymity.

            Even before Kimi began moving herself with the music, Kikyo was well aware of the female daiyoukai’s demonic sexual magnetism.  Despite being several hundred years old, Kimi was Kikyo’s physical age, perhaps even younger, and armed with her radiant silver hair, creamy-smooth, pale skin, and ensconcing golden eyes, plus her nearly-scandalous dress, she attracted the eyes of men and women alike as Kikyo herself did.  She used this magnetism to its fullest extent on Kikyo, slowly guiding her body closer to the miko director’s as the two of them danced, and Kikyo felt her blood heating in her veins as much by the physical exertion of dancing as by the attraction toward Kimi she was beginning to experience.

            Once she was close enough, Kimi stopped her advance so that she danced with Kikyo at an intimate distance, but not so close that they came into direct contact with each other.  Her golden eyes glowed and Kikyo gasped subtly as she ‘heard’ the daiyoukai speaking directly into her mind, much as she and Kagome could do with each other.  This was Kimi’s effort to communicate with Kikyo clearly, without resorting to shouting aloud in order to be heard above the sound of the club’s music, and the various other conversations that were already taking place among the other patrons.

            “You…are truly beautiful, Kikyo-san,” Kimi began, lavishing the miko director with heartfelt praise.  “Blessed in body and pure in spirit.  Regarding your purity, you’ve retained it despite the nature of your work – baring your body and performing sexual acts on camera, or working behind the camera and asking the same of other like-minded individuals, such as my own step-son.  I’d expect nothing less from someone who has undergone the same physical and psychological training you have.”

            “Thank you, Kimi-san,” Kikyo replied, also by telepathy, confirming to Kimi that she was capable of the same form of communication.  “You are very lovely, as well, and I sense in you a different form of purity – the intelligence and desires of a demon.  Clearly, it wasn’t beauty alone that provoked Toga-san to claim you, for I feel the same purity in him.  Izayoi-san must be in touch with these traits herself, for her to be a suitable mate for great demons like yourselves.

            “Indeed,” Kimi replied, smiling darkly for the cherished memory of Izayoi proving herself to herself and Toga, an act that had taken place in the bedroom, and an act that she longed to experience again, this time with Kikyo.  “Let me be blunt, from one woman to another, or from one female to another, as I am not human.  When Toga and I take you back to our home tonight, we intend to have you, as part of our proposition to you.  We feel that the pleasure you would experience in our bed would do much to support our ultimate argument, and convince you of what we desire.  Izayoi would also participate, as we would not exclude her from an act that would take place in our bedroom.  Would you be comfortable with this?”

            With her stony grey eyes unreadable in their expression, Kikyo was telepathically and vocally silent for a time as she continued to dance with Kimi, feeling the daiyoukai’s youki aura flexing outward to interact with her own reiki.  Kimi was seemingly trying to sense Kikyo’s answer before receiving it.  As youki and reiki touched and blended between their sexy female bodies, invisible sparks of pleasure danced up and down their flesh for each of them to feel, causing each to release a soft gasp, which thankfully went unheard in the club’s ambiance.

            Kikyo felt her heart speed up in her chest and her blood heat up in her veins, followed by a blossoming of delicious sexual warmth in her breasts and low in her belly, between her thighs.  The way Kimi’s golden eyes widened and her rosy lips fell slightly agape told Kikyo that the daiyoukai was feeling the same things, and wasn’t totally expecting such a result.  Seizing the initiative, she danced herself closer to Kimi and placed a quick, experimental kiss on her luscious female lips, satisfied with the low, nasal moan she produced.  “Our spirits are compatible,” Kikyo spoke telepathically to Kimi as she pulled back, almost able to see the other female quivering as she danced.  “Regarding our bodies, females as we both are, I’ve experimented, in my time.  I’d love for you to take me home with you, and show me what you and your Toga and Izayoi can do.  However, will this all result in your unique relationship gaining a fourth member?

            Kimi grinned ecstatically, baring her youkai fangs and narrowing her golden eyes at Kikyo devilishly.  “We’ll restrain ourselves, in that arena,” she said with her mind.  “Now, let’s get out of here…”


-To be continued-