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The Shoot

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            An alluring blush colored Sango’s cheeks as Sesshomaru guided his daiyoukai monster cock down to her weeping cunt, its delicate, silky pink outer petals held apart by Kagome kneeling beside her.  As experienced making adult films as she was, she hadn’t lost her appreciation for the erotic heat of the moment she offered her body to an attractive, well-endowed male performer (or in this case, having another female performer offer it on her behalf).  For her, feeling an obscenely-huge cock grinding into her, opening her and filling her up was an unchanging pleasure.  She had greatly enjoyed the sex scene she had completed with InuYasha, nearly as well-endowed as Sesshomaru, before he inexplicably scuttled his participation in Kikyo’s project with his off-camera harassment of herself and Kagome.  Before Kikyo introduced her to Sesshomaru, she was skeptical there could be someone even better looking, or blessed with a bigger cock and more powerful balls.  Right then, she was aching for Sesshomaru, the full depth of her pussy clenching for him to consummate the act she’d teased at earlier in the shoot.

            With her thighs spread wide to accept Sesshomaru’s broad, solid hips, Sango held her arms above her to grip the head of the chaise she lay on with white knuckles, her heart pounding in her heaving chest and thumping clearly in her ears.  She knew Sesshomaru could hear it, too, taking him to state of even greater erectile readiness for her.  Her rosy nipples twitched atop her large, beautiful porn star breasts, her lovely pussy mound was swollen and ready for action between her thighs, and at the apex of the delicate female petals her mound bore, spread wide by Kagome’s fingers to expose the textured pink vaginal muscles just beyond, her clit pulsed in its angular protective hood, which Kagome teased with her middle finger off and on.  She could feel the heat of Sesshomaru’s big, heavy body washing over her as he got into position, a wall of pure, male thermal energy that that covered her as if to press her deeper into the chaise’s silky-soft cushioning.  Her perspiration accelerated, to the point that glistening rivulets of it slipped down her skin all over her body, then she bit her lower lip as she felt the heat of Sesshomaru’s big cockhead stimulating her pussy’s exposed, vibrant pink interior.

            Kikyo filmed Sango’s beautiful pussy up close from an angle that took her line of sight just past Sesshomaru’s well-muscled hip and along the full, impressive length of his cock, capturing the thick droplet of natural female lubricant that escaped the taijiya porn star’s twitching, fully-exposed vaginal orifice in response to the daiyoukai porn star’s imminent penetration.  Eager to proceed, Sesshomaru advanced his hips between Sango’s open thighs and pressed his spade-shaped cockhead directly to her sex, rubbing it up and down through her hot, silky wet pussy flesh to feel her cream coating him and giving him an extra bit of lubrication for his entry.  Now, with their bodies so close to being joined, their hearts quickened for each of them to hear and feel, and Kikyo to film.  At such close pornographic distance, the effects of the performers’ heightened pulses were clearly visible to their miko director through her camera, with Sesshomaru’s prodigious organ jerking and Sango’s outermost female gate twitching with every heartbeat.

            Now that Sesshomaru was lined up and well-placed to slide right into Sango at Kikyo’s command, Kagome removed her hand from the taijiya’s throbbing sex, then left her side at the chaise briefly.  Kikyo followed her sister’s movement with her camera, making sure to linger on her bare rear.  When she returned, she held both the pack of contraceptive sutras that Sango had introduced to the bedroom scene earlier, and the pack of binding seals she herself had introduced before that, setting the latter aside on the floor for the moment.  She withdrew a contraceptive sutra from the pack and removed it from its backing, then applied it to Sango’s flat belly, right over her womb.  The black ideogram glowed bright-blue for a moment and the taijiya porn star gasped as she felt its power reaching into her body, cloaking her internal female reproductive organs making her dog demon baby-proof.  She was going to need it, in addition to her etonogestrel implant, because soon, she would be taking Sesshomaru’s potent demon seed directly into the place it had evolved to reach.

            “Take her, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome ordered to her character’s would-be assassin, her voice filled with the pleasure she was receiving through her binding seal.  The anticipation flowing off her co-stars’ perfect bodies was delicious, but Sango was in terrible need now, having felt Sesshomaru fuck her through her own seal.  It was time for Aozaki Sango to take Takahashi ‘Sesshomaru’ Kenshiro inside her body and really get off, now.  “Use my taijiya captain for your pleasure, and ensure that she finds her own in the process.”

            “Sango-san,” Sesshomaru growled passionately to Sango as he verged on entering her.  He felt hot, fresh pre-cum coursing its way up and out of him to anoint her eager female flesh, his big balls fully-loaded with potent inu seed once more.  “Strong, beautiful taijiya captain, who has offered herself so, and for whom my body strives for.  Are you ready for this Sesshomaru?”

            “Yes, Sesshomaru-sama,” Sango panted.  Toes curling, she lifted her hips and tilted them to give him the best angle to enter her.  “Please, give it to me!

            With his cock lined up with Sango’s sopping female core, Sesshomaru began to apply his weight behind it, the huge, bulbous head of it spreading her silky petals open and open until it overcame their natural resistance and slipped inside.  She gasped as she felt the size, heat, and hardness him of directly inside her for the first time.  Mindful to avoid causing her any pain, or at least to cause her as little pain as possible, given his obscene size, he gave himself to her slowly, gradually advancing his hips between her thighs.  From Kikyo’s perspective, Sesshomaru’s hips were as a heavy, living stone grinding into place at a glacial pace, but soon enough, her shot of his massive cock disappearing into Sango’s cunt was blocked as the space between their bodies dwindled to nothing.

            Inch by inch for perhaps eleven or fucking twelve inches, Sango felt the head of Sesshomaru’s mighty cock squeeze her clenching inner muscles apart, then finally press firmly to her cervix, bluntly nudging her womb deeper into her belly to make room for the throbbing shaft behind it.  His sheer length ensured that his well-maintained male base met her equally well-maintained female mound only after his glans reached that deepest part of her.  The fine, neatly-trimmed silver hair of his cock’s thick base mingled with the thatch of dark brown hair that crowned her hooded clit, and his big, heavy balls fit tightly between the taut globes of her rear.  He filled her and covered her completely and she took a very deep, experimental breath, feeling her diaphragm shifting differently by the huge, hard thing taking up so much space inside her, pushing her most feminine tissues and organs out of their usual alignment. 

            Trembling by the enormous internal stimulation she was getting, Sango closed her eyes briefly to show off her lovely pink eyeliner to Kikyo’s camera and opened her mouth to a provocative ‘o’ shape, then closed her mouth and re-opened her eyes to focus on Sesshomaru.  She lowered a slender female hand from the chaise’s head above her, then reached out and pressed it flat to his thickly-muscled, gently-respirating chest.  She felt his powerful demon heart pumping briskly beneath her palm, then she slipped her hand downward, over his chiseled abdomen to where his body penetrated hers so deeply.  Gazing at their coital junction through the limited space between her large breasts, she brought her hand back over her own belly, her fingertips tracing the subtle bulge that he made in her.  There, she felt his heart beating inside her, a potent bump-bump, bump-bump that stole her breath and had her own heart hammering between her struggling lungs.

            Kikyo filmed Sesshomaru from his front, getting down low to Sango’s level on the chaise and aiming her camera upward to simulate the cock-filled taijiya’s enviable perspective, with 250+ pounds of solid, musclebound, gorgeously silver-haired male daiyoukai looming over her, planted deep inside her.  Then, the miko director stood up and moved to film Sango from down over Sesshomaru’s shoulder to simulate his also-enviable perspective, with one of the most beautiful, desirable women in Japan lain out for his taking, filled womb-deep with him and creaming for him to use her as Kagome had instructed.  In Kagome, Sesshomaru had another matchless Japanese beauty to gorge his golden eyes on, and she spoke again to encourage him and Sango at once.

            “He feels wonderful, doesn’t he, Sango-chan?” Kagome asked sweetly to Sango.  She lay a hand over Sango’s on her belly, feeling the vaguely cock-shaped bulge the daiyoukai made there for herself.  She pressed down slightly so that Sango could feel her well-endowed co-star shifting inside her.

            “Y-yes, Kagome-sama,” Sango stammered, her breathing interfered with by Sesshomaru’s incredible size as it ground against strange places inside her by the added pressure of Kagome’s hand.  “Big and hot, so fucking hard in me.”

            “And you, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome addressed to Sesshomaru, turning her head to look up at him from her place beside Sango.  “Does my taijiya captain feel good for you?”

            Reflexively, Sesshomaru’s upper lip drew back over his gleaming upper teeth, exposing his sharp, demonic incisors in another visual reminder that it was a demon that his co-stars were dealing with.  He straightened his posture between Sango’s thighs, presenting his hard, male body as a living monument to her sexual power over him, and sneered down at her and Kagome with narrow, gimlet golden eyes.  “Exquisite,” he said, speaking the word almost as a curse.  “She is deep and tight.  She holds all of me, stimulating all of me.  I will find great pleasure with her.”

            “Does she feel better than me?” Kagome asked further, and Sesshomaru’s brows furrowed and his confident, sexual sneer collapsed into a slack-jawed, open-mouthed gape.  The next sound out of his mouth was “Uh…” as he briefly forgot his lines, due to wishing to not answer too decisively in Sango’s favor, and therefore possibly offend Kagome.  C:\Youkai\Japan\Inu.exe had encountered an illegal operation in his head and was forced to restart abruptly! 

            At the same time, Kagome’s seductive expression also broke, turning into a beaming, bright-eyed grin as she witnessed the stoic Sesshomaru break character.  She laughed and looked at Sango, then the taijiya porn star broke into a laugh, too.  Boldly, she turned Sango’s lovely face to her and silenced her laughing with a hungry kiss, the depth and intensity of which had them both panting when she pulled her lips away.  “Actually, don’t answer that,” she said to Sesshomaru, putting herself back into character.  She then bid to him and Sango at once: “Wait for just a moment, now.”

            Kagome stood up and left Sesshomaru and Sango again, picking up the pack of binding seals from the floor at her side, which she had brought over with the contraceptive ones.  She moved to stand at the head of the chaise that Sesshomaru had Sango firmly nailed to, so as to not obstruct the second twelve taijiya extras’ perfect side view of them.  The second set of twelve extras had replaced the first set now, and they were eager to get on with the scene, excited to be part of it in any way 

            “Girls,” Kagome addressed to all of the second twelve taijiya extras at once.  “As you can see, your lovely captain is now full of long, thick, throbbing demon dick.  Sesshomaru-sama was inside me a few minutes ago, and these seals I hold allowed the twelve taijiya before you to feel it as if he was fucking them, through meNow, I give the same gift to you.”

            One by one, Kagome applied her binding seals to the bare upper chests of the second twelve taijiya extras, who had entered the Reiki Films’ bedroom set conveniently already stripped of their glossy black bodysuits and wearing only their 14th-century style Japanese underwear.  Twelve female voices gasped, moaned, or cried out with sounds of very sudden pleasure as the seals’ sexual magic gripped their hearts and heated their pumping blood, then twelve sets of chest wraps and female fundoshi hit the bedroom’s tatami flooring as twenty-four female hands feverishly divested them.  Now, Sesshomaru had twelve more lovely nude women to admire, causing his former, confident sneer, which had lost when he broke character, to return to him.

            Though the taijiya extras were not experienced performers as Sesshomaru, Kagome, or Sango were, the binding seals they now wore removed any inhibitions they may have had.  They sat on their futons and assumed positions conducive to female masturbation, eagerly spreading their thighs to bare their increasingly-wet pussies to Sesshomaru, to which he growled in approval.  From his perspective, whatever administrator/deity administered the nature of the institution of sex on planet Earth was clearly spamming the ‘Bless Sesshomaru’ key on whatever terminal in Heaven he/she/they/it were using at that moment.

            Seeing Sesshomaru gorging his golden eyes on mostly-nameless taijiya pussy, Eri and Ayumi from the beginning of the shoot among the taijiya extras this time, Sango reached up and touched his handsome face to turn it back down to her, once she saw the Kikyo had her camera on the two of them again.  Her womb was twisting in her belly, turning inside out in anticipation of receiving his seed inside her.  “We’re going to feel so good together,” she whispered to him, breathless with anticipation.  “I can already tell.”

            “As can I,” Sesshomaru agreed.  Covering Sango’s hand as she cupped it to his striped cheek, he turned his head and kissed her palm sweetly, an affectionate gesture that had her heart skipping in her chest.  Looking down into her chocolate-brown eyes again, he added: “I’m glad I didn’t kill you earlier.”

            Sango smiled and nodded.  “And I’m glad I didn’t kill you,” she reciprocated.  “Making love is so preferable to making war, don’t you think?”

            “Definitely,” Sesshomaru said.  The positive emotions he was getting from Sango through his binding seal provoked him to bend his head down to hers and kiss her, to which she opened her mouth without hesitation to allow his tongue inside.  Indulging in the kiss for a few moments, he separated his lips and tongue from hers, then looked away from her to see that Kagome had finished issuing her binding seals to the taijiya extras.  His eyes followed her luscious, naked sex-priestess body as she sashayed around the chaise, then threw the veil around her futon open to sit on the futon’s foot, and assume the same open-thigh masturbatory position the taijiyas had.  Sitting at the foot of her futon with the veil open, she had a clear view of Sesshomaru and Sango together for her own sexual entertainment, on the side of the chaise opposite the taijiyas.

            “We’re ready, now,” Kagome announced to Sesshomaru and Sango, reaching down between her thighs to play her fingers over her pussy, feeling her body’s natural creaming wetness building up, since she and all the taijiya were feeling what Sango did, full of Sesshomaru’s long, thick, pulsating demon cock as she was.  “Sango-chan, Sesshomaru-sama, you may begin!

            Sesshomaru looked down into Sango’s eyes to see them narrow in a daring expression, her cheeks still thoroughly-flushed.  His own golden eyes took on a stoic, ferociously-sexy gleam as he contemplated his power to make such a woman blush for him, and he pulled his cock out of her by a single inch, then ground back into her slowly, relishing in the quiet gush of his body moving inside hers.  Sango, Kagome, and all the taijiya extras moaned together from the shared sensation, and Kikyo bit her lip lower lip as she filmed, wanting very badly to rub her thighs together to stoke the liquid heat building up between them beneath her sexy black underwear, but refraining from doing so in order to keep her camera steady. 

            Kikyo zoomed her camera in on Sesshomaru’s cock as it moved in Sango’s tight, gripping cunt, filming eagerly as the daiyoukai porn star increased the depth of penetration inside his taijiya co-star to two inches, then three, building it steadily to work her body into familiarity with his.  Their fit was snug, and each time he slid out of her, the creamy pink vaginal flesh near her entrance followed him out as if refusing to give him up, before being stuffed back inside.  Soon, he was giving her the full length of his cock each time, all 11+ hard, meaty inches of it, reaching deep inside her to kiss the mouth of her womb with his cock’s large, phallic head, over and over.  His thrusts were long but gentle as he made slow, easy love to her on the chaise, and she did not simply lay still and let him use her, but lifted and tilted her hips to meet his beat for beat, moving with him to take him as deep as her body would allow.  Her cervix was a natural barrier to any further progress on his part and just beyond it, her womb quivered in escalating uterine pleasure as his sheer length allowed him to bottom out against it each time.

            Sango’s large breasts bounced on her chest in a mesmerizing rhythm as Sesshomaru took her, and Kikyo filmed them from different angles to ensure that their size and inertia was clearly defined to her film’s future viewers.  She shot Sango’s bountiful chest from over one of Sesshomaru’s muscular shoulders, getting both of her breasts in one frame so that they bounced between the top and bottom of the frame, then she moved to film her from the side, so that they bounced horizontally between the left and right sides of the frame.  Sango arched her back to thrust her breasts up and out to call maximum attention to them, and received that attention in the form of Sesshomaru’s mouth.

            From his perspective, Sesshomaru grasped the right-hand example of Sango’s bouncing breasts to hold it steady independent of the left-hand one, then curled his upper body forward into order to crane his head down and suck her breast’s rosy nipple into his mouth.  Mindful of his demonic fangs, he made sure to never bite, and only suckle with his lips, or lap and tease at the sensitive female flesh with his agile dog demon tongue.  Sango cried out happily from the pleasurable contact, and Kagome and the twelve taijiya extras made similar sounds as they each settled onto their backs on their futons and reflexively grabbed their left breasts, corresponding to the one on Sango’s chest Sesshomaru was sucking on.  Now, the women had a phantom cock pumping through their pussies and an eager male mouth playing with one of their tits, and they writhed in total ecstasy on their futons, massaging their left breasts with one hand, using the fingers of the other to fuck themselves silly.  Female lubricant flowed freely from their hot, ready bodies and trailed down between the taut globes of their rears to dampen their futons and fill the air with human female pheromones, a delight to Sesshomaru’s sensitive demon nose.

            All the while, Kikyo roamed the bedroom set with her camera, filming the sex scene’s various participants from all sorts of interesting angles as they performed.  She shot the taijiya extras from the side, starting at one end of the semi-circle they made on the bedroom floor and getting them all in-frame as they writhed and masturbated passionately on their futons.  Then, the sexy, scantily-clad and ebony-haired miko director closed in to film individual taijiya up close as they played with their dripping pussies and fondled their breasts.  Some of them made the mistake of looking directly into Kikyo’s camera lens, endangering the ‘fourth wall,’ but Kikyo felt that the flushed, blushing expressions on their faces, gripped by completely real pleasure, were worth keeping in the final cut.

            Kikyo moved on from the taijiya extras to film Kagome, kneeling at the foot of the large futon her gloriously-nude sister lay upon and beginning by shooting her slender female feet, lingering on the way her well-pedicured toes curled and flexed by the pleasure she was receiving from Sesshomaru and Sango, joined so intimately on the chaise.  The miko director moved up the length of Kagome’s luscious body gradually, over her bare calves and quivering thighs to let her silky-smooth skin fill her camera frame, then paused at her hips.  She focused on the way Kagome lifted her hips into the rhythmic movements of her hand, skillfully fucking herself as Sesshomaru fucked Sango, then continued on her way up the miko porn star’s body.  Then, Kagome made sure to breathe deeply so that her chest swelled and sank as visibly for her sister’s camera as possible, arching her back provocatively as she played with her left breast with her free hand.  Finally, when Kikyo was filming her face in a profile shot, she parted her rosy lips in a husky moan, tossing her raven-haired head back against the futon she lay on to vocalize her pleasure at last.  “Sesshomaru, Sango, oh, oh, yes!

            Meanwhile, Sango ran a hand through Sesshomaru’s thick, silvery mane as he suckled her left nipple, playing with his hair with a dreamy expression on her face, then he released her nipple with a wet pop, switching to her right breast to lavish it with the same passionate oral attention.  Once he was finished with it, he pushed his upper body back up above hers and braced his muscular arms against the chaise’s cushioning to either side of her waist, leaning over her and beginning to increase the force and speed in his hips’ thrusting pace.  The expression on his face was one of steely focus and her breathing became huskier, more labored as he ruthlessly built her pleasure. 

            Kikyo returned to Sesshomaru’s and Sango’s side to film them again, starting far enough out get both in them in-frame, their bodies moving together as one perfect whole, every square inch of their hot skin glistening with perspiration by their energetic pace.  Then, the miko director closed in to concentrate on Sesshomaru’s powerful male musculature, capturing the way his muscles flexed as millions of tiny, synchronized steel fibers beneath his pale skin.  His perfect male rear was tight as he pumped deeply into Sango, clenching and unclenching slightly with each thrust he gave her.  He arched his muscular back over the taijiya porn star he was nailing, shaking his head from side to side and giving it a rearward toss to fling out his silvery mane behind him and show off its outrageous natural beauty.  The effect to Kikyo’s camera was as a super-hardcore sex scene briefly interrupted by an especially-titillating shampoo commercial.  The miko director imagined Kagome’s soft, sexy voice speaking the name of the shampoo brand in the background, with a breathless, flirtatious tone: ‘Dokkusou…Dokkusou.  For men.’

            Sesshomaru turned his head back down to gaze into Sango’s chocolate brown eyes.  “So fucking hard,” she gasped as he began to really fuck her, drilling her into the chaise she lay on.  His hard male hips met her taut female inner thighs with a quickening slap.  Her breath hitched each time the head of his cock met her cervix, pressing demandingly to her womb.  Her ovaries were ringing in delight, as if they knew what they were about to receive.  “You’re rock fucking hard!  Kagome fucked you, and I sucked you, and you came explosively both times, pumping so much cum!  How do you have the energy for this?!”

            “Being Father’s son does have its benefits,” Sesshomaru replied to Sango with a sexy leer, bending his head down to kiss her again.  He slowed his pace inside her momentarily, so that their kiss was long, stable, and satisfying.  Disconnecting his mouth from hers, he closed his golden eyes briefly as he relished in the pleasure of her hot, sucking cunt working his cock with its breathtaking internal contractions, that of a beautiful woman who had trained her body for sex on camera, and become one of the greatest adult film stars in Japan, maybe the world. 

            With his eyes closed in order to concentrate on his mind’s eye, Sesshomaru visualized the head of his cock, huge and swollen angry red with his burning hot demon blood, plunging past Sango’s silky pink, creaming wet vaginal muscles with a richly-lubricated gush, gush, gush.   Over and over, her inner muscles receded to reveal the mouth of her womb as he advanced, then closed back up to conceal it as he retreated.  He could feel her heart beating around him and each beat reached into his body through his cock to stimulate something precious and sensitive, and his own heart beat to match it.  Opening his eyes, he continued from his previous line: “I have inherited Father’s virility, his stamina…and his strength!

            Sango giggled as Sesshomaru pushed himself into an upright position between her thighs and slipped his hands underneath her, between her bare back and the chaise he was taking her on.  He lifted her effortlessly, demonstrating his demonic strength as he took her full weight into his hands and brought up her upright before him, keeping her mounted on his cock.  She wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles behind his back, and threw her arms around his neck for stability.  Face-to-face with her now, standing with one foot on the tatami floor and a knee on the foot of the chaise, he didn’t miss a beat as he gyrated his hips playfully to begin pumping up into her in their new position.  Gradually, his hands slipped down from her waist level to grope both smooth, milky globes of her perfect ass and guide their bodies together.  He used her body as a living sex toy, building both of them up to their ultimate pleasure, and just as when she lay beneath him on the chaise, she met his thrusts by sensuously rolling her hips into his, enjoying her time with him to the fullest.

            Soon, the bemused, thoroughly-pleasured expression Sango had been wearing on her face became one of total seriousness as she felt Sesshomaru’s prodigious cock swelling up to a new, almost frightening volume inside her, throbbing potently against her gripping vaginal muscles.  “This is it, isn’t it?” she asked to him with a breathless hush.  Tremendous male pleasure was pumping through his heart, just beneath the binding seal Kagome had placed over it, and she received that pleasure through her own seal, converted into a form her female mind could interpret.  “Your seed, your daiyoukai essence - you’re going to give it to me, deep inside, just like Kagome-sama.”

            Sesshomaru swallowed thickly as a familiar pressure began to build up inside him.  He heard his heart beating in his tapered youkai ears: bump-bump, bump-bump, growing faster as climax approached.  His big demon balls grew tense in their smooth, hairless sac, thickly coated in Sango’s cream, and deep inside him at the root of his cock, his prostate trembled as the special male muscles that controlled it began to quiver.  “Yes,” he confirmed, with great effort written on his face.  Each time he impaled Sango on his cock, he released a quiet, nasal baritone grunt as he fought to keep himself in check.  The urge to let go and really cum was strong now, getting only stronger.  “My body produces so much seed when I am near a suitable partner, and you, your warrior girls, and your mistress are so very suitable.  Eventually, I must release what my body produces.  Preferably, within that suitable partner’s flesh.”

            Sango locked her ankles behind Sesshomaru’s back more firmly and Kikyo filmed that slight movement in her feet deliberately, a visual signal to the finished film’s future viewers that the taijiya porn star was actively preventing her lover/co-star from pulling out of her, as close to climax as he was right then.  He felt the increased pressure at his back, knowing what it meant, and sucked in a hard breath as he felt himself nearly slip over the edge.  His pace inside her slowed abruptly as he worked to keep himself under control, changing from a deep, steady, and very brisk coital pumping to a slower, shallower, but still enjoyable grind in and out.

            Sesshomaru closed his eyes and grit his teeth, bowing his head as the reproductive pressure inside him became acute and urgent, giving Sango the opportunity to kiss the crescent moon mark on his smooth forehead.  As Kagome had before her, she felt the positive emotions Sesshomaru was experiencing through the binding seals connecting them.  She felt happiness, gratitude, a healthy level of pride, and honorHe was honored to be performing with her in such a physical manner, and she felt the same honor grip her heart and render her breathless, taking her to a higher level of mutual physical and emotional pleasure with him.

            Sango trembled as Sesshomaru brought her down onto his cock, then did not lift her again.  The head of his cock met the mouth of her womb in her belly, aimed directly into the eager, ready chamber beyond, and those most intimate parts of their bodies pulsed together, heartbeat matching heartbeat.  He felt the pressure inside him approach its final crest, the absolute point of no return, and he breathed very deeply and carefully to draw himself back as best he could.  “I…I’m right there,” he warned to her as he verged on climaxing.  He spoke his warning as if impregnating her was a concern, though he was oozing pre-cum directly into her core, her cervix opening up to drink it right out of him.  The sperm count in his seminal fluid was relatively low compared to that of the creamy white cum churning in his balls, but any of the sperm it did carry ­– daiyoukai ­­sperm – could have potentially knocked her up, had she not been wearing her sutra or her birth-control implant.  Respectfully, he asked: “Should I pull out?”

            “No.  Please, no!” Sango begged, holding on to Sesshomaru a little more tightly.  Her heart hammered between her lungs, and her womb opened wide within her belly, in order to receive Sesshomaru’s seed and take as much as humanly possible.  The walls of her womb quivered, her clit throbbed in its protective hood, and the walls of her pussy rippled and suckled firmly at the daiyoukai’s thick cock holding them so far apart to bring him to his ultimate size and hardness, encouraging him to shoot.  “I want it.  I’m ready!

            “All right,” Sesshomaru agreed with a husky quality to his voice.  The demonic spirit inside him desired procreation on a very basic, primal level and therefore, there were few things more arousing for him to hear than a woman explicitly asking him for his seed.  “Bear with me, a moment.”

            All at once, Kagome and the twelve taijiya extras stopped touching themselves and closed their legs on their beds to lay perfectly still, gripping the soft material of their beds with white knuckles as Sesshomaru and Sango prepared to finish together.  At last, the time had come for the explosive, messy ‘money shot’ of Sesshomaru unleashing his seed into Sango, as he had in Kagome a few minutes before.  Kagome’s heart and those of the extras pounded in their chests, their wombs quivering in their bellies in sync with Sango’s as Sesshomaru’s cock ground directly at it, about to turn it into a womb-shaped mass of pure dog-demon seed.

            “Turn, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo instructed to the daiyoukai porn star.  He did as she said, turning 90 degrees to one side so that he still stood with one knee on the chaise, his other foot on the bedroom floor.  By turning, he faced 90 degrees away from the long axis of the chaise, and with Sango wrapped around him, her curvy rear hung out past the chaise’s side, a few feet above the bedroom’s tatami flooring.  This way, Kikyo could get her camera down very close to the floor and aim it up directly at Sango’s beautiful pussy as it was filled and stretched gloriously with Sesshomaru’s long, thick, throbbing demon cock.

            Through her camera’s viewfinder, Kikyo could see the clean, pink hole of Sango’s ass twitching from the stimulation of nearly a foot of solid inu-youkai cockshaft sunk deep into her sopping vaginal canal.  The taijiya porn star’s silky vaginal petals were spread wide around her lover’s girth, suckling visibly at it, then Kikyo aimed her camera further downward to focus on Sesshomaru’s big balls.  She lingered on their size and tension, which would allow the film’s viewers to imagine their weight as they prepared to send their contents into Sango’s body.  Again, only the viewers of the uncensored cut would get anything but screen full of mosaic filter, but she filmed anyway.  “I’ve got the angle,” she informed to her performers.  “Start moving, again.  Sesshomaru, go ahead and come when you need to.”

            Bracing himself to receive the full force of the pleasure flowing in his hot demon blood, Sesshomaru moved Sango up his cock so that Kikyo could see the thick length of him sliding out of the taijiya’s body.  Sango’s juices were copious and Sesshomaru’s cockshaft glistened brightly for their director’s camera in the bedroom’s lighting, dripping only infrequently due to the viscous nature of her natural lubricant.  The daiyoukai porn star then brought her back down onto him, gasping by the bolt of hot male pleasure that coursed down his cock and struck his pulsating demon prostate, their bodies reuniting with a thickly-lubricated gush.

            An enormous gout of hot, creamy cum was built up inside Sesshomaru’s body now, under an incredibly-pleasurable pressure that demanded to be released.  As he lifted Sango up his cock and let her sink back down again with another delicious gush, he felt the silent pump of the most male muscles in his body contracting to move his cum along.  Feeling the telltale pulsation in his cock that followed, she closed her eyes and buried her face into his shoulder, tightening her arms around him to increase the pressure of her large breasts against his chest.  With orgasm beginning to take him, he stopped breathing, able to hear nothing but the pounding of his own heart and feeling Sango’s heart beating right next to it. 

            Then, in this moment immediately before orgasm, Sesshomaru looked over Sango’s shoulder to see the nearly-nude Kikyo behind and below her on the bedroom floor, working her camera to get the imminent vaginal cumshot and subsequent creampie on film.  The miko director had assumed a very low, folded-up crouching position on the floor to get the right angle for the shot.  This way, she crouched with her luscious rear thrust outward, wiggling playfully just enough for Sesshomaru to see.  Looking down from above, he could clearly see the curves of those taut globes of hers, a thin strip of sexy black cloth separating them.  He then looked up from Kikyo’s sweet ass to see a completely nude Kagome laying on the large futon behind her, no longer masturbating outright, but gripping her bed’s material and thrusting her hips up into empty air, in time with his strokes into Sango.

            Kagome opened her ethereal blue eyes and raised her head, sitting up on her bed just enough to make eye contact with Sesshomaru as he worked Sango’s body onto his, building them up to the finish.  Her eyes flashed with her reiki power and she spoke to him telepathically, surprising him, if not shocking him that such a thing was possible.  Her first telepathic words into his mind were soft and lilting with passionate feminine encouragement.  “Do it, Sesshomaru-sama.  She’s all yours now.”  Then, her voice became hard and demanding with the fury of her sexuality as orgasm took her, and she closed her eyes, gritting her teeth to throw her head back against her bed as tendons and blood vessels strained in her neck.  “God, DO IT!  FILL HER UP!!

            And that was it for Sesshomaru.  Snarling as a rutting demon beast, he thrust Sango onto his cock rapidly, brutally, hammering his balls to her ass over and over to take them both over the edge.  Each glide of her strangling-tight vaginal flesh over his cock’s every ridge and vein provoked another pump of an especially-potent ejaculation deep inside him, and they became steadily stronger to overcome his physical discipline at last.  Pump, pump, PUMP, PUMP!

            The final PUMP inside Sesshomaru’s body culminated as an eruption of his thick, white semen deep inside Sango’s pussy, a continuous rope of boiling hot reproductive matter that unfurled from the swollen head of his cock and burst out directly into her womb, only to coil up again, then liquefy and splatter messily on contact with cum-hungry uterine tissue.  His seed was fountaining inside her, surging through her cervix and aggressively plastering the very top wall of her womb with a thwack of liquid-on-flesh contact she swore she could hear, as well as feel.  They threw their heads back, arching their backs to thrust their chests together: he roared and she cried out as the most uniquely male and female parts of their bodies were linked by a moving coil of his creamy seed.  Further eruptions followed, each one detonating with a PUMP, PUMP, PUMP of mind-bending pleasure for both of them, and her womb began to fill up by his extreme demonic virility.

            Sango shivered in Sesshomaru’s arms, feeling the heat of his seed climbing up the walls of her womb against gravity.  Each heartbeat from him coincided with another shot of his essence into that throbbing female organ that was the center of her fertility.  In all the films she’d done, only InuYasha approached this level of male sexual potency.  In her mind, she could see his creamy white fluid, carrying billions, maybe trillions of powerful demon sperm, rising higher and higher into her body.  There was nowhere for it to go other than up, closer to its ultimate goal.  Unaffected by gravity’s downward force, his seed soon breached her fallopian tubes and effortlessly coursed into both of her ovaries at once, igniting the ultimate orgasm in her blood.  Ovarian, fallopian, uterine, vaginal, and clitoral orgasms combined into one and slammed over her, and she screamed Sesshomaru’s name as if to worship it.  Just beneath her clit as it pounded in its elegant hood, her hot, milky female cum squirted forcefully from her female urethra to soak the daiyoukai’s finely-haired base, running down his muscular thighs, and he growled in approval as he enjoyed his success in pleasing her.

            Along with Kagome and Sango, the taijiya extras began to come, as well, and Sesshomaru silenced himself to relish in the sound of fourteen beautiful women getting off, all around him.  In Sango’s case, his name was on her lips, much to his pride.  As when Kagome rode him to their mutual climax, the binding seals allowed the taijiya extras to feel his seed inside them as Sango felt it inside her, hot, thick, and incredibly potent.  Their orgasmic chorus was the crescendo of this part of the scene they were all filming, followed by a long, drawn-out fall to the afterglow, consisting of various gasps and moans.  Below Sesshomaru and Sango, Kikyo filmed the daiyoukai’s cock beating visibly with each gout of cum he pumped into his taijiya co-star, then her well-filled pussy creamed over around him, fresh, white semen pouring down his throbbing cock in churned-up lumps and dripping off his steadily-emptying balls to stain the foot of the chaise he knelt on.

            Kikyo pulled back from her up-close view of Sesshomaru filling Sango to overflowing, then moved to film them from the side as he began to move her up and down his cock again, using her body to milk out his climax to the fullest.  He was still shooting inside her, and now then he was moving, not seated motionless against her womb, his powerful cumshots lanced out of him to paint the vibrant pink walls of her pussy at various stages of his advance and retreat.  He formed a mental image of her cervix from the perspective of his cock’s spewing head, drawing near and pulling away over and over.  It was a glistening, rosy pink bullseye for him to aim for, and incredibly, his ejaculations became more rapid and forceful, his demonic prostate beating and clenching furiously until he was plunging into Sango’s cunt against a sloshing mass of his own seed in the shape of her vaginal cross-section.  The sound of him moving inside her now was longer a mere gush, but an obscene squish of his semen and her fluids escaping her around him by the sheer excess, within the lubricated tightness of their fit.  The foot of the chaise was totally soaked, now.

            Eventually, Sesshomaru felt his hard, bursting ejaculations begin to ebb.  PUMP, PUMP, pump…pump, followed by, gentle, pleasurable oozing of seed into Sango’s welcoming body.  He slowed his coital rhythm with her to a stop and held himself balls-deep inside her, keeping still to let them both cool down together.  Returning to a normal upright position after having arched his back while in the throes of climax, he found Sango nearly hanging off him as if she had lost consciousness, her head lolled back and her long, dark hair brushing the floor beneath her.  Considerately, he pulled her upper body back to his and pulled her face to the crook of his neck, burying his own face into her hair to breathe deeply of her scent.  The bedroom then became quiet, filled with the sound of fourteen lucky women and one very lucky male dog demon catching their breaths.

            Sango wasn’t a miko like Kagome or Kikyo, but she did have some broad sense of spiritual awareness.  Even though Sesshomaru’s cock was no longer moving or spewing inside her, she felt the subtle bump-bump, bump-bump of his seed in her womb, the youki laced into it beating against her uterine muscles and almost taking her to orgasm again.  It was his seed’s call to her ovaries, respectfully addressing them in ancient reproductive language and beseeching them to give up an egg or two in order to conceive new life.  The sutra she wore over her womb rapidly silenced the call, and her etonogestrel implant ensured that her ovaries could not part with any of their eggs, but the call had so much presence that she felt herself trembling long after her orgasm and Sesshomaru’s were over.  Lifting her face from the junction of Sesshomaru’s neck and shoulder, she gazed into his golden eyes, then cupped his face in her hands and kissed him deeply to thank him for such a gift, delivered into the most precious part of her body.

            Drunk and somewhat clumsy with sexual pleasure, Sesshomaru indulged in Sango’s kiss, then turned to line up her bare back with the long axis of the chaise he had been taking her on, carefully laying her back against it.  He separated his lips from hers reluctantly and she unwrapped her legs from around his waist, letting him pull out of her.  Kikyo got in position to film the creamy white mess that was about to follow Sesshomaru out of Sango’s body, and the daiyoukai slid out of his taijiya co-star slowly, going an inch at a time, since they were both very sensitive, right then.  Each inch of meaty demon cock that left her cunt glistened with a messy coat of semen and vaginal cream, then at last, the rim of his cock’s broad, phallic head emerged from inside her.

            Sesshomaru separated his big cockhead from Sango’s pussy with an audible pop of broken suction, a jiggling thread of their fluids continuing to link them afterward.  That thread stretched out and eventually broke as the daiyoukai stepped aside to let Kikyo get between Sango’s open thighs and film her well-fucked sex up close.  The taijiya porn star’s female mound was thickly coated with a mixture of her fluids and Sesshomaru’s seed, the neatly-trimmed thatch of hair above her clit matted to her skin, and perspiration glistened all over her skin elsewhere on her body.  Kikyo aimed her camera upward to move its point of aim over Sango’s flat belly, then her large, heaving breasts, and finally her pleasure-flushed face, to illustrate the satisfaction she had taken from being Sesshomaru’s partner.  Then, the miko director moved her camera back down to focus on the taijiya’s pussy again.

            Sango reached down between her thighs and spread the flushed petals of her sex apart with the finely-manicured fingers of her right hand, exposing her vaginal orifice, now devoid of Sesshomaru’s cock and bleeding steadily with his thick, white seed.  All that beautiful female flesh was pulsing visibly with the ongoing aftershocks of orgasm.  Kikyo kept her camera aimed squarely at it, closing in until the main lens of the camera was less than a foot away from it, then she looked up at Sango and gave her a nod.  Sango nodded back, then bit her lower lip and narrowed her eyes as she gathered her physical concentration.

            Sango trembled with some kind of physical effort, then her vaginal orifice withdrew into her body slightly, the flow of semen from within it ceasing, then it pulsed back out to spit a viscous mixture of semen and vaginal fluid directly into Kikyo’s camera lens, splattering it and coating it thickly.  This was the result of a precisely-controlled, full-vaginal contraction on Sango’s part, causing her to squeeze up much of the fluid inside her and drive it out forcefully enough to send it out of her by at least a few inches, a kinky trick that drove her films’ most dedicated fans wild.

            “Yeah!” Kikyo applauded with a laugh.  “Good job, girl.”  She paused her camera’s recording briefly, in order to clean off her the cum-coated lens with a rag she had handy.  “And good job to you, Sesshomaru.  Sango’s little ‘party trick’ doesn’t work if her co-star doesn’t give her enough to work with.”

            Sesshomaru smiled and ran a hand up through his damp, silver hair to cool himself off.  “It was my pleasure, of course.”  Glancing at Sango’s sex, still oozing with his seed, his tasted himself beginning to salivate.  He’d had his mouth on the pussies of Kikyo, Rin, and Sango herself that day, and his appetite for their delicious female fluids was hardly waning.  He asked to Kikyo and Sango at once: “May I…perform the cleanup?

            Kikyo smirked and nodded, while Sango smiled and spread her thighs completely apart again to give Sesshomaru the access he needed.  Dutifully, the daiyoukai knelt before the foot of the chaise Sango lay on and slid his hands under her rear, between her and the chaise’s cushioning, in order to get a good grip.  He positioned his head between her thighs, then scented her pussy deeply, smelling all the smells of fresh sex: sweat and male and female cum, all mixed together.  His salivation increased to the point that saliva flowed freely off his tongue as he opened his mouth, and he used his demonic transformation powers to make his tongue slightly wider and longer, for the purpose of cleaning Sango more quickly and thoroughly, as well as bringing her greater pleasure.

            Kikyo began filming again, and Sesshomaru lapped passionately at Sango’s cunt, feeling her delicate petals gliding over his tongue as living silk.  The taste of her fluid and his seed flooded his mouth and once her exterior surfaces were clean, he spread her petals open with his thumbs and sealed his lips to the entrance they protected.  Her ‘trick’ before hadn’t expelled all that was inside her, so he had plenty to drink up.  Here, Kikyo filmed the emphatic gulping in his throat as he drank from Sango as eagerly as Sango had drunk from him, during their scorching-hot ‘69’ earlier.  Then, he extended his long, dog demon tongue into her pussy, forcing her inner muscles apart to get at every last ounce of the sinful treat they concealed.  Soon, he was lathing the tip of his tongue right up against the mouth of her womb, able to reach it with his tongue as easily as his cock.

            Sango ran a hand through Sesshomaru’s silver hair to encourage him in his ministrations to her, then began to thrust her pussy up into his mouth with rhythmic bucks of her hips as the pleasure took hold of her.  The same pleasure affected Kagome and all the taijiya extras, still wearing their binding seals, causing each lovely women to writhe on their futons, rubbing their thighs together to stoke the building ache between them.  Soon, Sango’s heart was pounding as she came again, her pussy squirting pure human female cum for his demon tongue to bathe in.  He savored the taste of her pleasure, then swallowed and stood up from between her thighs, the lower half of his face coated with her fluids.

            Sesshomaru was back at full erection now, if he had lost any size or hardness in the first place, and he fisted himself for Sango to see, using her cream and his own seed as the lubricant to masturbate with.  His gorgeous male muscles rippled beneath his pale skin, which glistened with perspiration and the evidence of his activities with the beautiful taijiya, and his silver mane shone with an otherworldly radiance.  He was an icon of male sexuality.  “You’re kidding,” Sango gasped, in awe of him.  “You’re ready to go again?

            “Mmm, I am,” Sesshomaru boasted quietly.  He could feel his demon spirit bolstering his sexual constitution, giving him the stamina he needed to go as many times as needed with the lovely ladies Kikyo had assembled for him to perform with.   “Are you ready to have me again?”

            Curiously, Sango felt no soreness between her legs now, then realized that some enzyme in Sesshomaru’s saliva must have healed her up during his oral service to her, even after he had taken her so hard and deep, filled her so full.  She braced herself to receive him again, considering turning over onto her hands and knees to give herself to him in a position that was sure to please the dog-minded part of his personality.  Then, Kagome strutted in from the side and mounted her, having left her futon in the meantime, straddling Sango’s waist widely so that their pussies were aligned vertically and horizontally from Sesshomaru’s perspective.

            “I think Sesshomaru-sama will never not be ready for us,” Kagome remarked to Sango, grasping her chin to kiss her in a scandalous girl-on-girl kiss that Kikyo was certain to get on film.  In their lewd position, their full breasts were pressed together, without any cloth to separate them, this time.  “But let’s share his attention, shall we?”

            Sango licked her lips to consider Kagome’s clean, feminine taste, then nodded in assent.  The miko porn star pushed her upper body up onto her hands and tossed her silky raven mane over one shoulder, glancing over her other shoulder at Sesshomaru behind her.  She wiggled her rear at him playfully, then reached down between her thighs, between her body and Sango’s, to spread her pussy open for his entry.  “I’m ready for you again, Sesshomaru-sama, as is Sango.  Use us together.”

            “As you wish, my Priestess,” Sesshomaru acquiesced.  With Kikyo filming, he stepped behind Kagome as she straddled Sango, placing one hand on her bare rear to hold her steady and using his other hand to fist his cock, guiding its bloated head to the miko’s sopping core as she held it open.  He teased her briefly, rubbing his cock’s head up and down her wet slit, then surged inside her…


-To be continued-