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The Shoot

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A/N: Glorious Sess/Kag, at last!


            “Sango-chan, get the sutras.”  Sango’s chocolate brown eyes darkened with anticipation at Kagome’s command and she stood from beside Sesshomaru, her knees wobbling slightly from the aftershocks of the orgasm that the talents of his mouth and the presence of his seed in her stomach had brought her to.  Once steady on her feet, she stepped through the veil surrounding Kagome’s bed and Kikyo followed her with her camera as the taijiya porn star approached a short, stained wooden cabinet that stood on the floor, along the wall next to the bedroom’s door.  Sesshomaru’s golden eyes followed her, transfixed by her luscious rear as it swayed gently with every step she took.

            Sango knelt in front of the cabinet on both knees, sliding it open for Kikyo to film the interior.  A paper envelope lay upon a shelf inside and Sango retrieved it, closing the cabinet and returning to Sesshomaru’s and Kagome’s side on the miko’s futon.  She handed the envelope to Kagome and the miko porn star’s ethereal blue eyes glowed with knowing luminescence as she considered what it contained.  She opened it and withdrew a sutra from it, turning it so that Sesshomaru could see the ideogram printed on its face, which roughly translated to ‘impenetrable egg.’

            “Do you know what this is, Sesshomaru-sama?” Kagome asked with playful breathlessness, waving the contraceptive sutra back and forth for Sesshomaru to see.

            Having fucked Kikyo and Rin, Sesshomaru knew precisely what the sutra was and what it could do, and his cock swelled back up to full size and hardness.  With the sutras revealed, he was about to have the one and only Higurashi Kagome now.  However, he feigned dismissive ignorance for the sake of the scene.  “It’s another of your sutras, obviously.”  Here, he omitted the sutra’s purpose so that Kagome could state it outright for the purpose of exposition.

            “Yes.  This is a special sutra.  It works as a contraceptive,” Kagome explained.  “I’m going to place it on my lower stomach, then I’m going to fuck you.  When you come inside me, the sutra will purify your seed automatically and I won’t get pregnant.  Sango won’t either, so I hope you’ve got enough energy in you, because we’re going to do you all night.”

            A wave of raw youki coursed through Sesshomaru’s body for Kagome and Kikyo to feel with their miko senses.  It was his beast’s silent acceptance of Kagome’s challenge.  His upper lip curled over his teeth to bare his fangs in a sexy leer, which Kikyo filmed via close-up in such a way that the upper half of his face was out-of-frame for dramatic effect.  “The insidious nature of my father’s court has denied me what my body needs…for months,” he rasped to Kagome and Sango at once.  He reached out and placed his large hands on their full, perfect, super-porn-star asses, then took a possessive squeeze, causing them to gasp happily as they felt his rising sexual power.  Through Kagome’s binding seals, the potent beat of his demon heart called out to hers, Sango’s, and those of all the junior taijiya extras in attendance, getting them all on the same ‘page,’ again.  His huge cock jerked visibly on his abdomen with each beat, eager to be inside Kagome, then Sango.  “I hope you have enough energy for me.”

            Sesshomaru released Kagome’s and Sango’s rears, then Kagome straddled his muscular thighs to stand on her knees over him and face him squarely to give him her full, gorgeous frontal nudity again.  She handed her sutra to Sango, and the taijiya porn star peeled it away from its backing, applying it to Kagome’s flat belly, directly over her womb.  Kikyo filmed the sutra up close to capture the way the ideogram glowed for a moment, then darkened again as it became active.  Kagome tilted her head back and closed her eyes to sneer softly to the silk veil above the futon by the invigorating sensation of her sutra’s power reaching into her body, surrounding her womb and ovaries and sealing the center of her womanhood in a sperm-proof energy field.  Sango patted the sutra on Kagome’s stomach and kissed her on the cheek to wish her good luck, then pulled away to spectate from the bedside.

            Kikyo moved to film Kagome from directly behind as she straddled Sesshomaru, laying on her stomach between Sesshomaru’s legs to get a very low angle.  She aimed her camera upward to film her sexy sister’s raven-maned head from her right rear quarter, then tilted it slowly downward to move her viewfinder down the alluring curve of her bare back, eventually focusing on her perfect miko ass over Sesshomaru’s muscled thighs and heavy balls.  Kikyo signaled Kagome with a tap to her right hip, and the miko porn star spread her knees further apart on the futon to either side of Sesshomaru to open her thighs and lower her hips, pressing her pussy to his long, thick cock as it lay on his lower abdomen.  She began to pump her hips back and forth, using her dripping pussy to paint the underside of his cock with her creamy female juices as they flowed freely with her arousal.

            Sesshomaru grit his teeth and forced himself to remain still, gripping tight at the soft material of the futon beneath him as Kagome thrust and coated his throbbing cock with her body’s natural lubricant.  He could feel the delicate, silky pink petals of her pussy suckling and gliding over him, urging him to a state of erection he’d never known.  She felt incredible to him and he wasn’t even inside her, yet.  As a dog demon, he compared himself to an obedient dog waiting patiently to receive a treat from its master, or in this case, mistress.  Or he was a dog that waited for the opportunity to bury a very large bone in the place where it belonged.  Kagome was easily one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, if not the most.  With Sango and Kikyo, she formed a trifecta of sex goddesses, a trio of almost supernatural sexual beings put on Earth for the sole purpose of keeping the insatiable sex drive of a male demon like him under control.  He was so ready for her, he’d been ready for her and Sango the moment he met them, and this suddenly led him to a troubling thought: This is the best it’s ever been.  Is it ever going to be this good again?

            Kagome leaned forward to lay down atop Sesshomaru, covering his chest with hers to let him feel her full breasts rubbing and pressing against his solid, bulging pectorals.  Now, his big cock lay trapped between his stomach and hers, and she took advantage by pumping her hips gently, grinding her belly to his cock’s lengthy underside to feel its incredible size, heat, and hardness.  The slick warmth of his pre-cum soon lubricated the delicious friction.  Her heart beat right next to his and the intimacy of the position had her cheeks flushing beautifully.  She gazed into his mesmerizing golden eyes and eased her face closer to his, slipping her nose past his to kiss him sweetly.  “Touch me,” she whispered as she broke the kiss, eager to feel his hands on her.

            Gratefully, Sesshomaru released the parts of the futon he had been holding onto so tightly and placed his hands on Kagome’s thighs, near her knees to either side of him as she straddled his hips.  He began to slide them upward, over her shapely thighs to relish in the texture of her soft, smooth skin beneath his palms and fingertips.  His hands converged on her luscious rear and Kikyo filmed in silent delight as he took a full, double-palmed squeeze, causing Kagome to give up a happy, husky giggle.  The miko porn star kissed him again with more authority than before, clamping a hand over his elegant male jaw to hold him steady.  He opened his mouth to her and accepted her tongue as she extended it.  They played their tongues against each other for some long, pleasurable moments, with his youki interacting with her reiki to create an exciting electric taste in their blended saliva.  She then pulled away to push on his chest and sit upright atop him again.

            Sesshomaru’s golden eyes narrowed with focus as Kagome rocked back onto her haunches and spread her thighs wide to bare her dripping pussy to him.  She reached down between their bodies to lift his big cock away from his lower abdomen and aim it to her sex, then adjusted her position so that her feet were spaced far apart, each one flat on the futon to either side of his brawny thighs for stability.  She raised her hips so that she held herself in a high crouch, high enough to allow Kikyo to film underneath one of her thighs and get Sesshomaru’s handsome face, his heaving, thickly-muscled chest abdomen, and his big cock as she held her pussy over it in one shot.  Kikyo focused on the utter seriousness of his expression, capturing the way his upper lip curled over his gleaming white teeth in a silent snarl of demonic male anticipation as Kagome lowered her hips and touched her pussy to his cock’s broad head at last.

            Kagome held still one final time, trembling along with Sesshomaru as their bodies verged on becoming one, heat about to penetrate heat.  Kikyo used her camera to zoom in squarely on his cock, getting its full length and the silky pink lips of Kagome’s beautiful pussy atop it in one frame.  At such close distance, in the censored version of the film, the shot would be mostly colored mosaic filter bracketed by large sections of uncensored male and female thigh, so Kikyo shot the footage for her own enjoyment in the most immediate future and for a possible uncensored release later on.  Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed visibly for Kikyo to see, diamond hard at its full size, and Kagome’s creamy juices flowed out onto it, flowing over the big, flared crown and running down the thick, veined shaft to leave glistening trails behind.

            “Now, Kagome,” Kikyo instructed, her voice strained with breathlessness as she held onto her camera a little tighter to steady the shot.  “Take him into you.  Ride him until he comes, then let him shoot everything he’s got deep inside.”

            Kagome smiled with relief now that her director sister had given the order and she looked into Sesshomaru’s gorgeous golden eyes again.  She began to lower her hips, the silky pink outer petals of her pussy spreading open around the head of his cock, and she bit her lower lip as she felt him delving past the inner petals beyond, then the precious canal they protected.  His bloated, blood-flushed cockhead disappeared into her body with a silent pop of lubricated suction and she gave herself over to gravity to sink onto him completely.

            Sesshomaru let out a passionate ‘Nnngh’ and reflexively, his hips lifted from the futon to meet Kagome’s from below as her pussy’s snug, gripping inner heat drank him in.  The crown of his cock pushed her inner muscles far apart and the throbbing, vein-filled shaft behind it held them that way to fill her as no partner she’d taken into her had before.  The head of his cock reached deep inside her to press firmly to the mouth of her womb and his big balls met her rear, fitting tightly between the taut globes of it for Kikyo to get on film.  He let his hips sink back down and held still so that Kagome could settle onto him and get used to the sensation of him in her.

            Kagome made no sound at all as she took Sesshomaru into her, suddenly finding herself without the necessary air in her lungs.  Her ethereal blue eyes widened and her rosy lips fell agape as she felt the feminine emptiness in her lower belly flowing out of her, replaced cubic-inch for cubic-inch with hard, throbbing daiyoukai cock.  She was so fucking full of him now and she could barely breathe.  She could feel his heart beating vigorously inside her through his cock, pulsing against the textured walls of her pussy and nudging her cervix over and over.  By the binding seals they wore, she felt her own heart change speed and rhythm to match his and the effect propagated around the binding seals’ link to touch Sango and the junior taijiya extras.

            Sango gasped and clasped a hand to her chest over her heart as its pace changed suddenly, much like the soft ka-plunk a car’s well-oiled transmission changing gears.  She lay her other hand over her lower belly, imagining Sesshomaru’s daiyoukai monster cock filling her pussy and touching her womb as it did Kagome’s.  It didn’t take much imagination on her part since she could feel exactly what Kagome felt through the binding seal.  Inside her sexy co-star, he was big, hot, and hard.  The transmitted sensation of his heart beating through his cock had her on the verge of orgasm already.  It felt so real that she hardly needed to touch herself, her insides creaming over until her juices were flowing freely between her thighs.  Moving her hand from her heart and bracing it behind her, she sat on her rear on the futon beside Sesshomaru and Kagome and faced them squarely, then spread her thighs wide to bare herself completely for Kikyo’s camera.  She then moved her other hand down from her belly to begin teasing her sensitive, swollen clit and the sopping wet pussy flesh just beneath, dipping two fingers inside herself to masturbate leisurely to the ensconcing sight that Sesshomaru and Kagome presented.

            The junior taijiya extras followed Sango’s lead and began touching themselves as Kagome began to ride Sesshomaru slowly, raising herself up his cock by a single inch and sinking back down.  His size and hardness displaced her juices from within her with a slick, pressurized gush and she bit her lower lip to stay quiet as Sango and the other seal-linked women whimpered.  “God, Sesshomaru-sama,” she praised, speaking between carefully-rationed breaths.  She brushed a hand up and down her belly to visualize his cock occupying the full depth of her pussy, stuffing her womb deeper into her body by its sheer length.  “You feel incredible.  Those women…those whores at the House of the Moon…they have no idea what they’re driving away from them.”

            “I’m glad I’ve waited this long,” Sesshomaru replied with stimulated strain, but not so strained he couldn’t recall his lines.  He spoke as firstborn son of the 14th-century Inu no Taisho and not as Takahashi Kenshiro, the 21st-century porn star, of course.  Takahashi Kenshiro had been having sex with beautiful women (Kikyo and Rin twice together, Kikyo again one-on-one, and an enjoyable ‘69’ with Sango just minutes earlier) all day.  His tone became one of intense gratitude.  “You are precisely what I need, Priestess.  I am blessed to have you now, you and your taijiya bodyguard.”

            Kagome felt her cheeks grow hot in an honest blush, feeling the emotional contents of Sesshomaru’s heart entering hers through the binding seal.  He wasn’t entirely acting and she could feel the first shades of the beast pumping in his demonic blood, that of an extremely-powerful and virile full-blooded dog demon receiving complete sexual satisfaction during the height of the breeding heat.  She began to rise and fall on his cock more deeply, her full breasts bouncing gently on her chest with her quickening strokes. 

            Soon, Kagome was rising high enough to let Sesshomaru’s cock slide out until only the broad, phallic head remained inside her and sinking down to take his full length back in, over and over.  Her sopping, silky pink core glided up and down his pulsing, angry red cockshaft with a creaming wet gush, gush, gush, bathing it with her generous juices.  As she rose off him, his exposed cock glistened brightly for Kikyo to film briefly, before being swallowed up again.  She was so wet for him that the neat thatch of fine silver hair at his base was thickly matted with her fluid after just a few thrusts.  All the while, she fought to keep herself quiet in order to fully relish in the sound of their well-lubricated joining, as well as the pants, gasps and moans coming out of Sango and the other girls.

            Sesshomaru lifted his hips to meet Kagome’s beat for beat as she began to fuck him in earnest.  The muscles in his thighs, hips, and lower abdomen flexed beautifully as a single, perfect unit as he drove the bulbous head of his cock to her cervix as she descended, and sank back down as she pulled upward.  Together, they built a rhythm of deep, energetic coital pumping, the pace that would take them to ecstasy, all for Kikyo to capture with her camera and release to the entire world (of legal age, anyway!) 

            After riding Sesshomaru good and hard for a solid minute, Kagome changed gears and transitioned from a high crouch to a splayed-out kneel over him, laying down on top of him again.  She captured his mouth with hers, pumping her hips to his with slow, precise gyrations to stroke her inner muscles around him gentle and shallow in a sharp contrast to the powerful, full-dicked fucking she was capable of.  The Shikon Miko was in full control of her would-be assassin, taking him to a level of pleasure he’d needed desperately and hadn’t been expecting to receive.  Free, consensual physical love was on full display and the heart of Sesshomaru’s character filled up with the emotional absolution that resulted.  As she drank her kiss from him and made slow, easy love to him, Sesshomaru thought to himself: ‘This woman is a star, the best I’ve ever had.  I want more.

            To let Kikyo get the kinkiest shot possible, Sesshomaru squeezed the firm globes of Kagome’s sweet ass in his large hands and spread them apart, utterly exposing the manner in which their bodies interacted.  Eagerly, the miko director zoomed in on probably the most photogenic set of cock and balls in porn history being worshipped by the ultimate pussy, that of her own sister.  She moved her viewfinder a little higher and lingered over the clean, pink hole of Kagome’s ass to capture its rhythmic, winking contractions, driven by Sesshomaru’s deep penetrations.  Kikyo then moved outside the veil surrounding the bed and filmed through it, letting the veil’s thin silk give a filter-like softening effect to the sexual action that Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango created amongst themselves.

            Kagome pushed herself back upright, adding a toss of her long, raven mane for sultry flair as she began to ride Sesshomaru hard and fast again.  Holding his left hand to her waist to keep her steady atop him, he gazed up at her bouncing breasts with gimlet golden eyes and filled his right hand with her left one, fondling it gently and rubbing its lovely, rosy nipple.  Moaning in delight, Kagome arched her back and thrust her breast into his hand, reaching behind her with both hands to brace them on his solid thighs.  Her right breast continued to bounce independent of her left.  With her arms extended behind her, she kept her thighs spread wide to give him a full view of his cock disappearing inside her and reappearing, dragging luscious pink pussy flesh out of her and stuffing it right back in, over and over.  He could see her impressive muscle tone at work in the core of her abdomen and beyond the obvious, hypnotic jiggle of her breasts, he could see the way her chest filled and emptied with her labored breathing.  Rivulets of perspiration flowed down her creamy white skin, glistening all over her body in the set’s lighting.  The same level of perspiration clung to Sesshomaru as he matched her ceaselessly, his heart and soul consumed by the pleasure she offered, and he soon felt the pressure of climax building inside him.

            Kagome felt Sesshomaru’s cock grow longer, thicker, harder in her, jerking in time with his rapid demonic heartbeat.  The full length of his cock beat against her pussy’s inner walls and the tightness of their fit ensured that the ridges and veins along his length sawed past her pussy’s every internal fold and recess, providing excellent stimulation to countless vaginal nerves and turning her blood to liquid fire in her veins.  With her nipples pulsing atop her breasts and her clit throbbing in its protective hood, her entire body was alight with the unimaginable pleasure of full, physically-unprotected intercourse with perhaps the ultimate male, one that happened to be an example of a miko’s historical enemy – daiyoukai.  Daiyoukai and miko, male and female, assassin and target – an ancient competition was playing out in bed in the best, sexiest way, and Kagome felt her womb beginning to open as the head of Sesshomaru’s cock stroked against it again and again.  Her very center lay bare to him and his seed had a clear path to the place where it truly belonged.  God help her, had she not been equipped with her etonogestrel implant or wearing her contraceptive sutra, she knew she would have let Sesshomaru come inside her anyway, and let new life be conceived.

            “You’re close,” Kagome panted, pushing the thought, the dream of a beautiful, perfect half human miko, half inu daiyoukai newborn out of her mind as best she could.  Her implant ensured she didn’t have an egg prepared for Sesshomaru’s sperm, but her body still wanted his child.  “I can feel it.  You feel so fucking good.”

            Sesshomaru had difficulty responding as Kagome rode him, his tongue stuck to the inside of his dry mouth.  He swallowed thickly to clear it up.  He felt Kagome’s pussy working around him continually, her richly-textured and lubricated internal contractions bringing him to the edge and threatening to pull him over.  The subtle throb of her womb against the crown of his cock had his demonic prostate clenching in final readiness.  His beast thrashed against the control of his conscious mind, screaming a single word as a mantra: breed!  As in: breed this beautiful, perfect miko bitch!  Yes,” he confirmed breathlessly at last.  Considerately, he added: “I…we can still stop.  I can spend myself outside your body, yet.  Are you prepared for what this Sesshomaru can give you?”

            At that moment, the amount and intensity of the pleasure and positive emotion radiating from Sesshomaru and Kagome filtered down into the binding seals the twelve junior taijiya extras wore and overwhelmed them.  Together, they came hard on their futons with a closely-linked series of moans and cries, their hips bucking forcefully as they pumped their fingers deep inside their squirting pussies.  Beside Sesshomaru and Kagome, the same pleasure washed over Sango, entering her through her own binding seal.  Eyes narrowing with focus, she grit her teeth and curled her toes with a restrained, feminine grunt, using her considerable physical discipline to resist it.  She kept her climax tamped down, wanting to come with her co-stars, not before, and enjoy a higher level of release in the process.  She decreased the pressure and slowed the rhythm of her own masturbation to keep herself primed for orgasm without achieving it outright.

            Continuing to pump her hips down against Sesshomaru’s and work his cock inside her, Kagome steeled her mind against the incredible pleasure of the taijiya extras’ shared orgasm and kept herself in check as Sango did.  In their climax, the girls’ pussies clenched and wept and their wombs throbbed to be filled with hot male seed.  Kagome felt her own womb throbbing with the same desire, blossoming in her belly as a precious, completely internal reproductive flower.  Her heart beat clearly in her ears as her body knew what it wanted and could sense it was about to get it from her daiyoukai lover.  His offer to pull out directly contradicted that desire and she declined it, ever so politely and conveniently in accordance with the script.  “No, Sesshomaru-sama.  I have my sutra – I’m ready.  I can take everything you can give me.  Everything.”

            Kagome pushed off Sesshomaru’s knees and leaned forward over him again, bracing her hands on the pillow beneath his head so that her full breasts bounced in his face.  This served both Sesshomaru’s entertainment and Kikyo’s explicitly-sexual cinematography, allowing the latter to get her camera’s main lens in position for the all-important ‘money shot.’  In response, Sesshomaru released Kagome’s left breast from his fondling caress and lowered his hands to wrap them around her ankles to either side of him.  Rooting his large feet on the futon, he used his legs to surge his hips up to hers more forcefully, their slick, taut skin meeting with a quickening slap.  Yes!” she gasped to him as he beat against her from below.  She pumped downward to really grind her cervix against his cock’s head, as if to take it beyond.  “God…You’re almost there.  You deserve to finish inside me.  Here and now, I will give you what you could not find in your own home!”

            The soft, lilting, encouraging tone of Kagome’s pleasure-filled voice gripped Sesshomaru’s heart as tightly as her pussy did his cock, and pulled him into orgasm.  His pulse quickened to an astounding ba-BUMP, ba-BUMP that every woman on the set could feel, binding seal or no binding seal, as the pressure of climax reached a boiling crest inside him and began to move.  “Unggh…Priestess. PriesTESS!”  His silky baritone groan of culminating ecstasy told Kikyo to get into position between his knees again, and once there, she zoomed her camera back in on his throbbing cock as Kagome’s pussy glided up and down it.  His big balls lifted and tensed in their sac for her to film, and Kagome lowered her hips to take his cock’s full length inside, holding still so that his big cockhead pressed firmly to her womb and did not separate from it.  His cock’s oozing ‘eye’ was aimed at the very core of her.

            “Do it, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome commanded, balancing her upper body on one hand and cupping the other to Sesshomaru’s handsome face, tracing a thumb over the exotic magenta stripes there.  Those stripes began to lengthen and take on a jagged, dagger-like shape and his youki flared for her to feel with her miko senses.  His cock throbbed inside her with the pressure of his pumping seed, and her voice took on a higher, breathier pitch as she slipped into orgasm herself.  “Please, do it!  Inside me!  Oh, FUCK!  FILL ME UP!

            With her cry, Sesshomaru felt Kagome’s pussy begin to ripple around him in sweeping, gripping upward contractions as she came, milking him for his seed.  Her spoken demand and the way her ethereal blue eyes widened a little as she perceived the first moments of her own climax shattered what little control he had left.  He released her ankles and grasped her waist in both hands, lunging his hips upward to hammer them to her inner thighs once, twice, then hold himself as deep in her as her body would allow.  Through Kikyo’s viewfinder, the underside of his cock bulged out and sank back in with the ebb and flow of his release, and he tossed his head back against his pillow to roar like the rutting animal he was as hot, thick semen burst out of him deep inside Kagome, exploding directly into her womb.

            Kagome’s mouth fell agape, her heart pounding as she felt Sesshomaru erupt in her.  His cock jerked and grew impossibly larger and harder, the head of him flared wide against her convulsing pussy walls, and the first great gout of his seed lanced through her cervix, easily defying gravity to touch the very top wall of her womb.  The stuff splattered around cum-hungry uterine tissue with a silent, yet clearly-palpable gush.  It was followed by another, then another, and Kagome felt dizzy with the stimulation as the intense, creamy liquid warmth pooled at the bottom of her womb and began to rise with each additional load Sesshomaru unleashed in her.  The underside of his cock hammered against her pussy’s posterior wall with a breathtaking PUMP, PUMP, PUMP, the absolute most powerful ejaculations of any male lover she’d had in her life.  Soon, she could feel the youki-charged heat of his seed breaching into her fucking ovaries, and her pleasure grew in depth and breadth.  She tried to cry out his name or even just scream to express it, her voice failing her suddenly.  Inevitably, her body didn’t have room for the full volume he could give her and almost immediately, she creamed over around his hotly spewing cock for Kikyo to film, perhaps the single greatest internal cumshot ever caught on camera.

            Still coming, Sesshomaru sat up beneath Kagome in a lightning-fast movement driven by a single clench of his steely abdominal muscles and crossed his legs beneath her rear, wrapping his arms around her to hold her close to him as he pumped her full.  Slipping her hands behind his sinewy neck and tucking his head beneath her chin, she closed her eyes and pressed her nose into his silvery hair to breathe deeply of his clean, male scent, shivering as he filled her to overflowing.  She reciprocated his embrace and held onto him for dear life, feeling as if she was tumbling into another dimension entirely.  Her breasts melded intimately to his chest and all she could feel or hear anymore was the primal ba-bump, ba-bump of their heartbeats intertwined with the ongoing throb of his ejaculations.  The binding seal she wore felt hot, hot enough to spontaneously combust, and through it she felt Sesshomaru’s sexual emotions entering her as a series of incomprehensible, yet endearing bestial expletives.

            Gradually, Kagome’s hearing returned to her and she became aware of the taijiya extras wailing in ecstasy behind her.  This time, Sango joined them, cursing out in climax and bucking her hips to thrust her gushing pussy up into her hand.  Thoughtfully, she covered her sex with her palm so she didn’t squirt all over Sesshomaru, Kagome, or even Kikyo as she worked her camera, utterly soaking it.  For her, it was as if Sesshomaru had come inside her, as well, her womb throbbing with the phantom warmth of a full, daiyoukai-sized load of imaginary cum coursing into her fallopian tubes.  She reached clitoral, vaginal, and uterine orgasm all at once.  Kagome and Kikyo were certainly formidable miko together if their contraceptive sutras could prevent such a male from impregnating them.  Trembling in her pleasure, she sat up and forced herself into a kneeling position in order to ready herself for the next kinky phase of the long, ferociously-passionate sex scene she and the others were filming.

            Kikyo filmed the junior taijiya extras one by one, then Sango herself as they writhed in the throes of vicarious orgasm.  She then returned to Sesshomaru and Kagome and filmed them from various angles as the handsome, well-endowed daiyoukai sat with the lovely miko porn star astride him, still skewered deeply on his richly-spewing cock.  She shot them from the sides and directly behind each, lingering over sections of their bodies where their orgasmic trembling was most pronounced, such as their arms and shoulders.  She paid special attention to the way Kagome’s breasts rubbed against Sesshomaru’s hard male chest, swelling and sinking apart with their husky breathing, and the exposed upper half of Sesshomaru’s spectacularly-muscled daiyoukai ass as it clenched and unclenched on the futon with every pulse of cum that left him.  For the latter, Kagome held a length of his long, silvery mane out of the way to expose the skin it covered.  Finally, Kikyo captured the way he buried his face into Kagome’s throat and kissed at her soft, smooth skin while she nuzzled into his hair.  By that display of erotic, unscripted affection, the miko director’s smoky-grey eyes narrowed behind her viewfinder and a corner of her rosy lips tugged upward in approval.

            After a minute or so, Sesshomaru felt a great heaviness overcome him, as if being drained of his strength.  Kagome’s spiritual aura flared around her, appearing to his eyes as transparent, heatless, pale blue flame that rolled off her shoulders and caused her hair to dance in its upward convection.  His own pale green youki aura flared in response and hers began to absorb it, siphoning raw youki from his body and converting it to reiki to replenish the energy she’d used up in fucking him.  He pulled his face away from her neck to look up into her eyes; she smiled down at him, then kissed him sweetly again to drink in a muffled male moan.  “Don’t worry,” she reassured to him as she broke the kiss.  “This is just a natural reflex of mine.  You should recover soon.”

            Trusting in Kagome’s word, Sesshomaru unwrapped his arms from around her back and uncrossed his legs beneath her to stretch them back out.  When she released his neck, his head and upper body, depressed of youki charge and physical resistance for the time being, fell backward to land on the futon with a solid thud that shook the bedroom’s tatami flooring, leaving his miko co-star quavering atop him unsupported.  Symbolically, the Shikon Miko had defeated among the greatest of inu-youkai for the second time in the course of the movie’s story.  A third defeat took place in her cum-flooded womb, as the symbol on the contraceptive sutra she wore over it glowed bright blue, then dimmed back to black as it neutralized his sperm inside her.

            Kagome placed a hand over her lower belly, feeling her womb filled to the brim with Sesshomaru’s thick, white seed.  Under her sutra’s pressure, the youki charge in it faded slowly enough to let her ‘see’ how much he’d given her.  “You weren’t exaggerating, Sesshomaru-sama,” she said, catching her breath.  “Your virility is truly incredible.  If I hadn’t been wearing my sutra, I’d be pregnant right now.  It must be hard for you, to restrain yourself while surrounded by beautiful female youkai at the House of the Moon.”

            Sesshomaru gave Kagome a stoic smile as he rested beneath her.  “More than you know.  Thank you for this.  I…I could not have found a better lover in my father’s land, or anywhere else, for that matter.”

            Kagome felt her heart do an unexpected flip in her chest at Sesshomaru’s legitimate gratitude.  The molten male pleasure and satisfaction in his golden eyes was hypnotizing, and she tore her gaze from them to look to Sango.  Not bothering to stand since her knees felt like jelly, the taijiya porn star crawled on all fours to a short wooden nightstand that sat next to the futon on which Sesshomaru lay, on whom Kagome continued to sit, pussy full of his cock and womb full of his seed.  She opened the bottom compartment of the nightstand and withdrew a polished, concave brass pan, then set it on the hard wooden floor just beyond one of the rectangular futon’s long edges.  With the pan in place, Kagome reached between her thighs with a hand and covered her pussy around Sesshomaru’s gently-pulsing cock with her fingers formed into an inverted ‘V.’  Squeezing on herself very gently, she rose off Sesshomaru’s cock inch by meaty inch, biting her lower lip to contain a small moan.  Once free from her body, she lay his big, fluid-covered organ onto his abdomen with her other hand, rather than carelessly letting it flop out of her.  A gleaming thread of semen and her vaginal fluids continued to link them, stretching out and breaking as she stood up over him.

            Kikyo moved to the side of the futon on which the brass pan sat and lay prone in front of it to get as low to the bedroom floor as possible.  Through an upward-pointing angle, she filmed Kagome as the miko porn star pivoted on one of her feet, sidled herself across the futon to stand over the pan, then crouched to it with widely-spread thighs, covering her pussy with her hand the entire time to hold its outer and inner lips closed.  Looking into Kikyo’s eyes for the miko director to confirm that her camera was aimed correctly, directly at her pussy, she spread herself open and her exposed inner petals quivered visibly by the contractions of her most feminine muscles, then parted reflexively as the orifice they protected flooded over thick, creamy white.  The first sperm-loaded dollop of Sesshomaru’s impressive load plopped out of her, splattering messily into the pan beneath with an audible squish.  A few more globs of that size exited her body, followed by a more consistent, drooling trail of semen and vaginal fluid.  Up until that moment, the full depth of her reproductive tract had been an internal vessel dedicated to the express purpose of transporting boiling hot daiyoukai seed from one place to another.  Once her vaginal canal was as empty as could be, she pressed gently over her womb with neatly-manicured fingertips and still more creamy seed flowed out into the pan.

            Having pushed as much of Sesshomaru’s cum out of her as she should, Kagome slipped her hands underneath the rim of the brass pan that held the daiyoukai’s copious reproductive matter and lifted it off the floor, raising it above her head.  Kikyo moved to film her from behind, lingering over her luscious rear and the sleek, sexy female curve of her bare back as she continued to squat, seeming to offer the pan’s contents to the Kami above.  Kagome then brought the pan’s edge to her lips and tilted it back to drink.  After three hearty gulps, Sesshomaru’s rich demon seed was on its way to her stomach and her aura flared again as her stomach turned semen into much-needed sustenance.

            With the interior of her womb and stomach thickly coated with inu-daiyoukai semen, Kagome stood up with her miko aura blossoming around her as harmless flame, clenching a fist and flexing a slender female arm for emphatic effect.  Rivulets of Sesshomaru’s cum, mixed with her body’s fluids, slipped down her inner thighs, glistening in the set’s lighting for Kikyo to shoot.  Between her thighs, her pussy clenched as a small, yet delightful climax overcame her by the semen digestion taking place inside her, extracting the last bit of Sesshomaru’s youki.  “Mmm...your seed is as delicious as it is virile, Sesshomaru-sama,” she complimented to Sesshomaru over a shoulder.  She then looked to Sango.  “Sango-chan.  Now you will feel it in you.”

            Having recovered from the assorted orgasms the binding seals had allowed them to join in, the twelve taijiya extras on the set stood up from their futons on shaking legs, each futon now damp with their sweat and female fluid.  Stumbling as if semi-drunk but forming an orderly line as best as they were able, they pulled on their underwear, rolled up their futons for some industrial-strength laundering later, and filed out of the bedroom.  Exiting the bedroom for the hallway of the shrine set, they were replaced one-for-one with the other twelve taijiya extras, each of whom had already dispensed with their taijiya uniforms and stripped down to their 14th-century Japanese underwear.  The first twelve had been privileged to have witnessed Sesshomaru’s scandalous ‘69’ with Sango, followed by Kagome’s wild ride with him.  The second twelve would be privileged to see Sango get fucked by Sesshomaru outright, followed by whatever other sexy craziness Kikyo had planned.  As they entered, they struggled to overcome their own excitement and keep in character as they laid eyes on the spectacularly nude Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango for the first time.

            Kagome offered a hand to Sango and the taijiya porn star took it, allowing her miko friend to pull her onto her feet.  In turn, the two beauties together each offered a hand to Sesshomaru, and had to pull significantly harder to pry him off the futon he lay on.  With all three of them standing again, Kagome maneuvered herself behind Sango and gently pushed her into Sesshomaru’s welcoming arms.  “I hope you’re not too worn out, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome chided to him playfully.  She grasped her taijiya co-star’s smooth shoulders from behind and pressed a kiss behind one of her ears, gazing into his eyes continually.  “Can you handle Sango now?”

            Sesshomaru looked down into Sango’s rich brown eyes, towering over her by close to a foot.  Seeing the need there, he reached up with a hand and grasped her lower jaw between thumb and forefinger, then bent his head to kiss her.  She moaned softly into his kiss and opened her mouth to accept his tongue.  Pulling away and leaving her panting with desire, he anachronistically channeled 18th-century American naval officer John Paul Jones and boasted: “I have not yet begun to fuck.”

            Sango trembled before Sesshomaru as he radiated with undiminished sexual energy, and she and Kagome watched as he stepped away from them, moving outside the veil surrounding the futon to walk over to the chaise longue that sat along one of the bedroom set’s walls.  The chaise was heavy, built for strength that would be necessary to hold up to Sesshomaru’s and Sango’s combined weight and power as they performed together, yet the daiyoukai moved it on his own with great ease.  Instead of dragging it across the tatami flooring, he crouched slightly to grasp his hands under both ends and lifted it straight up, carrying it over to the center of the semi-circle the newly-arrived taijiya extras had arranged their futons in.  He set it down so that one of the chaise’s long sides faced the twelve taijiya girls, which would allow them to spectate the action about to unfold on it from the side, as Sango had with him and Kagome.

            Sesshomaru moved to stand at the foot of the chaise, then faced Kagome and Sango again.  Without hesitation, the miko led her taijiya co-star to the chaise, escorting her to the site of one of the greatest sexual encounters of her life, not just her adult film career.  With stately composure, Sango sat on the chaise’s foot, they lay back against its headrest, enjoying the plush, satin cushioning of it against her bare skin.  Reaching up above her head to grip the headrest with both hands and thereby draw Sesshomaru’s attention to her full, softly-heaving breasts, she shifted his attention further downward as she spread her legs wide.  She, the taijiya captain of the Shikon Miko, was offering her body to one of the most powerful examples of her and her mistress’ natural enemy.  Kagome knelt on the floor by her side and kissed one of her temples, reaching down between her open thighs and spreading the silky petals of her pussy apart with her fingers to expose her body’s vibrant pink interior to Sesshomaru’s hungry golden gaze.

            Presented with such an inviting sight, Sesshomaru eased forward to raise a knee and set it on the chaise’s foot, applying his weight to it gradually and looming large over Sango.  Being so powerfully attracted to him, she hunched her hips upward almost involuntarily to thrust her pussy at him, eager to have him in her.  She gazed up at his handsome face, stoic and entrancing in his arousal, then roved her eyes down over his beautifully-chiseled chest and abdomen to focus on the impressive male organs between his thighs.

            Sesshomaru’s cock had softened somewhat and his balls had relaxed in their sac following his climax inside Kagome, so he reached down and took his cock into a hand.  He began to fist himself slowly and intently, masturbating tastefully for Kikyo’s camera (if such a thing was possible) to bring himself back to full, magnificent erection again.  Kagome’s fluids and his own seed allowed his fist to glide up and down his shaft with pleasurable ease and once he was back at his maximum size and hardness, he leaned over Sango on the chaise, guiding the head of his cock down to her sex as Kagome held it open…


-To be continued-