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The Shoot

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            All but dragging him by their excitement, Kagome and Sango led Sesshomaru out of the portion of the Reiki Films set that portrayed their fictional Shinto shrine’s worship hall, leaving it by a set of shoji sliding doors on the wall opposite the hall’s main entrance.  Beyond those doors lay the section of the set that represented the shrine’s living area, consisting of several bedrooms, a bath, a galley, and several spaces for storing clothes and other household items.  Kagome and Sango brought Sesshomaru to the shoji door of one particular bedroom and Kagome slid it open with appropriately Shinto-like discipline, rather than throwing it aside carelessly by her mounting anticipation. 

            Such discipline was difficult for Kagome; standing so near Sesshomaru, she could feel herself beginning to perspire by his intense body heat, and beyond his thermal energy, he was radiating all the sexual energy she expected from a daiyoukai of his breed.  The link her binding seal created between his mind and hers allowed her to see all the indecent, scandalous things he wanted to do to her and Sango while on camera, as well as the things he envisioned the two of them doing to him.  She was entirely grateful that the moment was finally at hand, because she wasn’t sure how long she and Sango, experienced porn stars as they were, could put up with such a flow of intense sexual imagery pumped directly into their brains before they needed to really fuck the tension away.

            The mock-up of Kagome’s shrine bedroom was spacious and luxurious.  Compared to the bedroom Kikyo kept behind her office, over in the Reiki Films administrative building, this one was scaled up significantly in all three planes and outfitted to reflect a 14th-century Japanese aesthetic.  The bedroom had a single, glassless window fitted within the wall opposite the door, a green screen standing outside it.  As with the green screens set up to either side of the corridor connecting the shrine’s front hall to its worship hall, nighttime forest would be projected onto this bedroom screen in post-production.  A subtle, even romantic level of lighting was provided by standing lanterns placed in each of the bedroom’s four corners, augmented by electric lights mounted in the ceiling and aimed in various directions by Kikyo’s film crew, which Kikyo could control by servos linked to a central control panel as the oncoming sex scenes progressed. 

            The bedroom’s floor was left as plain tatami while the shoji walls and ceiling, base painted in non-aromatic, acrylic white, were printed with lovely, intricate floral patterns of interwoven reds and greens.  At the center of the bedroom lay Kagome’s bed, a large futon easily a ‘king’ in terms of modern bed sizes.  It was more than large enough for three people to comfortably enjoy each other’s intimate company on it.  Furnished with red sheets and three large red pillows to contrast with the overall décor while remaining within the customary color scheme of a Shinto miko’s outfit, the futon was surrounded by a semi-transparent veil of thin, white silk.  The veil hung from the ceiling in a conical shape, converging to a loose knot at its top.  Besides serving as decoration, it would obfuscate the activities of those within it; Kikyo would film Kagome and Sango as they performed with Sesshomaru from both sides of it for heightened erotic and cinematic effect.

            At this point in the shoot, Kikyo exchanged her wheeled, standing camera unit for a much more compact hand-held one, the bulk of which would balance on her shoulder.  Using this camera would allow her to reposition herself for different shots much more quickly and easily.  It would also allow her to get in much closer to the forthcoming sexual action and really zero in on a given point of interest.  Since this was a porn film she was directing, such points of interest would include Sesshomaru’s cock as he pumped it into Kagome’s or Sango’s pussy or mouth, or the actresses’ pussies as the daiyoukai porn star rendered long-tongued oral pleasure to them. 

            Before Kikyo began filming with her new camera, however, the miko director stripped out of her burgundy skirt, blazer, and white collared shirt, leaving herself wearing only her sexy black underwear.  This was for both Sesshomaru’s ‘inspiration’ as an actor, in the extremely unlikely case Kagome and Sango weren’t stimulating enough for him, as well as her own convenience.  She fully anticipated getting really sopping wet as the beautiful male daiyoukai performed with two equally beautiful human women and she didn’t want to wet her clothes with her own sexual fluid any more than she already had.

            With Kikyo nearly naked and filming with her shoulder camera, Kagome happily drew Sesshomaru into her bedroom while Sango remained in the hall, leaving the bedroom door conspicuously open.  The taijiya captain bodyguard was soon joined by her junior female warriors.  In the course of the movie’s storyline, the taijiya guards that Sesshomaru had incapacitated earlier had returned to consciousness and converged on Kagome’s bedroom to seek out their captain and the miko mistress they all protected.  They were thoughtful enough to have collected Sesshomaru’s armor and his swords, Bakusaiga and Tenseiga, from the shrine’s worship hall as they passed through it on their way to Kagome’s bedroom, so as to not leave such powerful pieces of equipment unsecured.  One taijiya carried the armor, while another carried the swords.

            Around Sango, all twenty-four of her junior taijiya clogged the hallway outside Kagome’s bedroom.  The ones closest to the bedroom door and best able to see inside put themselves into character by casting suspicious looks at Sesshomaru as he stood next to Kagome so near her bed and in such a familiar manner, minus his swords and armor and with his haori open.  “Don’t worry,” Sango smiled to her women, looking over them to reassure them all.  She took Sesshomaru’s armor and swords from them to set them on the floor inside the bedroom, next to the door, leaning the swords up against the wall.  “Kagome-sama has the situation well under control.  Sesshomaru-sama wears a binding seal that prevents him from doing anything hostile.  Even if he wasn’t wearing one, he’s very recently come into some knowledge that disinclines him from completing his mission here.”

            After a brief pause, Sango continued: “Sesshomaru-sama is now Kagome-sama’s guest.  We are in demonic breeding season and he is in great need, so she and I are going to get better ‘acquainted’ with him now.  By show of hands: who want to watch?

            Sheepishly, all of Sango’s taijiya raised their hands, to the taijiya captain’s endless amusement.  In the weeks leading up to filming, Kikyo had scoured the Tokyo metropolitan area for twenty-four young, attractive, reasonably talented and highly adventurous women willing to appear in an adult film as extras, casting them as Sango’s junior warriors.  This was for the purpose of having them battle Sesshomaru on film (with ample weapons and fight choreography training beforehand), as well as ensuring they were all willing to witness explicit sexual acts between Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango firsthand.  Kikyo moved to one end of the hallway running past Kagome’s bedroom, placing the twenty-four taijiya extras between herself and Sango.  She knelt very close to the floor to film them from a low angle. 

            “Line up!” Sango called with a shout.  With precise, military discipline, the twenty-four warriors under her command separated into two ranks of twelve, standing along the walls of the hall and facing each other.  From Kikyo’s perspective, the effect was like a scene early in the 1977 American film Star Wars: dozens of ‘stormtroopers’ in the narrow corridors onboard the captured Rebel spaceship, all keen to get out of Darth Vader’s wrathful way.

            Clasping her wrists behind her back, Sango strode forward, approaching Kikyo’s camera along the ranks her women made, like U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann addressing his recruits for the first time in the 1987 American film Full Metal Jacket.  “All of you want to watch, but we can’t leave the shrine unguarded, can we?” she asked, moving to one end of the twin ranks, then spinning on a heel to reverse direction and put her back to Kikyo.  She unclasped her hands and gestured to the rank to her right.  “You twelve, get your futons from your rooms,” she directed, turning her attention to the rank on her left.  “You twelve, return to your posts.  The first twelve will relieve you in one hour.”

            All twenty-four junior taijiya bowed obediently, careful not to bow too low and knock their heads together by accident since the two rows they made were directly opposed, and split up as Sango ordered.  Twelve departed to resume their patrols along the exterior of the fictional shrine, while the other twelve hurried to their nearby bedrooms, grabbing their futons and returning to file into Kagome’s bedroom, one by one.  Once the last woman was inside, Sango stepped into the bedroom after them, sliding the shoji door shut behind her.  Kikyo filmed the door closing from the hall-facing side, then slid it back open just enough to slip inside the bedroom with her camera in hand, filming Sango as she approached Sesshomaru and Kagome.

            “Can you perform with an audience, Sesshomaru-sama?” Sango posed to the daiyoukai with a husky undertone.  Behind her, her twelve junior taijiya lay their futons out upon the bedroom’s tatami floor, arranging them in a neat semi-circle around Kagome’s bed, none more than just a few feet away from it.

            With the bedroom door closed and the air generally not circulated in or out, Sesshomaru was enveloped, assaulted by the combined scent of fifteen lovely, highly-aroused women: Kagome, Sango, Kikyo, and the twelve women playing Sango’s junior taijiya.  Fifteen racing female hearts, fifteen delicious, dripping pussies: Sesshomaru felt he might faint from sexual sensory overload, if not for the swell of pride and daiyoukai virility inside him that told him to stand and deliver.  Looking each of the junior taijiya in their eyes, he snaked an arm around Sango’s and Kagome’s waists and pulled the two Japanese beauties close to him, turning his head to leer down at them with gleaming upper incisors.  “Absolutely.  I enjoy showing off.”

            Kagome and Sango smiled darkly by Sesshomaru’s cocksure enthusiasm.  Holding his hands, they guided him to stand at the center of the semi-circle the junior taijiyas’ futons made, right at the foot of Kagome’s bed and outside the bed’s silk veil.  Sango looked to her junior taijiya directly.  “Strip,” she commanded to them.

            Sesshomaru’s heart sped up in his chest as the twelve lovely young women standing around him, Kagome, and Sango began to undress.  Kikyo filmed each of them from different angles in order to assemble the footage into a single, smoothly flowing segment.  With ritual measure, they removed their katana from beneath the sashes around their waists, setting them on the tatami floor parallel with their futons.  Next, they untied their sashes and removed the armor pads covering their groins and rears, slowly building a pile of taijiya equipment at their feet.  Finally, they began working their nubile bodies out of their tight black bodysuits, unwrapping themselves as pieces of a very large, exotic fruit.

            Once the last empty bodysuit hit the floor of Kagome’s bedroom, Sango’s junior taijiya stood before Sesshomaru wearing only their steel facemasks and indecent, 14th-century panties and chest wraps.  Nearly nude, the twelve young women weren’t ‘professional’ porn stars in the sense that they didn’t quite have ‘porn star’ bodies.  Some had larger breasts than the others, and some were a little better toned than the others, but to Sesshomaru, they were all highly attractive in their own ways and he found the idea of having sex in front of them undeniably exciting.

            Putting himself in character as Kikyo turned her camera on him, Sesshomaru made a deep, conciliatory bow to Sango’s junior taijiya.  “I hurt you, earlier,” he said.  “I allowed my father to deceive me into coming here and I apologize for any pain I have caused you.”  Then, he stood back up, roving his gaze over the women’s tightly-bound breasts and bare stomachs before looking them in their eyes, over their masks.  “All of you are thoroughly beautiful.  Thank you for showing yourselves to me like this.”

            “Masks off, girls.  Let Sesshomaru-sama see your faces,” Sango ordered with a throaty purr.  Dutifully, each of the taijiya captain’s female warriors removed her facemask and set it atop her now-empty bodysuit on the floor.  They revealed their cheeks to be flushed with furious blushes, and Sango smiled warmly by the display.  “I think your apology is accepted,” she said to Sesshomaru.

            Kagome left Sesshomaru’s side and moved to stand in front of the junior taijiya standing at the rightmost end of the semi-circle she and the other eleven made, reaching into her white haori to retrieve an envelope full of binding seals like the ones Sesshomaru and Sango wore.  “But you can do more than apologize,” she suggested to Sesshomaru over a shoulder, waving the envelope at him.  “You can repay pain with pleasure tenfold.” 

            Sesshomaru watched as Kagome extracted a seal from her envelope and placed it on the chest of the first junior taijiya she stood in front of, directly over her heart.  With Sesshomaru, the reiki charge in the seal reacted to his youki-charged body on contact, but the young female taijiya Kagome stood with was human and devoid of youki.  The seal did not immediately bond to her skin.  This required Kagome to ‘activate’ it, and she accomplished this by stepping closer to the younger woman in front of her, holding the seal in place and leaning in to press a tender, sensuous kiss to her lips.

            Moaning sweetly, Sango’s junior warrior opened her mouth to Kagome and the lovely miko channeled her reiki into her kiss, feeding it into the other woman’s body.  Kikyo centered her camera’s viewfinder on Kagome’s mouth from the side and zoomed in to capture the reiki transmission.  Looking like a jolt of static electricity moving in slow motion, almost as a viscous, glowing liquid instead of energy, the reiki charge left Kagome’s lips and flowed down the young taijiya’s throat, entering her chest along her trachea and esophagus and harmlessly passing very near her heart.  The concentration of human life force in that vital place attracted the charge and redirected it into the seal covering it from within.  The seal’s black ideogram glowed bright blue, as did the taijiya’s dark brown eyes, and the activation was complete.

            Sesshomaru gasped aloud for Kikyo’s microphones to record as that first junior taijiya’s soul entered him through the link binding him and Sango to Kagome.  Framed within the reference of 21st-century technology instead of that of the 14th, the result of the miko’s magic was as a wireless local area network connection that moved spiritual energy instead of binary 1s and 0s.  If Kagome was the ‘server,’ then they were all her ‘clients.’  Now, Sesshomaru could feel the junior taijiya as he did Kagome and Sango. 

            For Sesshomaru, the sensation was emotional, not physiological, though it did have a physiological effect on him on his end.  As a male inu daiyoukai, his body was inherently different than that of a human female, and the specifically-female sexual arousal of each woman around him did not translate, except as a sort of generic arousal his mind and body could make use of.  Instead, he clearly perceived their thoughts and emotional states.  Right then, he felt nothing but good things: excitement, anticipation, passion, happiness.  He could also feel a bit of nervous embarrassment coming from the junior taijiya as Kagome activated their seals and added them to the link.  After all, as actresses, they were probably not as experienced appearing in adult films as Kagome or Sango.

            Finally, Kagome reached the last young female taijiya and activated her binding seal.  Now, twelve sets of female eyes gave off an exotic reiki glow and at Kagome’s command, the twelve young taijiya those eyes belonged to knelt to assume elegant, cross-legged meditative positions on their futons as their miko mistress returned to Sesshomaru’s side.  Then, Kagome and Sango began to undress the daiyoukai further.  He was already out of his armor, so they pulled his red-and-white haori off his broad shoulders and slipped it down his thickly-muscled arms to leave his wonderfully-sculpted upper body bare for their eyes, the eyes of Sango’s young women, and Kikyo’s camera.

            Gazing into Sesshomaru’s eyes and giving him a quick kiss, Kagome smoothed a hand over his broad, muscular chest, brushing it up and down his chiseled abdomen to feel the warmth and creamy smooth texture of his pale skin, as well as the great amounts of hard, demonic male muscle rippling beneath it.  Sango, too, took the opportunity to feel Sesshomaru’s perfect body, running her hands up and down his shoulders and biceps from behind.  Kissing sweetly at one of his shoulders, since she wasn’t tall enough to reach his neck, she stepped away from him to part the veil around Kagome’s bed.

            Kagome pressed on Sesshomaru’s chest, urging him to back up slowly and move through the opened veil behind him until his feet reached the bed’s foot.  She then pressed him down, guiding him to sit on the bed, then scoot rearward and lay back on it.  Thoughtfully, Sango moved Sesshomaru’s long, ivory mane out from under his back as he lay down, so that it didn’t get caught beneath him.  She stretched it out to one side of him so that it lay upon the bed as a shining silver river.

            Then, Kagome and Sango knelt to either side of Sesshomaru and set about removing his last few bits of clothing.  Sango shifted down toward the daiyoukai’s big feet to remove his boots, while Kagome untied the front of his white hakama.  Sango set his boots aside, then she and her miko mistress eased his hakama down his hips and bulging muscular thighs, stripping the fine silk garment off him completely.  Now, all Sesshomaru wore was his tiny male fundoshi, his massive cock and heavy balls straining visibly beneath it.

            In one long, slow shot, Kikyo filmed all seven-plus feet of Sesshomaru from toe to head, drinking in the sight of his beautiful, powerful, and almost totally unclothed daiyoukai body with her camera.  Being so attracted to him already, her heart raced in her chest and she struggled to keep herself from trembling and affecting the steadiness of the shot.  Kagome brushed a hand up and down his broad, barrel chest and chiseled abdomen, enjoying the feel his silky-smooth, muscle-filled skin again.  Her hand ventured lower to fondle his cock and balls through his fundoshi, and he lifted his hips into it in silent approval.  “Let’s get you out of this thing,” she said.

            With Sango looking on in total captivation, Kagome undid the ties of Sesshomaru’s fundoshi with trembling hands, and once free from its damnable restraint, his cock sprung to its full length, nearly eleven inches of hard, meaty shaft swinging backward to land upon his firm lower abdomen with an audible thwap.  Kagome’s heart climbed into her throat at the sight of him; he was hung like a fucking god, a God of Fucking!  His cock and balls were easily the biggest she had ever seen on a man, human or demon.  By his excitement for her and Sango, his cock was twitching visibly with his heartbeat and her womb quivered in the belly at the idea of feeling such a phallic monster pounding against it, filling her up and stretching her out, then flooding her with the irrepressible seed of the sexiest, most powerful male demon in Japan, maybe the world.

            For the present and the most immediate future, Kikyo captured Sesshomaru’s impressive male organs on film essentially for her own entertainment.  Japanese censorship law required her to either superimpose a mosaic filter over his genitals during editing or omit the footage entirely, and the same would be true for shots of Kagome and Sango’s bare pussies, especially during penetration and the following intercourse.  She intended to opt for the former.  This would allow her to create at least three cuts of the footage: one with the nastiest parts censored, yet included, one with them removed, and one that was fully uncensored.  She would keep the uncensored master cut for her own ‘purposes’ and pitch the other two to her distributors, to let them choose the one they felt would be more successful on the market.  For the prospective future, she would also keep the uncensored cut in order to immediately release it if the Diet, the Japanese legislature, ever repealed the censorship law.

            Like Kagome, Sango, too, was stunned by Sesshomaru’s size.  By his sensitive ears, the daiyoukai heard the speed of her heart and that of her miko co-star, smelling both arousal and fear on them.  Concerned, as he wanted to bring them nothing but pleasure for both their own sake and the sake of Kikyo’s camera, he asked to them: “Am I…am I too much?”

            “Maybe,” Kagome replied meekly, shaking her head and blinking as if to confirm that Sesshomaru was real, not some kind of insanely-sexy hallucination.  “But I think Sango and I look at you not as ‘too much,’ but as a challenge.”

            With a smoky expression upon her face, Kagome stood up over Sesshomaru and Sango did the same.  Simulating Sesshomaru’s perspective by shooting from a low angle, right over his head, Kikyo filmed the two actresses as they began to undress with great ceremony.  With precise, measured movements, Kagome untied the waist of her red hakama and slid it down her legs, then untied her white haori and the red yukata beneath it, slipping all that fine, red and white silk off her shoulders to let it pool around her feet on the floor beside her bed.  For her own part, Sango slid her feet out of her shin-length boots and removed the groin pad attached to the sash around her waist, then worked herself out of her glossy-black taijiya bodysuit, peeling it away from her body in a scintillating striptease.  Free of their respective costumes now, Kagome and Sango stood above Sesshomaru wearing only their 14th-century panties and chest wraps.

            With white knuckles, Sesshomaru clutched at the sheets of the futon beneath him, carefully controlling his breathing as he roved his golden eyes up and down Kagome and Sango’s nearly bare bodies for the first time.  They were both thoroughly appealing to him: the spiritually-powerful Kagome was soft and curvy while the more physically-oriented Sango was lean and exquisitely toned, their chest wraps tied tightly enough to get their ample breasts practically spilling out over them, their nipples straining against the cloth from within. 

            In unison, Kagome and Sango reached behind their backs to untie those restrictive garments and let them fall away, baring their full breasts in an arousing, yet cinematically satisfying manner.  They completed their nudity by bending over slightly and wiggling their hips to work their panties down over their rears and thighs, forcing them past their knees and stripping them off their feet to toss them away.  Kikyo had them repeat the action a few times in order to film it from different angles, getting good shots of their perfect asses from behind and from the sides, as well as their elegant, subtly-swollen Venus mounds from the front.  Their pussies were so sopping wet already that thin, dribbling threads of their female juice linked them to the interiors of their panties, clearly visible to Kikyo’s camera as they stretched out and eventually broke.  In a final touch, Sango released her hair from its ponytail, letting those silky-soft, black-brown tresses of hers spill down her bare back and cover a curious scar that marred her spine.

            With every bit of discipline he could muster, Sesshomaru refrained from touching himself as he drank in the sight of two such gorgeous women, completely nude for him at last.  His cock pulsed on his abdomen and precum flowed from it freely, despite the lack of direct stimulation.  Kagome was completely bare between her legs, while Sango maintained a small patch of very dark brown hair above her sex, neatly trimmed into a long, thin rectangle.  “The two of you…are so beautiful,” Sesshomaru praised to them, rasping in between deep, excited breaths.

            Kagome and Sango blushed together.  “Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome gratified on behalf of herself and Sango.  They knelt on either side of Sesshomaru again and Kagome reached down between his thighs to wrap a hand around his big cock, feeling its size, weight, hardness, rigidity, and the heat of the blood pumping through it.  She squeezed firmly, yet carefully, causing the head of his cock to swell just a little bit larger and grow a little bit darker from the pressure.  Outside the veil surrounding Kagome’s bed, Sango’s junior taijiya each bit back a moan as the binding seals on their chests allowed them to feel everything that Kagome did.

            “Now we get down to business,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru, Kagome, and Sango at once, with great excitement in her voice.  Setting her camera down briefly, she consulted her script to lay out the forthcoming sexual action to her performers.  “We start with oral.  Sango, you’ll begin sucking Sesshomaru off, then you’ll turn around on top of him to start doing a ’69’ with him.  You’ll make him come in your mouth, while he’s eating you out.  His tongue is wonderful, so he should be able to make you come, too.”

            Breaking character for a moment, Sango flashed Sesshomaru a genuine smile, which he returned with a more stoic, muted one of his own.  He placed a hand on one of her shapely thighs, sliding it up and down in an assuring manner to feel the warm, smooth skin lain over the sleek, female muscle beneath.  Kikyo continued: “Then, you fuck Sesshomaru, Kagome.  You ride him good and hard, and let him come inside you.  Even after coming in Sango’s mouth, he’s really going to fill you up, but you’ve got the implant in your arm, and the sutras we made work, so you won’t get pregnant.”

            Kagome looked down at Sesshomaru with true hunger in her bright blue eyes, hunger he reciprocated.  She gave his cock another possessive squeeze.  Between her and Sango, Sango would be the first to taste the daiyoukai’s seed with her tongue, but she would be the first to ‘taste’ his youki-charged seed with the walls of her reiki-charged womb.  She could barely wait, her heart thumping in her ears and her blood thundering through her veins with excitement.  Kikyo turned a page in her script.  “Then, it’s your turn again, Sango,” the miko director said.  “Sesshomaru moves that fainting couch over and fucks you on it, right in front of the other girls.  Like Kagome, you’ll wear a sutra to go with your implant, so you won’t get pregnant, either.”

            The fainting couch Kikyo referred to, also known as a ‘chaise longue,’ sat along the wall of Kagome’s shrine bedroom mock-up opposite the shoji doors, next to the window with the green screen.  Of a design that originated in 17th-century France, it was out of place for the time period and geographical setting of the film, but it was useful for Kikyo’s purposes.  With Sesshomaru and Sango on top of it, Kikyo could get close to the floor next to them and film them having sex from several interesting perspectives and distances.

            “Let’s get started,” Kikyo ordered, setting her script aside and taking up her camera again.  “Kagome, start stroking Sesshomaru and get him ready.  Then, hand him over to Sango.  Ad-lib your dialogue a bit, if you want.”

            Still holding Sesshomaru’s cock in her hand, Kagome couldn’t hope to close her thumb and forefinger around his girth.  She began to fist him slowly as Kikyo directed, relishing in the feel of the hot, subtly textured skin moving over the iron-hard erectile tissue beneath.  She built her rhythm slowly and expertly to bring him to absolute maximum erection, coaxing large droplets of silky-smooth precum out of his huge cockhead.  She looked up at Sango, seeing the way her taijiya captain co-star bit her lower lip in anticipation.  “Sango-chan, would you like to taste him?”

            Sango smiled graciously and nodded.  “Y-yes, Kagome-sama.”  Sesshomaru’s cock was long enough to allow three, even all four of Kagome’s and Sango’s slender female hands on it at once, and Kagome kept her hold on its midpoint to let Sango close her hand around it from below.  Kikyo filmed them holding that big, throbbing shaft together, then Kagome removed her hand to complete the exchange.

            Sesshomaru growled softly as Sango fisted him as skillfully as Kagome did, spreading his copious pre-cum up and down the length of his cock to give it a uniform, liquid shine.  Holding him continually, she moved over him on her knees to straddle one of his brawny thighs, aligning her upper body with his at an oblique angle to loom over him as she jacked him off.  With iron professionalism, she backed up a bit and looked him right in his eyes as she bent down, lowering her mouth to his cock’s throbbing crown.  She wet her lips with a sensuous bat of her tongue and held her unbound hair out of the way with her free hand so that he and Kikyo could see her face at all times.  Opening her mouth, she extended her glistening pink tongue to lick away the large globs of precum oozing from the thin, clean slit along the top of his pulsing cockhead.  She then used her tongue to explore his urethra as deeply as his anatomy would allow, getting him positively squirming from the intimate stimulation.

            With Kagome looking on in visible approval, Sango opened her mouth further and lowered her head to begin drinking Sesshomaru’s thick, meaty cock past her rosy lips.  Having become an experienced and enthusiastic cocksucker over the course of her porn career, she had mastered her gag reflex, and though Sesshomaru was the biggest she’d ever had, she took his full length – nearly eleven inches - deep, deep down her throat with surprising ease.  Her throat distended visibly by his sheer length and thickness and the neatly-trimmed thatch of silver hair at his base pressed against her nose as she took him all the way in.  She breathed carefully through her nose and smelled nothing but his clean, male scent, along with hints of a very recent shower and fresh female pleasure, Kikyo’s and Rin’s combined.

            With the head of his cock aimed right down her esophagus, Sango held her gaze with Sesshomaru, then closed her chocolate brown eyes to show off her pink eyeliner and gave a nasal, emphatic moan of pleasure.  Coming out of her as vibration as much as sound, her moan traveled straight down his cock to set his very prostate aflutter, and he tossed his head back against the pillow beneath it, groaning in bare-toothed male ecstasy.  Tilting his face back down for Kikyo’s camera, Sesshomaru composed himself quickly.  “You…are most proficient, taijiya,” he complimented for Sango’s talent for oral pleasure.  He spread his thighs further apart to give her more room, and she used the new access to full effect as she began to massage his big, heavy balls in their smooth, hairless sac.  After unloading into Rin twice and Kikyo three times, they remained completely full of his potent demon seed.  He was at the height of his ‘ordinary’ demonic virility; only when his ‘beast’ was totally in control of him was he more sexually powerful.  “Where did such a skilled warrior as yourself you learn how to do this?

            Sango decided not to talk with her mouth full or pull her mouth off Sesshomaru to render a reply.  Her flushed, blushing cheeks sinking inward by the suction she made, she raised her lips up his long shaft until just the head of him remained in her mouth, then eased back down.  She built her rhythm steadily until she was using her mouth to fuck his cock.  Supporting the weight of her upper body by bracing a hand on Sesshomaru’s solid lower abdomen, she spread her knees further apart on the bed to either side of his leg and moved her other hand from his balls, guiding down between her thighs.  She began to play with her swollen, hooded clit and dripping pussy to tease herself into a cock-sucking frenzy.  Kikyo shifted position to film Sango’s bare, curvy backside and shapely, open thighs from directly behind, capturing the breathtaking sight of her lovely, manicured fingertips and silky pink pussy flesh glistening with her flowing juices.

            At the same time, Kagome began to work herself up with her own hands.  Sitting beside Sesshomaru with legs folded beneath her, she cupped and massaged a full breast in one hand and moved the other down her flat belly, slipping it between her thighs to stimulate herself as Sango did.  She answered Sesshomaru’s question to Sango on her taijiya co-star’s behalf, her voice bearing some strain as she touched herself: “This shrine runs on donations.  Sometimes, those donations alone are aren’t enough to meet our needs.  To make up the difference, we provide certain ‘services’ to our male visitors.”

            Sesshomaru tore his gaze away from the entrancing sight of Sango sucking him off to glance up at Kagome.  “Prostitution?” he asked with a mixture of surprise and concern.  That concern was rooted in the disconcerting knowledge that women in positions as esteemed as that of ‘miko’ or ‘taijiya’ would have to debase themselves in such a way.

            Painting Kagome, Sango, and possibly the junior taijiya as moonlight prostitutes was a concession Kikyo made to explain Kagome’s and Sango’s un-miko-like and un-taijiya-like sexual experience in the context of the movie’s story.  Reacting to Sesshomaru’s question, Kagome merely shrugged.  “We like to think of it as ‘worship with benefits.’  If there’s a silver lining to it, it’s that we now have a pretty good idea how to take care of a stud like you.”

            “Nnngh…I apologize again.  I’d make a donation myself, but I didn’t bring any money with me,” Sesshomaru said regretfully, punctuating his sentence with a soft, pleasured groan.  “After all, I did come here to kill you…”

            After deep-throating Sesshomaru repeatedly for a solid minute, Sango drew her mouth off his throbbing cock with a soft gasp to take a full, unobstructed breath, leaving him glistening with precum and saliva.  “Don’t worry,” she reassured to him, panting softly to get her breathing under control.  She then began to stroke his cock with long, slow glides of a fist to keep him continually stimulated.  “This is on the house.”

            Sango was about to take Sesshomaru back down her throat when he grasped one of her shoulders with a large hand and gently pushed her away.  This was to initiate the transition from female-on-male oral sex to reciprocal oral sex, the classic ’69’ position.  “Wait.  Turn around, then sit on my face,” he ordered to her, his baritone voice rich and husky with passion.  “Give me your pussy…and let me please you as you please me.”

            Moving back to Sesshomaru’s perspective, Kikyo filmed Sango as she smiled devilishly to the well-endowed daiyoukai.  Laying his massive, oozing cock back down onto his abdomen for the moment, the taijiya porn star rose to her hands and knees, crawling forward over him until they were face to face.  She bent down to kiss him sweetly, letting him taste himself on her lips, then turned in place to face the opposite direction atop him.  Carefully, she lifted one knee and swung her thigh over his head, setting it down and lifting the other to place it on the opposite side of his upper body.  Facing away from him, she straddled his upper chest now to give him an up-close view of her perfect ass.  She then spread her knees further apart on the futon to either side of him to open her thighs wide and lowered her upper body until her breasts pressed to his abdomen, baring her pussy to him completely.

            Sesshomaru placed his large hands on the taut globes of Sango’s rear, smoothing his palms around its luscious curves and taking a possessive, double-palmed squeeze.  Sliding his hands down her thighs to level them with her pussy, he used his thumbs to peel her pussy’s delicate outer petals far apart, revealing its creamy pink interior.  Her exposed vaginal orifice wept a juicy droplet of her body’s aromatic natural lubricant and he salivated like the hungry dog he was at the sight of it.  Behind him, Kikyo zoomed in with her camera over one of his shoulders to get Sango’s twitching vaginal flesh and the clean, pink hole of her ass on high-resolution film.

            “You have a beautiful pussy, taijiya,” Sesshomaru praised to Sango, still addressing her by her on-camera profession.  Her body was profoundly aroused and he relished in the heat and scent of that arousal washing over his face, directly from the source.  “Now, give it to me.”

            Gently, Sango sat back to very nearly sit on Sesshomaru’s face, as he had initially instructed, trembling in anticipation as she put her pussy within reach of his mouth.  He parted his lips and extended his long, dog demon tongue, happily lapping away the creamy fluid flowing from her open core.  She, Kagome, and every single junior taijiya joined through Kagome’s binding seals shuddered and moaned as one, feeling as if Sesshomaru was kissing every single one of their pussies at the same time.  Just beneath her oozing vaginal orifice, Sango’s clit swelled proudly and pulsed in its protective hood, and Sesshomaru sucked the ample female organ into his mouth, lathing it with his tongue and coating it with his saliva, as well as her own juice.

            Quaking with the stimulation, Sango lifted Sesshomaru’s big cock away from his abdomen and aimed it right up at her mouth, gazing at the droplets of precum pulsing up and out of him with half-lidded eyes.  The warm seminal fluid flowed down his length, leaving shining trails over her fingers and lubricating him further.  She lowered her upper body to put her mouth within reach of him, and his sheer length meant she didn’t to lower herself very far.  Still, she lowered her chest far enough that her full breasts pressed to his abdomen, letting him feel her heart beating against his skin and adding a surprising level of intimacy to the lewd act.  She opened her mouth to suck him in and take him back down her throat, all the way down until her nose touched his full balls.  With Kikyo filming, she began to bob her head slowly and rhythmically, her rosy lips gliding up and down eleven inches of vein-filled, visibly throbbing cockshaft over and over.  This time, she wasn’t going to stop.

            Sesshomaru separated his mouth from Sango’s pussy with a throaty male gasp to take a much-needed breath, the entire lower half of his face coated with her juice.  He could feel his pleasure building as she throat-fucked him, his big, full balls growing tense at the base of his cock and his demonic prostate twitching deep inside him.  Twitches became stronger, more insistent throbs, as if his prostate was his body’s second heart, fibrillating its way out of stillness to perform its clenching, pumping reproductive function.  He could feel that the orgasm would be at least as powerful as the one he’d unleashed inside Kikyo back in her office bedroom, a womb-flooding, baby-making explosion of hot, sticky semen destined instead for digestion in Sango’s stomach.

            At the same time, Kagome lay back on the futon beside Sesshomaru and Sango, spreading her thighs wide to begin masturbating in earnest.  Briefly, she used both hands to open her perfectly-bald pussy for Kikyo’s camera, showing off the healthy pink riches Sesshomaru would soon be plundering with his demonic monster cock.  She plunged two fingers deep inside herself, curling them back to work at her G-spot, and Sango’s junior taijiya could not help but join in.  Feverishly, the blushing, sex-addled female extras stripped out of their underwear and abandoned their meditative positions to lay back or sit on their futons with open thighs, pleasuring themselves as Kagome did.  Over and over, they lifted their hips to thrust their pussies up into their hands and an invisible male mouth that was eager to please them.

            Sesshomaru sealed his mouth to Sango’s pussy again, flicking his demonic tongue over her clit and moving it up to her pussy’s weeping outer gate, beginning to press it inside her.  Now, he could feel the hot, silky wet interior of her sex contracting around his tongue, gently yet inexorably tugging it deeper inside.  He fed her tongue inside her to meet her body’s demand, the tip of it eventually touching the smooth, rounded mouth of her womb.  She gave an adorable, surprised ‘Nnngh?’ into his cock at the sensation of his youki directly stimulating her body’s most feminine chamber, osmosing into her cervix, then the precious uterine tissues beyond.

            Half of the junior taijiya slipped into climax outright and for the sake of going easy on them, Kagome used her psychic miko powers to ‘brake’ the flood of orgasmic female pleasure pounding around the link that they shared.  She came close herself.  Sesshomaru continued to fuck Sango with his tongue, pumping it in and out of her to mimic the act of male-on-female intercourse.  He reached deep into her pussy again and flicked his tongue over the opening to her womb, tasting her cervical secretions and contemplating the flavor.  With his fine demonic senses, he could taste the effect her etonogestrel implant had on her.  He could taste a notable absence of estrogen in her, a sharp contrast to the flavor of unsuppressed fertility he’d found in Kikyo’s body.  This was a reminder to him of just how dangerous his tryst with her and Rin had been.  Had the sutras failed, they would have been completely, gloriously knocked up with his child.

            Right then, Kikyo was highly satisfied with the footage of Sesshomaru and Sango she’d gotten so far.  Had she not needed both hands to run her camera, she would have been fucking herself silly like Kagome.  She repositioned herself between Sesshomaru’s knees, zooming in on his glistening cock as it disappeared into and reappeared from Sango’s mouth, over and over.  Swallowing thickly, she found the breath to speak again.  “Now, Sango.  Make him come!”

            Without hesitation, Sango escalated her pace to a level that even Sesshomaru couldn’t resist, her mouth gliding over his cock with a rapid, lubricated gush, gush, gush.  Sesshomaru felt the pulsating pressure in him reach an irreversible crest, the ‘point of no return,’ and pulled his tongue out of Sango’s pussy, separated his mouth from it.  Muscles clenching, he tossed his head back against the pillow beneath it, giving an emphatic, bare-toothed snarl as orgasm took him at last.  His cock swelled and hardened to a new volume in Sango’s mouth, his big balls lifting and tensing visibly for Kikyo’s camera.  The underside of his cock bulged out by the sheer amount and pressure of sperm-loaded reproductive matter moving just beneath the surface, and that matter burst from the head of his cock in a volcanic explosion of inseminating liquid heat that rushed right down Sango’s throat.

            Sango closed her eyes and mashed her nose to Sesshomaru’s gradually-emptying sac as he pumped load after load almost directly into her stomach.  Straddling him on all fours, her upper body was inclined a few degrees past perpendicular to gravity, and so along with her own, voluntary swallowing, the muscles in her esophagus worked in the involuntary process of peristalsis to move his cum against gravity’s slightly downward, horizontal pull.  The stuff settled in her stomach and defied digestion at first, remaining in thick, creamy liquid form long enough to transmit the youki vested in it through her stomach’s walls.  The youki entered her bloodstream and her heart pounded to drive it throughout her body.  The moment it reached her brain, her brain’s pleasure centers reacted all at once to throw her into orgasm along with Sesshomaru.

            Now, every woman joined through the link of Kagome’s binding seals felt orgasm pounding through them: Sango, Kagome, and all twelve of the junior taijiya extras, all at once.  This time, Kagome couldn’t focus well enough to ‘brake’ the pleasure, so she and the others were helpless to do anything but let the orgasm ravage them unimpeded.  The junior taijiya extras’ voices became as a crying, mewling chorus, and Kagome added her voice to it, wailing over them as she arched her back to puff her breasts out, and thrust her squirting pussy into her hand.

            Sango couldn’t exactly cry her pleasure with her mouth full, so all she could manage was a nasal, cock-plugged whine.  However, the other indicators of how hard she was coming were more than Kikyo needed.  Kikyo roved her camera over the taijiya porn star’s exquisite body, capturing the way rivulets of perspiration glistened and rolled down her smooth skin.  Sango’s entire body quivered with each contraction of pleasure that flowed through her and her heart was clearly pounding, her carotid artery pulsing visibly over her larynx as it recoiled with every gulp of Sesshomaru’s cum she swallowed.  Finally, and most telling to the intensity of her orgasm, were the forceful squirts of hot, milky female ejaculate bursting out of her, searing out of the elegant female excretory orifice located between her clit and the entrance to her vagina.  She really drenched Sesshomaru’s face now, filling his mouth as he filled hers.

            Kikyo zoomed in on Sango’s throat to capture the way her swallowing slowed down, her larynx recoiling one final time and growing still.  Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed slowly now, pushing out the last few sperm-loaded ounces of his orgasm into Sango’s mouth, which she allowed to build up there as she backed her lips up and off him.  His cock began to soften a little in her hands and she sat up atop him, a glistening thread of semen and saliva linking her lips to the head of his cock.  As that thread stretched out and broke, she lifted her left knee from the bed, consequently lifting her pussy from his face with a whole mess of female cum strings connecting her pussy to his lips and chin, then swung her thigh over his head to sit beside him.  Her cheeks were flushed with pleasure and her full breasts rose and fell rapidly as she breathed hard through her nose to catch her breath as quickly as possible without opening her mouth.

            Sango’s cheeks were visibly puffed-out with the huge amount of semen Sesshomaru had pumped into her mouth, and Kikyo moved to kneel in front of her, across Sesshomaru’s well-muscled thighs.  The miko director focused her camera on Sango’s tight-lipped mouth from slightly above.  “Open, and don’t swallow, yet,” she ordered, and the taijiya porn star tilted her head back to open her mouth very carefully, so not to spill any of her reproductive prize.  Her rosy lips parted to reveal a glistening pool of semen and saliva, which her tongue rose out of like some strange, tiny aquatic animal to swirl around and sink back below the glimmering surface.

            Next to Sesshomaru, Kagome removed her hand from between her legs, her fingers dripping with her fluids.  She raised her hand to one of the set lights above, spreading her index and middle fingers to watch transparent, dribbling webs of her cum stretch out between them, glistening like liquid crystal in the light.  Flushed with passion, she brought her fingers to her mouth and Kikyo filmed her as she sucked them clean.  “Want to taste Sesshomaru, now?” Kikyo asked to her, to which she grinned and nodded.  “Sit up, and get in front of Sango.”

            Kagome sat up as Kikyo directed, then crawled on her hands and knees to sit with her calves folded beneath her thighs in front of Sango, directly across Sesshomaru’s hips.  Between them, his balls had relaxed a bit, but his cock remained quite large and solid on his abdomen, oozing with warm semen.  Keeping her mouth closed and resisting the urge to swallow, Sango raised herself up to stand on her knees, looming over Kagome.  The lovely miko porn star clasped Sango’s slim waist with her hands, gazing up into her rich brown eyes as the equally-lovely taijiya porn star cupped her face and kissed her deeply, feeding Sesshomaru’s seed to her.

            Keeping her lips sealed to Sango’s, Kagome opened her mouth and began to drink from her co-star’s, moaning as she felt Sesshomaru’s cream slide down her throat and warm her stomach.  She felt her heart do a little flip in her chest as his youki entered her reiki-charged blood.  As with Sango when Sesshomaru’s cock was spewing in her mouth, Kikyo used her camera to zoom in on Kagome’s gulping throat from one side, capturing how greedily she accepted Sango’s sperm-loaded liquid gift.  Between Kagome and Sango, Sesshomaru watched them share their passionate, cum-soaked girl-on-girl kiss in total captivation.  His cock began to swell back up between his thighs, having lost only a small amount of size and hardness after his orgasm, and his balls worked feverishly to replace all he had shot for Sango.  Now, his body yearned to plant his seed where it belonged: deep in their pussies and the wombs beyond.

            Kagome and Sango broke their kiss with a soft, feminine gasp, continuing to play their tongues back and forth against each other between their separated lips for a moment after so Sesshomaru could see and Kikyo could get it on film.  Their glistening pink oral muscles dribbled with a mixture of saliva and semen, one final glob of thick, white seed rolling around them, which they split into sticky halves and swallowed.  Kagome opened her eyes as she pulled away from Sango reluctantly, then looked down to Sesshomaru’s cock as it pulsed at full, nearly foot-long erection again, her gaze roving upward over his well-defined abdomen and chest to settle on his face.  His lips and chin were glazed, dripping with Sango’s juices, and Kagome moved her right hand from Sango’s left hip, working it between the taijiya porn star’s thighs to cup her pussy and feel hot, creamy female wetness coat her palm.

            “You made Sango come, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome praised to the beautiful, well-endowed daiyoukai laying between herself and Sango.  Wordlessly, Sango reached down to grip Kagome’s wrist, swiveling her hips to thrust her pussy against the miko’s exploring hand.  “And all of us came with her.”

            Outside the veil of Kagome’s bed, Sango’s junior taijiya had recovered from the devastating psychic climax that Kagome had allowed them to share in.  Their pussies wept between their thighs, their blood heating up again as they anticipated the next phase of the Sesshomaru/Kagome/Sango tryst unfolding in front of them.  Some of them teased themselves with their fingers, while others rubbed their thighs together, taking advantage of the lubricated friction to keep themselves ready for more.  Kagome removed her hand from Sango’s cunt and slid it upward, pressing it flat to her toned belly.  She closed her ethereal blue eyes, focusing her miko senses…

            Kagome’s mind filled with the sound of Sango’s heart and she could see the human life force coursing around her body with each healthy, pleasured beat.  That precious energy flowed around a dense of mass of youkai life force in her stomach; the two did not mix, but did not repel one another, and the result was Sango’s stomach glowing to Kagome’s sightless vision as an egg-shaped mass of white, sloshing light.

            “I feel your cum in her,” Kagome said to Sesshomaru.  “You’re so fucking powerful.  I bet you have a dozen inu females lined up back at the House of the Moon, just waiting for you to return and give this kind of pleasure to them.”

            “No, I don’t,” Sesshomaru revealed.

            “What?” Kagome laughed with disbelief.  Like Kagome, the attention of Sango’s character, too, was piqued by the idea that Sesshomaru’s character, the big-dicked daiyoukai war/sex machine she had just sucked off and allowed to eat her out, didn’t have a surplus of female attention back home.

            “Perhaps I should clarify,” Sesshomaru considered.  “There are many females back at the House of the Moon that would seek to share my bed, but I would never indulge any of them.  They use their bodies to try and curry favor with me, Menomaru, my father, and any other male of status.  That place is a cesspool of political intrigue…and sexual favors given in exchange for power.”

            “Is there no pleasure there for you?” Kagome asked to Sesshomaru with audible sympathy.  She removed her hand from Sango’s stomach, still wet with the taijiya’s juices, and reached down to rub Sesshomaru’s chest and stomach to soothe him.

            Sesshomaru covered Kagome’s hand with one of his own to squeeze it in appreciation.  “Most of my time is spent carrying out Father’s missions, as you can see by my presence here,” he said.  “In the little time left over, my sexual power is my restrictor.  If I was to sate myself as my body demands during this time, I could have dozens of illegitimate children.”

            Kagome’s lips curled in a devious smile as she spied an opportunity to segue into the next part of the sex scene Kikyo was filming.  “What if I told you I have a way for you to fuck us, without getting us pregnant?” she propositioned to Sesshomaru.

            Here, Sesshomaru knew Kagome was referring to the contraceptive sutras Kikyo had tested with him back in her office bedroom.  For the sake of exposition in their movie, he asked: “What way?”

            Kagome looked up to Sango.  “Sango-chan.  Get the sutras,” she ordered.


-To be continued-