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Into Siren's Marsh

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Hired by the renown yet socially obscure Ha’Rhapha Gr’hulon, Adi Ragnasha AKA Ai-Chan (a female Ogre-Incubus hybrid) is to recover a worker kidnapped from Mistress Gr’hulon’s brothel. To insure the job goes smoothly the mistress has sent one of her own guards, Abazael Dnyhr the Succubus, to accompany the Ogre Mercenary. However, unknown to Ai-Chan, Abazael has a secondary objective- to bring Adi into the fold should she prove slave material. The mercenary was given a rough description of the kidnapper, feminine with tentacles, and a basic direction in which the perpetrator disappeared. With this in mind the two set off into the Siren’s Marsh, Adi keen on picking up the trail.

Adi goes to an acquaintance of hers, Laniss the Lecherous, for information. Shadowed by Abazael, Adi finds Laniss in a side alley at the edge of the medieval city. The demon is busy trying to pleasure himself and offered to Ai-chan to join in.

With a confident smirk, Adi siddles up behind the skinny demon. Her hand curls around his hips to join his urgent pumping, fingers twining around his throbbing shaft. “And what makes you think I’d throw in with the likes of a sub like you?”

Laniss groans as Adi’s small breasts press into his back as well as her toned abs. However, a sharp squeeze on his shaft reminds him who is in charge. He pants in desperation and behind him Adi pulls out a remote controlled vibrator. The female Ogre stomps on his fallen trousers still about his ankles before unceremoniously shoving the small bulb inside him.

“Like that?” She purrs into his ear, hands roughly stroking his erection as she worked him to climax. “But I’m afraid you’re going to have to give me something in return, Neh?”

All of a sudden she disappears from his senses and he is left in cold hunger. “Alright! I’ll give you anything you want! Please!”

“Please what?” Her hot breath at his ear again.

Laniss became desperate, trembling as he felt the vibrator bulb slip around his ass and his erection wave helplessly in the air. “Please let me cum.” 

“And what do you call me?”

“Chieftess, please let your servant cum!”

Ai-chan smirks as she crouches behind him, all but yanking his erection down to the ground. She reaches for the remote and maxes out the intensity. With a wailing moan Laniss cums in streams of white as his spindly legs quake.

“Sensitive little sub aren’t you?” Adi giggles as she wipes her hand in Laniss’ hair to clean it. “Now spill worm”

“I heard the kidnapper escaped with a female slave. It sounds like Melfildi. She’s a demon that lives in the marshes because she can’t cut it in the city. She’s always trying to prove her dominance by taking more and more slaves.” Laniss explains.

“And she can’t claim her own so she kidnaps others for her own pleasure, discarding them when their completely broken because her power won’t allow her to keep more than one.” Adi thought aloud. “If she’s hiding in the Siren’s Marsh it means she doesn’t like company and is probably trying to make it her own territory.”

She nods and strolls away from the spent demon, flicking a smirk over her shoulder. “I heard that one of the Balrog’s brothels is looking for a cute male. You would definitely fit the part. I may drop by for a visit sometime.”

With vibrator still abusing his ass, Laniss is left in the side alley with subservience in his heart. The chance to see Adi as a male whore, bought for her every whim. A shadow falls over him and he looks up to see a stunning Succubus looming over him.

“So I have change-of-address forms if you’re thinking about that job offer.”

Adi trudges on into the Siren’s Marsh, seeking the destructive Melfildi and her ill-gotten slave. The air is thick and an undeniable presence hangs about the dark swampy forest. Ever calling travelers deeper and deeper into the maddening depths of the Siren’s Marsh. Here few save monsters venture. The murky water has a strange effect of arousing any sexual organs that become submerged in it for even a few moments.

The Ogre mercenary treads carefully. This is not her first time in the swamp and her guard is constantly up. Her mind thought of how she would break the woman who had so often broken the slaves of others. All of a sudden her short, pointy ears pick up the creak and snap of branches as someone approached from her right. Stealthily the Ogre mercenary hides herself behind wet, dark foliage to see who comes her way. She beholds a powerfully built Orc male stumble through the mossy trees. His red coppery skin is stretched taunt with well-defined muscles and protected by reinforced armor that is strained by his large stature. Though his face is tough and long hair tied back in a braided ponytail, Adi cannot but help noticing how he seems to have a somewhat curvaceous form. In one hand he carries a shield and in the other an enchanted curved sword. On his arms Ai-chan notices a Battle Demon’s bangle and Devil Bracelet. His flaccid shaft droops all the way to his knees like a thick sausage, foreskin covered head dipping slightly into the murky swap water. His potent musk emanates all round him but Ai-chan has already seen through his trap and prepares countermeasures.

Going around him is not an option so Adi opts to go through him. It is after all what she specializes in. She ties a bandana behind her head to mask her mouth from the Orc’s potent musk. She activates her Drain Life charm and Strip Arm against the Orc, forcing the lumbering male to magically discard all his armor and weapons. As the oaf attempts to recover pieces of his armor, the Ogre mercenary attacks!

With practiced precision she lunges forward, twisting her spear-like sorcerer’s staff up between the armorless Orc’s legs to thump solidly against his exposed scrotum. The Orc howls in pain as Adi leaps back, preparing her weapons for battle. A smug grin nudges her lips to reveal sharp fangs. She feels the Orc’s vitality flow into her own muscular body.

The Orc male is pained and all but defenseless, he however refuses to toss the fight and charges the smaller Ogre-Incubus hybrid. With practiced ease, Ai-chan slides beneath the lumbering behemoth. She slaps at his muscular buttocks as she comes back up.

“I’m only here for one thing bud. If you roll over and call me mama then I’ll make sure you enjoy this as much as I do.” She calls to the Orc, taunting him with sexual incentive.

Weakened from Adi’s physical assault and offer for pleasure, the Orc sinks to his knees defeated. As his waist sinks below the water’s surface his hardening shaft bobs to the surface, rising from the swamp’s aphrodisiac qualities. Beneath him his balls throbbed in pain.

The Ogre mercenary stalked over to the larger male, throwing her left leg over his shoulder and resting her weight on him. “Be good and we’re going to get along just fine.”

“Yes mama.” His boyish voice rumbled into her cloth bikini bottom, his large eyes gazing up into the mercenary’s wild ones.

Her right leg dangled down to rub against the Orcs throbbing shaft; and she chuckled as she moved aside her cloth bikini bottom. Her pink pussy lips seemed to shine against her light chocolate skin and glittered with arousal not caused by the waters of the Siren’s Marsh. With resigned dedication he opened his mouth to allow his tongue to lap tentatively against his conqueror’s dripping snatch.

Adi hissed her approval, bending over his head and latching onto his ponytail with both hands. Her dexterous toes grabbed and pulled back the Orc’s thick foreskin, pulling the thick skin away from the throbbing dark glans before going to work stroking the shaft with her foot. The Orc is smothered in Adi’s pussy as she begins humping his face, his mouth opened and slobbering into the delicious mess.

“You like that don’t you? You like eating mama’s pussy while having your needy dick stroked.” She teased hungrily and was rewarded with a muffled groan that echoed through her.

The mercenary knew Abazael was not far behind her and another slave to the brothel would increase her bonus on completing this mission. With renewed energy she rubbed her woman-hood into the Orc’s face.

“C’mon, get that tongue in there!” She grunted and snagged one of the Orc’s swollen balls between her toes before giving it an assertive tug. “Show me how much you love it!”

The Orc did just that, his thick tongue swirling along the ripe walls of her pink pussy. His erection flexed and throbbed under her foot as he desperately consumed Ai-chan’s nectar. Adi jolted as she felt him rub over her g-spot and crowd desperately against it. She chuckled as she felt her climax approach, mashing her foot down against the Orc’s balls and cock. The Ogre-Incubus hybrid ground his quaking erection into the mud as she neared her finish.

He suckled on her clit as his thick tongue lapped at her walls and she cried out. Her pussy gushed as she came into the Orc’s mouth, her salty she-cum splattering his face in a wet mess. Adi’s leg jerked and she kicked the Orc in the balls. The crushing assault to his precious jewels and previous delicate attentions made him cum in gouts, spurting white seed into the murky water.

“Heh, like it rough don’t ya?” Adi chuckled, her body was satisfied and ready for some more action. “Come to think of it, why are you here? Isn’t this someone else’s territory?”

It was a dumb attempt at a taunt but the Orc was too broken to care. “No one owns this territory though one, Melfildi, claims it as her own. She resides in a shallow cave at the center of the marsh. She has recently caught another slave, if you doubt me just follow the screams. She is a deadly and horrifying woman. A Scylla of terrible nature. Her lust knows no bounds and her fear of being dominated drove her here. If she gains enough power she will claim the Siren’s Marsh as her own.”

Adi scoffed. “Sounds like she needs to be taken down a few notches.”

“Do you always have to go about shaming others?” Abazael the Succubus appeared, brushing a long lock of her dirty blonde hair behind her short pointy ear. On her shoulder a blue-black parrot eyed the surrounding march with odd silence.

“Only if I can get something out of it.” Ai-chan grinned widely. “If you want him you can have him. I still got a contract to fill.”

With that she turned to pick up the fallen Orc’s belongings. Claiming his sword, shield, and the three souls he had for her own use. Though the sword and shield were of no particular use to her they could be sold at a market place for more souls.

“You won’t be needing these where you’re going hon.” She gave the Orc a peck on his cheek before turning and walking into the mist, leaving him with Abazael.

The mercenary was hot on the trail and her blood boiled with anticipation. She burned for the coming fight. Melfildi was as good as hers. Just as the Orc said she found the hovel of a cave near the center of the marsh. There appeared to be a smoldering fire and cauldron, and beyond that a pale form lay amongst a pile of worn furs. Ai-chan smiled like a fox, her sharp canines giving her a predatory air. This would be easier than she first thought.

“Victory for me!” She cried as she leapt forward, weapons in hand.

“I think not.” A deep sultry voice called from the far side of the shelter.

As her feet touched the dried shore mud around the hovel a large circle of light erupted around the little island. Adi felt her magical power leave her and tisked in agitation. She had been careless. From the direction of the voice came none other than Malfildi herself.

“Did such a succulent little morsel as you come here for me? My dear, if you wanted to become my slave all you had to do was ask. No need for all this trouble.” The Scylla’s voice was like velvet. “In fact, if you get on your knees I promise to keep you.”

“Save it bitch.” Adi hissed. “This ends one of two ways. You eating out my ass as my personal whore, or Rapha’s Succubus making you serve customers in her brothel until you have repaid them for every slave you kidnapped.”

“Please little girl.” Melfildi stalked forward, tentacles writhed from behind her back with mouthed tips. A long, pointed tongue slithered out to curl around a pail finger. “They love this life better than they did in that wretched shack. Here I give each and every one of them love until they beg me for it.”

“Are you just going to stand there or are we going to fight?” Adi swirled her sword and sorcerer’s staff.

The Scylla’s leg scales glittered in the dull light and her black hair swirled behind her. “Oh my little pet. I am definitely keeping you. And with time mayhap you will have sisters.”

With an extravagant wave of her arms the Scylla activated her charms as Adi lept forward, her pinwheel sword scything through the air. However, the blade cleaved nothing but air. A buzzing crackle to her side as she passed Melfildi. The mercenary rolled in midair to narrowly avoid the blast of lightening. In return she swiped backward with her vampiric sword and was rewarded with a screech of pain. She felt vital energy flow into her as she landed and pivoted to face Melfildi. Her strike had cut through the charm armor and left an angry gash along the Scylla’s back.

“You little imp.” Melfildi seethed. “I will make you scream for this.”

Unsheathing her massive battle ax, Melfildi struck. Intending to crush the intruder beneath her blade. But the swift mercenary was not to be outdone. She nimbly skipped to the side, the sorcerer’s staff spear shooting forward to bury its head in Milfildi’s thigh before withdrawing.

Panting, the Scylla smiled. “Come little one, why fight me?” One of her nine tentacles lapped at the air, slithering towards the Ogre-Incubus hybrid. “You know as well as I the pleasures I could bring you. Imagine my tentacles tending every pore of your body as you bask in ecstasy.”

Adi shuddered at the thought, though not from disgust but rather from desire. Her already soaked bikini bottom became wet as her lower lips drooled in anticipation. The mercenary could not deny her attraction to such a fate, but she had a contract to full fill. And she would be damned if she did not see it through. With effort, she tried to use her Smash spell. The magic sputtered and died in her hand as the glowing circle around them sapped its potency away.

“It is useless my prey. You have fallen into my perfect trap. Even a demon of higher rank than you would find it impossible to break from this binding.” Several yards away up in a tree, Abazael frowned and bobbed her head side to side in begrudging agreement. “Come to me little Orge, cease this resistance. Lie with me and surrender your heart to me.”

“Sh-shut up!” Ai-chan clenched her teeth and bit her lip.

But she could not deny the pleasure that coursed through her with the Scylla’s every word. If this kept up her body would give up. She had to attack. With a roar of anger Adi lunged forward, twisting her spear as she thrust forward. Melfildi saw the rage fueled attack coming and side stepped, heaving her battle ax in an awkward thrust. Likewise the mercenary dodged it with ease, but she was panting now. The verbal and seductive assault by Melfildi was straining her will.

In a desperate attempt, Adi activated her Drain Life charm only to miss the Scylla entirely. Her charms fizzled and died. She was out of magical power and from this point forward would have to fight using regular means.

“Having a little trouble performing pet?” Melfildi taunted she flicked the air with her long, pointed tongue. “Do not worry. All you have to do is ask and I will make sure you never have to think of anything ever again.”

Adi bared her teeth and hissed. Her small horns brandished as she crouched low to the ground. Her desire was apparent now, soaking through her bikini bottom to drip onto the caked ground. The mercenary’s fluids would be added to the strange swamp as a few drips became a stringy waterfall.

In a final desperate gamble, she slashed with her sword and was rewarded with Melfildi’s scream as she cut into her other thigh. The Scylla collapsed with exhaustion. She would not be able to fight by physical means any longer. From now on the battle was of the mind.

“So you did want to lie with me.” Meldildi smiled seductively as she bared her body for the mercenary, her tentacles moving to welcome her opponent. “Come to me little one that we may enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.”

The sorcerer’s staff spear bit into the side of her neck. Tinkling rings of existence rang against each other in the loop before the spearhead.

“Silence whore.” Adi’s voice seethed, her anger and desire equally matched as her eyes blazed down at the Scylla. “Cunt drinkers like you are to sit pretty and wait to serve.”

Her words had the intended effect. Melfildi visibly shuddered at the verbal assault, and her eyes lit with both shame and fear. The Ogre-Incubus hybrid was giving her a taste of her own medicine. If Melfildi did not completely break her then the mercenary would make the Scylla her slave. To be paraded around like an object whose only purpose was to please her master. And as much as the though made her wet with glee, Milfildi dreaded such an existence. She feared being reduced to a slave. So she struck back with everything she had.

Writhing tentacles swirled up Adi’s thighs, their slime coating her skin as they tempted going further and further upward to the crux of her thighs. “Are you sure you would not rather feel my tentacles? I promise they are as sweet as my mouth. Come, let me taste you with these. You will enjoy it so much more.”

Ai-chan bit back a moan, closing her eyes. She was on the brink of giving in. All she had to do was submit to this demon and her life would be a myriad of pleasures. Her mistress would keep her and please her every day of her immortal existence.

From the tree she was crouched in Abazael saw all. She frowned. It was in her contract to take Adi Ragnasha back with her should she fail to capture the kidnapper. But the mercenary had proved tenacious, providing the brothel with two additional workers already. At the foot of the tree the Orc stood stroking himself while trying to be discreet, which was about as effective as a bear trying to look inconspicuous in a pack of birds. With a frustrated sigh the Succubus prepared two of her spells. Abazael would give Adi a hand, but if the mercenary fell she was on her own. From her hidden position Abazael unleashed Bondage and Dream Drain upon the Scylla, just outside of the Seal Spell trap Melfildi had laid.

Melfildi cried in horror as her own tentacles moved against her will, surging around her body and binding her tight in lewd knots. Her large breasts heaved against the tight restraints and she felt her will falter. She did not know how but the mercenary was able to gain the upper hand.

Adi felt her confidence return. Her lust diminished and a gleam sparkled in the corner of her eye. She planted her foot into the Scylla’s exposed crotch and ground her foot against her, giving her a rough shove that made Melfildi squeal. “Now who’s the bottom bitch? Huh? Do you like that? Do you like having a dirty foot grinding against your wet twat? Or maybe I should just stick the whole thing in, have your dirty pussy suckle it clean.”

“I thought you were the dirty one. I only live here because I have to. But look at you, the marsh turned you into a wet little tike. You are aching to be taken like a bitch in heat, are you not?” Melfildi shot back.

“Tough talk,” Adi panted, her will fading once again at the sliver of truth in the Scylla’s words. “From the bitch grinding against my foot. Admit it. You wanted this!”

The Scylla whimpered. “No, you are the slut here. You are the one who wants to be claimed.”

“Buh-Buhz! Guess again.” With an insolent grin she ground her heel into Melfildi’s clothed cunt and pinched her clit between her toes, eliciting a scream of pain and pleasure from the subdued kidnapper. “How about this? You come with me and I promise I won’t hand you over to those brothel workers. I imagine they would be plenty vindictive at what you did. You’d be eating shit like a toilet and taking cocks in all your holes. Mmm, yeah I don’t think they’d be half as kind as I am.”

Melfildi shuddered, her head turned to the side unable to look at her tormentor. Her breasts heaved as she let out a small sob. The Scylla’s resolve finally broke. “Alright. I will do as you say.”

Adi grinned her hungry fox grin. “Good girl. Not get up on your knees.”

Tentacles loosened and unwound themselves from Melfildi’s form, as if they knew their traitorous mission was complete. She slowly rose to her knees and shuffled forward so her face was level with Ai-chan’s soaked bottoms. Melfildi curled her hair back behind her ears and looked up at the mercenary with fear in her eyes.

“Please, be gentle?” Melfildi’s voice was a trembling whisper.

Her conqueror smiled down at her, a hand caressing the side of Melfildi’s face. “Promise to be a good girl and never leave my side.”

“I swear upon my life it will be so.” The Scylla trembled.

“Good girl. Now put that gorgeous tongue to good use.”

The long tongue coiled out from Melfildi’s mouth dripping with saliva. With delicate movements, the Scylla pulled aside her conqueror’s bikini bottom to expose the squelching and dripping pussy. Melfildi wasted no time in licking the excess juices dripping like nectar from her swollen lips. Her lithe tongue like a snake as is swirled and curled around and over every curve of Adi’s cunt, Melfildi’s saliva mixing with wild tasting she-cum. Tongue tip curled around and wrapped around the mercenary’s clit, eliciting a groan as Adi began stroking the Scylla’s hair.

“Tell me Melfildi,” The Scylla looked up at her new master from her slobbering cunt, face half-drenched in fluids. “Laying with all those women, did you ever let any of them do anything more than pleasure you with their mouths?”

A muffled no echoed up through Ai-chan’s pussy and into her core as the Scylla gently shook her head. The mercenary gasped out a chuckle, giggling as she marveled at Melfildi’s dedicated attention. She bit her lip as she grinned widely.

“So your still a virgin?”

Melfildi’s eyes went wide with fear but with the mercenary’s hands on her head she dared not stop her licking. She nodded faintly, her body starting to quake a little though she tried to remain calm. It was all she could do not to break down and weep. She was reduced to garbage and her most precious possession about to be torn from her.

Adi’s lighthearted laugh broke her dreary thoughts. “Do not worry pretty thing. I have no intention of taking something you are not ready to offer up freely.”

The Scylla relaxed a little.

A smug smile appeared on Adi’s face. “But it would be a shame if only I was to enjoy this. Take some of those tentacles and clean out your ass. We can use that while we contemplate virginity.”

Hesitantly, Melfildi did as she was instructed. Her tentacles circling around her body to pull apart her ass cheeks and tight cloth bottom, exposing her winking rosebud. The others joined in, tongued mouths lapping at the secondary hole. Melfildi thrust her tongue into Adi as she groaned. Pleasing from both sides made her body crackle with sensation. From above her Adi Ragnasha moaned throatily in abject lust. Her eyes half- open as she bucked slightly into the Scylla’s thrusting tongue reaching deep into her. The mercenary’s mouth hung open as she groaned, saliva leaking out to drip onto Melfildi’s nose and mixing with the torrential attentions below.

“Good girl. Good girl.” Adi breathed over and over as that wondrous tongue slithered and curled around her insides.

Compelled by the praise of her master, Melfildi pushed first one then two tentacles against her ass. They wormed against her own tightness for a moment, tongues lathering slimy saliva against her rosebud, before they managed to squeeze inside. Melfildi groaned at her own tightness and the feeling of being filled in such a dirty place. The tentacles had a mind of their own. They licked and squirmed inside of her like a pair of snakes seeking comfort in the darkness. Another one reached down to suckle on the Scylla’s clit as she pinched her hardened nipples. She moaned into her master, eyes shut tight as she neared the edge.

Adi felt her new slave grow close and grabbed her head before humping against her mouth, wet slicks of she-cum coating Melfildi from nose to chin. Adi groan as she felt that miracle tongue tug at her inner walls.

All of a sudden she felt the lithe organ twist and spin like a top, Melfildi’s entire mouth latching onto her lower lips. The Ogre-Incubus hybrid screamed out her release as she came in wide-eyed gouts, hands gripping against her partner’s head in a death grip holding her against her pussy. Her climax chained a rush of pleasure through the Scylla as she too came. Her tentacles squelched in and out of her as she rubbed her clit into oblivion. Melfildi moaned into her master’s cunt and prolonged the mercenary’s own orgasm causing a flood of she-cum to spurt into the Scylla’s waiting mouth.

The two rode their orgasms for several more minutes before separating in a wet mess. Adi crouched down and looked the dazed, slack-jawed Melfildi in the eye. She seized the woman’s hair tightly and kissed her, the mercenary’s tongue dominating its worn out partner. Adi let go and her mouth came off with a pop from Melfildi’s wet lips. She smirked and licked her own juices, leaving the Scylla to bask in the afterglow.

Behind her a stir of water lapped at the shore. Abazael rode on the shoulder of the large Orc just as her parrot rode on her own.

Adi Ragnasha did not bother turning. “Was wondering when you were going to show up.”

“I prefer a more fashionable entrance.” The Succubus gazed over the small hovel indifferently.

The mercenary turned to face Abazael. “So? Mission accomplished. I got the kidnapper.” Melfildi clung to her muscled leg like a lost lamb. “And I believe the girl in the furs is the missing brothel worker. I interrupted what I presume to be the first act, the girl should be fine.”

“Indeed.” Abazael nodded but her face was still passive. “You did all the tasks set before you. Even gave the brothel some fresh blood. My congratulations, though I believe you owe me one in the future.”

“Feh,” Adi smirked. “I’ll pay you back. I always do.”

This drew a smirk to Abazael’s own face. “That you do. So? Will you be claiming Milfildi as your own or will you donate her to the brothel?”

The Scylla shuddered in fear at her master’s feet. “I’mma keep her. It’d be nice to have a companion for the road.”

“Very well. Here, you might want this if she ever acts up.” The Succubus tossed her a Prison of Darkness ring. “Now as for your payment, you will be awarded ten souls-”

“TEN SOULS?” Adi interrupted. “That’s a rip off! What make you think-”

“AND,” Abazael hissed. “A free night at the brothel. Unlimited food, drink, a room and bed to sleep in, and a whore of your choice. You can also keep your slave, no one will take her from you or challenge your claim.”

“Oh.” Adi grinned a foxy grin. “Well in that case-”