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Summer Lovin'

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Summer didn’t really do the small towns in the middle of nowhere. Truly. She was a city girl at heart, everyone knew it.

When Grandpa Rick moved to Gravity Falls to marry and live with Stan (forever) she sighed but rolled with it. Grandpa Rick was happy. For once in his alcohol-charged existence, her miserable grandfather was happy for more than what felt like small episodes.

If she had to deal with shitty Wi-Fi for small bursts of time for him to be happy, she would.

The wedding itself was as short as possible. Summer was only able to guess, but she was pretty sure that while Grandpa Rick hated the government (like he did any organized power), he liked the thought of getting married to Stan a whole lot more. The reception, however, was probably the biggest party to hit the small town of Gravity Falls in its entire, convoluted history. It was heard, in whispers, that even the Northwests were shook.

Everyone (even some of those who were underage) got Rickety-Rekt. Even Stan’s brother, Ford (Sixer, as Grandpa had referred to him), was lightening up.

Summer wanted to, but Beth was already gone and Morty had been running off with the twins that were somehow related to Stan. Someone had to get everyone herded back to cabin they were staying in.

Which left her tragically sober.

Which lead to Wendy.

One of the only other ginger girls in attendance, Wendy stuck out. Not to mention the cool, above-it-all attitude that lacked any narcissism and allowed her to be leaning against the light pole without looking like a haughty bitch. Summer was aware of the gender politics that came with the word bitch, but after going to high school with some of the worst people and actually being one of those people, she figured a slip every now and then was fine.

Summer would have been lying if she tried saying she wasn’t checking her out a bit. She dated guys and girl in high school and was comfortable in that. The other ginger’s frame was lean, but tall, exactly her type. But she was also from a small hick town, and likely straight, despite wearing flannel at a wedding.

So she figured flirting would be off the table. Didn’t mean she couldn’t “accidentally” make eye contact and smile.

“You’re staying in the cabin just south of here, right?”

It took Summer a second before realizing the flannel sporting wedding-goer was talking to her.

“Oh, uh, yeah. You know it?”

“Mmhhmm,” the other girl nodded, “My dad, brothers, and I all built it for the wedding. Wendy Corduroy.”

She stuck her hand out, almost playfully. Summer stared first at her hand, then her face. Her skin was slightly tanned, but in the pale-but-I-go-out-in-the-sun-so-much-my-skin-burns-and-I-get-a-lousy-tan-that-isn’t-even-that-tan way. Her freckles were like stars and her face was a galaxy. She even managed to notice her green eyes and eyelashes. Were those things real? They were insanely long.

Finally, she shook the other girl’s hand, “Summer Smith. So, you said that you all built it for the wedding? That’s literally insane. That cabin is really nice. Like, what the hell. How.”

“We’re loggers, building comes with the business in our family,” Wendy shrugged, “It didn’t take that long, honestly? Besides, lots of the stuff in there was provided by friends of Stan in town. Rick marrying Stan makes him and you guys family, and we take care Stan’s family ‘round here.”

That was a lot for Summer to unpack there. Cabin building not taking that long? Stan’s friends being super generous? The locals basically adopting her family into Stan’s and therefore the town? Where would she start?

Biting her lip, she glanced from her drink (it was actually champagne and she was definitely still nineteen but she was sipping slowly and the only two cops she noticed were both definitely Rickety-Rekt) and blurted the first thing that came to mind, “Stan seems like a real good guy. I’m glad…”

She wasn’t sure how she was going to finish that sentence. With someone so tall and good looking (looking closer at Wendy’s face, she deduced that her eyelashes were real) that she probably couldn’t end up romantically with, she sometimes just started sentences and let them take their own path without realizing. A bad habit she needed to work on.

But Wendy nodded, as though the fragmented sentence actually made sense, “Yeah, I know. Stan’s great and we all love him, but we know he isn’t exactly a saint. Rick seems cool. It great they found each other, even as old bags of trash dust, amirite?”

A giggle escaped Summer’s lip and she knew that it was definitely one that was born out of flirtation and not girls sharing secrets like besties, “Oh my God, you’re totally right.  I shouldn’t be saying this, but Rick probably makes Stan look like a saint. For example…”

The rest of the night went quickly, after that. They traded stories of their old men committing crimes and their own roles in said crimes. Wendy robbed a museum once. Summer got built to beat the shit our of the actual devil. By the time the reception was ending and her mom and Morty were both passed out(for different reasons, hopefully) and Rick long gone, Summer knew she had to leave.

Even if Wendy was giving her looks that could definitely be interpreted as “not straight.”

“I should go,” she sighed as Wendy walked her over to the tale Beth was passed out on, “We should keep in touch, though. I’ll probably be in town for a few more days.”

The last part was definitely a hint towards something like: I’ll be here a couple more days so while we couldn’t be a couple that has a drunken one night stand that turns into something more you still have a chance to totally fall in love with me so take it, dammit, you rad-ass willow of a girl.

Wendy grinned and raised an eyebrow before grabbing a sticky pen from the table and scribbling on a wrinkled napkin, “Here, it’s my number. Text me whenever and I’ll try and take you on an adventure here. There’s nothing much in town, but these woods are dope. You in?

Summer was not a small-town girl. Nor was she the outdoorsy type. She didn't care about the woods here, there, or anywhere.

But she returned Wendy's grin and felt herself say, "Totally," without a second thought.