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Pierce, sneaky bastard that he is, talked the crew into using chilled vodka for that particular smut scene. Admittedly, he's going to suffer, too -- the script calls for Rene to dump vodka all over his head -- but she's going to suffer worse for it, splashing it all over her bare chest, and she's going to have to look happy about it.

As soon as the cameras stop, Rene shoves Pierce away from her with a half-disgusted look on her face. "Dick," she mutters. "You always have to push, don't you, Pierce?"

"What would life be without pushing, lass?" Pierce smirks. "Pity this is on set. Imagine what we'd be doing if there weren't so many people around."

Rene quirks an eyebrow, pursing her lips. "Oh, now that's hubris. God, Pierce, you really think you're God's gift, don't you?"

Pierce gives her his trademark bare-teeth smile. "Find out," he offers, voice lilting, tone caressing.

Rene merely rolls her eyes. "Please. It may have escaped your attention, Pierce, but you don't have anything to offer."

"Not true," Pierce returns, eyes glinting. "I've a girl."

Rene stops dead in her tracks. They've danced around it; they have some contacts in common. They both know what he means by that. It's the first time he's been abrupt about it, though, and it gets her attention. "I thought you just had the boy," she murmurs.

"The boy's been with me for the past three years," Pierce nods, "but the girl's a new addition to my household."

"How new?" Rene asks, eyebrow arching. "Broken in yet? Fully trained?"

Pierce shakes his head. "No. Not quite. As I said, she's a new addition to my household. I've only had her a month."

"A...?" Rene's voice trails off, and she frowns. "You've gotten a new girl while we've been shooting?"

"I've been waiting for this one to become available for some time now. I wasn't going to throw that opportunity away when it finally came."

"Hmm." Rene sniffs and shakes her head, wringing a trace of vodka out of her hair. "So who's this girl of yours? Anyone I'd know?"

"Find out," Pierce offers. "No strings. Just come by and see if you might be willing to offer me a trade in order to spend time with her."

Another arched eyebrow. "What sort of trade are we talking about?"

"Well, that depends entirely on how much time you want to spend with her, doesn't it?" Pierce grins. "She's lovely. You'll like her."

Rene sighs and sets her teeth. "You're probably right. All right. If you're serious -- no strings -- I'll come over tomorrow night."

"Quite serious." Pierce leans over and bites Rene's shoulder, the sort of friendly move actors can get away with from time to time while laughing, grinning, joking. His grin is rather more serious than anyone on set might realize. She reaches out, grinning, to give him a slap that looks equally playful and is equally serious. "Tomorrow night, then. I'll have the harem ready for you."