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Twelve years later…

Sure, Kara could have apparated. But flying was so much more fun.

Problem was, as her beeping wristwatch helpfully informed her, she may have spent a bit too much time on a detour flying alongside a flock of migrating swallows, swooping and barrell-rolling over the countryside, arms stretched wide like her toothy grin.

And now she was late.

“Shoot,” Kara muttered and silenced her watch’s insistent beeping. “Excellent flying, guys! Have a safe trip!” she crowed cheerily to the swallows, and yelped as she narrowly dodged some falling poop.

Kara veered mid air to point herself east, and was soon flying over familiar pastures and rolling hills that meant she was nearing home.

She grimaced, realising that not only was she late, she also reeked of smoke. Lena wasn’t going to be happy about that. The smell of smoke had made Lena nauseous the entire time she’d carried Elly, and she still couldn’t stand it. But what was Kara supposed to do? It was hard to work with dragons and not get just a little singed from time to time.

A smile formed on Kara’s lips as her home came into view. It was on a quiet street in a wizarding neighbourhood (so there couldn’t be too many questions about a strange woman flying in and out—or the winged horse in the yard), with two storeys, and a backyard big enough for Theo and Luce to get into all sorts of trouble.

Kara swooped down onto their balcony—stopping to snag a bunch of flowers from a neighbour’s garden (she’d repay them with a batch of freshly baked cookies later)—and tiptoed into her and Lena’s bedroom. Luce, their huge white dog popped her head up from where she’d been curled up on the floor, ears twitching curiously.

“Shh,” Kara whispered, patting Luce’s great head. She shed her robes and showered quickly before changing into a pair of brown, fitted slacks and a loose, white linen shirt, grabbing the flowers from the bed before she headed downstairs with Luce on her heels.

She found Lena in the dining room, lighting candles with her wand and levitating plates and glasses onto the table. Silently, Kara snuck up behind her and slipped an arm around Lena’s waist, squeezing gently when Lena startled at first.

“Hey,” Kara said, pressing a kiss to the familiar freckle just below Lena’s ear. Her fingertips skated along the scar across Lena’s belly—it had faded, over the years, but still echoed the memories of everything they had been through when they were younger. Lena eased back into her wife’s arms, almost forgetting to be annoyed until—

“You’re late,” Lena hummed, stern. Kara whipped the flowers out from behind her back with a hopeful grin. “And very sweet,” Lena decided, and Kara was off the hook.

Lena kissed Kara on the cheek and conjured some water into a vase for the flowers, while Kara set about the well-practiced routine of picking up Theo’s blocks and books scattered around the living room.

“How was the lab?”

“Busy. How were the dragons?”

“Testy. It’s mating season.”

“Ah, say no more. Remember last year?”

“Mmhm. Lucky you had hair regrowth potion on hand.”

“I kind of liked it short.”

“But you like braiding it more.”

“I do.”

A happy gurgling sound diverted Kara’s attention, and her entire being lit up upon seeing her daughter waving her chubby arms in a plea for freedom from the baby bouncer on the floor.

“There’s my best girl!” She released Elly from her prison and swept her up into the air, blowing open-mouthed raspberry kisses into the baby’s cheeks and tummy. “How are you doing today, Elly belly?” she cooed while Elly squealed with delight and batted Kara in the face with her thrashing arms, knocking Kara’s glasses askew. Kara cradled Elly in her arms, deeply inhaling the waxy smell from the crown of her head. “Gosh, you smell good. What is your secret?”

Lena watched her family from the side of the room, with that look on her face she sometimes got. Like she couldn’t believe this was all real, that this was all hers. She shook her head lightly and pushed off from the wall to join them, where she placed an arm around Kara’s waist and swept wisps of Elly’s blonde hair back.

“She didn’t smell so nice when she got into Luce’s food today. Did you, Eleanor?” Lena quirked an eyebrow at her infant daughter, who was completely unaffected by the same Luthor stare that could reduce grown men into quivering lumps when Lena so decided to exercise her secret power.

Kara gasped, looking into blue eyes that seemed almost too big for the baby’s head. “Naughty, El.” Elly wriggled around a bit until Kara settled her onto her hip and gave her a pinkie finger to grab a hold of. “Where’s your brother, Elly?” she asked, then turned to Lena, who was considerably more capable of answering. “Where’s Theo?”

“He’s in his room. He said he’s working on a project—top secret, you know how it is.”

Kara grinned and tapped the side of her nose. “He’s so much like Lex sometimes.”

“I know; I think he wants to be him when he grows up. Can you go check on him? The others will be here any minute.”

Kara shifted Elly onto Lena’s hip and took the stairs up two at a time until she was face to face with Theo’s closed door, a sign that the mini-genius was hard at work. She rapped a staccato rhythm on the door three times, waited for the small voice that answered “enter.”

Gently, Kara pushed the door open and edged inside. The room was dark, despite the late afternoon sun. All the blinds were drawn, the only light source a fluorescent lamp that illuminated her son’s small form. Theo didn’t even move as Kara pulled up a chair and sat by his desk, taking a moment to observe him.

Theo was serious, for a six year old, with dark eyes and hair that was always falling in them. He always had something in his hands: a quill or a book or the practice wand Lena had gotten for him. This time, he was hunched over a notebook, hands alternating between safety scissors and a glue brush. A small stack of precisely cut sheets of parchment sat to his left, and he was gluing the papers on top of the notebook pages.

“What are you working on?” Kara asked.

“Presents, for Gabbie and Sofia,” Theo answered, his tongue sticking out as he aligned the corners of the paper.

“That’s very thoughtful; I’m sure they’ll love it.” Kara beamed, and Theo made a distracted humming sound. Kara took a moment to examine the parchment Theo had acquired, and there was something familiar about the pale pink pages. “Theo...where’d you get this parchment?”

Theo shifted a little. “Mother’s desk,” he eventually answered.

“Oh? Did you ask if you could take it?” Kara asked, watching in mild amusement as the tips of Theo’s ears turned pink, just like Lex’s did when he was caught something he probably shouldn’t be doing.

“She only used it to write to you when you were away. You don’t go away anymore, so she’s not using it,” Theo rationalised, his lower lip jutting out into a stubborn pout.

So that was where Kara recognised the parchment from. During the quidditch season when Kara had played for the Harpies a few years back, Lena and Kara had written to each other using this parchment: it was enchanted so whatever one person was writing would appear instantly on the other person’s paper, no matter how far apart they were. Kara’s cheeks flushed red when she remembered a great deal of those letters weren’t exactly kid friendly.

“You didn’t, ah...find any of our old letters did you?”

“No,” Theo answered, much to Kara’s relief.

While Theo continued his furious pasting, Kara surveyed his desk. There was a stack of already completed notebooks, with Theo’s surprisingly neat handwriting on the spines: Potions, Transfiguration, Charms...and then Kara realised what he was doing.

“Theo,” Kara said, gentle but firm, and laid a hand on his. He stilled and blinked up at her, brown locks falling into his face. “Are you trying to steal Gabbie and Sofie’s notes from Hogwarts?”

Theo averted his eyes, fidgeting with his fingers. “It’s not fair that they get to go,” he said in a small voice.

Kara’s expression softened and she gently eased the glue brush from Theo’s hand. “When you’re eleven, you’ll get your letter and you’ll join your cousins. But for now, you’re six, and that means you get to spend five more years hanging out with your mother and me, and Luce, and Lillian, and being the best older brother to Elly. That’s a very important job, you know,” Kara said seriously.

Theo sighed and nodded in solemn acceptance of his responsibility, albeit somewhat reluctantly. “I suppose.”

Kara smiled and leaned in to speak conspiringly into his ear. “Do you know what six year olds get to do that eleven year olds don’t?”

“What’s that?”

“They get to play hippogriff.”

Theo considered Kara’s point for a moment. “I do like hippogriff,” he finally conceded.

With that, Kara scooped Theo up onto her shoulders and sprinted out of the room, Theo laughing and gripping onto her head as she tore down the stairs and skidded into the kitchen. There she found Lena putting the finishing touches on a cake Kara would absolutely devour later, angling her Elly-laden hip away from it so it wouldn’t end up covered in baby-shaped handprints.

“Ah, he emerges,” Lena remarked as Kara set Theo down.

“Can I get our model out to show Uncle Lex?”

“Yes, I’m sure he’d love to see it,” Lena said, and Theo trotted off into the living room.

Lena gave Kara an admonishing look as Kara stole a strawberry from a fruit platter, but before she could hear anything about it, there was a loud popping sound from outside that made Lena huff a steadying sigh and check Elly’s bow was straight. “They’re here.”

A modest town car had materialised in front of their house, rumbling contentedly until the driver cut the engine and James popped out of the driver’s seat.

“Luthor-Danverses!” he cheered, thrusting his arms in the air.

Kara pulled James into a hug, her arms barely fitting around his broad shoulders. “James,” she grinned. “How’s Lucy?”

“Very pregnant. She sends her love.” James crouched down in front of Theo and ruffled his hair. “Hey, champ! High five!”

Theo frowned and smoothed his hair back down before sticking his hand out for a handshake instead, which James accepted with a bemused chuckle.

Meanwhile, Kal had gotten out of the passenger side and zipped around to the back seat to open the door. Out spilled Winn, Mon-El with thee gurgling babies strapped to his front and back, Jeremiah, then Eliza, then Alex, who had been booted out by Maggie, who turned around and pulled Gabriela and Sofia out after her.

Last to exit the car was Lex, who one day had decided that maintaining his curly locks took too much time away from his work, and had promptly shaved his head. It looked good on him, once they got used to it. Kara and Lena secretly feared that Theo would have wanted to shave his hair off once he saw Lex’s new look, but fortunately it hadn’t happened.

Theo ignored everyone else—even Gabbie and Sofia who were cooing gleefully over his little button-down shirt—and walked straight up to Lex, mimicking Lex’s pin-straight posture perfectly.

“Theodore,” Lex addressed him with a formal nod.

“Uncle Lex. I’ve been working on a new model. Would you like to see it?”

“Of course. Lead the way.”

Lex waited for Theo to turn around to say a quick “hello” to Kara. He paused on the doorstep to kiss Lena’s cheek and bend down to let Elly slap a hand on his bald head before following Theo inside.

At the sound of some strained grunting, Kara whipped her head around to see Maggie wrenching heavy trunks out of the boot of the car. Kara hopped around the back and easily carried both trunks with one arm, flashing Maggie a cocky grin.

“Yeah, yeah, Little Danvers. We get it, you’re strong,” Maggie rolled her eyes as she slammed the trunk shut.

“Nice to see you too, Maggs,” Kara chuckled. “Ready for the big day tomorrow?”

“Not at all. Alex has cried three times already.”

“What about you?”

Maggie scuffed her shoes, avoiding Kara’s eyes as she mumbled “seven.”

Maggie had never wanted kids.

Alex did, more than anything, but she respected Maggie and her reasons, and thought she could let it go (and perhaps she hoped that Maggie would eventually come around, maybe when they got a bit older).

Still, seeing Kara and Lena with Theo when he was a baby had been hard for Alex. She loved being an aunt, but she couldn’t shake the desire to have her own: to raise and nurture and protect someone, and teach them about the world.

But Maggie was clear about what she wanted, and Alex loved her too much to let her go. She told herself she could cope with being the world’s best aunt if she had Maggie by her side.

For a while, it seemed like the world’s best aunt was all Alex was going to be—until Maggie went on assignment to Venezuela and came back with two identical wide-eyed eight-year-old girls and a troubled frown, saying they’d been abandoned, that they had no one else.

Alex loved them immediately.

It was, after all, not the first time a child had fallen into Alex Danvers’ life just needing someone to be there for them, to love them.

Now, Gabbie and Sofia were due to go to Hogwarts the next day, and Alex looked just about as strung out as Kara imagined she would.

“I feel like I’ve forgotten a million things,” Alex said as Kara hefted the trunks inside.

“You haven’t, not with all the checklists I know you’ve made. As long as we have enough tissues for the train station we’ll be just fine,” Kara teased. Kara dropped the trunks off in the spare room before rejoining the party downstairs.

Everyone had made themselves right at home, chatting and eating in the kitchen or sitting in the living room. New fathers Mon-El and Winn looked particularly exhausted, and were nodding off against each other on the sofa while the triplets had found their way into Alex and Eliza’s arms.

Lex and Theo were huddled around a table, working together on a scale model of Hogwarts Theo and Lena had been working on for weeks.

“Is this where you pushed Mama off the tower to see if she could fly?” Theo asked, pointing a finger at the clocktower.

Lex winced. “Let’s not talk about that. It was a long time ago.”

“I can’t wait to go to Hogwarts. Did you know there are mermaids in the lake? My Mama fought off a hundred of them to save you, Uncle Lex, and then she saved my Mother, too! And Aunt Alex!” Theo declared, his chest puffing out with pride.

Lex raised an eyebrow, giving Kara a sly look. “Did she now? Is that what she told you?”

Kara blushed and she patted Theo’s head. “Kids, right? Always exaggerating,” she said and laughed overly loudly.

“Mmhm,” Lex smirked. “You’re absolutely right about one thing, Theo. Your mothers are very brave. Both of them.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Theo said impatiently then returned to his model. “Did you know Hogwarts has heaps of secret passages? And a hidden room that turns into whatever you ask for?”

Kara nodded her head to Lex with a warm smile before tiptoeing out, leaving Theo to regurgitate the entirety of Hogwarts: A History to an attentive Lex.

She found Lena and Elly outside with Gabbie and Sofia, showing them how to feed Lillian pieces of carrot. Elly had half a carrot clenched in her fist—she had a remarkably strong grip for a baby—and was gnawing toothlessly on it with enthusiasm (though not making much progress besides coating it with drool).

“Want me to take her?”

“Thanks, darling. She’s getting heavy.”

Lena offloaded Elly into Kara’s arms, the exchange not bothering Elly in the slightest as she was properly fixated on her carrot. “Are you girls excited to go to Hogwarts tomorrow?” Kara asked.

“Yes!” Sofia chirped back, grinning wide enough Kara could see one of her molars was missing.

“I’m gonna be on the quidditch team!” Gabbie reported proudly, puffing her chest out.

“Yeah? Do you want to be a beater like your Mom? Or a chaser like your Aunt Kara?” Lena asked.

Gabbie shook her head and answered right away. “I wanna be a seeker, like Mon-el. He’s just the coolest,” she said a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Gabbie has a crush on Mon-el,” Sofia whispered, much to Gabbie’s apparent horror.

“Do not!!” she squeaked and proceeded to chase her sister across the yard.

Kara chuckled and slipped her arm around Lena’s waist, easing her into her side to press a kiss to her temple.

“Alex and Maggie are going to be complete wrecks tomorrow, aren’t they?” Lena asked, resting her head on Kara’s shoulder.


“I suppose we won’t be any different when Theo heads off too,” Lena said with a slight frown.

“Yeah...we’re still going to tease Alex and Maggie about it though, right?”


Elly babbled nonsensically, waving her carrot around. Lena kissed the crown of Elly’s head, then pressed up to kiss Kara, one hand tangling lazily in the hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck.

“Hey! You two should get married.”

Kara turned to see Maggie hanging out from the back porch, drink in one hand and somehow she’d ended up with one of the triplets.

“Been there, done that,” Lena grinned over Kara’s shoulder, holding her wrist up so the Kryptonian wedding bracelet she was wearing sparkled in the setting sun.

“Best thing I ever did,” Kara said, quietly, so only Lena (and Elly) could hear. She ran a thumb along Lena’s bracelet, the simple wedding band she wore on her ring finger shining in the light too, and smiled into Lena’s lips when she kissed her. “Except for winning that pancake eating contest at the Leaky Cauldron—that was also a highpoint,” she added as an afterthought.

Lena gave Kara a pointed look. “You know we have two children, right?”

“Yes, I’m aware. But also: free pancakes, Lena. For a lifetime.” Kara waggled her eyebrows.

Lena rolled her eyes and eased Elly back out of Kara’s arms. “I’m confiscating your daughter, since it seems pancakes are your first love.”

Kara’s mouth dangled open as Lena headed back towards the house, until Lena winked back at her over her shoulder. Kara jogged a few steps to catch up and put an arm around Lena as they walked back inside.

“You know I’d give up all the pancakes in the world for them, right?” Kara asked, a little worriedly.

Lena laughed, eyes bright and loving. “I know.”

After dinner, and dessert, and a few drinks, and everyone giving Gabbie and Sofia gifts for their first year, Kara found Kal standing over in the corner, arms folded over his chest as he surveyed the room, a pensive look on his face.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Kara asked, nudging his side.

Kal hummed contentedly. “Just thinking...about how this feels like Krypton used to feel. At your house, with Aunt Astra and Uncle Non, my parents, your parents. Everyone together, happy…” Kal trailed off, and the two Kryptonians winced simultaneously under one of Elly’s particularly exuberant squeals.

“It was a lot quieter though,” Kara laughed.

“Not the way I remember it,” Kal ribbed with a smirk. “You’ve built something really special here, Kara. A real home. It makes me think...maybe I could have something like this too, someday.”

“Is that right?” Kara peaked her eyebrows in interest. Kal had been a lone wolf for as long as she’d known him. He seemed to show no interest in settling down, maybe because he was afraid of losing everything again. But on his face, Kara saw hope, and it made her smile. “You know...Lucy has a sister your age. She’s cute: brown eyes, gorgeous smile. Wicked smart too; she won’t let you get away with anything,” Kara teased.

“Oh? Huh.” Kal turned thoughtful, and ran a hand over his jaw. “I just remembered, I need to talk to James about...something.”

Kara chuckled and gave Kal a playful shove as he made his way over to James, where he tried to bring up James’ sister-in-law as subtly as possible.

The night ended with everyone except for Lex, Maggie, Alex, and the girls piling back into the car to head home.

“Thanks for tonight, Kara,” Winn said gratefully as he strapped a third baby onto Mon-el’s front. “We haven’t slept that well in weeks.”

Kara waved Elly’s chubby hand as the car pulled away before heading back inside to complete the usual bedtime rituals. Lex was sleeping on the floor in Theo’s room, and promised he’d happily read Theo his latest journal article as a bedtime story. Lena had already put Elly to sleep when Kara popped into their room and found Lena slipping into a nightgown.

“I’ll be up in a bit,” she promised, kissing the skin of Lena’s bare shoulder before she headed downstairs to take Luce out and check everything was locked up.

Downstairs was empty except for one Alex Danvers, who had dragged the girls’ trunks out into the living room, and was obsessively checking their contents. Kara leaned against the doorframe, watching in mild amusement as Alex murmured under her breath, unfolding and refolding clothes and rearranging books in the trunks.

“Remember our first year?” Kara asked, and Alex snapped her frazzled head up at the sound. “I forgot to pack socks.”

“Yeah,” Alex breathed, running a shaky hand through her hair. “You borrowed—or should I say stole—mine until we went home for Christmas. Shoot, did I pack socks?” Alex asked herself and rummaged through the trunks. “Yes, I did,” she reported to no one in particular.

Kara crossed to sit by Alex and put a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “They’re going to be fine, Al.”

“I know they will,” Alex frowned, teeth indenting her lower lip. “That’s what scares me. Do you think...they won’t need me anymore?”

Kara couldn’t help but laugh at the suggestion.“Of course they will. Heck, Al, even I still need you,” Kara admitted. “You’ll be there for them, just like you’re always there for me. Hogwarts won’t change that.”

Alex sighed and slowly put everything back into the trunks before joining her sister on the couch. “I guess...I just can’t help but worry. You know that.”

Kara nodded and put an arm around Alex. “I’ve got it covered. I’ve already arranged for Diana to send you weekly owls; we’ve got a woman on the inside,” Kara winked.

Alex’s frame softened with relief, allowing her to lean into Kara’s side. “You’re the best, Kar.”


Despite all of Alex’s planning and lists and schedules, the morning was complete chaos.

Kara may have gotten a little ambitious with promising everyone she’d make pancakes in whatever shape they wanted, and may have spended half the morning trying to make a Grindylow-shaped one for Sofia with very little success.

At ten-eighteen (a full thirty-eight minutes behind schedule) they had loaded two trunks, an owl, three kids, five adults, a baby seat, and a baby into the car. Kara twisted around from the passenger seat and grinned at everyone in the back, who had plenty of room thanks to the enchantments on the car.

“Everyone buckled in?”

“We’re going to miss the train!” Alex said in a strangled voice.

“Oh no,” Maggie said flatly, “Then our daughters won’t be able to leave. How terrible.”

“Mama!” Gabriela and Sofia cried in unison.

“Floor it, Lena!” Kara urged manically, then amended— “but responsibly. Our baby and son are on board.”

With Lena driving like a (responsible) speed demon and Kara in the passenger seat magically switching every traffic light to green, they arrived with fifteen minutes to spare. Kara hoisted both of the girls’ trunks onto her shoulders, calling out “they’re lighter than they look!” to any baffled muggles as they speed-walked to the barrier between platforms 9 and 10.

“Nervous? It’s okay to be scared on your first time,” Kara grinned at Lena when they approached the barrier.

Lena shifted Elly on her hip and held onto Theo’s hand as she looked up into Kara’s eyes. “Not even a bit.”

They strode confidently towards the barrier, right into the wall, and then they were faced with the brilliantly red Hogwarts Express and swept up in the bustle of students and parents and cats. Kara deposited the girls’ trunks on the train and returned to a sobbing Maggie with her arms wrapped around a mildly suffocating Sofia and Gabbie.

When Maggie eventually eased back (only to cry more into Lex’s shoulder—Lex looking like he had no idea what to do with the crying woman), Alex crouched down in front of the girls with a stern look for each of them.

“I need the both of you to look out for each other. You’re sisters; you’ll always have each other’s backs, okay?” She asked, and Kara smiled tenderly when Alex’s eyes flicked up at her over Gabbie’s shoulder.

“And if you end up in Slytherin, don’t bother coming home,” Maggie emerged from Lex’s shoulder to say.

“She’s kidding!” Alex said quickly. “We’ll love you no matter what house you’re in.”

“But seriously, please be in Gryffindor,” Maggie added. “There’s this special couch in the common room where your mother and I—”

“OKAY!” Lena interrupted loudly, snapping her hands over Theo’s ears. “Time to get on the train!”

After a final round of hugs and farewells they were watching the girls disappear into the crowd as they headed for the train. Alex and Maggie held onto each other, both teary-eyed but holding it together, for the girls’ sake.

“Kara?” Lena gripped Kara’s arm, eyes darting about. “Where’s Theo?”


“Where’s Theo?” Lena asked, more urgently as she scanned the crowd.

“Hold Elly.”

Handing Elly off, Kara closed her eyes and focused her hearing, seeking out the light, spirited beat of her son’s heart. It didn’t take long to find it: it was beating fast, but with excitement, rather than fear or any sign of danger, which was a relief. Kara crossed the platform in a few quick strides and tapped on Gabbie’s retreating shoulder.

“Stop right there, Gabriela Alvarez-Danvers-Sawyer.” Kara crossed her arms, a stern look on her face. Gabbie grimaced and turned around, blushing with guilt as she swept her cloak aside to reveal Theo had been hiding underneath. “Harbouring a fugitive are we?” Kara asked, quirking a brow. “Come on, Theodore. It’s not your turn yet.”

Theo pouted and hung his head as he shuffled back to Kara, slipping his small hand into hers.

“You nearly scared your mother to death,” Kara frowned.

“I’m sorry. I just...I want to see the places from your stories,” Theo mumbled.

Kara sighed and squeezed his hand. “You’ll see them all someday. I promise.”

Kara brought Theo back, safe and sound, and hoisted him up onto her back to get a better view. He sighed, a despondent puff of air that agitated the loose strands of hair around Kara’s face. Kara’s heart ached with sympathy, and she turned to Lena with a hopeful look as the train’s whistle blew.

“You think I could…?” Kara trailed off, jerking her head and arching her eyebrows indicatively.

Lena thought for a moment before she nodded. “Take Elly. Up, up and away, Supergirl.” She smiled as she kissed Kara’s cheek as she handed Elly over, and Kara held the baby tight against her chest.

“Hold on tight, Theo,” Kara instructed over her shoulder. Dutifully, Theo tightened his arms around Kara’s neck and his legs around her waist, and then Kara was running, running down the platform as the train pulled off.

She picked up speed with each step, faster and faster until the platform ran out, and then she jumped and she was flying, keeping speed with the train. Elly squealed with delight, and Kara shielded her tiny face from the wind with her hand.

Students pressed their amazed faces up against the train windows as they flew past, and Theo gave them a cheery wave from Kara’s back. Eventually, they found Gabbie and Sofia’s compartment, and Kara flew alongside them, waving and blowing kisses until the train took a turn and veered off and away. Kara stopped in the air, hovering until the train disappeared from view.

Theo’s cheek was pressed against Kara’s, and she could feel him smiling. “I love you, Mama,” he said. Elly made a gurgling sound, and Kara liked to think that she echoed her brother’s sentiment.


After dropping Alex and Maggie off they returned home, where Theo and Lex were right back to working on Theo’s model in the living room.

Elly was beginning to fuss, so Lena wordlessly took Kara by the fingertips and led her upstairs. Lena was curled up on the bed with Elly by the time Kara had taken her shoes and belt off and undone the buttons of her shirt. A muffled sound came from the bed, and Kara turned to see Lena making limp grabby hands for her.

“Coming,” Kara said softly as she slipped out of her shirt, leaving her in a cotton undershirt as she slipped onto the bed, on top of the covers. She picked up Elly and laid her on her chest, closing her eyes as she inhaled the baby’s warm scent. They didn’t usually sleep with Elly like this, but her back was rising and falling with sleep already, and they were so comfortable Kara couldn’t bring herself to move.

Lena rolled onto her side, scooting up to Kara and curling into her, one finger grazing the soft skin of Elly’s leg before she wrapped her arm around Kara’s waist and laid her head on her shoulder. Kara felt Lena breathing against her neck as she slipped an arm behind Lena’s back.

Kara exhaled—long and tired, but happy—the weight of the day’s activities rolling off her chest as she settled in with her family. She felt Lena’s warm lips press a kiss to the spot just beneath the hinge of her jaw, and “I love you, Kara Luthor-Danvers” was the last thing she heard before falling asleep.


The sun was still up when Kara opened her eyes again, but it wasn’t the sun woke her.

It wasn’t Elly crying either, which was what it normally was.

No, it was a vice grip on a shoulder, and a shaking movement. For a second, Kara thought she must have been on a boat or something and ignored it, until it came again, rougher and more pressing.


Lena’s urgent whisper cut through Kara’s sleep and then Kara was awake and rubbing at her eyes. “What is it, Lena?” she croaked, her voice gravelly from sleep. However, the wide-eyed look of panic was enough to wake Kara up fully.

“Where’s Eleanor?”

Kara patted her chest and, sure enough, the baby was missing. She sat bolt upright in the bed, brow furrowed as she listened out for Elly’s presence and—

“She’s here, Lena, I can hear her—she’s asleep.” Kara patted the bed around her, as though she’d misplaced her keys or her wand, and stopped when Lena was gripping onto her upper arm and pointing at the ceiling.

Kara followed her finger, and her jaw dropped open when she saw their baby, floating above their heads, blowing bubbles with her own drool.

Kara and Lena looked at each other, eyes wide as they gripped each other’s hands, and whispered simultaneously:

“Oh, Rao.”