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missing hope

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Today is the day that Midoriya Izuku, aged 15, has been missing for over a year since All For One perished. Midoriya was a former UA student, pursuing his dreams to become the number one hero in the world. He was last seen by passer-bys and his friends who supposedly were there with him to rescue their kidnapped friend, Bakugou Katsuki, from the League Of Villains.

No traces or clues were left at the area where he was supposedly last seen at. The police force and pro heroes have been searching for Midoriya for the past year, bearing fruitless results from countless hours of searching and manpower. If any citizen out there see him, please contact the police or a nearby pro hero immediately-


The TV was shut off by Bakugou as he threw the remote onto the sofa. Class 2-A was huddled around the TV, worriedly staring at the screen as it flickered old pictures of past Izuku. They all turned their heads to Bakugou, who is seen walking out of the living room.

Everyone knew that Bakugou has lost the fire in him ever since Izuku went missing. Bakugou has been more solemn than usual, only using his curses on himself and not on others. His personality and attitude took a 180° from being aggressive and proud to being gentle and insecure.

The teachers have noticed the change in his behavior and has been talking to him about it. No one knew how or what happen to Bakugou, not even Kirishima or Kaminari could solve the problem.

Bakugou strolled into the lift and pressed the 4th floor button. The lift doors shut and the lift jerked upwards. Bakugou's thoughts were consuming most of his emotions, leaving his face a blank state. The lift gave a 'ding!' to signal that it have arrived to 4th floor. The lift doors opened and Bakugou stepped out. He shuffled his feet towards his dorm room. He unlocked the door and shut it behind him, and threw himself onto his bed.

Bakugou has been trying to figure out what happened to Izuku. His table and walls were full of crumbled papers and frustration were scribbled all over the papers. Some papers have been scorched and thrown around the room. It is as if the papers were sacrifices to bring back Izuku, wherever he is. He closed his eyes to calm his train of thoughts, and soon he silently dozed off.


"Have you searched here?"

"Of course I did! I searched every corner of the city, he's nowhere to be found!"

"Are you sure he didn't disappear just like that?"

"Hey, stop idling around! We have to find Midoriya!"

Everything was a blur. In an instance, Izuku was gone in a blink of an eye. Bakugou only remembered his last moments, crying in tears of joy watching All Might threw his last punch at All For One. It was then a mysterious hand came out and grabbed onto Izuku's arm. Izuku got dragged into a portal and Bakugou, too late to react, tried to save him. No one except Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida and Yaoyorozu noticed the unknown hand and the swirling portal. Bakugou was about to reach Izuku, when the portal has wrapped him away.

Everyone stood there in shock, paralyzed from what had just unfolded before them.


Bakugou flickered open his eyes, only to be overwhelmed in darkness. The moonlight spilling from the gap in between the curtains tells him that it's night time. He got out of bed and shuffled his feet across the floor to turn on the ceiling light. Using the moonlight as his only source of light, he carefully kicked the papers strewn all over the floor aside as he made his way to the switch.

His hand stopped just a few centimeters before the switch. He brought his hand back to his side and clenched his fist.

Why am I so useless? I can't even save a shithead, I don't even deserve to be called a hero student.

Tiny sparks formed on his palms as he vents to himself.

I miss you.


"Tch, useless pawn. Why do I have to do all of your work now? Can't you be a little more useful, Twice?" Shigaraki has his four fingers on Twice's face, his pinky inches away from disintegrating his face to ashes. Twice is backed towards the brick wall, having messed up during his mission and is now getting retorted by Shigaraki.

"Dude! I'm sorry for messing up but you could have send someone else to do it instead of me!" Twice argued in response.

"Maybe I should kill you right now." Shigaraki's pinky inched closer to Twice's face. Kurogiri watched from the bar counter, unable to render help to Twice as Shigaraki has gave a stern warning to him to not interfere.

Before his pinky made contact on Twice, Shigaraki was rudely interrupted by a burning glare behind him. Shigaraki growled and spun around, only to face a boy with a smirking freckled face.

"How many times do you have to keep doing this to me? I am your superior and you should not be going against me, let alone use your fucking quirks on me."

The boy's face relaxed into a grin before replying, "I can't let you kill off a comrade for his mistake, I'm sure he will learn from it."

He walked over and put his arm around Twice. It send shivers down Twice's spine and immediately shifted away from the gesture. "Dude, I don't swing that way!!"

The boy let out a small chuckle and waved his hand to shoo Twice away. Twice quickly ran for the door to leave the awkward atmosphere the boy created between them.

Shigaraki looked at the boy from behind his hand covering his whole face. "What are you here for, Midoriya Izuku?" he grunted.

Izuku gave him a look, "Obviously, I'm here to report on the findings from the mission you assigned to me."

Shigaraki walked over to the bar counter and sat on the usual stool he always sat on. He gestured Izuku to sit on the stool next to him. Izuku politely bowed before sitting down. Kurogiri quietly stood behind the counter to watch over Shigaraki's behavior.

"What have you find that's much more important to interrupt me and my killing?" Shigaraki questioned the boy who's still grinning to himself.

"I found something that you would be satisfied about," Izuku spoke with a cheerful tone.

"And that is?"

Izuku reached into his jeans pocket to fish out a bunch of pictures and place it in front of Shigaraki. The pictures showed UA's Class 2-A students, in their daily school routine.

Shigaraki's eyebrows raised a little at the sight of the pictures. He glanced at Izuku, "How did you even infiltrate into the building without even getting caught by security? I didn't ask you to get pictures of them being high and mighty as UA students."

Izuku tapped his temples, "It's all in the head."

"I didn't ask for your stupid answer."

Izuku huffed, "Fine. I used Far Sight and Manipulation to infiltrate into the school."

Shigaraki scratched in his chin in silence while glaring at Izuku. "Well, you were restricted to not use your given quirks unless it's for self-defense from pro heroes, y'know?"

Izuku rested his elbow on the counter and his chin on his hand, "I got more interesting things you would like to know."

"Out with it."

"Well, I overheard in the teachers' room that Class 2-A would have a combat training lesson with Eraserhead and Midnight at the Training Dreamland facility a few days from now. Don't you think it is a good time to attack and capture a few powerful students?"

Shigaraki stopped scratching his chin and cocked his head slightly.

"What makes you think that we have the numbers AND the power to fight them? I don't have the intel of how much Class 2-A have improved on using their quirks, neither can I see the future from now."

Izuku giggled a little before taking out his notebook which has scrawlings of 'No. 13 Hero Villain Notebook' and flipped to a page. He brought the notebook to Shigaraki's face for him to read. Shigaraki glared at it for a while before his eyes widened a little in surprise.

"...I didn't expect you to get all of their particulars and their quirks. Even their limits of their quirks has been stated."

Izuku threw his head back and let out a small laugh, "Guess you could say I am a 'hero nerd' after all."

Izuku brought his head forward and gave a smirk, "Also, it's been a while since I get to see him. It's time to pay a visit to my friends in UA."