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"Ono-san, I already told you-"


"Oh come on, Kei-chan," sneers Ono, backing Kei against the stone wall of the theatre, "There's no point in lying - we both know how badly you need a good fuck."


Kei bites his lip, unable to meet Ono's eyes. With the way the man presses up against him, he can smell the alcohol on his breath, the smoke lingering on his clothes. He doesn't-


Kei grits his teeth, fist clenching at his side.


He doesn't need a good fuck, much less from a sleazebag like Ono. But then Ono is leaning in, eyes glinting down at Kei like a hungry vulture, and pressing his chapped lips against Kei's soft ones. It tastes like kissing an empty bottle of whiskey, and Ono's scruff scratches against his skin, yet Kei can't resist letting his eyes fall shut as he unwittingly sighs into it.


The taste is familiar; his touch, grounding. A million memories flash through his mind of moments just like this - the two of them kissing in dark back alleys. Sometimes it was sweet, but usually it was dirty and messy. Either way, Kei never had a choice, what with the debt and all.


Now, though, now he's free, so why-


Why is his hand winding itself into the coarse fabric of Ono's coat? Why is he kissing back? Ono is practically tongue fucking his mouth, and he's not even resisting.


Ono wedges a leg between Kei's thighs, pressing up against his half-hard member, and Kei keens into Ono's mouth. The sound is embarrassingly loud in the relatively quiet street, and it jars Kei out of whatever lustful demon took ahold of him.


With some difficulty, he manages to push Ono away. Backed against the brick wall and Ono mere inches from him, Kei is all too conscious of Ono's beady gaze on his flushed cheeks. He fights to keep his breathing steady, to not show how affected he is.


Ono brings his thumb up to swipe away a trail of spit on Kei's chin. "You like that, baby?" he asks, voice barely more than a murmur.


His usual, nasty smirk is nowhere to be seen, and it gnaws at Kei that he seems to be so serious. If only Ono would treat him in the same arrogant way he always has, it would be so much easier to brush him off. He could go home and pretend this never happened. But...


"Well?" Ono prompts, his breath tickling against Kei's ears, "What do you say? We could go back to my place and..." His large hand cups the bulge in Kei's pants, rubbing over the sensative package beneath.


Kei allows his head to fall against Ono's shoulder, and he misses what Ono says next. The only thing his mind registers is that low growl in his ear and the familiar scent of sex and sweat and a hint of cologne. For a second, he feels like he's twenty-five again and flattered to have caught the attention of the assistant director.


But only for a second.


The fact is: he's not twenty-five anymore. He's thirty-five. He's an older - wiser - adult, and he's finally making a decent living on the straight and narrow.


Every cell in his body is screaming for him to shove Ono to the ground and make a break for it. Until Ono snakes his tongue into the shell of Kei's ear. The slick sound and wet sensation make him weak in the knees. "C'mon, baby."


He shouldn't. He really, really shouldn't.


Kei tries to tell Ono as much. "I- I don't,-" he stutters as Ono's cold fingers toy with the hem of his shirt, press teasingly against the bare skin of his waist, but Ono whispers so many dirty promises in his ear, and it's been so long since he last had a satisfying fuck.




 "Oh yeah..." growls Ono as he savors the slow slide into Kei's welcoming heat. His voice is barely more than a rumble in his chest, and Kei buries his wet face into the pillow, cheeks flushed and mouth agape.


His body is burning up. The air, the sticky sheets, the press of Ono's thick cock into his core - everything is too hot. It's like the room is a furnace that's burning away Kei's sanity.


"Please..." he moans brokenly, beyond caring. After having been teased for nearly an hour, first with fingers, then with Ono's tongue licking deep within him, his cock is so hard it nearly hurts. He doesn't understand why the man doesn't just fuck him already.


In response, Ono only gives a few shallow thrusts, allowing himself a victorious grin at the sight of Kei on hands and knees for him once more. His palm smooths over the round globes of Kei's ass - he can hardly believe it's been ten years. For all that Kei's innocent personality has soured, his ass remains as sweet as ever.


Kei whines at the feeling of Ono's callused hands rubbing over the flesh of his upturned ass. His rock hard cock leaks a steady flow of precome onto the sheets, and he pushes back against Ono's lazy thrusts.


Ono leans down to lick a stripe along Kei's cheek. The salty taste of sweat and tears mingle as one. "Your ass really is the best," he tells the body beneath him, and Kei shudders helplessly beneath him.


Gradually, his movements begin to speed up. The sound of skin slapping against skin joins a chorus of Kei's breathy whines and Ono's gutteral moans. A litany of pleas - faster, harder, oh- oh- more - drip from Kei's bitten lips like sweet nectar, and Ono decides that, as cute as it is when Kei treats him coldly, he like Kei much better like this. He likes Kei much better when he's needy and wanting and begging Ono for anything the man will give him.


The pistoning of his hips grows more forceful, more demanding. Ono shifts his angle minutely, experimenting with how to best make his prey sing, until Kei yelps in surprise on the fourth thrust, his entire body clenching up.


A wolfish grin stretches across Ono's mouth. "There?"


"O-Ono-san!" Kei sobs into the sheets, knuckles white from how tightly he grips them. Every time Ono's cock brushes against that spot within him, his cock dribbles more precome. The steady pressure winds him up like a spring, each pass twists his insides into knots. Ono is pushing him towards a precipice, white noise buzzing in his ears like waves crashing against a rocky cliff. "I'm going to- I-"




The sting of Ono's open palm against his ass sets Kei into a tumultuous climax, screaming his pleasure into the damp sheets, compounded as Ono spends his own scalding release into Kei. Ono leisurely rides out his orgasm by rocking into Kei's limp body. He enjoys the feeling of Kei's wet channel milking his cock, as if it were begging for more. Nothing beats the image of a blissed out Kei laying beneath him. No one, especially not that kid, Ono is sure, fucks Kei they way he does.