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imagine Acchan meets Sakamoto for the first time, and he realizes “holy shit, he’s my soulmate”

But, what Sakamoto realizes is “I can’t be there for him. Not for long.”

Imagine after their first encounter, Acchan is desperately trying to get his soulmate’s attention so that someday he can earn Sakamoto’s love.

Imagine Sakamoto deflecting all the girls’ questions about his soulmate. He didn’t want anyone to link his passing to Atsushi so he pretends that he has no soulmate, using makeup, tape, cloth, pretty much anything to keep his soulmate’s name covered. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Imagine Sakamoto spending time with Atsushi, asking that he kept their names secret. Atsushi demands to know why but Sakamoto just uses the girls as a cover, saying that he doesn’t want them to feel sad or jealous of Atsushi. And it’s not really a lie at all. He’s not entirely sure how he should proceed with this but he knows he doesn’t want to have any regrets when he dies, and the biggest regret a lot of people have is never getting to be with their soulmate. Even if Sakamoto can’t be there for Atsushi romantically, he will make sure that he’s at least there.

Imagine Acchan always thinking to himself “Why? What did I do? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I ever be on the same level as him?!”

Imagine Sakamoto telling Atsushi how he admires him during graduation.

imagine Acchan happily waving to Sakamoto from the window on the last day of school, already planning to move to America, trying to figure out which career he would like, planning to be with Sakamoto in his adulthood, and then the next day, he notices the name on his wrist, Sakamoto’s name, is gone.

Imagine Acchan barging up to everyone Sakamoto’s ever known. Teachers, friends, aquaintances, neighbors, strangers, even Fukase when he can catch him to find out where Sakamoto went. Using his soulmate privileges, eventually Acchan traces him back to a hospital. His family’s already gone. The nurses tell him that there was a Sakamoto who was recently staying, they try to tell him that the patient who stayed there passed away, but he doesn’t listen and rushes off.

When he goes to look in the exact room he was supposed to find Sakamoto, the bed is empty.

Imagine Acchan rushing through the city graveyard, looking frantically over all the names, hoping not to find his, oh dear god please let his name not be here

But there it is.

Imagine Acchan keels over and cries and cries and doesn’t know what he should do or if this is real and he tries to wake up, he tries to believe that his Sakamoto isn’t dead. He would give anything if Sakamoto just came up from behind him and reassuringly put a hand on his shoulder, but he never does. Acchan doesn’t know how long he’s been there but the sky is dark and he has no motivation to move his legs, to get up, to keep going forward, but Sakamoto would have wanted it.

So he does.