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They buried him under the flowers Izam had grown, down between the roots so no curious cat or gardening human could find him. Odin remained standing over the fresh patch of soil long after the others went inside, remembering his friend. Remembering his lover.

Blizark had started out as fierce as a raging snowstorm, but they had bonded during the course of several hard battles and his comrade’s heart had calmed after that. They were a good match, as contrasting as their powers yet best friends because of it. They made a good team, Blizark being the more natural leader but always willing to follow Odin’s advice. He had no idea when their friendship had turned into mutual love, but part of him suspected that their feelings had been present from the very beginning.

While they were lovers, they were never very physical. Part of it was that it was difficult to be physically close in a team environment, and part of it was that neither of them were the type to gravitate towards that type of thing. Yes, they kissed and shared a bed on occasion, but their love was more emotional attraction than anything. Perhaps that’s why Blizark’s death had hurt so much now.

Odin had accepted his lover’s death the first time, knowing that falling in battle was a fine way to die, even if it was sudden. All Micromen knew that they would most likely die fighting. But to have to kill Blizark himself, to free him from the corrupting influence of Acroyer had been one of the most difficult things he had ever done.

Slowly, he knelt in front of the grave he had helped dig and let the tears out he had been holding back. Blizark wouldn’t judge him for his sorrow, since he would have done the same if he had been forced to kill Odin. Still, he was happy. Blizark was finally free, and Odin knew that one day, hopefully far in the future, they would meet again.