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blinding light (get too close to the sun honey and you get burned)

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Roger woke up to a warm arm around his waist and gentle fingers in his hair. He turned his head towards them, trying to get more of the gentleness. It was soft and familiar, like coming home after being away for months or having a warm drink during a thunderstorm. There was a soft laugh from beside him in the bed and he opened his eyes. 

“I didn’t think you’d still be here,” he said, barely more than a murmur. 

The man gave him a quick grin. “I’m not here for much longer. I’ve got to run if I’m gonna make it to my first class on time. I just wanted to see your cute bedhead. You’re awfully adorable when you’re sleeping.” 

Roger tried to control the blush that he was sure was beginning to spread across his cheeks. “Shut up.” 

The other man laughed, the sound as bright as sunlight, lighting up the dim room. “Make me.” 

He gave him his best are you fucking joking me right now look, but only got a wink in response. He eventually decided screw it and pulled the man in close for a kiss. Kissing was harder than he had been expecting it to be, especially since the other man seemed about five seconds away from bursting into laughter again, but they managed to make it work. His hand was just curling into a fist in the pillow next Roger’s head when he remembered what he’d said with a start. 

“Shit, you’ve got to get to class.” 

The man’s laughter finally came out. “Really? That’s what you’re thinking about right now?” 

“Well, no… Not exactly… But still. You’ve gotta go.” 

The man ran a hand through Roger’s hair slowly, sighing. “Yeah, I probably should. It’s tempting to stay, but I shouldn’t miss the first day.” 

“It’s one of the most important. You get to meet all your TAs and find the unlucky sap who will take your notes for you the next time you go to a bar on a Tuesday night.” 

“Okay, you can’t judge me for that, you were there too. We’re both equally pathetic.” 

“Hm, I suppose I should give you that.” The man pressed a gentle kiss to the side of his neck and Roger tilted his head back despite himself. “Don’t think I’m gonna let you get out of this.” 

“Aw, come on. Why not?” He continued kissing down Roger’s neck. “Wouldn’t you rather I stayed here?”

Fuck if that wasn’t the most tempting thing Roger had heard in weeks. And Frank had considered moving out two weeks ago. “Class.” It was the only word he could manage to come up with with his lips on his neck like that. He looked cute but damn this man was a little shit. 

“But if I go to class there’s no guarantee that I’ll ever see you again.” His hands had slipped down to Roger’s waist by this point and his thumbs were moving in very distracting circles against his hips. 

“Phone?” Fuck, where had his concept of sentences gone? This man could not possibly be that distracting. 

His smile seemed to be telling a different story as he grinned at him. “I don’t have your number.” 

“I’ll give it to you.” There’s a sentence. 

The man laughed. “You really want me to go to class, huh?” 


He flashed him another quick sunshine grin before rolling out of bed and grabbing his phone from his jeans. “Whoa, you going to put some pants on?” Roger asked. 

He blinked back at him with those big brown eyes of his, deep and rich like melting chocolate. “Why? It’s not like you didn’t see it last night?” 

Roger sighed and lifted himself onto his elbows. “I guess you’ve got a point.” 

He rattled off his number, trying to ignore the little flip that his stomach did as the man grinned and told him, “Great! I’ll text you later tonight then!” 

He watched the man get dressed in silence, admiring the last glimpses of his naked flesh before they were covered up by clothes again. If the other man noticed him staring, he didn’t mention it. “I never did catch your name,” is all that he said. 


“Your name. You never gave it to me.” 

“Oh. I’m Roger.” It took him a moment before, “Wait, what did you list me under in your phone then?” He only got a wink in response and decided that it was probably better not to know. “What’s your name then?” 

“I’m Bertie.” Of course. A cute name for a cute person. 

Bertie placed his hands gently on either side of Roger’s body and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. “Apparently I can’t miss class but I’ll call you later. You’re too cute to pass up on seeing a second time.” 

“Ditto,” Roger muttered as soon as he had left the room. 

The building that his seminar group was in just had to be the worst one, of course. On the edge of campus, in a building that nobody came to, complete with the weird smell and lack of any sort of cohesive numbering system for the doors. Who designed these buildings anyways? At least the class he was teaching was mostly first years, so they’d probably be just as lost and confused as he was. But that also meant that they’d have even more questions that he’d have to answer which was never a plus. 

It also didn’t help that his seminar was supposed to start in two minutes and he still hadn’t found the stupid room yet. 

He finally found it about ten seconds before the seminar was scheduled to begin, hurrying into the room and rambling off a quick apology to the couple dozen students that were in there. 

He started off with a brief introduction and a basic rundown of the course, just in case some poor first year had accidentally wandered into the wrong classroom and was now horribly confused. It was pretty straightforward: history of science and technology, nice and easy to teach. Hopefully. 

Roger soon realized that he’d been relying pretty heavily on his notes and hadn’t really been looking around the room all that much like they were supposed to. Eye contact with the students to help them engage and all that. And that’s when he saw him. 

Back of the room, staring back at him with the same deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that Roger was certain had just come across his face. 


Also known as the man who’d fucked him senseless last night. 

And also, apparently, his student. 


He tried to regain his composure and continue the seminar as normal and not think about the fact that his latest hookup was staring at him with those melting chocolate eyes or that he was still just as distracting as he had been that morning. He could do this. He had to do this. 

Thankfully the first class didn’t have much to go over and they were done within twenty minutes. Bertie looked like he was about to flee out the doorway or possibly the window, but Roger gave him a stern look, trying to communicate to him to stay there, even though he shared the oh fuck just jump out the window that would be much less awkward feeling. 

Unfortunately they weren’t able to stay where they were as the next class began filing in before their group had even finished leaving, so Roger leads Bertie down the hallway until they found an empty classroom. It was difficult to do though because he kept trying to creep away slowly whenever Roger wasn’t looking, so it took a lot of stern glaring on Roger’s part to get him there. 

“Oh my gosh this is so awkward why did you bring me here?” Bertie blurted out as soon as the door closed. 

Roger blinked in surprise. That was… not the reaction he had been expecting. Honestly none of this was seeming like Bertie at all. Or at least not the Bertie that he had met last night. “Um, excuse me?” 

“You’re my TA, this is so embarrassing I swear I didn’t know last night. I promise. I didn’t sleep with you just to get good marks I did it because you’re really cute and I really liked you and I’m not allowed to say that, am I? Oh my god am I going to be expelled for this?” 

Yep, definitely not the same Bertie. “You’re not going to be expelled. If anyone’s getting in trouble I am. Shit, how old are you anyways? You didn’t tell me you were a fucking first year.” 

“I’m not, I’m a fourth year. I’m only in that class because it’s required for my degree and I’ve been putting it off until literally the last minute.” His eyes widened even more if possible. “Oh my god am I not going to graduate now? I need this credit this year, this is the only semester I can take it. I can’t come back for another semester.” 

“Will you calm down? You’re fine. You’re just going to have to switch seminar groups.” 

Bertie shook his head quickly, lips pressed together tightly in a thin line. Roger tried not to think about his lips any more than that. “I can’t. This was the only one that worked with my schedule.” 

Roger swore under his breath. “I am so screwed.” 

“How are you screwed? If we just don’t tell anyone…” 

“Oh yeah, and you expect me to believe that you’re going to trust me to be impartial? If I give you good marks then I’m showing favouritism, if I give you bad marks then you can report me and say that I’m being too hard on you to show that I’m not showing favouritism.” 

“Or you can trust me.” Bertie reached out and took his hand. “Trust me that I’m gonna trust you. I’m not going to report you or anything like that. I’ll just treat you like it never happened.” 

That was almost worse. Roger pulled his hand away from him. “And if someone finds out?” 

“They’re not going to. We’re not dating or anything. It was just a one night stand the night before school started. We didn’t even know each other’s names. How were we supposed to know that you were my TA?” 

Roger sighed and ran his hands through his hair, resisting the urge to tug at it in frustration. He noticed how Bertie’s eyes tracked the movement and wondered if he was also thinking about how he did the same thing only that morning. “You should delete my number.” 

Bertie’s head tilted to the side and it took all of Roger’s self-control not to kiss him right then and there. This would all be so much easier if he weren’t so damn cute. “Why?” 

“It’s inappropriate. I’m your TA, you shouldn’t have my number.” 

Bertie’s lips twisted up into a smile. “I’ll think about it.” 


“What? I told you, it’s not listed under your name. No one’s gonna know it’s you. Besides,” he winked at him and Roger wondered how he had enough self-control to not pin him to the nearest wall, “I want to still be able to contact you after you’re no longer my TA and off-limits.” 

With that he turned and strolled out of the room, leaving Roger to collapse against one of the nearby tables. 

Yep, he thought. I am so completely and utterly totally screwed.