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A Gem's New Years

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“Come on, it’s starting!”

Cairn huffed, their body creaking with each intake of air. “I— huff —hate— huff —this— huff —thing.” they panted.

It was a stupid tradition, “borrowed” from the Admirabilis, but Phos had insisted that they continued it, stating that they needed to become closer if they wanted to unite against the Lunarians. Hibernation was a good way to end the year, not whatever this was.

La- Phos laughed. “It’s fun,” They smiled, momentarily overwhelming Cairn with how perfect they looked. Red had placed shells in their hair in the afternoon, the pale pinks and whites becoming opulent as the fading light glowed behind them. “Besides, do you know any other way to bring everyone else together?”

“Yes,” They huffed. “ Sleeping .”

“Neither of us would be there and you know it.”

Cairn grumbled under their breath. Dammit, they enjoyed this too much.

After the incident (there were still a few gems mourning the loss of the silkiest and smoothest hair in the entire kingdom), Phos had become a lot more outgoing, more friendly, and kinda-

More like Lapis.

Yeah, that too. Every time they smiled it was like their old partner had suddenly fallen from the sky. Phos said that they talked to them in their sleep and told them to take over, but there probably isn’t even enough of Lapis to hear them.

Do they know we miss them?

Everyone else was already there when they both got there, including for some surprising reason-


The red haired gem was dressed in a gorgeous flowing white dress that went from their neck to their feet, covering every inch of their body. It was something that must've takes Red hours to make. Cairn could never understand why they spent so much time on things that would only be slept in, but with the soft cream color bringing out the red in their hair…

“You look great!” Phos squealed, startling several  gems nearby (Bortz may or may not have decapitated someone. It was hard to see through the snails. Why were they always underfoot?). They rushed in to give them a hug, only to stopped by a floating ball of mercury, looking much like the one fashioned out of glass and non-inclusion gem shards.

They grimaced. “You’ll shatter me,” Cairn had forgotten how little phosphophyllite was actually in Phos at this point (Rutile humorously suggested renaming the Amalgam, but now they don’t if they were joking) . “Stay away.”

An air hug was given instead, and Cinn and Cairn made small talk together as they waited for it to begin. Varie had gone missing again (The younger gems loved to dress the- her -for some reason.)

“What are do you want from the new year?” Cairn asked, watching Phos help Bortz and Rutile place the gem ball at the top of the school. It was a polite question, not really meant to go anywhere, but stay in the same spot, occasionally breaking up awkward silence.


Or it would if Cinn had any.

Several more awkward, tense moments passed, watching Amethyst (There was another talking to Alex, which was weird because they always acted as if they were attached at the hip) drag Bortz into another dance. The diamonds seemed to find it amusing, flinging each other across the dance floor like leaves. The few Admirabilis in attendance found themselves darting out if the way, laughing even as they were almost sliced in half by loose limbs (and untied hair).

Finally, Cinn said something. “I can’t believe they got permission to do this.”

Cairn laughed. “They could get permission to fly to the moon if they wanted.” Phos was always everyone’s favorite.

Was it because they were so fragile? (They’ve lost almost everything, so irresponsible )

Cinn snorted, brushing their hair out of their eyes. “It's true!” Cairn exclaimed. “Once during fall they managed to sink me in the pond because they said it was a ‘short cut’. Short cut, my-”

“May I have your attention please?” Varie was finally on stage, being held up by Jade (Euc was standing somewhere supportive in the background, the white stripe stopped in the middle of their hair.)

She talked more really indistinct (Or maybe they just weren’t paying attention), making grand gestures with her (tiny) limbs. Phos wobbled on a chair of gold, lifting the ball higher and higher above the ground. Cairn flinched every time they shifted a bit too much to the left or right.

They’re going to be fine.


Cinn gasped as Phos almost fell (again,). “They’ll be fine.” Cairn whispered.

Cinn glared at them. “Right,” It wasn’t like had been sleeping for one-hundred years, not at all.

There was a long pause.

They’re blaming you

(Shut up.)

“I’ll do better next time,” Cairn whispered, which caused Cinnabar to glance over.


(Protecting them). “It’s nothing Cinnabar,” they murmured. “Nothing at all.”


Someone had thrown jellyfish into the ball. It would look tacky on any other day, but today it actually appeared slightly...pleasing.


“Will you continue to follow them into the new year?” Cinn asked.


“Yes.” It had been a promise, once upon a time.

“Happy New Year!”

The ball came hurtling down like a comet, exploding in a brilliant ball of shards (Fake of course, Rutile had some leftover quartz and Beryl had fabric scraps used as streamers)

Phos’s smile when it did was absolutely spectacular, easily outdoing it.

They would defend that, always.