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The Year Is Turning

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The hare was running excited circles around the bear, large feet kicking up the light snow. "You liked it again, didn't you?" the hare asked, sounding quite convinced yet still a tiny bit in need of reassurance.

"Yes, I liked Christmas again," the bear said. He turned to see that the hare had made enough circles to be ready to come along. Then he lifted himself up and resumed his steady progress back towards his cave. "Now I'm going back to sleep."

"I'll set your alarm clock for spring," the hare said.

"I'd like that," said the bear. He had decided that a loud alarm was just as good as birdsong when it was a gift. He added, shyly, "Please stay. Just a little time sleeping. I mean just long enough for me to be asleep when you go."

The hare allowed, "I'll eat more pine needles for you."

They settled down in the cave together. Bear's words were a very low whisper, but the lagomorph's long ears caught them. "Best place to be at New Year is with someone I love."