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Far From Over

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At the Bluth Company, Stan Sitwell watched a TV news report about the protest at Michael's hotel. The anchor John Beard introduced the story with the headline "Down With Bluths" while Trisha Thoon reported from the scene. John Beard showed photos of both Argyle and Tobias while explaining, "Both of them attended Stan Sitwell's party on Saturday. Argyle even tap danced with his sister Lucille Austero, the well known socialite and perennial political candidate."

"That's right, John," Trisha said, "and Argyle is currently changing his name to Austero as well."

"One has to wonder how Lucille will feel about her brother protesting the Bluths, when she owns so much stock in the company and recently tried to defend the Bluths."

"Exactly, John, and what does Lindsay Bluth think about her husband siding with the Hot Cops instead of her own mother?"

"It certainly makes for strange bedfellows," John Beard emphasized, while the headline changed to "Strange Bedfellows" on screen.

They kept talking some more about possible rifts in the Austero and Bluth families, but Sitwell didn't listen anymore. He sighed and called Lucille Austero. "Did you see the news?"

She replied, "Yes, and I'm so sorry for Argyle's behavior. I didn't think he still had those protest signs."

"Why does he think Michael is Buster?"

"Oh he's so stubborn about grudges, and he told me never to date Buster again, so I had to mislead him about who was in the magazine. Argyle can't understand that Buster's not really homophobic. He doesn't hate anybody. He just couldn't resist the chance to pretend-marry Lucille, like he always wanted."

"Right." Sitwell had seen that Balboa Bay Window magazine with Buster's 'Why I Want to Marry My Mother" essay. He said, "I hope Buster's over that Motherboy stuff now." He didn't think the Bluth scandal needed any more ammunition. "Anyway, I don't know how the company shareholders are going to react to this protest. They might call another meeting, so be prepared to come over and help me calm the board."

"Yes, and I'll try to talk to Argyle about the protest. Maybe we should hire a company publicist too to help us spin this stuff."

"Probably. See you soon, dear." He said goodbye to his girlfriend and hung up the phone, wondering how to keep the employees from panicking as well. More food and smoothies from Ice probably.

Lindsay returned from dropping off Michael at the cabin, and she decided to gloat to Stan Sitwell since her own father was out of town. "It worked!" she said as she entered his office.

"A little too well." Sitwell rewound the TV and showed her the news report.

"Oh," Lindsay said. "Maybe I better call Tobias to get him to stop?"

"Yeah, since you don't need the distraction anymore."

After she got off the phone, Sitwell reassured her. "Don't worry. At least they stopped talking about the incest for a while. We better hire a publicist soon, though."

Lindsay said, "Not that Jessie Bowers chick. I'll kick her ass again!"

"I know, Lindsay. Why don't you get the party going again for the employees, while I handle this? Don't let them worry about the company stock."

"Okay, thanks." She left to turn on the music again and get the employees to dance and play games to keep them in a good mood.

At the movie studio, Maeby glared at anybody who was gossiping about the Bluth scandal, or watching it on TV or online. Since she didn't have to hide her age anymore, Maeby stopped using the "Marry me" line to deflect and started treating people more like underlings. She also cussed a lot, like she did when Tobias pretended to be Mrs. Featherbottom.

Today, Maeby gave George Michael the day off from reading film scripts and had him accompany her to meet with the writers on her biopic.

First she firmly told the movie writers that she never flirted with her crazy uncle Michael, and explained how they were going to write the karaoke scene as a big joke.

"Okay." They took notes, and somebody asked George Michael, "So you singing with Lindsay later--that was continuing the joke?"

"Oh, uh, yeah," he said. He and Maeby had already decided not to talk about being jealous of their family at Christmas, because that would sound strange to people.

Then Maeby told them to really trash her parents in the movie and to write George Michael's mother Tracey as the ideal mom to make Lindsay look more horrible in contrast.

"My mom was the best," George Michael said, because it kind of sounded like Maeby was implying that his mom wasn't perfect in real life.

"Right," Maeby said diplomatically. She told her husband, "You can stay here and tell them all stories about your mom, and how great she was."

George Michael beamed happily and took out an old family photo album to show everyone.

Maeby also handed the scriptwriters a list of notes that Sally had made for her at the party on Saturday. "This is some rotten stuff that my mom did before I was born. I'll have more details later, but this will get you started." Sally Sitwell's package of old photos and newspaper articles had been mailed this morning and needed more time to arrive.

"Okay, boss."

Maeby then got up and kissed George Michael goodbye for now. She had to go work on other movies like Gangie 3, so she was leaving him to deal with this.

"Bye, Maeby." Then George Michael opened the photo album and pointed out all the pictures of his loving mother, both before and after she got sick. He explained how wonderful she was, and how he missed her so much. Tracey was practically a saint for putting up with the Bluths always insulting her. (George Michael still didn't think there was anything wrong with his mom putting BabyTock in his crib, and besides, his dad was so much more controlling.)

One guy asked, "But your dad loved his sister the whole time?

Somebody kicked him for being insensitive.

George Michael frowned and said, "I didn't know about that, and neither did my mom. He kept it a secret, and nobody knew that Lindsay was adopted either. But my dad really did love my mom. If he didn't, he wouldn't have gone so crazy after she died." He told them stories about his dad being worse the last five years, like when he first made him work at the banana stand, taking over the job from a Bluth Company employee. "He said I should learn about the sweet sting of sweat in my eyes from a hard day's work."

In Newport Coast, Michael took out his cellphone to check if he could get a signal and found that he had bars. Relieved, he looked for his position on a map, and discovered that he was less than a quarter-mile from the nearest paved road. Good, then Gob probably could pick him up after his Alliance meeting. Of course, the dirt road on which Lindsay had driven her car was too new to appear on any map, so he should see where it met Newport Coast Drive, so he could give Gob proper directions.

However, Michael had too much luggage to carry with him on the bicycle, so he decided to lock his luggage inside the cabin for now. Leaning the bike against a tree, Michael grabbed his luggage and headed for the cabin.

He stopped on the porch to unlock the door with the key that Lindsay had given him. When he opened it and went inside, the place was musty and filled with cobwebs. He didn't see any snakes yet, so he brought his bags inside and set them down on a brown leather chair with an afghan. The living room, fireplace, and kitchen looked familiar to him, but now there was a back wall, with doors leading to the two bedrooms at the rear of the house.

Michael went back outside and locked the door before going to get on the bicycle. He rode along the winding dirt path in the woods until it met Newport Coast Drive, the main road going inland into the San Joaquin Hills. Turning onto the street, he briefly explored the area and took pictures of landmarks that might help Gob find him. Soon he saw enough street signs and houses to know that he was not far from some affluent subdivisions. The cabin was on land that could not be developed because it was too steep and near many coastal canyons. Besides, a few more canyons and ridges to the east was the Crystal Cove State Park.

So Michael returned to the dirt road and the cabin in the woods. Leaving his bike on the porch, he sat on a rocking chair by the chimney and called Gob to tell him what happened.

At the Gothic Castle, Gob had found Steve Holt now, and was talking him into leaving. "Come on, you should get back to Buster and we can talk to my mom about you staying."

Steve felt sad to leave, but figured he could come back to the Castle another time now that he was Alliance-approved. "Okay." He started to follow his dad to the lobby.

But then Michael called, and Gob stared at his phone in panic, worried that maybe Michael somehow knew about him kissing Tony Wonder again.

"Is that Uncle Mike?" Steve asked, seeing the face on the phone's screen.

"Uh, yeah." Gob reluctantly answered it, but stepped away for privacy. "Hey," he said softly, cringing and bracing himself to be yelled at.

Michael only said, "Oh good, there you are." He thought he might have to leave a voicemail. "Are you guys still in the meeting, Gob? Can you come get me please?"

Gob was confused and also a bit relieved. "Why? What's wrong?"

"Lindsay lied about getting me an apartment. She put the cabin back together and dumped me here with coyotes and rattlesnakes." Although he hadn't seen either animal yet.

Gob was concerned. "Huh? What, is she kicking you out of the family?" Dad must have talked her into it.

Michael shrugged. "Maybe. She said she was teaching me a lesson for being ungrateful, and I think it's revenge for making her drive the cabin car too."

"Oh. Are you all right, Mikey? Where are you?"

"In Newport Coast, out in the woods." He explained where he was, and said he would try to send pictures and a map from his phone. "Can you bring the car? I only have my bike and a lot of luggage."

"Oh, you want me to bring Steve Holt?"

"Well, no, not really." Michael didn't want to struggle with fitting someone in the backseat with the bike again. "Can you just borrow his car for a bit? I just want you to drop me off at the yacht for now, and then you can return the car while I try to get my lawyer to find me somewhere else to stay."

"Oh. Okay." He still wished that Michael could stay with him on the yacht, without being sent back to jail. "I'll be there soon."

"Thanks. I love you."

Gob wanted to say he loved him too, but Steve Holt was nearby, so he just said, "Bye, Mikey."

"I know." Michael understood why he couldn't talk freely. "Bye, Gob."

So Gob hung up and explained to Steve Holt that Lindsay had tricked Michael, and he needed to borrow the car to rescue Michael.

"Rescue? Can I come too?" He wanted to help Uncle Mike, if he was in trouble.

"No, uh, there won't be enough room, 'cause he's got the bicycle and stuff with him. I'm sorry, but can you wait for me here and hang out with Tony Wonder for a while? You can finish the tour you wanted to go on."

"Okay, Dad." He gave Gob the car keys again and hugged him.

"Bye." Going outside, Gob received the map and pictures on his phone, then he hurried to the car. He drove away from the Gothic Castle but noticed that Steve Holt had left the stack of magic DVDs in a bag on the front passenger seat. That reminded him of kissing Tony Wonder and made him feel guilty. Tony had tasted like cigarettes, and yet it wasn't unpleasant, with how he moaned. Gob worried and shook his head.

He kind of wished he could go to the yacht instead and talk to Franklin in private. He needed his friend to reassure him that Michael wouldn't find out about the kiss and get mad. Gob didn't want to Boyfight anymore, let alone lose his brother's love. But Michael needed him right now, so Gob drove on to Newport Coast.

After Lindsay's phone call, Tobias convinced his friends to end the protest for now. He had to leave with the staircar, so they couldn't keep standing and protesting on the stairs.

Argyle was a little annoyed, but felt he had made his point. Besides, his sister Lucille had probably seen the news by now, and he better go talk to her about her misguided affection for the Bluths. Everybody went to put the protest signs back in the car trunk.

The reporters were disappointed that the protest was over, and they still wished that they had seen Michael. Trisha Thoon left to check out a tip that someone had seen a courier riding a Segway and holding a video camera early this morning. The Segway made her think of Gob, of course, but the courier had been seen several streets away from the hotel. Perhaps Gob just spent the night with some lover in town and was sneaking out with a sex tape that he made of them. After all, Gob had been known as a shameless philanderer for years.

Before Dale could leave, Tobias asked him to come to the model home. He mentioned his part in Maeby's movie, and said he needed somebody to read lines with him. Dale agreed because he wanted to talk in private, and he said goodbye to his friends.

So Argyle left with the other gay protesters, while Tobias and Dale left in the staircar. As they drove to the model home, Tobias bragged about his homeschool teacher part, and how proud he was of Maeby being a bigshot movie exec.

Dale said it was great, and he'd love to see the movie with him when it came out.

Tobias looked at him shyly. "That--that would be great, Dale. Maybe we could go to the gym together too."

"Yeah. And you should hang out with us more. Maybe give more readings of your book."

They soon arrived at the model home and went inside. Tobias offered him a drink before getting the script. As they sat in the dining room, he also showed off the undecipherable license plate that he bought for Lindsay's new car, but she didn't put it on the Lexus. He sighed in disappointment.

Thinking that Tobias was upset about his marriage, Dale tried to think what to say to help Tobias come out of the closet. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

Tobias looked at Dale's friendly, sympathetic face and felt safe. So he leaned close and confided that he was gay.

Dale was relieved and happy for him. "Oh that's so great!"

Tobias felt pleased. "I already told Lindsay on Saturday, but we're gonna keep it a secret for now." He explained that they weren't going to get divorced until later when the scandal died down.

"Oh. Well, at least she's okay with it. You'll still come hang out with us, though?" He thought that Tobias still needed help integrating with the gay community in Newport Beach.

Tobias nodded and asked if Dale could even stay for dinner. After all, George had left for Reno, and Lindsay had a date with Ice at the guest house tonight. So Tobias and Dale could have a nice dinner and a long talk.

"Oh, okay. If you want me to."

So they went back to reading lines for the homeschool teacher part, and they talked about when and how Tobias would come out to his daughter Maeby and the rest of his family too. Dale did his best to be supportive, and Tobias even confessed about being a never-nude.

While waiting for Gob, Michael called Jan Eagleman to tell her that Lindsay dumped him in a cabin in Newport Coast. "So can you get me somewhere else to stay?"

Jan was annoyed that he moved out of the hotel without telling her. "I told you to be patient and stay where you were!"

"I couldn't take being cooped up there anymore, and I thought Lindsay was helping me, but she was just getting revenge on me."

Jan said she didn't find him a motel yet, because she was so busy with the Bluth scandal and working on Michael's plea deal. Wayne Jarvis would not accept Michael's offer of information about Lucille spending company money on furs and facelifts. "He wants something bigger, like defrauding investors. You really didn't notice any major crimes in the 1990s?"

Michael offered, "Well, I know that she made my math teacher disappear in high school. Plus she deported the Korean businessman who invented the frozen banana."

"All right, that sounds more like it. Do you have proof?"

"Uh, no, but my dad told me about the Korean guy. Plus I think Jarvis could get Annyong to testify, since that deported Korean was his grandfather."

"Okay, I'll check into it and look for a place for you to stay."

"Thanks." After hanging up, Michael realized that he needed to pee, so he decided to go inside the cabin and see whether there was a working bathroom. Indeed, there was a bathroom connecting the two bedrooms, and the running water seemed to be working. So at least he wouldn't have to pee in the woods. He noticed with a sigh that there was an old tube of Glisten toothpaste by the sink. This was his father's cabin, all right.

When Gob found the cabin, he parked the car and saw the bike on the porch. So he hurried to the front door and called out anxiously, "Michael!"

"I'm here," he said, returning from the bedroom that he had been looking around.

"Michael!" Gob was relieved to see him and rushed to him at the doorway. He hugged him close and kissed him against the wall.

Michael was surprised and laughed a little at Gob's intensity. "Is something wrong?"

Gob shrugged and glanced away. "It's just... you know, you said there were snakes and stuff."

"Oh, and you were worried about me?" Michael felt flattered and kissed him back reassuringly. "I'm fine. I mean, Lindsay said there were coyotes and snakes, but I haven't seen any yet. Maybe she was just trying to scare me."

"Good." Gob smelled his hair and sighed, trying to stop thinking about Tony Wonder. That was just a crush. This was love.

Michael found him romantic and sweet. He smiled and realized, "You came to save me."

Gob nodded and clung to him. "Yeah. I have to keep you safe." It was the whole reason why he was planning this prison escape with Tony Wonder.

Michael looked at him tenderly and touched his face. "Remember when you came back to save me from Mom, when she framed me for the car accident?" Gob had been smart for once, and figured everything out with just one phone call.

Gob nodded and murmured, "We're brothers, and we kinda like each other."

Michael kissed him and pressed their foreheads together. He regretted that he never appreciated Gob before. "I wish... If we got together then... maybe we should have gone to South America for the summer."

Gob nodded and kissed him. "I love you, Mikey."

"I love you."

Gob begged, "Tell me I'm good." He needed reassurance that he was still a good person, like Michael said. That he could stay away from Tony Wonder.

"You're so good."

Gob kept kissing him passionately, and he worried that he should tell Michael what happened today. But Michael forgave him for a kiss last time. Said he trusted him. He wanted Michael to trust him, not get jealous and mad, yelling at him like any other lover he'd cheated on before. He wasn't any other lover. Gob had waited for him for years.

Michael was getting turned on, and he wanted to thank Gob properly for coming to rescue him again. There was no need to rush away from the cabin yet, so he reminded Gob that this was their father's old cabin, where he brought mistresses. "Do you wanna look around first?"

"Huh?" But then he realized that Michael didn't just mean "look" as he moved them into the bedroom. "Yeah."

There was a big bed inside, along with some other furniture, and doors to the bathroom and a closet. Gob paused, still a little disoriented by the cabin having more rooms. He'd never seen it whole before.

Michael nodded, understanding the feeling. "I don't know if Dad used this bedroom or the other, or both. He never brought either of us camping. Let's get revenge on him now."

"Okay." Gob kissed him and tumbled onto the bed with him.

Michael found it hot wrong to be here, and surely the sex would be doubly good again. They took off their clothes, and Michael started to go down on him, but Gob stopped him and said to fuck him instead.

"Oh, right. It's my turn." He was glad that Gob was keeping his promise to let him be on top again, so he grinned and went to get condoms and lube out of his luggage in the other room. He should probably close the front door too, and lock it.

Gob moved some pillows around and waited for him. Normally he wouldn't turn down a blowjob, but he wanted to see Michael's face during sex so he wouldn't think of Tony Wonder. He needed to see his eyes and his freckles and his scars from surgery. He needed to know that Michael loved him at last, that it was not a dream or an illusion.

Michael returned to bed and kissed Gob eagerly, sliding between his legs.

Gob had such long legs and he hooked one over Michael's shoulder. Michael kissed his thigh fondly and started opening him with lube. Gob watched him, and said he was doing better. Michael looked so good when he was being naughty, and Gob stroked himself.

Gob was flexible enough to kiss him, and soon Michael put on the condom. "You're so amazing." So they fucked, working up a sweat and looking at each other. It was so great, making love in the middle of the afternoon. Michael held on to get more leverage, until he shuddered and groaned. He slipped out and Gob got off too, making a lovely mess.

Then they lay there close together and caught their breaths.

Gob listened to Michael's heartbeat and entwined their fingers. He tried not to feel guilty about taking Tony Wonder's hand. He could be strong. He could stay away from Tony. Just say that Charlie was jealous, and they couldn't see each other. He could be good, like Michael said. "I love you."

"Me too." Michael tossed away the condom, then came back and played his fingers through the hair of Gob's chest. How easy it was to be with Gob. He used to be afraid of this, but there was nothing to be afraid of really. They belonged together. "Gob?"

"Yeah?" He kissed his forehead.

Michael sighed and said he didn't want to leave. What if he stayed in the cabin after all? He was tired of constantly moving around lately. "I overreacted when Lindsay dropped me off. But it's not so bad here really. It's kind of nice and cozy." He wouldn't have to pay rent, and he had no neighbors to hide from. "You could come over at any time, and no one would know. Even if somebody finds out you're here with me, we could just say that you're staying in the other bedroom."

"Are you sure, Mikey?" Gob asked.

"Yeah. Oh and I found something earlier when I was looking around. There's a propane generator in the closet. Yeah, I had that added to the cabin so that Uncle Oscar could have electricity."

"Oscar?" Gob was confused.

Michael had to explain about sending the cabin to Oscar's lemon grove, and how the marines found it. "But I guess when they split up the cabin again, they put it into the closet for the next owner to use. If I hook it up to the house and get a propane tank, I should be able to get some electricity. And I know there's running water."

"There is?"

"Yeah," Michael sat up, feeling excited that he could make this place work. "I mean, I'd have to go to the store and buy a bunch of stuff, but you brought the car, didn't you?"

"Yeah," Gob said.

"So let's go shopping real quick before we have to return the car to Steve Holt." He pulled at Gob and led him to the shower so they could clean up.

Gob liked being in the shower together, so he was warming up to the idea. "And Lindsay thought she was teaching you a lesson."

Michael shrugged. "Well, if she asks later, I'll pretend that I still hate this place. But we'll have fun." He kissed him.

"Yeah. Maybe it'll be like camping." Michael had offered to go camping with Gob once, when the cabin was still in Lake Tahoe.

"As long as we don't go fishing." He hated fishing.

"Okay." Soon they got out and dried off with towels, but they had no electricity yet for a hair dryer.

"Oh, we'll do that after we get back from the store." Michael went to get his luggage and put on fresh clothes.

Gob put on his clothes, which hadn't got stained, but said he would have to bring more stuff here like his robe.

"Yeah, you'll come back later after you return the car. Then we can have dinner like we planned."

"Oh, you'll cook the grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon?"

"Yeah." He sat down to make a list of things he needed to buy for the house.

But then Gob remembered something. "Oh wait. What about the wild animals?"

Michael thought about it. "I'll be okay if I stay inside and don't leave any food out I guess. Besides, I'd probably hear the rattlesnakes before I saw them."

"Rattlesnakes?" Gob didn't like that.

"Well, I could always call 911 and get help."

Then Gob said, "Well, if there are coyotes too, maybe I can get you that tranquilizer rifle from Tobias. I'll ask him what he did with it." Tobias had bought the gun two years ago to collect the reward on the wolf, but he accidentally shot Lindsay in the butt instead.

"Oh. Good idea." Michael liked it that Gob was so rational and smart lately. He kissed him, then headed to the front door. He locked it after them, and they went to the Camaro.

Michael noticed the bag of DVDs and said, "Oh, you got some?"

Gob felt guilty again. "Uh, I have to give this one to Steve Holt." He grabbed the latest DVD of Tony Wonder's gay act and put it in the glove compartment.

Michael didn't notice anything weird. "Okay. Let me put the rest into the cabin." He got out and locked the DVDs inside with his stuff, then returned to the car.

So Gob drove them to a big box store nearby, and they bought a bunch of stuff to fix up the cabin. Michael noted where the store was so that he could come back at any time by bicycle. He realized that the refrigerator would take a while to get cold once it was hooked up, so he bought an ice cooler to keep their food in for now. When they got all the tools, cleaning supplies, and kitchen equipment, Gob drove them back to the cabin and they unloaded the car trunk.

"Okay, see you tonight." Michael kissed him goodbye, then went to hook up the propane generator while it was still light out. By this time their hair had dried, so there was no need for Gob to stay longer.

Gob went back to the Gothic Castle to pick up Steve Holt. He stayed in the parking lot and called his son's cellphone, so that he wouldn't have to go inside and run into Tony Wonder again. "Hey, I'm back. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm coming, Dad!"

Tony came out with Steve Holt, though, and Gob got nervous as they approached the car.

"Uh, hi," Gob said, trying not to stare at how cute he was.

Tony shrugged shyly. "Well, um, is Michael okay? Steve said something about an emergency?"

Steve nodded and asked, "What happened?"

Gob said, "Uh, he's fine now. He just panicked and made me all late... Steve, come on, get in."

"Okay." Steve got into the front passenger seat, and Gob got out the DVD to give to him. "Here, you can keep this one."

"Oh, wow! Cool." Steve thanked his dad, and also Tony Wonder for the autograph.

Tony said, "You're welcome," but looked at Gob, remembering how it felt to kiss him. He wanted to do it again, but no, that was crazy. He was only fake gay.

Gob said, "Well we gotta go now. Have a good show tonight."

"Thanks." Tony Wonder stepped back and watched them leave. He kept staring, then he went to go smoke a cigarette.

Gob drove away, thinking that he needed to stop and see Franklin before he saw Michael tonight.

But Steve kept asking about Michael, so Gob explained about Lindsay dumping Michael in the cabin in the woods. "So he's gonna stay there."

"Are you sure he doesn't need help? Maybe I should go there--"

"No," Gob said firmly. "No, he just panicked because he was scared. But he'll get used to it. It'll be like he's camping or something."

"Ooh, maybe we could go camping with him too, Dad." He remembered that Gob stood him up for a camping trip before, and hanging out with Uncle Mike could be fun.

Gob insisted, "No, you gotta go practice with the birds some more, and cheer up Buster, and go on your date with Sue."

"Oh, right." Steve didn't want to disappoint his father, now that they were in the Magician's Alliance.

"Don't worry about Michael. I'll take care of him."

"Oh, okay."

Gob drove them to Balboa Towers and he gave the car keys back as he headed to the Segway.

"You're not coming upstairs to see Gangee?"

"What? Oh." Gob was still distracted. "I'm sorry. I gotta go now. You can convince her to let you stay. Remember what I told you before. Lay on the charm."

"Okay, Dad. Bye." Steve assumed that Gob was so busy because he had to go back and help Michael somehow. Maybe by sneaking him onto the yacht, or by convincing Lindsay to not be mad at Michael. Something like that.

"Bye." Gob got on his Segway and headed to the yacht.

Steve went up to the penthouse to check on Buster and tell him he was in the Alliance now. As for Gangee, he figured that she would be curious and want to hear about Lindsay teaching Michael a lesson.

Meanwhile, Maeby returned to pick up George Michael, so they could go to their mandatory class with the studio teacher. She wished she still didn't have to go to school until she was 18, but at least George Michael would do the work for her.

As she arrived, Maeby overheard her husband talking about Michael being controlling and dating crazy women, and she smiled. He wasn't a daddy's boy anymore.

George Michael greeted her with a kiss but asked if he could come back and talk to the writers tomorrow. He had more stories to tell.

She shrugged and figured it would keep George Michael from clashing with the other script reader, Jeff. "Okay."

He picked up the photo album and left with his wife.