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Far From Over

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In Michael's hotel room, Gob woke up early again and felt pleased about being naked in bed together. He pushed aside the blanket so he could see Michael's scars from his multiple surgeries when he had the horrible Dr. Stein. Gob liked seeing Michael's scars, which were like his own scars from prison and from Buster cutting off his fingers. It made him think they were the same, and he loved Michael all the more for the physical imperfections.

Gob kissed one of his brother's scars gently, then quietly slipped out of bed to the bathroom. Stirring from the light, Michael yawned and was happy to hear Gob humming a love song in the shower. Gob was so magical, and the bed was still warm from his presence.

Michael sat up and said, "Morning," when Gob finished and turned off the shower.

Wearing a towel, Gob leaned out to say "Morning" in return, and he smiled crookedly.

Michael loved his smile and his voice, and wondered why it took him so long to fall for Gob's many charms. If only he hadn't been in denial and afraid for so long. He could see now that they were meant to be together. Their parents just fucked it up for them.

Turning back to the bathroom mirror, Gob shaved and brushed his teeth. When he was all done, he changed into Michael's blue bathrobe again and came out to grab his clothes and find his courier clipboard.

Michael said with a sigh, "Tomorrow you won't have to sneak out anymore." He was looking forward to moving into an apartment today.

Gob nodded and asked, "You'll make me breakfast, huh?"

"Yeah. What would you like, Gob? French toast? Or maybe eggs and bacon?"

Gob came back to bed and said, "Bacon!"

Michael laughed softly and pulled him close for a kiss. He playfully ran fingers through Gob's still damp hair, and wished he could hold him forever.

Gob wished he could stay longer and make love again, but he had so much to do to day, what with the Alliance meeting and all. "I love you."

"Love you too."

Gob kissed his cheek, then took off the robe and dressed in his delivery man disguise. He sat down to put on his shoes, and Michael tried not to laugh at how silly the wig and dark glasses looked. Soon Gob put the video camera into the fake package and asked Michael to help him tape the box shut.

Michael was glad that Gob remembered about the camera without Michael needing to remind him. He really must have quit the roofies then. Michael liked that Gob was so much more rational lately since they were together. "That's good."

"Thanks," Gob said, as he got up with the package and clipboard. "Okay, I gotta go now."

Putting on the robe, Michael accompanied him to the door and said, "See you tonight."

"Yeah, call me when you move in." Gob kissed him goodbye, then quietly opened the door and left for the stairwell. He sneaked out of the hotel before dawn, and there was no longer a crowd of reporters outside.

It was a little inconvenient, though, for him to figure out how to carry the video camera while on his Segway. At first he tried to tape it to the footrest, but it was not very secure and kept bumping the wheels. Finally Gob ended up taking it out of the package, and dumping the empty box in a dumpster. He attached the clipboard to his Segway's zippered pouch to cover up his initials on it, then he just carried the video camera, and tried to balance as he slowly rode down the street. It didn't occur to Gob, though, that the trip might take a long time with the added weight, and that people might wake up in time to see him and wonder why a courier would be hauling around a video camera on a Segway so early in the morning.

When Gob got back to the yacht, he removed the clipboard and put down the video camera. Then he changed out of his disguise and into his satin robe so he could sleep some more. When he woke up later, he lounged in bed for a while and talked to Franklin about Michael.

"It's gonna be so great at his apartment, and he's gonna cook for me."

Franklin still had the paper from the clipboard yesterday, and when he noticed, Gob remembered that he needed to make Michael's fake ID. So he poured himself a drink for breakfast, got out his stuffs, and began to make the fake "Charlie Levinson" passport.

After a while, Gob's phone rang, and it was Tony Wonder. "Hey, Tony."

"Hi, Gob. It's not too early, is it?" He had been waiting and smoking nervously since early this morning because he was so restless and worried.

"No, it's fine. What's up? Did you get the magic DVDs?"

"Yeah, I'll bring them to you at the Gothic Castle today. It's just, um, I kinda wanted to talk to you before the meeting."

"Why? Is something wrong?" Gob wondered if the Alliance members changed their minds about approving Steve Holt. Maybe they wanted Steve to perform a magic act for them first to prove he was worthy.

Tony hesitated, not sure how to explain on the phone, "Well, can you come over to my place again? We could have breakfast, or maybe brunch." He didn't want to push too hard in case Gob was with his boyfriend.

Gob got nervous and looked at Franklin for support. "No, uh, I'm busy right now. Let's just talk at the Gothic Castle later."

"No, Gob. This is private stuff, and we need to be alone. My boyfriend's not here, if you're worried."

Gob felt tempted but tried to stay firm. "No, um, I can't come over, Tony. I-I decided we shouldn't meet in person anymore so that the police won't think you helped me with breaking Michael out of prison."

Tony was surprised. "Really? But how will we plan the whole escape?"

"We can talk on the phone, you know, and you can look at the prison map I made for you."

"But wait, if we keep having long phone conversations, won't the police still suspect that I helped you? They can check phone records, can't they?"

Gob hadn't thought of that. "But they can't listen in on what we're talking about?"

Tony shrugged. "No, I guess if they didn't have warrants and bug our phones..."

Gob said, "Okay, so if they ask you why we were calling so much, you'll just say that we were planning our magic DVD together, that's all."

"All right." Tony understood that he needed to lie to protect Gob after the prison escape. "Anyway I need to talk to you about Michael."

"What about him?'

"Well, uh, Sally says that he really is crazy, and that you shouldn't trust him."

"What?" Gob was upset, because he thought he fixed this problem already. "Sally who?"

"Sally Sitwell."

"Sally Stickwell? Why were you talking to her?"

Tony realized that he should have said his "boyfriend" but then again, how could he explain his secret boyfriend knowing about the awkward lunch at the country club? "Uh, well, Sally and me are friends."

"You're friends?" Gob was surprised. "Oh, I thought her dad just hired you for the birthday party. I didn't know you knew her."

"Yeah, we met at a show once. Anyway, we got to talking about your family's scandal, and I tried to tell her that Michael didn't want Lindsay, and wasn't crazy, like you said, but she said I was wrong. That you were wrong."

Gob frowned. "Who cares what she thinks?"

"Well, she used to date Michael, and she says he was so crazy and neurotic."

"She's just mad because they broke up."

"But she was the one who dumped him! She says he was nuts about Maggie Lizer, and was a terrible boyfriend the whole time."

"Don't listen to her," Gob insisted. Michael was a good boyfriend, at least to him. "Like she's so great." Gob remembered Sally walking in on him once with a guy sitting on his lap and also generally avoiding him during the brief time he worked at Sitwell Housing. "Isn't she homophobic?"

"What? No. She's my friend."

Gob shrugged. "Well then, I guess she just hates all Bluths 'cause she hates Lindsay."

"Well, she likes Maeby. But I guess she's not a Bluth. But neither is Lindsay, really." He was getting distracted. "Gob, please. Let's not argue on the phone. Just come over--"

"No," Gob said. "I don't have time. I've gotta meet with Steve and then Michael's moving to a new apartment today."

"He is?" Tony was curious.

"Yeah, Lindsay found him a place, and I gotta give Michael the DVD after I get it from you. Plus, I gotta see my boyfriend tonight. Charlie," he added, looking at the passport he was making, "That's my boyfriend." Gob stopped himself from saying the whole name, so that Tony wouldn't try to look for a real maritime lawyer named Charlie Levinson.

"Oh, your boyfriend, huh?" Tony was glad to have a name for the maritime lawyer, and was happy that Gob trusted him with that much information.

"Yeah." Gob smiled and fondly remembered making love.

Tony asked cautiously, "And Charlie really trusts Michael too? He made sure that Michael wasn't just using you and lying to you about Lindsay?"

Gob insisted, "He loves me." Michael told him so many times, not just with his words, but with his eyes and his touch. The way he kept away the darkness inside him.

Tony assumed that Gob meant Charlie loved him. "I know. I just want to make sure that he's protecting you properly. That he's not just assuming that Michael's the good son, and trustworthy. I want to know that he made sure."

"Why don't you believe me?" Gob asked him. "You believed me yesterday."

"Sally told me lots of stuff I didn't know before. Like, Michael stole your girlfriend once? And you keep Boyfighting all the time."

"Not anymore," Gob said. He had been expecting a Boyfight at Sitwell's guest house, only to discover that Michael trusted him now and forgave him easily. "We taught our dad a lesson for the Boyfights. Besides, Michael already said he was sorry for stealing Marta."

"Really? That's so great," Tony said in relief. "Also, Sally said you guys once had lunch with her, her father, and Lucille Austero at the country club, and she saw you fighting. She says that Michael tried to make you admit you were dating Lucille to embarrass you and get you in trouble with Buster. Is that stuff true?"

Gob sighed and tried to explain, "Well, sort of. First Michael took Lucille 2 out in his Corvette to try to get her to sell her Bluth Company shares back to us. But then I slept with her, and she kept the shares and made me the company president again. Michael got all mad at me for messing things up."

"Oh." Tony could see the situation was a lot more complicated than Sally Sitwell said.

"Anyway, they caught me having lunch with her at the country club, and Michael wanted to embarrass me for revenge. I think he was mad too 'cause he wanted to date Sally but couldn't flirt in front of her father."

Tony was glad to have other explanations for Michael's behavior. It was still disappointing, but also understandable and human. Tony wondered if all the Bluth brothers had oedipal issues, since they had all flirted with Lucille Austero. "So it wasn't about getting you in trouble with Buster?"

"Not really. But I did make him promise not to tell anybody later."

Tony asked, "And did Michael really keep you and Charlie a secret from your family? Sally says that Michael's a terrible brother and would try to out you. If he knew about you kissing me backstage, he'd tell Charlie so that you'd get in a fight."

"No, no!" Gob said, "Michael's my friend now. He used to be mean and lie all the time, but now he's nice." Except when it came to Franklin. "He likes me now. I'm good." Gob wished he could explain that Michael loved him. That they were in love and happy.

Tony said, "I want to believe that, Gob, I do. I wanna be happy for you. But my brothers, they've fooled me so many times. I'm worried that Michael is taking advantage of you, just so you'll testify for him."

Gob said he didn't have time to discuss this now. He had to call Steve Holt about the meeting.

"All right, but we'll talk more later?"

"Later," Gob hung up and sighed, asking Franklin, "I gotta flirt with him at the Alliance meeting, don't I?"

Franklin nodded. "Just don't fuck it up."

Gob already felt guilty, and he looked at his picture of Michael sadly. "I'm sorry. I have to do this, so he'll help me keep you safe." Gob kissed the photo and then hugged it a while.

Steve Holt called him to ask when the Magician's Alliance meeting was, so Gob told him the time and said he'd meet Steve at the penthouse. "Then you can drive us in the Camaro."

"Okay, Dad! I can't wait to get into the Alliance. Steve Holt!"

Gob hung up and hoped that he could use Steve to avoid spending any time alone with Tony Wonder. Until then, he tried to distract himself by finishing the Charlie Levinson passport.

At the courthouse, Lucille's bail hearing was back in session, and the judge was deciding whether to release her to house arrest. George watched hopefully, but he had money for Lucille to go to a white collar L.I.T.E. prison if necessary.

John Haverstock argued to the judge that Lucille was not a flight risk if she got out on bail. Besides, she needed to be at home for her son Buster. He told the story about Uncle Oscar and his hippie friends smoking pot at the penthouse and getting kicked out in the morning. "Buster needs more responsible supervision, and Lucille needs her postpartum medication too."

Wayne Jarvis protested that Buster was 33 and could take care of himself.

"But he's mentally challenged, your honor! He was recently in a coma for weeks, and a lot of his brain cells died. Plus he has a hook because lost his hand to a seal, and he's an army veteran."

Haverstock's argument won the judge over, and he decided to grant bail, setting it at $250,000. Haverstock already had the money from the Bluth family's defense fund. "Great. So her house arrest can start today?"

"Yes, as long as the defendant gets an ankle bracelet and new security cameras are installed in the penthouse."

"Why can't they use the old ones from George Bluth's house arrest?"

"Because of the hijacking of the Queen Mary. Maritime law mandates that the cameras be waterproof." The judge struck his gavel to end the hearing, and people started to leave, though Lucille lingered with Haverstock to thank him.

George congratulated them, but was disappointed that Lucille was going back to Balboa Towers instead of joining him at the model home.

"It's a shithole," she said, "and someone needs to keep an eye on Buster."

"I guess so. But will you please kick Oscar out of there? Let him go back to his pot-smoking hippie friends."

"Maybe." Lucille said that she was more concerned about Buster staying the night at Lucille 2's penthouse.

"No, no," George said. "Don't worry. It's part of my plan to get Buster to steal her away from Sitwell."

Lucille didn't want Buster to date the widow Austero. "That's a stupid plan." Then as a guard started to take her away to get an ankle bracelet, she said cryptically, "Check your mail."


Haverstock also advised George to go home and get his mail. "I'll make the arrangements for my client to move back to the penthouse. Go on. Don't worry."

Meanwhile Michael was still in his hotel room when his lawyer Jan Eagleman called him.

She told him bad news about his trial, saying that she had read the audiotape transcripts made by the prosecution. "It turns out that Annyong recorded you on tape discussing the bribery, embezzlement, and conspiracy with your mother. I'm trying to get the tape thrown out as inadmissible in court, but Wayne Jarvis insists that it's allowed under the Patriot Act."

"Oh no." Michael regretted speaking that way in the penthouse. But he had no idea then that Annyong was in the walls spying on them. You could always tell a Milford man.

Jan said, "But the prosecutor offered you a plea deal anyway. You see, Jarvis doesn't just want to get your mother on embezzling these cashier's checks and hijacking the Queen Mary. That's small potatoes. He wants to convict her for all her other crimes at the Bluth Company, like racketeering, evidence tampering, fraud, and pension-robbing. If you can give credible evidence about the corruption at the company, then they'll grant you immunity and drop the charges against you."

"Oh." Michael realized that he should have been expecting this maneuver, given the long list of financial crimes that Dad got charged with, even before anyone suspected the "light treason" in Iraq. Wayne Jarvis had tried to get Michael to flip on Dad at the mock trial too.

Jan asked, "So do you have anything that we can give to the prosecution?"

"I'm not sure I really know anything." Michael told her that he was never aware of Mom secretly controlling the business in the 1990s while he was Manager and Dad kept him distracted with Boyfights. Back then, Michael thought that Mom only cared about overmothering Buster, criticizing Lindsay, catching Dad cheating, and competing with Lucille Austero. "I guess I could talk about how she was using the corporate checkbook and credit cards to buy furs, jewelry, and facelifts."

"Okay, I'll check with Jarvis about whether he'll accept that. He's in court at your mother's bail hearing right now, so we'll see how that turns out."

"Okay thanks." Michael considered telling Jan that he was moving to an apartment today, but decided to wait until after Lindsay took him there. Michael didn't know where the apartment was, after all, and might have to ask Jan to get him a cheap motel if it turned out to be unsuitable.

Lucille got out of jail and Haverstock drove her back to the penthouse. She came inside and her ankle monitor was turned on, while workers installed new security cameras. Haverstock supervised them, while Lucille reunited with her family.

Lucille expected to see Oscar and Buster, but was surprised by Steve Holt standing there and trying not to yell out his name. Instead, he held his arms down and tried to greet her with "Hey, Gangee" as Buster had advised him to do.

Lucille stared and demanded, "Who are you?"

Steve felt rejected. His maternal grandmother was no longer alive, and he had hoped to bond with his paternal grandmother now.

Buster explained that Steve Holt was Gob's son, and he just moved in last night.

"Why would you let him move in here? Where's he gonna sleep?"

Buster told her, "In my room. We still have that extra bed for Annyong."

Oscar hugged her close and tried to kiss her. "Plus we can share like we used to."

Lucille pulled away from Oscar, realizing that he still reeked like pot. "No, you're taking the couch, or you're leaving." Then she went to sit down on the couch, diving for a bunch of alcoholic drinks that Buster had made to welcome her home. "At last!" She grabbed a glass and drank like she was dying of thirst.

Steve was glad that Lucille was drinking it all. Steve was an alcoholic and had been worried that he'd be tempted by all the breakfasts Buster made after Sue went home that morning. Steve decided to go into Buster's room and rehearse with the doves some more. Buster and Oscar would try again to talk to Lucille about Steve moving in.

"I like Steve," Buster said. "I want to teach him about being a magic assistant, and I like his birds." He missed having a pet turtle Mother and remembered being excited when a bird walked on his pillow once.

"What birds?" Lucille asked while she grabbed the next glass.

Buster decided to wait a bit until his mother was more drunk. "I'll get your postpartum pills." He got up to find the medicine bottle.

Oscar came close and tried to rub her shoulders. She pushed him off, so he sat next to her and apologized for not visiting her in jail. "I'm still too afraid of cops and prisons."

"I know, Oscar. Thank you for being here for Buster, what with George running off."

"Of course. Buster's our son."

Lucille nodded and wondered whether Oscar was still hoping to resume their affair, so she clarified that if he kept staying in the penthouse, then he would have to take the couch this time. "Or else you can go home to your lemon grove."

Oscar explained, "No, I don't live there anymore, Lucille. Lately I started living on the Mexican border with my friends so we can enjoy macca root. I just came for your Queen Mary party when George invited me, and I only stayed this long because I was so worried about you in jail. But you're safe now." He sighed, "And if you're going back to George... maybe I should leave town again."

Lucille shrugged with indifference. "Stay or go. George is not coming back."

Buster returned and thought he understood what his mother meant. "Father/uncle Dad wants to stay with Lindsay now, because he's so worried about Sitwell stealing her."

Lucille nodded and told Oscar, "So if you want to stay and spend time with Buster, that's fine, or you can go back to your friends at the border."

"And you're not worried about your trial?"

She shook her head and glanced at the back of Haverstock's head. "I have a good feeling about my new lawyer." She had great confidence in Haverstock's courtroom abilities, and he also had nice hair, like Oscar used to have before it wouldn't grow back long. Lucille looked forward to Haverstock visiting her frequently to discuss her case.

Oscar said, "That's great, Lucille. I'm so relieved." He said he would head home, and gave Buster a hug goodbye.

Buster was somewhat sad to lose his father, but he thought Lucille would be more receptive to Steve Holt staying if the apartment wasn't so crowded. "You can came back for Mom's trial later."

"Sure, Buster. You can call me."

Lucille just enjoyed her drinks and took her postpartum pills.

After George got home and checked his mail, he received a notice that Lucille was suing him for divorce due to his trying to run off to Cabo. George was shocked, and he tried to call Lucille, who didn't answer.

So George called John Haverstock to complain about him being listed as Lucille's divorce lawyer. "You tricked me about getting the money from the police!"

Haverstock smiled. "After all, she is my client, not you."

"You dirty, rotten... lawyer!" George hung up in frustration and told Tobias about it. Lindsay was at work at the Bluth Company while Tobias was home working on his lines as a homeschool teacher.

Tobias looked at the divorce papers. "Wow. Lindsay will like this. She hates Lucille."

"Lucille will try to take back her birthday presents." George had hoped to smooth things over with his wife by saying he was conserving money for her legal defense. But apparently she had her own money stash. "Who knows how the shareholders will react either?" George paced the room and worried that now he had to get another lawyer to handle his divorce. He decided to use his $300,000 cash, (which he had intended to spend on Lucille in the L.I.T.E prison) to hire a lawyer, but who could he get now? Barry Zuckerkorn?

In desperation, George drove to the penthouse to visit Lucille. Haverstock and the workers had left by now.

Buster was still trying to talk to her about Steve Holt. "Lindsay said she'd pay for Lupe's wages if we let Steve move in." It was actually the same deal she'd made when she asked Buster and Oscar to let Michael move in.

"Oh, right. She's got the damn job." Lucille resented that Lindsay was now Bluth Company President; it meant that she would have to be nice to her adopted daughter for money. Lucille wanted to save her own money stash for her trial and divorce.

Interrupting them, George waved the divorce papers at his wife and pleaded with her to stop it. "I got you that lawyer, when Michael betrayed you."

Buster was shocked hearing about the divorce and started moaning. Steve Holt peeked his head out wondering what was going on.

Ignoring Buster, Lucille accused her husband of trying to run off with Kitty the whore.

George insisted that he hadn't been with Kitty since Reno. "Besides. I would never take her to Cabo. Never tell crazy all your secret hiding places."

"Then why were you trying to steal the yacht and leave for Cabo?"

He hemmed and hawed. "I didn't know that the S.E.C. would come after you. I thought you'd be fine, Lucille. I just didn't want to hang around here while you started running the company through Michael. You didn't need me anymore, and Buster is still living at the penthouse too. I didn't want to spend my retirement dealing with his hook problem."

"So you decided to cut and run."

"Come on, honey! It's like when you were going to cheat on me with Warden Gentiles. You were angry and trying to get back at me, but you changed your mind and we made up. I did want to go to Cabo, but I changed my mind after you got arrested. I realized you needed me, so I came back to stay."

"Hmph." Lucille remained skeptical and wouldn't agree to drop the divorce. She even threatened to take away the Cabo property in the divorce and then sell it.

George said, "Lucille! That place was for us to escape to, if we ever needed to take to the sea, like Barry told us." They couldn't stay on the yacht forever, especially with four kids, one of whom got seasick.

Lucille said, "I don't care. We're through, George." She got up with finality. "Now leave. I want to get some sleep." She grabbed a bottle of vodka to take to bed with her, and then she locked the bedroom door.

George stayed a little while and considered trying to enter using the balcony, but he got annoyed with Buster moaning, so he decided to go and find a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Steve came out to comfort Buster about his parents.