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"Stop tugging at it!" Draco sighed, batting Severus' hands away from the hem of his brand new jumper.

They were doing Halloween at Hermione and Ron's this year in the Muggle world, the Muggle way. Or, as close as Draco could push Severus to it. His lover had flat out refused to don a costume, but had reluctantly agreed to wear a Halloween jumper over trousers. Draco was convinced that Severus' surly opposition to their going rather than their attending the party itself would drive him mad.

"It looks ridiculous! I don't know why I let you talk me into coming!" Severus hissed through thinned lips. "I have-"

"some very important potion experiments to tend to! Yes, I know. Need I remind you that you always have an important experiment to fiddle with?" Draco said, cutting off the same excuse Severus had been repeating since Draco had informed him of the soiree.

"Besides, professor," Draco whispered in the way he knew got Severus' pot bubbling. "How can I reward you for your good behavior if you've done nothing to earn your prize?"

With a press of his palm to the front of Severus' trousers, Draco turned to ring the doorbell.