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A Date with Small Obstacles

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Semi sat in a chair in the food court of the mall. He watched the people around him as he waited for Tendou to come back and he just couldn't help but feeling nervous. Because even though it wasn't their first date, as they'd been dating for years now, but he was still as much in love with Tendou as he had been in the beginning.

Semi couldn't help but to smile to himself as he remembered how flustered Tendou had looked back then after he realized that he had accidentally confessed to him.

He had stuttered, trying to somehow save himself by playing it off as a joke. And Tendou – Tendou of all – had been a blushing mess, left at the sake of Semi's mercy and gentleness. And Semi had given it to him, as he took Tendou's hands and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I like you, too,” had been his reply.

Tendou's grin was forever engraved into Semi's mind.

Semi was ripped out of his daydreams when someone grabbed his hand and he heard an excited voice say: ”Daddy!”

Semi blinked at the child that was now holding his hand. The child – a small boy – seemed to realize his mistake quickly.
“You're not my daddy.”

Semi shook his head. “No, I'm not,” he said, visibly confused. He had never been that good with kids.

“Oh. I thought you were my daddy! Because you're almost as pretty as him!”

Semi blushed slightly at the compliment, because even he knew that children didn't lie.
“So, uh, what's your name? I'm Semi!” He couldn't just send him away when he was alone, right?

“My name is Shouyou and I go to kindergarten!”

Semi smiled.
“So, are you here with your daddy?”

Shouyou suddenly looked a little sad and shook his head.
“I'm here with Papa, but now I lost him. I'm never going to see them again!”

He sniffed, but before he could start to cry, Tendou came back.
“Yahoo, Eita, I'm back. Took me a little longer because the queue was so long.”

The boy looked up and his eyes widened.

Shouyou immediately let go of Semi's hand and ran towards Tendou, crashing into his legs.
Tendou blinked confused.
“Eita! Don't you think it's too early to introduce me to your child already?”

Shouyou looked up and stared.
“You're not Papa.”

The boy let go of Tendou's legs. The latter put the trays with their food on the table and then crouched down to be on eyelevel with the boy.
“No, I'm not. What's your name, little guy?”


Tendou smiled. “And how old are you?”

“I'm already five! Daddy said that I will soon go to school!”

Semi leaned down to be a bit closer to them.
“Apparently he lost his parents in the crowd and confused me with his daddy.”

Tendou gently put his hand on the child's head.
“Don't worry, little guy. We're gonna help you find your parents. But first, let's eat, before our food gets cold!”

Shouyou seemed to be alright with that, since he just climbed into the chair next to Semi and waited for Tendou to sit down, too.

Semi reached out to grab his food when Tendou gently slapped his hand away and pushed the trays towards Shouyou.
“Take what you want,” he said to the little boy.

Shouyou looked at him with big eyes. “Really?”

“Yes of course,” Tendou smiled at him. When he looked up, Semi was pouting.

“Mean, Satori.”

“He's a kid. Let him choose first.”

“Still mean.”

Tendou sighed, wondering if he wasn't in the presence of one, but two children.
“I'll feed you if you stop pouting.”

“Who said I want to be fed by you in the first place?”

Tendou grinned at him. “Stop talking and open your pretty mouth already.”

Semi pouted for another second but then complied and let Tendou feed him.
After a few minutes of silence Semi noticed that Shouyou stared at them.
“Is something wrong?”

“Papa and Daddy do that, too!”

Semi cleared his throat and tried to overplay his from embarrassment blushing cheeks by asking the boy a question.
“Do you know the names of your parents?”

Shouyou nodded enthusiastically and Semi let out a relieved sigh. This would be easier than he had thought.

“Their names are Daddy and Papa!”

Okay. Not so easy then.

Semi looked a bit lost so Tendou took it in his hands.
“And what do they look like?”

“Like you,” he pointed at Tendou and then at Semi. “But your hair is wrong!”

Tendou blinked at Semi, not to know what to do with this information.
“And what's wrong with our hair?”

“My Papa has white and black hair. And it looks like an owl. Hoot hoot.”
Shouyou scowled and used his hands to make himself look like an owl. A very weird owl, but with a good amount of imagination you could see it.

“And what does your daddy's hair look like?”
“He has black hair! And it's very soft. Like a fluffy blanket! And my Daddy is warm!”

“Ah okay. I see,” Semi said and scratched his head. “This is a very… helpful information.”

Shouyou seemed to be satisfied with that and took the last fry off of the tray.
They got up and only now Semi saw the owl backpack the little boy was wearing. So while Tendou brought back the trays, it was his duty to entertain Shouyou.

Okay, Eita. You can do it.

“So, do you like owls, Shouyou?” he asked the boy and Shouyou nodded in reply. “I loooooove them! My Papa looks like an owl. Oh, I already told you that.” He giggled.

“But my favourite animals are crows! Because they can fly soooooooo high!” He used his arms to describe how high exactly they could fly. “And they look really cool! Kei said that they can fly even higher than I can show. His brother said that! I want to have a pet crow but Daddy said no.”

Shouyou looked so sad and something inside Semi's heart clenched. He couldn't stand seeing the little boy so upset so he ruffled his head. “Maybe you can get a pet crow when you're older. And besides, crows need to fly high, don't they? And they can't fly that good if they're in a room or even a cage.”

Shouyou scowled as he thought about this. “You're right. I have to get a crow leash first! So I can go out with him on walks.”

Next to him, Tendou, who already came back, chuckled a bit.
“That's a good idea, Shouyou.”

Shouyou beamed at him. “I will ask Papa about that.” But then he suddenly looked sad again.
“But I don't know where he is.”

“Don't worry,” Tendou said. “Guess Monster Satori will find your papa and get you back to him!”

Shouyou held Tendou's hand with his left, and Semi's hand with his right hand.
“So, Shouyou,” Tendou asked, “do you remember where you lost your papa?”

Shouyou shook his head.
“I don't remember. But everyone there was very big.”

Semi looked at Tendou, unsure what to do when the boy couldn't even remember where he had lost his papa.

“Did they sell something? Were you in a store?” Tendou asked him again.

Shouyou thought about it. “Hmm. Yes.”

“Did they sell food?”

Shouyou shook his head. “No.”

“Clothes?” Semi suggested.
Shouyou opened his mouth – and then closed it again.

He scowled again. By now Semi knew that it meant that he was thinking.

“So they really sold clothes?” Tendou asked again and Shouyou nodded. “Yes. I think Papa wanted to buy something there.”

“Okay,” Tendou said to Semi. “So we got a store that sells clothes. That's like, what? Just like, a half out of all the shops here.”

“Still better than nothing.” Semi said quietly but held back a sigh at the same time.
“Do you remember something else, Shouyou?”

But Shouyou shook his head.

“Lets begin on this level and then go down. We'll just search every shop then,” Semi said and Tendou agreed.

“And you, Shouyou, you have a very important task!” The little boy's eyes widened and he looked at Tendou. It was obvious that he was excited to hear about whatever Tendou was gonna tell him.
“You have to look and make sure that we don't miss your papa. We still don't know what he exactly looks like so only you can help us. Can you do that?”

Shouyou nodded excitedly. “Yes, of course! I am the best at looking for papa! I play hide and seek with him all the time and I always find him!”

Almost two hours later, they were still searching. They had been in over twenty shops already but they still hadn't been able to find Shouyou's papa.

“Are you sure it was clothes?” Semi asked Shouyou.

“Yes of course! There was this really big t-shirt Papa tried on!”

“But you don't know what t-shirt?” Semi asked again but Shouyou shook his head. “No.”

“He probably has left the store already to search for Shouyou,” Tendou said to Semi. I mean, I doubt he hasn't noticed yet that his son went missing.“

It was then that they walked past a sportswear shop and heard a loud voice from the inside.

Shouyou stopped immediately.
“That's Papa's voice!”

Without wasting anymore time, Semi and Tendou entered the shop to find a very agitated and very familiar face.

“Bokuto?” Tendou said, unbelieving. “What are you doing here?”

“Papa!” Shouyou shouted in the same second. “I found you!”

Bokuto blinked at Semi and then at Shouyou, who still held Semi's and Tendou's hand

“SEMDOUYOU!” He stopped for a second. “I mean. Semi, Tendou, Shouyou!”

“He's your kid?” Semi said and Bokuto nodded. Semi watched as Shouyou ran towards Bokuto.

“I just looked away for one second and he was gone.”
Bokuto leaned down and picked up his son. He raised his finger. “Don't ever run away again! I was worried, Shouyou!”

“But Papa!” Shouyou said. “I didn't run away! I walked away! And that was because I couldn't see you.”

Tendou wrapped his arm around Semi's waist and pulled him closer to lean into him.
“Poor lil guy said that everyone was big. He was probably scared.”

“That was probably when that basketball team came into the store. Still Shouyou! You can't just walk away. You should've said something to me. Because I would've made you bigger than everyone else.”

“Really?” Shouyou's eyes shone and Semi couldn't help but to smile.

“Really. Look!”
Bokuto lifted Shouyou and made him sit on his shoulders.

“Whoa!” Shouyou yelled. “I can see the whoooooooole world!”

“Anyway Bokuto, we have to go,” Semi said. “It was nice to see you again. Shouyou, don't run away again. Or walk away.”

“YES, OKAY UNCLE SEMI! BYE BYE UNCLE TENDOU,” Shouyou yelled through the whole store.

“Thank you for taking care of him,” Bokuto grinned at them. “We should totally all meet up again.”

“Yeah we should,” Tendou said. “I'll give you a call. See you, Bokuto.”

Once they were alone again, Tendou nuzzled Semi's neck.

“Stop that, we're in public,” he said but didn't really do anything to push Tendou away.

“Just give me a second, Eita. You're just too cute.”

“Stop talking, you idiot.” Semi smiled softly and wrapped his arms around Tendou. “So, what are we gonna do now, Satori? I think our timetable has changed.”

“I don't know. We could go and watch a movie together or just look through the stores if we can find something silly.”

Semi considered the choices.
“I think we should go with both. First we look through the stores and once we get back home we could curl up in bed and watch a movie together.

“That sounds like a plan!” Tendou laughed and kissed his boyfriend.

Later that night, Semi leaned into Tendou's side, not really paying attention to the movie they were watching.

“Hmm?” Tendou didn't stop softly stroking Semi's side.

“I love you.”
Semi closed the gap between them and kissed him gently.

When they parted, Tendou smiled at him.
“What did I do to deserve this?”

Semi grinned at him. “Once in a while you can be pretty cute, I guess.”

“D'aww, Eita~ You're the cute one here.”

“Do you want to know what I thought earlier, Satori?”

“What is it?”

Semi leaned down and put his lips to Tendou's ears.

“You'll make a great father one day.”
Semi leaned up to watch Tendou's reaction. His boyfriend's face turned a deep shade of red so that it almost matched his hair.

“Eitaaaaa! You can't just say that!!”

Semi laughed. “Too late now.”

Tendou needed a moment to calm down but when he did, he didn't lose a second and grabbed Semi's hands.
“Is that you saying that you want to have children with me?”

Now it was Semi's turn to blush. “J-just- shut up and watch the movie, Satori.”

Tendou giggled and complied – but not after stealing another kiss from his boyfriend.