That Girl With The Albedo Hyperfixation

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My username is a combination of Death Note (Kira) and Fruits Basket (Sohma/Soma got turned into Sema.) but I haven't written any fics in those fandoms, don't really have plans to despite my username branching from those fandoms. I have read fics in those fandoms though.

I am 24 years old, and go by she/they.

The only fandom I've written, so far, on this site has been Ben 10. Specifically Albedo fics since he deserved a lot better than what canon gave him. (Fics about him seem to be lacking and I'm here to change that.)

I wrote over 60+ fics over on my Fanfiction account, which can be found at Kira Sema. However I wrote a lot of them when I was a kid/teenager so the writing/story isn't as good as it should be. (Or with the really old stories, they written like it's a play over a cohesive story.)

I was an avid writer in these fandoms: Dragonball Z, Danny Phantom, Batman, and Ben 10. I wrote like one fic for a few other fandoms as well, but it was mainly these 4 I wrote for when I was younger. (So if y'all recognize me from FF, howdy I'm still writing.)

I do plan to rewrite some of my old fics so that they are better, and maybe I'll import some of the better fics over here with little rewriting, who knows. I've had this account for years and finally got around to posting stories. If you like my stuff, feel free to let me know.