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Dear Readers,

We hope this letter finds you well! We wanted to take a moment to fill you in on this AU of ours as the length has reached a point where new readers might be a bit confused!

Lettersverse is a very long and still ongoing AU Rynoa and Jeiidaan have been working on for a few years. Due to finding each other as penpals at a young age, the Okumura Twins and the Kyoto Trio know each other from before they physically meet in True Cross when the manga officially starts. This closer relationship changes a lot of the canon events and so begins our series rewrite. The main three fics are meant to be read together and the chapters are labelled by dates so it's easy to follow along with the parallel pieces.

Sincerely is the story from Rin and Ryuuji's point of view. It highlights their emotional journey and growth and contains about half the plot.

Until Next Time is the story from Yukio and Renzou's point of view. This contains their relationship's start, ups and downs, and contains the other half of the plot.

Sincerely can be read alone BUT you're missing out on half the story if you're not reading Until Next Time as well so we highly recommend reading both stories at the very least (you won't regret it)!

Forever Yours is the story from Shiro and Mephisto's point of view. This story not only consists of Shiro's relationship with Mephisto, but Shiro's background work, what he does behind the scenes in places where the kids' attention may not reach, and fills in the holes of knowledge that the other two stories don't quite get to. This story contains maybe only 10% of the plot, but those pieces of the plot are often heavy and make a few scenes in the other stories make more sense. Overall, it's a bit darker and more mature since the main characters of this story are adults.

P.S. mainly contains bits and pieces of the story that we couldn't really fit in the main three fics due to the writing flow we wanted to preserve. As such, bonus scenes that maybe didn't fit the tone or narrative, but we still wanted to write them, will go here. P.S. will update sporadically outside the normal update times since they're mostly bonus scenes and don't have anything to really do with the current plot.

We update a chapter every other Monday at around noon Eastern time and in the most recent chapter, we'll usually notify you of which story will be updated next (Maybe one day we'll construct a reading order but there sure are a lot of chapters).

Regardless, thank you for reading. We appreciate and love each and every one of you. ♥

Jeiidaan and Rynoa


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