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On 20th April 1970, an accident changes the Python's lives forever. But things had been changing before that. Mistakes have always been made, friendships have always been tested, relationships have always changed. But the accident proves to be a catalyst for everything that comes after it, and everyone has to adapt now their lives have been changed forever.

Michael and Eric have been in a relationship since 1967, Graham has what he thinks is an unrequited crush on Jonesy, Tim seems convinced that Graeme is too good for him, and John is so guarded about his sexuality that he doesn't do anything about his relationship with Gilliam until its too late . . .

The main couples in this series are Michael/Eric, Graham/Terry J, John/Terry G and Tim/Graeme.

Basically, everyone is gay or bi.


This is one big AU.

Each story is either a multi-chaptered fic or a one-shot, and they all fit into a timeline. They can be read separately, but reading the whole series will give you the bigger picture.

The stories in this series:
1. Mistakes: This one-shot is set in January 1967 and focuses on the cast of At Last The 1948 Show (John, Graham, Tim and Marty), homophobia and making mistakes whilst drunk.
2. Thicker Than Water: This one-shot is set in 1968, and focuses on Michael and Eric dealing with Eric's parents rejecting him and his relationship with Mike.
3. Coming Out: This one-shot is set in 1969, and focuses on Graham trying to come out to the rest of the Pythons.
4. Retribution: This one-shot is set in early 1970, and focuses on Graeme finding out what happened to Tim in Mistakes and trying to get revenge.
5. Together: This multi-chapter fic is set in mid 1970, and focuses on the Python's having to deal with a serious accident and all the relationship problems that come with it.
6. Life and Death: This three chaptered fic is set in mid 1971, and focuses on Tim's declining mental health and how his friends cope with his repeated suicide attempts.

This series focuses a lot on several darker themes, including mental health problems, homophobia, parental abandonment, life changing injuries and ableism.

I think this goes without saying, but this is a work of fiction.


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