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2021-2022 are significant years for the world of Sailor Moon, marking the anniversaries of both the series as a whole as well as specific characters, stories and aspects of the SM universe. it. This series of stories is intended to celebrate those anniversaries one fic at a time!*

ALSO! Just to let you know I am involved in a discord called 'Moonlight Legends' which is dedicated to sharing all sorts of Sailor Moon fanworks, including other fanfics. If you would like to join so you can share your own work, get help with your current projects or just connect to other fan creators shoot me a PM and I'll send you an invite. All are welcome!

*Including the birthdays of several specific characters.


The plan is to post stories either on the actual anniversaries of the characters/concepts, or at least close enough to them.

Some of my release dates are based upon the original airings of anime episodes whilst others are based upon the publication dates for manga chapters. Where an anniversary falls in a particular month but has no specific date I'll be trying to post between the 1st and the 6th of that month.

Because the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon Chapter 1 can be debated as December 1991 or February 1992 I've decided to just make stories for both dates and release some other stories in between to celebrate other characters who debuted in the chapter or elements of the the Sailor Moon universe in general.

As you can imagine I can't represent every single character or villain group throughout the franchise's history. So instead I've prioritized the stuff that debuted in 1991-1992. Everything else I've tried to *represent* somehow across the fics.

E.g. At least one villain from every villain group will pop up somewhere, the Outer Senshi will get one fic about all four of them but not individual stories for each of them and neither Chibi-Usa or Helios (at this time) are going to get a fics focussed upon either of them specifically even though they pop up in significant moments across various different stories.

All stories are in the anime continuity unless stated otherwise. This is partially because the anime is the most famous iteration of the franchise, but also because it's my personal favourite incarnation. So sorry, if you wanted most of these to be manga canon or represent any other canon you can think of. However, if everything goes to plan there *might* just be a little something that nods a little to everything Sailor Moon towards the back-end of 2022, which is still part of Sailor Moon's 30th anniversary *year* even if her literal 30th will have come and gone by then.

Although, the official celebrations in Japan kick off around June 30th 2022 anyway, which is after Usagi's literal 30th anniversary anyway.


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