Comment on She Chose Up

  1. fish

    Thank you so much, anon author! This was so, beautifully creepy. I love how you played with the different rules of time in the Underground. It was a nice nod to all of the folklore about people getting lured underhill by faeries and emerging after a few hours to find that years had passed in the real world. The atmosphere in this story was fantastic! You perfectly captured Sarah's sense of loneliness and desolation as she was wandering through the labyrinth after making her decision. That moment when she came across the goblin with the jewelry was perfect.

    And Jareth!!!!! You nailed his voice in this. I could practically hear David Bowie saying all of his dialogue. That last line, especially! I love how this echoes a theme from the movie, that seemingly small decisions can have huge consequences. And I love that she hallucinated him the first time! Jareth being a figment of Sarah's imagination is one of my favorite takes on this movie.

    Beautiful work! Thank you again! <3

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