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  1. Oh, this is so cute!!! I can't believe I really *got* a BonBon Cakery story. The game is a family obsession, even the three year makes endless jellies and waffles (always with lavender chocolate and a mint leaf).

    You took it so beautifully earnestly and straight-faced, it gave me great joy. The combos, the contests, the ridiculous justifications for eating six cake rolls at once... And I always load on the rose water to bring the aroma up. The whole story is a complete delight, and it made me giggle ridiculously.

    I hope your unbirthday gift in this exchange is awfully nice too, you deserve it.

    (I actually would eat a donut with pink peppercorns and tabasco. But the matcha Tiramisu sounds like heaven.)

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    1. You wanted somebody to write about cake and I cannot ignore a request like that. :D

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