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  1. Ah, perfect, still Sodom and Gomorra going full swing. You are hilarious! And consistent in your imagery - I'm really glad all sinful actions are still accompanied by the scent of weed and Eau Savage. I really love your Maurice, did I already tell you?
    But Clive watching true intimacy between Maurice and Alec as you described it so wonderfully feels - hm, I don't know. A new level? Or now truly weird? I'm glad anyway M and A know that they belong together.
    Nevertheless, it's perfect that Clive gets to enjoy both of them in their different ways. Wild and lecherous or sweet and close. You gave Clive almost more than he deserves (some envy seems to be creeping up here...) What a perfect household.

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    1. As my other fics showed, Clive wants to be in control. He feels quite happy in his sordid empire until an image distorts the concept - two beautiful human beings uniting in love and lust. A picture of Canova's 'Cupid and Psyche' , the loveliest work of art imaginable, inspired me, and it was used on Tumblr to determine the love between Maurice and Alec.
      And for some reason, Clive and Alec have grown closer. I just couldn't bear the idea of Alec being in any way inferior to Maurice, so I enhanced him. Picture Ralphie like a creature of light, funktioniert beim besten Willen nicht. Here's the guy who inspired me to create Ralphie:

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