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  1. Thank you, for reading and commenting in such detail and insight! I'm glad you liked it so much.

    Yes, Kagura x InuYasha is a pretty unusual pairing in this fandom, and there are relatively few interactions between these characters in the source material, but the ones that are there are fun to extrapolate from or riff on. Standouts in my mind are how InuYasha conveniently blasted off the upper half of Kagura's clothes using his Wind Scar attack, leaving her topless for the viewers/readers to enjoy (LOL). Or, more poignantly, how he expressed his willingness to help free her from Naraku, shortly before her death, as well as his regret for failing to save her, immediately after it.

    As for Naraku, arranging for the female characters in his orbit, or opposed to him in some way, to become pregnant, is a favorite, very evil trope of mine. It makes them, and the fathers of their children, very uniquely vulnerable to him, which I delight in building plot-lines around. Regarding his reaction to Kagura's pregnancy from InuYasha, I would definitely make him take advantage of the situation in some way.

    Truthfully, I don't have really immediate plans to continue this story, since I have better-developed, yet incomplete projects to finish, first. I may come back to this someday, though! We'll see...

    Thanks again!

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