Comment on all good things are headed for a grave

  1. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! By which I mean GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Macfarlane’s familiarity with Gray’s body in life >> his familiarity with it in death!!

    This line made me shiver: “Once again he twitched fingers ‘round a familiar wrist, but now no pulse could be felt beneath the skin, no heat in the flesh that had been so warm to his touch before.” — this is only semi-related, but survival cannibalism is one of my niche morbid fascinations, and the way that people in those situations leave the head and hands/feet b/c they are too recognisably human came to mind here — with how terribly delicate a wrist is. Macfarlane is so especially monstrous because he’s somehow managed to divorce himself from that part that rebels against doing such things to another person, and can just casually assign out parts to his friends — the head to Richardson etc.

    “one man’s interior was like enough to another’s” — AGAIN, YEESH BUT IN A GOOD WAY

    Wow this comment went places!!! Anyways this is great!! RLS, I wanna talk!

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