Comment on A Risk Worth Taking

  1. Thank you! I kind of put my interpretation of Oliver and his backstory into this. I got the sense that he needs the sessions as much as the prisoners because he has trouble dealing with his emotions and anger, too. That may not be "correct," I don't know, but I think the evidence is there. And I think he genuinely thought he could help Eric (and he was, for a while, and he obviously wanted to badly enough that he put himself physically between Eric and the guards, which is risky). His shouting in Cardew's face I don't care. I want him! and then losing it in the bathroom and choking Haynes I think were pretty good hints that the sessions with the men help him stay under control. He helps himself by helping others. I think maybe there were daddy issues or parental issues going on with him, too, given his discussion with Eric's dad. He was straightforward and fairly polite overall, but he didn't seem to have much patience for what the man thought ought to be happening and seemed a bit self-satisfied (I thought) when telling him that's not how this works. Could meaning nothing, but it could mean a lot, too. That's the fun of fanfic. We can do it all. :D

    He's really a fascinating character, and I wish we'd gotten more of him in the film. I wish they'd given us at least some hint of what happened to him after he left and whether he knew about what went on afterward or not.

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