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  1. I watched "The Night is Short Walk on Girl" this year after I had a Ghibli itch to sate but I wasn't in the mood to rewatch a Ghibli move (I know, scandalous) so I turned to other movies instead. And oh boy, I am in love with TNISWOG. (I am never writing that again 😂) I think the first week I watched it two times in three days. Then I read the book. Then I watched the movie again.

    I'm sorry I didn't find this work sooner!! I woulda left a comment ;-; (it's just you, me, and the void, it seems XD)

    This prose felt like the book to me. No joke. I love this writing. I love that you managed to keep the black-haired beauty unnamed in the most natural way possible, imo. It's written in first person, present tense (my fave) and it does a bunch of showing and without telling too much, which I love because it takes no effort to read but there's no pieces missing.

    Doesn't hurt that I love the premise! It should have been obvious when I first watched the movie. I relate with Don. Because the Director is wonderful. I love him! And Noriko is a sweet bun in her own right! There's so much opportunity for LGBT+ elements in this narrative, with the Director's crossdressing, etc., so I'm glad to see so much of that included in this fic :-D

    Re-reading it now, I've never read fics where— I don't know how to explain it— the setting is in Japan, so the characters use -san, -kun, etc., but it's added quite seamlessly.

    I am so glad I learned about "recipromantic" from this because that is so interesting! And it suits the black-haired beauty's narrative really well. Super explains why she had never looked at guys in a dating sense before.

    "My pits are starting to get sweaty." OK but sooo relatable. So glad she doesn't shy away from the dang truth.

    “I wanted to be loved by someone too. But, when you confessed your love for me at the festival, while not knowing I was a man, it made me realize that it didn’t matter to me that you were a guy, just that you liked any kind of version of me.”

    That is so precious. I'm glad that he's accepted for who he is, and all sides of himself, not just the one that presents as one way or another.

    I have to wonder how their conversation went. If they ended up agreeing to a dating situation, whether that be a polycule/throuple where each is dating the other, or what I envision is more likely, Don as a hinge with Noriko and the Director dating him but not each other. Looking at the tags it seems it's the former? Also super sorry if I'm wrong on any part of that last sentence or this comment in general... the comment's a big boy and I probably f*ckd at least something up but I thought since there wasn't much attention for this fic I could rant a little... :)

    P.s. completely unrelated to the fic, but @cookiegender on Twitter recently said, "how do polyamorous relationships break up with someone, do you vote someone off like an among us imposter or .." and now I must imagine Don, the Director, and Noriko sitting around a table glaring at each other... (bad end)

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    1. First off, thank you SO MUCH FOR LEAVING A COMMENT OMG, and second off, I’m so glad that I was able to fit the style of this movie/book. I really wanted to keep it tonally sound! We didn’t get a whole lot of Noriko, but I tried to work with what we did get, along with some inferencing.

      I love Don so much, and the movie did really good with getting the audience to support him and The Director. I thought it was weird that they had such a emotional scene filled with chemistry equally from both of them, and to have it end with “no he gets with this girl we gave no hint of romantic love from” just didn’t feel right. But the scene afterwards with him caring for her while they were sick was just so sweet, and the fact that they stayed in contact with the Director, really made me want to write something with them all in it to further explore their thoughts and relationships.

      Right! The use of -san was to keep the fic more authentic to the sub. I don’t know if there’s a dubbed version of The Night Is Young, but in the sub, the Black Haired Beauty used it all the time so in my head I can’t just have her say “Noriko” by itself, it just sounds weird XD

      As a aroace person, I caught that shiz so fast 😤 Her entire color scheme is the recipromantic flag and the fact that she legit SAID she hadn’t ever looked into it until Senpai confessed to her was a HUGE flag!

      The Director is GNC af! I stan a man that is in touch with his feminine side. It would have taken only a few tweaked lines to make him into a enby, but alas… either way, even though he was called a perv for being into drag, I feel like the movie didn’t treat him as a joke/punchline. He was still a really cool character with some facets to his personality and that’s one of my fave things about the movie. The characters aren’t too detailed, but they aren’t one dimensional at all!

      I wanted their relationship to be one of mutual respect between the Director and Noriko as they both date Don. I like the idea that the Director is just a little bit shy at first with Noriko because he’s a bit embarrassed about the whole thing?? Like, he’s def not a shy person at all, but when it comes to this particular thing, which is so unorthodox, he feels a bit out of touch?? Basically he has no idea what he’s supposed to be doing xD

      There’s no problem at all!! Trust me, writers LOVE when you rant about their fics. This made me super happy to read 😭🌟 I knew what I was getting into when I wrote for a super small fandom. Thank you so much!!!! fghhvthrfrttyf also @cookiegender has a Big Brain ™️ lmaooo

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      1. You are welcome!! The tone was very good.

        I thought how the Director was treated in the end was a bummer for sure. When the flu rolls through town, the Director gets all the gifts from plenty of people so he's clearly liked, but Don chose Noriko. Sigh. In this day and age, we can and should do more than just heterosexual relationships! Not that they're bad, but I'm glad for opportunities to be exposed to other sorts of relationships, y'know? I might have to just adopt your fic as the true canon, lol

        Ohh that is true with the black-haired beauty's colors and the recipromantic flag! Wonderful

        I was going to say!!! I didn't know where to mention it, but 100% agree, Director is GNC af. And I loved the balance of his character between the outrageous bits (and let's be honest there's a lot of outrageous bits, especially with Senpai,) and the serious parts of the story. Director captured my heart from the beginning... :O

        I liked that part of the fic too, how it approached a polyamorous relationship, with Noriko admitting she's inexperienced (as are the boys, as she mentioned). So it's understandable that Noriko and the Director would be a little... shy?... about it at first.

        I'm glad I could bring you joy 😄 I'm a cishet lady so as far as that goes I'm pretty boring... discussing LGBTQ Things excites me cuz it feels like my universe is expanding!!!

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