Comment on I'll keep all my emotions right here (and then one day I'll die)

  1. Wow, you absolutely nailed all the group dynamics here. Cass' doomed quest to make AuDy learn tact actually got me to laugh at loud on multiple occasions, the Tower-Mako not-quite-exes thing came through so well, and of course Lazer Ted was there being Lazer Ted. I'm impressed at how well you fleshed out the AU in such a short period of time, too. At the same time, AuDy's inexplicable doomsday job not getting an explanation was fantastic. And the Mako-Larry backstory worked so well, right down to their shared emoji language. I could probably keep listing little jokes that made me laugh or minor points that had me feeling soft about the Chime for ages, but it is late and I should probably be asleep, so I will just say a general "I really enjoyed this" and hope that will do.

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