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  1. I remember wayyyy back in the day this was my first ship. I was like 13 then, haha. I'm 28 now, so this is the only inukagura fic I've read since then, and I gotta say I did like it. Demon in is pretty hot and that art of kagura - could totally see how that inspired this. Do you think you would ever write a one-shot of demon inu and sango together similar to this one. Iive always wanted o see a fic like that but never have. Like sang is all like "no inuyasha but we can't noo" and her fighting spirit turns him on more, but really shes totally down. I'm trash have. love twist in the myth, but maybe some thing that's just the two of them. My dirty trash mind would be super grateful. Loved this.

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      Thanks so much for your comment! This is my oldest story here but it's gotten much less attention than my other two, Inu/Kagura must not be very popular, lol. I check my hits/kudos/comments obsessively, so your comment and kudos, and the fact that you enjoyed this story so much was a lovely surprise.

      Your Inu/Sango story idea sounds interesting. They're a favorite pairing of mine, too. I'm not sure if/when I might attempt to write it, since I have 'A Twist in the Myth,' 'The Shoot,' and a Sesshomaru/OC story I'm working on for a friend to finish first.

      Again, thanks for reading!

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