Yuletide 2009

The Yuletide 2009 challenge is now live, and authors are revealed. Happy New Year!

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About Yuletide 2009 (yuletide2009)



For now, please see the FAQ here. It has not been updated since the shift to AO3, so some parts may be outdated!



Some reminders:

* Stories must be received by December 21st at 9PM in the Eastern timezone. Here is a scary countdown clock, and here is a timezone converter to tell you what time that will be for you.

* You only need to write one story: you get to choose one of the 3-4 requests made by your recipient.

* Stories must be at least 1000 words long. There is no maximum length limit, though.

* Instructions for uploading your story are here.

* Please make sure you do not include any identifying information in the story itself, such as name, email, website or lj.

* Please remember that these stories are gifts. Try to write what you think your recipient would like, and accept the story you are given in the spirit in which it is offered.

* Keep your recipient secret! Receiving the stories will be that much more fun if they're a surprise. (Of course, it's fine to have the story betaed, etc. Just try and keep it under the radar.)

* Please note -- if you don't get your story done on time this year and you don't notify us in advance, you will not be eligible to participate in future years. If you do notify us, you may have a penalty assessed in order to participate in future Yuletides.