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"Kirika, come take some reference pictures for us."

"Us?" Kirika had just gotten home from class and was exhausted. She wanted a nap before dinner, not to get pulled into her brother's usual antics that tended to keep her up half the night. But he'd said...

"Menp picked up-"

Oh, Menp. That made sense. Kirika knew that Teruo and Menp were planning to cosplay, so they probably needed to do some planning in person. But reference pictures?

Kirika set down her things in her room and then followed her brother's voice into his.

"Here." Teruo handed two phones to Kirika before she could even take in her surroundings. The room was still its usual half-shrine, half-disaster, but this was the first time in memory that it had contained an extra person.

Both her brother and Menp, and Kirika knew his name but 'Menp' had stuck, were in school uniforms, looking far too hot for their own good. Instinctively, Kirika shuffled both phones into one hand and then reached to pat her pocket for her own. If she was going to draw another book, she might need a few references too.

"Thank you for your assistance," Menp said quickly. He looked like the outfit was giving him a bit of confidence, at least.

"Tell us how to pose," Teruo added. "You did a good job last time."

Kirika winced. Too good, and their father still kept trying to get candid snaps any time Teruo was out and about.

"Dad's not home, is he?"

"No," Teruo quickly affirmed. "We're safe. Just tell us what to do."

Kirika grinned and pulled her own phone out. "I get references too. Now-"

She ordered them through a whirlwind of poses, rotating through phones to make sure they'd all have everything they needed. Close-ups on hands, on how material hung, on expressions, how the weight of two men moved the blankets on the bed...

Suddenly, Menp's phone rang and the spell was broken.

"Oh, here!" Kirika quickly handed it back as he rolled off of Teruo.

Teruo reached for his own phone while Menp took the call. And Kirika started swiping through her own pictures, somewhat startled at what she'd managed.

"I need to get going," Menp said quietly, apologetically. "My kid..."

"Message me later," Teruo replied. "If you can."

Menp nodded. Kirika did her best not to sigh. Menp was absolutely doing the right thing, but it was still a bit of a disappointment. "Yeah, let us know if everything's okay."

"I will." Menp smiled and tucked his phone away. "In return, I want to see what you both draw from these."

Kirika looked at her brother and grinned. Already, she had ideas. Like if Goroumaru Yasha had his hands down GJ's pants like-

Wait, had that happened? She ducked out so that Menp could change and was torn between grabbing for her supplies and deleting faster than an unflattering selfie.

But Menp had asked!

There was only one thing to do.