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"Looks like it's going to be a rainy day."

"Hmm?" I glanced up from fixing a cabinet door in the kitchen that had a loose hinge. Nobody had said anything about my budding and completely random interest in carpentry, nor that I had started fixing things around the shop. Well, Madam had given me a few odd looks at first but she'd also seen me drastically improve my cooking abilities, my singing, and quite a few other things.

Now that I'd leveled up my Carpentry skill, it didn't even seem that obnoxious. I'd even reinforced my own bed for whenever Sumo visited. It wasn't something I'd ever mention to him, but I had encouraged him to be a little more active, just to test my own work.


"It's pretty grey out there. If it starts coming down early, it might be kind of quiet. If it starts later, everyone already here will want to stay."

I nodded and then knocked one last pin into place. There, all set. One repaired hinge and now a dozen other things to do before the shop opened for the night. I got to my feet, tools in hand, and went over to where Lupe was looking out the window.

It was grey and Lupe was right, it was going to be a rainy day. Not the sudden, cold rain that I had once ached for, but instead a soft drizzle that might turn into a decent downpour at some point.

But if that cold rain fell- No, it wouldn't. He'd said as much. I would have to go to him and I still wasn't ready for that. I couldn't shake the feeling that someday, yeah, it'd be me who went to him and then I'd have to make the worst choice of my life.

I definitely wasn't ready for that.

"Haru? We need to start on the food." Lupe had circled around and started pulling out vegetables. She had a point. Now wasn't the time for anything but work.

"Of course! Give me just a moment, Lupe!"

First I had to put my tools away. They'd been a little tricky to get so I was kind of protective of them.

Then it was time to get ready for the night, rain or not. I was still in third place for sales, after all. Time to do my best!