The Lemonade Cafe

An AO3 Collection for The Lemonade Café, the fanfiction (and more) archive of Kalloway Ashton.

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About The Lemonade Cafe (lemonadecafe)

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This is The Lemonade Cafe, the personal fanfiction archive of Kalloway Ashton, mirrored from Yaoiville and with the addition of all recent works (aside from original work) from the last few years.



What is/will be archived from the old site?

All fanfiction by Kalloway, though a few works need further revision before a final preservation. (Basically, there are a few things that... have some issues and I'm not going to deny their existence but if I can fix them up a bit and still have the same basic story, I want to and will.)

What will not be archived from the old site?

Original works, at present, due to AO3 policies. Guest fic. All art.

Is the old site going offline?

There are no plans for it, but keeping it online isn't a high priority either.